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  1. J

    PAR output Question: Current Orbit Marine Loop Lights

    I currently have a Current Orbit Marine Loop Light (36”-48”). I am curious to know under what conditions will the given PAR be achieved. As seen in the image attached, it mentions at a depth of 6” (6” from the light) the PAR will be 120, and so on. Is this when the White, Blue, Red and Green...
  2. Difrano

    Florida Return Pumps Powerheads Drygoods Current Eflux 1050gph dc pump and loop controller, Ecotech MP10QD, extra new wet side, nem guard, works with apex

    Due to upgrading my tank I am selling those items; they have 2 years of use: $100 Current Eflux 1050gph dc return pump and loop controller, the pump is in perfect shape, never had an issue a complete workhorse. It is fully cleaned and ready to use. $275 Ecotech MP10QD works with APEX WXM (I...
  3. Cole_Voeller

    Current Marine LED Electrocuting my Tank?

    I have two Current Marine Orbit LEDs on one of my tanks, never had a problem. Just yesterday reached in, and immediately felt a sting. Tried plugging and unplugging everything and deduced that it was the lights. The wires and cords are a bit of a mess in the back so I unplugged them and planned...
  4. B

    Wave pumps

    Hello all! I currently have a 75 gallon tank. The tank dimensions are 48”L x 24”W. My tank setup is a HOB filter With the Orbit marine IC pro dual LED lights with loop and 2 eflux wave makers. Surprisingly, I have been impressed with the lights considering how much I got them for, they were on...
  5. AtticusPutt

    How Much flow?

    I have a 30 long aquarium (20 gallon display) and I was wondering if I'm producing too much flow for a beginner lps/softie tank. I am using a current 660 gph wavemaker at 100% on the wave mode. I also have an 800 gph pump. I was wondering what the turnover rate should be for a lps/softie tank...
  6. Rogued_Reefer

    Florida Aquariums Lighting Fluval Evo 5

    Hey there reefers! I’ve got a Fluval Evo V for sale with upgraded pump, intank media tray and upgraded light. $200 OBO This is what it looked like before I took it down.
  7. Jax352

    Nano Build 10g Nano Tank

    Got a couple questions about this 10g aquarium I just set up. I have experience without larger 50g + aquariums. The light I’m running on it is a current orbit marine pro led 24”. I know the light is to powerful for the tank so I turned it down to 30% white and 60% blue. I have no experience with...
  8. ThomC137

    Orbit Marine Current Remote/Programming not working

    Hey guys! Love the community, need help. The daylight and sunrise/sunset buttons will not work. I've had this light for over a year and I recently moved and am reprogramming. I am trying to program daylight and sunrise/sunset, but when I push the buttons nothing comes up on the screen. The...
  9. N


    Hi Guys, I am just got a 180 gallon 72X24X24 tank and I am in the market for new LED lights. I have always kept freshwater tanks and this is going to be my first reef tank. I really don't want to spend more than $600 on lights. I looked into T5s and are not that practical for me since buying...
  10. AquaDaddy

    Washington Current USA Orbit Marine pro LED 24-36 Inch - 2 lights

    Title pretty much says it all. I have 2 of these in perfect shape, they were used for about 1 year and never all they way. I would ideally like to get $125 for each or both for $225. I'll take reasonable offers as well. Both of the lights have their controllers and remotes too. Also willing to...
  11. AshwinRavi

    AI Prime HD vs Current USA IC Loop PRO

    Hello, reefers! My tank is 75G, 48" wideX18" long X21" deep. I went from 2X165W Chinese LED to Current USA IC loop pro(2x48" strip). I like the sleekness of the lights but I am afraid I don't have enough PAR for my corals. I have mostly soft corals with some LPS, & no intention of moving to...
  12. AshwinRavi


    Hello all, I have seen a few posts regarding this a few times before. I recently upgraded my aquarium from 165W Chinese led to 48" IC from current USA. I had good growth with the 165W but wasn't a fan of the light spill happening in the room, when lights come on, it was basically for the whole...
  13. Peter Hand

    Current Orbit Marine 36" LED Light $60 + Shipping

    title says it all. Light was used for 1 year. good shape does have a very small dent on the fixture but obviously doesn't effect the light at all. 60 plus shipping, shouldn't cost more that 10 to ship
  14. Peter Hand

    36" 6bulb ATI 39x6,36 Current Orbit LED,EB8, WXM, (2) MP10 WES, Aqua UV 25W, PM2

    -36 Inch ATI Sunpower 39x6 with 3 month old bulbs installed and a brand new never used set in the boxes. $350 you pay for shipping - Current USA Orbit LED 36" *Has small dent on top doesn't effect anything $50 you pay shipping - Neptune Systems Energy Bar 8 EB8 $100.00 shipped -Neptune Systems...
  15. s550

    Orbit Marine LED reviews?

    Curious if anyone has/had experience with the Current Orbit Marine LED(any length). I will be getting a 72" tank 125g and need a decent light that wont cost an arm and leg. This seems to be the best compromise between price, coverage, controllability and reliability. Any light spectrum charts...
  16. mcgdz86

    Build Thread 36g Bowfront Upgrade

    Had an old 36g bowfront that I am converting from freshwater to saltwater. This will be make second reef tank. I'm hoping to keep maintainence/care easier so I will be doing mostly fish, with a few softies, and maybe a Nem for the clowns. My first tank I used live rock and ended up just having...
  17. quicksil328

    Current Marine Orbit IC LED

    Does anyone have any experience with the Current Marine Orbit IC lights. I was thinking I would put a t5 fixture over the new frag tank I am setting up but the LFS I use suggested this light. He uses all leds in his shop and has really nice livestock. I have purchased several items off of him...