decorator crab

  1. Eyezik

    Mixing Crabs

    I have been wanting a Decorator Crab for the longest time, but I had a hitchhiker emerald crab on a rock I bought. Would it be safe to mix the 2 or will they fight eachother?
  2. PBnJOnWheat

    Decorator crab

    Just thought I’d put this up for fun, but I do have a question... if we can’t mount kenya trees, then how the ;Cold;Drowning;Muted;Nailbitingdid this guy get several on his back???? See, the zoas make sense, clip and place, but I thought Kenya trees, like most leathers, don’t accept glue so idk...
  3. maugustine

    Some night time action!

    Bored reaching Watching Gary snail and my huge turbo do the nightly clean up!! My big Decorator crab is being camera shy.. but attached older shots.. he is super fun and creepy! Looks like a big huge hairy spider!! He likes to stick the coral puddy to himself .. which helps keep him off the...
  4. BloopFish

    A Crab With Schizophrenia? - Hilo Decorator Crab or Schizophroida hilensis

    The Name Schizoproida Why is this crab seemingly based on the mental disorder schizophrenia? I don't know much about schizophrenia, but it may have to do with the crab's habit of ripping off pieces of seaweed and sponges for decorations. They seem to have a compulsion to decorate themselves...
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