1. E

    White Fuzz around new euphyllia

    Hi everyone. So we stocked our new, fully-cycled tank with two ocellaris clownfish and one euphyllia divisa frag (around 5*5*5cm) 4 weeks ago. The ocellaris are doing great, but the euphyllia never fully expanded and seems to be receding now. This morning, it has not opened at all. We noticed...
  2. Nate_Krohn

    Blasto showing skeleton

    I’m currently out of town and have family watching my tanks. Sent me a picture of my blasto and almost all the flesh is gone. Looked amazing 2 days ago before I left. Any ideas?
  3. J

    Ich??? Or something eles

    I noticed small white spots on my clown goby some are white and some look like clear blisters. Is it ich or some other type of disease?
  4. huangcrab

    Dosing H2O2 to help fighting velvet in DT

    Display tank: 150G custom tank + 50G sump. started from August 2019. Some of the rock was from the old 15G nano started from July 2018. QT tank: 20G long, established after the velvet outbreak for holding fish purchased from the boxing day sale... However more like an observation tank. Some...
  5. Peach02

    White substance on starfish

    I got this red starfish today and just noticed a white substance on its arm and a lump which I think is somthing it ate
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