1. jtone_philthy_aquatics


    After many years I finally got my hands on a legit weeping willow leather toadstool! It’s been so long since I’ve seen 1 that I thought could be the real thing. I found this piece at a swap about 2 months ago and immediately I knew it had to be the real deal because it was in a very low flow...
  2. Gqch

    New York Live Goods CSB colorado sunburst BTA(Sang lee Lineage)

    Hi all reefers, i got one nice 5" CSB anemone for $500, it's in the anemone box now and hanging on the edge of reef, it was long tentacles looking that reaches 7"+ when it was in the bottom of tank with weaker light. Prefer local(Brooklyn 11235) pickup that reefers can double check it before...
  3. G

    Hello New member to R2R

    Hello everyone, I'm new to R2R but have been keeping fish for about 2.5 years now. I just started my first saltwater tank and can't wait to share my journey with everyone along the way!
  4. Man908

    New Jersey Live Goods Acros - Zoas

    Available Sticks: JF NaNa: $30 TSA Carolina Reaper: $70 TSA Dan Aykroyd: $70 Rainbow Tenuis: $60 JF Wedding Crasher: $70 WWC Crimson Raider: $50 CR Daredevil: $60 Oregon Tort: $60 TCK Thunderbirds: $70 TSA Taste the Rainbow: $70 TSA Bill Murray: $70 WWC Aussie Toxic Green Slimer: $30 Rainbow...
  5. Matt Bravo

    Thoughts or advice for a newbie to LPS

    Hey guys so I’ve recently picked up an alveopora and a hammer and I’m nervous to be completely honest. IMO they look ok for now.I got them yesterday and just wanted to know what you guys thought about them and also if you would mind sharing any tips it would be amazing
  6. W

    Stylophora encrusting?

    Hi all, I was under the assumption that stylophora wasn’t an en encrusting coral but mine looks like it’s has grown over the epoxy?
  7. J

    Michigan Live Goods Juggernaut Bounce Mushrooms

    Selling two of my juggernaut bounces. More pics on request. $200 ea.
  8. Tegridy Reef

    Florida Live Goods Colorado Sunburst Chalices and Bounce Mushrooms for sale along with some cheaper stuff

    I am selling some Colorado sunburst and some bounce mushrooms and some nice chalices I also have some cheaper corals in this thread. I will update the WYSIWYG regularly along with having sales along the way. Doa is 4 hours after delivery. I also have a website and an eBay with...
  9. F

    Can i use freshwater light for the coral Xenia?

    I am new to saltwater and i have a simple 20 gallon tank with 2 clownfish. My tank is actully made for freshwater and has a white light. I was thinking of adding a really easy coral to keep and i heard pusling Xenia is a easy coral that can almost grow anywhere. Do u think this coral will...
  10. A

    GSP dead?

    My GSP got covered in hair algae but was still opening just fine. One day i decided to brush it off and ended up hurting it a bit. It began to open less until this point where i believe it’s dead. Is there a way to revive it or is it long gone?
  11. T

    Looking for Lighting Recommendations - 140G Display

    Hi guys, I have a 140G display tank with these dimensions: 60”Lx30”Hx18”D. The light that I have right now (Aquatic Life/HME Marine Edge 48”) seems to be a but underpowered. I have room enough that I could run 2 of them or switch to something completely different. Just wondering it anybody else...
  12. SkyAquatic

    Build Thread Coral & Invert QT Tank 13.5 Gal

    Hey everyone this will be my coral frag and invert QT to my main DT. Im cataloging it more to look back on and use to keep track of everything going into my tank. As well as the frags I will inevitably have later. This tank will not hold any fish as that one will be separated due to the copper...
  13. E

    Hello New to the forum

    Hey guys, my name is emi1322 and I have a 72 gallon reef tank. I’ve been in the hobby for years and simply love it. I’m in the process of starting up a 120 drilled reef tank with dual overflows. I love how much talk and knowledge there is in this forum. I look forward to reading a lot and also...
  14. hsosa

    California USA Livestock Trade chalices ,zoa ,yuma mushroom for trade

    what up reef addicts ,I have corals to trade --- I currently have Hollywood chalice several pieces small, medium ,large available, Green scrolling chalice , Jason fox Anacopora the thing mini colony, Ultra Yuma Purple mother with two babies. Im looking to trade for sticks, cool...
  15. C

    how old should a tank be before you start having corals?

    I heard various things about when should you wait before putting corals in. Some people said that you have to wait and make sure all parameters are good for 1-2 months but I also heard other people that says 2-3 weeks is fine. What are your thoughts on this?
  16. dirty_south87

    Coral feed

    I have recently learned from lfs the put aquavito fuel in my water to help with the corals. Is that a good route or should I use something else?
  17. Morphinel

    New Jersey Live Goods Tank Breakdown

    Hello All, I am breaking down my tank and have a few items remaining. Corals: Red & Gold Symphillia - $300 Pearl Bubble Coral - $40 Blue/Green Indophyllia - $200 Red Goni frag - $25 Really nice Blasto frag 3-4 heads - $50 Assorted Zoas and Palys - $30 and 3-50 heads on each Huge Rainbow...
  18. F

    Par levels with radion G6 XR15 blue

    I just rented a par meter today. I went home and played for a few. As I am very confused rn. my light it running at 50% rn. And my par levels about 6 inchs under water are reading around 150 ish range. I’m wondering if This is normal. Plz help.
  19. F


    Help plz. Not sure what’s up with these 3 corals. Everyone else looks great. Parameters are below. I believe it’s from the 0 nitrates but not sure. Thank you.
  20. reeffreak911

    Florida Live Goods Atom bomb chalice

    Atom bomb chalice its size is 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches
  21. clownlovers

    EMERGENCY Torch coral needs help!

    Hello all, I need help here my torch has been doing this the past few days. It stiffs up and retracts it’s tentacles half way. It doesn’t flow in the wave and this is all during the daylight cycle. The perimeters are: Nitrate 100ppm (salifert) Nitrite 1ppm (“) Mag 1120 added mag new number 1320...
  22. Elitecorals

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods Icecap 24 reef sump

    Preferably pickup in orlando fl
  23. Elitecorals

    Florida Package Deal Drygoods Neptune apex system

    Comes with apex el with probes, tridents, reagents, dos, dos reservoir, reef links, apex auto feeder. Preferably pickup locally in orlando fl area
  24. P

    The most insanely colorful corals all collectors should own?

    The title says it all. Show the craziest rainbow and colorful corals you own or hope to own someday. I’ll start: WWC OG Bounce Purple monster Jawbreaker A rainbow Maxi Mini Anemone or a rainbow Pizza Anemone (pictured) Share your favorites!!

    Livestock Super Sale at Wholesale prices!!!

    Hi guys!;) Do not believe that such low prices can be? Yes! It's real for you now! Welcome to our Wholesale. :star-struck::star-struck::star-struck: This fantastic promotion is not on our website, it is here only for you and to support the Reef2Reef community. To order write a private message...
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