designer clownfish

  1. LukeWolf

    Missouri Bonded pair of Mocha Storm clownfish first sale!

    Hello all, I am breaking down my tank due to moving off to college, so all of my livestock is for sale. I’m going to post the bigger more expensive fish individually then all the small cheap fish in one post. If anyone is interested I also have a 8” naso tang, 8” Hawaiian black longnose tang, 6”...
  2. Danny's Aquariums

    My Designer Clownfish - Danny's Aquariums

    I want to show you my clownfish! I'm so happy with these cool fish. They are doing really well! What type of clownfish do you have in your reef tank, if any? See more of them here:
  3. Tangina20

    Any clownfish experts out there?

    Im trying to identify what type of maroon clown I have. I would like to get another one of the same kind to pair it but can’t find anything that looks like it and now live across the country from where I got it. If no one knows what kind, what would be a good pair for it? Also do maroons get...
  4. AquaNerd

    New Designer Clownfish from Sea & Reef

    The Orange Storm Clownfish is the latest designer clownfish that was just released from Sea& Reef. Learn more here.
  5. J

    California Female ORA gold nugget maroon clownfish

    In an experiment to form a bonded pair of ORA designer clowns I’m left with the golden nugget as the rejected potential female; she’s aggressive towards other clowns but is the most submissive compared to my other two. S/he got to go and her fins are healed up from the battle so the little...
  6. clownenthusiast2017

    Build Thread 32 Gallon cube Tank Build!

    Hey guys! So this is my 32-gallon biocube reef tank! I started this tank toward the end of November 2017. If you guys have any tips and tricks I'd be happy to hear them!!! Below is a list of products and supplies I am currently using to keep my tank up and running: Lighting: AI Prime hd w/...
  7. MarineDepot

    Buy fish and corals in our booth at Reef-A-Palooza!

    Buy fish and corals in our booth at Reef-A-Palooza! Every livestock purchase includes a FREE gift!
  8. Pieces of the Ocean

    New WYSIWYG items on our site
  9. MrG

    Normal & Designer Clownfish profiles

    Hello All, Is there a place on here or a website that has all types of Normal & Designer Clownfish profiles? Pictures and info. I am especially confused between a Frostbite & Flurry. Thanks a bunch!
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