1. TCK Corals


    HEAT WAVE CONTINUES NEW PRODUCTS JUST LOADED Save 40% off on all WYSIWYG corals on our site. No coupon needed. SHOP NOW Rrc Marvin The Martian AUT1-2019-08-22 $185 Tck Kaleidoscope AUT2-2019-08-22 $199 Tck Kaleidoscope #2 AUT3-2019-08-22 $125 Tsa Bill Murray...
  2. R

    Zoa ID

    Hello reef community, new to the hobby and really addicted lol :D. I have bought this assorted zoa from tidal waves and they send me a frag with2 sorts of zoas on them. I was able to frag some off and would love to ID them. Also might have some available for trades if anyone is interested. Thank...
  3. TCK Corals

    25% OFF TCK JULY BLOWOUT FLASH SALE!! LAST CHANCE! Ends tonight at midnight.

    Livesale R Pt2 Alien Anti-Venom Zoas #10 $30 Livesale R Pt1 Arc Wildfire Milli #2 $75 Livesale R Pt2 Arc Neon Orange Goni $100 Livesale R Pt2 Arc Magic Carpet Acro $75 Livesale R Pt2 Yellow Tip Acro $40 Livesale R Pt1 Cc Needle In A Haystack Acro $30 Livesale R Pt2 Two Tone...
  4. TCK Corals

    25% OFF End of July Sale! All WYSIWYG SPS, LPS, and Soft Corals are 25% OFF!

    End of July Sale! Save 25% On ALL WYSIWYG Coral *Summer Sizzler Packs not included. Shop Now
  5. mario4933

    My very first SW tank build!! 75 gallon beast.

    Hello everyone! I’ve never been much of a writer but after finding that a lot of people make build threads I decided to give it a shot. I’m mostly doing this so I can journal my journey and maybe I can help those starting out avoid mistakes I’ve made. Where to begin? Hmm [emoji848] Let’s...
  6. Ligershark

    New Jersey Various Mushrooms For Sale

    I have the following mushrooms for sale. PZ Godspawn CB Orange Bubble Bounce (similar to wwc sunkist) Poletti Jawbreaker Darwin Jawbreaker All corals shipped via Fedex Priority w DOA guarantee. PM is key. Paypal to hold. Pack 1: CB Orange Bubble Bounce and PZ Godspawn Two views of...
  7. TCK Corals

    HOT DISCOUNTS 4th of July Website Sale! - 20% off!

    We will be launching a sweet WYSIWYG SPS update on the site tonight at 9pm EST 7/3/2019. All SPS will also be 15% 20% off as well! ALL CORALS ARE 20% OFF! LINK
  8. TopShelfAquatics

    Get Your Dad What He REALLY Wants... TSA Corals! (MEGA Father's Day Sale)

    Shipping: Purchase as many pieces as you like and pay only $29.99 for shipping! No box charges, ever. At checkout, select your preferred delivery date and you're set! When checking out multiple times select "Add to existing order" and all your corals will ship together. DOA: We include our...
  9. Lotus Reef

    LOTUS Green Torches for sale on website $50 + Take 30% off

    LOTUS Green Torches for sale $50 + Take 30% off New customers use code WELCOME and 20off at checkout.
  10. Lotus Reef

    New Release Posted On The Site! LOTUS Golden Lemon Drops - 2 Available - New Customers Save 30% Off

    Two New Torches Posted On The Site! Our newest release from the Lotus coral farm. The LOTUS Golden Lemon Drop - We have 2 Available - New Customers Save 30% Off Use code WELCOME and 20off at checkout on our website. LOTUS Golden Lemon Drop Torch – 5 Heads $1,250.00...
  11. Lotus Reef

    Super Red Crocodile Scoly Auction Starting Bid $225 - Ends tomorrow at 8PM EST

    Super Red - Green Speckled Mouth - Crocodile Scoly Auction Starting Bid $225 - Buy Now $275 Ends tomorrow at 8PM EST
  12. DCharbs

    North Carolina SPS - LPS - Softies and Swimmers

    Taking down two systems and offloading the critters: Fish Marine Betta (6" ish) - $200 Maroon Clowns (Mated Pair) w/ hosting NEM (Long Tip - Green - 10") - $125 Mocha Clowns (Mated Pair) w/ hosting NEM (Condi - Green - 10") - $100 Sailfin / Lawnmower Blenny - $20 Damsels (assorted) - $5 ea...
  13. fabutahoun

    How To build and maintain a reef aquarium

    I Just Started a series that will guide you in how to build and maintain a reef aquarium !! In This Series I'll be sharing more information about my 180 reef tank, and build a 120 gallon for my friend Hani. thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe and like !
  14. fabutahoun

    All About Fadi's 180 Gallon Reef Tank Acros and Angels - YouTube Video

    This video have all information about my Reef Tank hope you like it !!
  15. grassy_noel

    Illinois Getting out of Hobby - Free corals, clownfish

    Hi all, it's been a great two years back in the hobby, but I just found out I'll be having a second child later this year and I can't afford the time or money needed to care for my reef tank once he/she has arrived. So, i'm looking for a good home for my fish and corals, and I'm happy to give...
  16. grassy_noel

    Illinois Getting Out of Hobby - Free Corals, Clownfish

    Hi all, it's been a great two years back in the hobby, but I just found out I'll be having a second child later this year and I can't afford the time or money needed to care for my reef tank once he/she has arrived. So, i'm looking for a good home for my fish and corals, and I'm happy to give...
  17. Brian Goldstein

    California NEW Neon Green Weeping Willow Frags!

    Hello all! I just cut more frags of my neon green weeping willow. I have 2 frags available. $80/frag . These beauties sold quick last time. Frags will be about 1.5" . I can deliver within the riverside area and would be willing to ship within CA and bordering states. Momma Willow...
  18. TopShelfAquatics

    HOT New Update on!!!

    All available right now! Have you signed up for our VIP program yet? Once you text "TSA" to 51660 and opt in you receive a coupon code for 25% off your entire order!
  19. TopShelfAquatics

    MEGA Update to!!!

    You dont want to miss out on these GORGEOUS new frags that just posted on!
  20. Rachid Stoury

    Connecticut Stoury’s Reef - ALOT OF Frags and colonies for sale.

    Shipping included in package deals. PM or text is key. (302) 438-2577 - Sorry no trades because I just don’t have enough space at the moment. Individual prices below but I can also ship great affordable pack prices for $100, $150 or $200 With shipping included. Please feel free, to check out...
  21. TopShelfAquatics

    HUGE UPDATE! Black Widow Blastos, Dragon Soul Torch, Signature SPS and MORE!

    Guys, you're going to love this update! [Click here to view] or click on any image
  22. V

    Cataloging your coral collection

    Anybody has any suggestions on best software/way to catalog my corals. I am fairly new and have amassed a lot of sps frags which are growing well. Goal is two-fold: 1) Name, source etc of the coral. 2) Growth pics of the corals (say every few months). Wanted to see what everyone thought.
  23. J

    Nitrates vs no nitrates.

    So i just stumbled upon a video on youtube about why nitrates and phosphates are good for the corals in your tank and it made me realise it could be true. My tank had high nitrates like really high above 80. My corals were doing not so well in that range so i started doing alot of water changes...
  24. Brian Goldstein


    Hey all- My WWC OG bounce split a few months ago and its ready for a new home. The baby looks even more beautiful than the mama. Tonnnn of bubbles. The picture below was taken after my corals received a little too much light, but I can assure you the colors on this bounce are absolutely...
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