1. sharkbait-uhaha

    California Live Goods looking for ..

    Looking for some GREAT DEALS on mid to high end zoas, acans, and sps. other frags are welcome as well . located in socal, but dont mind paying for shipping. DM or replies are welcome .
  2. harrysmarinelife

    Live Goods SPONSOR Livestock Tons of Corals were just uploaded to (shipping available for entire continental USA)

    Check out todays insane upload of over 50 amazing corals on Don't forget you can save a huge 20% off all Euphyllia and Zoa Corals from now until July 14th using code: Torch20 at checkout. Only at Click Here for these corals, fish and other amazing...
  3. Matt F

    New Jersey Live Goods WYSIWYG Frags/Colonies

    Hey there looking to make some room local pickup or meet up only at this time. Local pickup is in NJ 08822. If you had any questions please send me a message. -WWC The Thing C2 3-3.25 inch $30 C3 2.5 inch $20 -Oregon Tort small 1 inch $25 Large $60 -Bill murry 1.5 inch $ 30 -unknown yellow...
  4. harrysmarinelife

    Live Goods SPONSOR Livestock 4th of July Fish Sale/JUMBO WEEKLY NEWSLETTER ISSUE #003 (shipping for entire continental USA!)

    Click Here for these corals, fish and other amazing sea creatures. *Code does not apply to items already on sale. HARRYS MARINE LIFE.COM Shop THE largest selection of fish, coral, and inverts 7-Day Live arrival guarantee on all specimens* Store Hours: 11 AM - 6:30 PM PST S Store Location...
  5. Nick063

    Florida Live Goods Live rock with corals

    Getting out of the hobby. Located in Ocala. Looking to sell 150-200lbs of live rock. Fish as well, Corals included are mostly zoas,some acans and mushrooms. Also have the following corals for sale Livestock- fish 1 percula clown, 1 snowflake clown- breeding pair! 1 lawn mower blenny 1...
  6. LiveAquaria

    Get exclusive aquatic stock before anyone else!

    Be part of the LiveAquaria® Live Dive Sale once a week on Divers Den® stock – many not available on our website. Learn more.
  7. johnwick96

    ReefLED 90 on a 10 Gallon

    Need advice. I have a ReefLED 90, can I use it on my 10 gallon tank to grow corals? If so, what percentage of blue and white should I be at? And what percentage should the intensity be?
  8. harrysmarinelife

    Live Goods SPONSOR Livestock Huge Coral Upload on (Shipping Available) has been on a roll, with huge new coral uploads every day A Perfect score for Click Here for these corals and many more HARRYS MARINE LIFE.COM Shop THE largest selection of fish, coral, and inverts 7-Day Live arrival guarantee on all specimens*...
  9. LiveAquaria

    Need help identifying corals?

    Need help identifying corals? View this helpful guide for some of the most popular corals found in home reef aquariums. #coral #coralidentification #coralguide #reefaquarium
  10. LiveAquaria

    Certified Captive Grown Corals

    CCGCs are colorful and add motion and interest to reef aquariums. Certified Captive Grown Corals from LiveAquaria® are aquacultured options that are grown in the U.S. to help preserve the world’s reef environments. You won’t be disappointed when you browse our current inventory...
  11. ReeferPrime

    Nano Build About to start a new tank again. Need help

    My plan is to get a 30-gallon reef started again. Here is the tank I'm thinking of. I wanted something more like 40 gallons that was a long tank that's rimless with low iron glass. I don't plan to have a sump, instead I wanted to have a canister filter with protein skimmer. I wanted to have it...
  12. laxaquarium


  13. Dragen Fiend

    Nano Build My Very First Saltwater Tank

    Been here for a bit but never posted the first tank I did. I've had some ups and downs with only 1 coral death since JAN when I started. The constant battle of GHA then Cyano. Which you might be able to see a bit still. BUT I WAS COVERED IN IT. Specs: Tank: IM 15G Light: noopsyche k7 mini...
  14. LiveAquaria

    Customer Favorites collection at LiveAquaria® See the Customer Favorites collection at LiveAquaria® These popular fish and corals are going fast, so browse our inventory while they’re still around!
  15. SomeHappyFish

    How many coral frags can I add at once ?

    Most post seems to be dated from 2007-2010 and I would like to updated the search results based on the current trends of 2024. My 45G lagoon is 6 Months old and the ICP test will be sent tomorrow so in about 1 or 2 week I will get the results and move forward if everything is good. How many...
  16. R

    New York Live Goods Cheap Corals, Softies and LPS

    A few cheap frags for sale in NYC area. Not consider shipping atm. Package deal welcome. Pickup Brooklyn or can meet in midtown Manhattan during the week. Happy to answer all questions. 1. Splatter hammer: $35/two heads 2. Blue raven blasto: $15 3. Purple with green blasto: $15 for small, $20...
  17. LiveAquaria

    Earth Day Week

    Earth Day Week Celebrate Earth Day with Certified Captive Grown Corals from LiveAquaria® Propagated and raised in our Wisconsin facility, these frags are colorful, and bring motion and intrigue to your reef aquarium. See which species are on sale.
  18. slav621

    New Zoas!!

    I have some new zoas arriving today from Riptide Aquaculture. Hoping to start A zoa garden! Have a couple encrustisng corals as well that im excited about. Anyone have any experience with the growth rate of the ones that I bought?
  19. K

    Coral suggestions

    Hello everyone, New to r2r; however I have a 32 gal biocube which has been going for about 2 months. I have a normal ocellaris clownfish and an Wyoming white clownfish. I got the water parameters to the correct levels so I'm looking for some suggestions on beginner corals for my tank. I...
  20. R33fJunkies

    What are your favorite species of corals?

    Tell us about your favorite corals to look at and grow! Drop some pictures and comments! We’re nosy
  21. J

    Lights ramping up blue ? Cetus 2ss ? Hm electronics?

    Sooo I believe my lights are coming on backwards . Ramps up blue and at the end of the day ramps down yellow/whites ? Just purchased the “Cetus 2ss Twins” by “HM electronics” About a month ago, they have an easy mode where you can set it to Hawaii, Great Barrier Reef, etc.. but the days are...
  22. williamCreery

    Red Sea Max Overkill

    Got bored and bought 2 Kissel A360WE Series Blue Tuna with an already existing Red Sea 50W I went with the Kissel instead of the BlueReef 11” light bars. I personally look at this nano tank and wonder how far can I go… to infinity and beyond? I absolutely want to see and experience the limits...
  23. Gari

    California Live Goods Zoa mini colony for sale

    Zoa mini colony. Pickup at Rancho Cucamonga 91730. White zombie $150 Pink Hippo $150 Krak God $175 Magician $30 Candy Apple Red $100 Buttmuncher $100 Nightmare $150 Yoda $100
  24. YaboiNathan

    Aquarium Controller SOLD Neptune Apex a3 pro and trident

    Like new apex pro with trident. Apex pro a3 come with all original components plus brain new probe holder and all 3 probes, all probes are still in the water and will be shipped wet, I will throw in breakout box as extra. Already reset and remove owner and ready to set up: 650 shipped Trident...
  25. J

    New GBT Anemone closed with white middle

    I bought two anemones, an orange BT and a yellow 2 days ago. I did the same acclimation process for each and added them at the same time. As you can see in the picture the orange BT is going great, as are my other corals in my over a year old tank. The yellow BT won’t open and it may be hard...