cube aquarium

  1. brick-brothers

    New Jersey New York Pennsylvania 60g RR Cube

    Hey guys I have a 60g cube/w stand for sale. Nothing wrong with it, I just need the funds for my next project. Price $200 Firm or Trade for 80g Frag Tank
  2. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    Cube Build 134-Gallon Cube Build - Random Flow Generator® Powered Mixed Reef - Lots of Pics!

    The VCA 134-Gallon Cube - Random Flow Generator Powered Mixed Reef! The first of two new offices tanks are officially under way, and I can’t wait to share it here on Reef-2-Reef Our goal with this tank is to build a mixed reef tank with a unique flow solution that utilizes just Random Flow...
  3. Fishy5oh

    Cube Build Waterbox Marine X 60.2 Build Thread

    Hi all! Finally posting my build thread as I had my tank delivered today, ordered almost 2 months to the day ago. Waiting was hell but I'm so glad it's here. Current equipment list Lighting - Redsea ReefLED 90W with RS's tank mount Return pump - Sicce Syncra 3.0 - I've used their smaller...
  4. MichaelFita


    Good Afternoon Everyone ! I am reaching out to my r2r friends in order to get some advice on an up and coming reef tank i would like to build . I currently have a Fluval 32.5 AIO And it has been serving me great ! But as you know ..... It is time for me to upgrade to something a little sleeker...
  5. W

    Cube Build 37G Column Tank

    Hi All, I started a tank build, a 37G column that I had for discus for a long time. The goal is for an anemanoe and a pair of clowns. Started in January and now I have a chromis, firefish and watchman goby. Equipment list below: 37 G tank, 20x18x24 icecap 15 sump Aquamaxx WS-1 Protein Skimmer...
  6. Simply__J

    Florida SOLD SOLD! Ocean Revive + 2x Dual 24" T5s Fixture

    Three part sale or you can take it all for $550 45 Gal. Custom Rimeless Glass Cube Aquarium (L 23 ¾" W 23 ¾" H 18 ½") Reef Ready/Drilled + Dual return w/ check valve, herbie (dorso mod) overflow for quiet operation. No leaks. Will include all hard pvc plumbing + 4x manifold w/ unions and ball...
  7. Stang67

    Nano Build And now for something completely different...

    So out of the blue I stumbled on a posting on FB for a 10g tank. I have been kicking around some ideas for my FW 55g and my old 29g and never thought of going smaller. I offered the guy 50$ thinking there is no way he would take it. Turns out not only did he take it but he lived about 5 doors...
  8. Jdubyo

    Cube Build Waterbox 35.1 Cube

    Hello fellow reefers! I recently purchased a Waterbox aquarium and decided to make up a build thread. This will be my second tank but I want this to be my first "do it right" tank since my first one was filled with error and is quickly turning into an aiptasia haven... ;Sorry I am making this...
  9. P

    Cube Build Crystal Dynamics 135 Gallon Cube Build we go. I recently moved and bought a 135 gallon Crystal Dynamic aquarium. The tank is 36 by 36 by 24, and it has a stand a canopy as well. I have had reef tanks since I was about 15 and about 15 years later finally decided buy my first new tank. It definitely came with a price tag, but...
  10. IMG_20200728_152524.jpg


    Overhead of rock work and shows most of coast-to-coast synergy reef v2 16" shadow overflow.
  11. Dryanimtt

    Cube Build Dave's 93g cube

    Recently acquired a 93g cube 30x30x24. I think it was a custom built tank as I haven't seen any others like it. Bought the whole setup from someone and plan to use as much as that equipment as I can. Fairly new to the saltwater scene. I have a 13.5g fluval evo going, but I've never had anything...
  12. alimac122

    Build Thread Ali's 90g Cube Build

    So. I purchased a 90g tank sumpstand and accessories for $400 from a guy that’s going an upgrade/downgrade from 5 tanks to 2. It was too good to be true. so everything is loaded up, and I’m taking it home. I’m super excited to move my 36 to a 90. well. We get the stand in the front door and...
  13. R

    60 gal. Cube tank

    Greetings I just wanted to share the progression of my 60 gal. Mixed reef. Started it last March so its just over a year old now. The pic with the black sand and the 2 clowns was basically the beginning stages last March. My clowns have spawned several times in the last few months. The tank is...
  14. sfin52

    Nano Build Orkin Branch 589 Page's office tank

    My boss Page Alexander approached me about putting together an office tank. I started trolling my lfs fb pages. I ran across a jbj 28 cube for $50. I I'm lualynn aquatic gems and told them I would take it. Tonight was pick up. This is it Wait sfin what's in the bag. Stefan What...
  15. MarineDepot

    The Most Exquisite Cubes on the Planet

    The Most Exquisite Cubes on the Planet Waterbox Aquariums CUBE Tanks — NOW IN STOCK! PLUS: Pre-order the new Vectra 2 pump from EcoTech Marine!