1. wizmatt

    Question about flow in my soon-to-be reef aquarium

    I am an amateur reefer who has just about finished cycling my 60 gallon 4-foot long aquarium with a green chromis and some hermit crabs and snails. Today, I went to my local fish store to purchase powerheads for my aquarium. I am planning to stock soft and LPS corals in the future. The employee...
  2. tsmaquatics

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  4. Jax352

    Nano Build 10g Nano Tank

    Got a couple questions about this 10g aquarium I just set up. I have experience without larger 50g + aquariums. The light I’m running on it is a current orbit marine pro led 24”. I know the light is to powerful for the tank so I turned it down to 30% white and 60% blue. I have no experience with...
  5. Oscar’s25Gal

    Bought some corals!

    Hey guys, an update from my yesterday post! Last night I bought some zoas (9 small heads on a separate rock) , a long tentacle plate coral and a frogspawn. After I had dipped them, they didn't all look great but now the plate coral is opening up it's tentacles slowly and the frogspawn too. The...
  6. Oscar’s25Gal

    Finally getting into corals!....

    Hey guys, i’m finally getting into corals! I’ve got some credit from the LFS aswell (about 275$ ) and i wanted to get into reefing anyways. I currently have 4 BTA’s and 4 clowns, 1 blue tang, 1 six line wrasse, 1 coral beauty, green damsel, fox face rabbit fish and a “rock dweller” i think...
  7. H

    California Zoa/Paly 14 Variety Pack

    Zoa/Paly 14 Variety Pack Asking $200 Daly City/San Francisco 1. Scrambled Eggs~ 3polyps 2. Circus~ 1polyp 3. Pink Zippers~ 6polyps 4. Corona~ 2polyps 5. King Midas~4polyps 6. Orange~ 3polyps 7. Gorilla Nipples~ 2polyps 8. Utter Chaos~ 1polyp 9. Artic Ice~ 5polyps 10. WWC Nirvana~ 3polys 11...
  8. NanoRookie

    Recommendation on Good LFS for corals in South East Michigan

    Hey Im new to the hobby, tank running for 3 months now. Looking for good LFS to start adding more corals. What are your top 3 in south east michigan? What you think of my 40 breader so far
  9. kshukla

    High temp tolerant corals

    Hi Guys, Any expert has suggestion for corals that can thrive and do well in around 90 degrees ?
  10. Thespammailaccount

    Texas Pod and Phyto pack

    12oz very dense apocyclops pods and 12oz phytoplankton to feed your pods for $17.00. Shipped USPS 1-3 day flat rate shipping for 8.40 with tracking included. Can ship up to two packs for the quoted 8.40 shipping. Also ships with an additional insulated thermal mailer and cold pack. Theses...
  11. X

    Seachem tidal and corals

    I'm about to make the jump from freshwater. After almost a years research I have finally decided to dive in. I want to do a reef nano tank, with mostly corals. My knowledge on them is limited although I will always study anything before buying it. I have bought a 150 ltr (40 G?) Tank. A sump is...
  12. Reefer37

    Online Coral Store for Soft Corals?

    Curious if anyone has recommendations for online coral stores for higher end soft corals? And no, I'm not talking about zoas. There's seems to be a lot of online stores dedicated to different types of corals like acros or euphyllias, but I don't know of any really for higher end softies.
  13. TheReefArchitect

    UK Shops / collectors specialising in Blastomussa corals

    As above, any collectors / shops that specialise in different / rare blastomussa?
  14. M

    Need Help with Design of Filtration Room in Basement

    I had my first aquarium ever about 5 years ago, and went with a 120 gallon mixed reef with a 50 gallon sump. For the most part had a lot of success and fun doing it, though coral growth wasn't great. When i moved i ended up giving the tank to my sister and upgraded to a 360 gallon mixed reef...
  15. david_ma

    Michigan Local pick up, lots of nice corals

    Local pick up only because of their size. Located 48124. Please text 313-268-319five. Priced range from $40-100. The bigger nicer pieces are $100( kryptonite candy cane colonies, grafted monti 7”, brain, favia, torch colony, large colony of sps and blue mushrooms), jackolantern $50, other sps...
  16. lilkiwi930

    Whats your most unique/beautiful fish or coral???

    Hey guys, Just wondering if everybody could share a picture of there most beautiful fish or coral from there tank? Or even post a picture of there fish tank that they are proud of. Love seeing new fish and most defiantly the corals. Plus I need some idea's with how I should set my new...
  17. M

    WWC Mixed frag pack just came in

    Just got my frag pack from WWC to start off my coral collection for my new tank. Wanted to show you guys what i got to see what its worth and some general tips for care. Heres what i got. -dragon soul goniastra -blue ring acan(mostly orange tho) -red hot discosoma -cat eye zoas -WWC aussie...
  18. Noob_Sam

    Fish food? HELPPPP....

    What food should i feed my fish? i currently feed ocean nutrition formula two, frozen mysis and brine shrimp, and nori sheets for my tangs. I tried to look it up online but there are sooooo many different brands and stuff. should i feed flakes and or pellets? What else should i feed. Fish: 3...
  19. TopShelfAquatics

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  20. iProShot

    Upgrading Biocube 32 LED Stock light!!

    Any suggestions what I can upgrade my stock Biocube lights for only have few corals at the moment mainly lps but after wwc event I need some better light for my corals. I was looking into one of these. Radion Xr 15 Radion XR15 G5 Pro Or Blue?? Kessil 160 Hydra Twenty SiX AI Prime 16
  21. iProShot

    Biocube 32 Light Schedule-New Tank

    I Recently started a Biocube 32g this is my current light schedule On video. I don’t know if it’s good enough?? ;Bookworm I have been running the tank now for 42 days. Before starting the cycle I swap out the stock filter system the Biocube 32 comes with and got InTaNk media basket Poly Filter...
  22. Wet Sleeve

    Ecotech M1 Question

    Hey Fellas, I’m in the middle of upgrading my display and the display is a Red Sea Reefer 625 which the return takes 1” ID soft plumbing. question is, I see Ecotech now makes a Barb/Screen kit for the Vectra M2..does it fit last generation (M1) I’m not sure if they changed the thread patterns...
  23. lazycouch

    i’m not sure what’s wrong with my leather coral?

    hey everyone i just got these guys a week ago and i noticed this white flesh building up on the finger leather, anyone know what could be causing this? also don’t remember seeing it prior to purchase. he has been opening and extending his polyps, though, so i’m not entirely sure what can be...
  24. efrainrodz.94

    Coral names

    Hi Guys, I went to the aquarium store today and the guy gave me couple corals :) I forgot their names, can someone help me? Also, how can I take care of them? Here is some pictures:
  25. N11morales

    AIO Build 32G biocube: Coral suggestions

    Hello I was wondering what other corals people would recommend me to get in my tank. I know it’s preference but I’m curious to what others would add.
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