diy coral food

  1. hexcolor reef

    Worms in frozen mysis shrimp

    I clean my tanks multiple times and rid all tanks of sand went bare bottom. Still I find worms wiggling through the water column but only after feeding frozen mysis shrimp. Anyone else experience this or is it cheaper brands of fish/coral food that is careless with product quality? Anyone...
  2. A

    California Live Phytoplankton

    Hi Reefers, Start Growing Phyto myself and selling them at cheaper price for the first time! ☺️☺️☺️ Test run price: $15 per 12 oz Can deliver to South Bay or pick up in Sunnyvale Shipping is available (Fees TBD)
  3. T

    DIY Coral Food - what do you use, WDYT about my formula?

    Hey folks, Do you create your own coral food? What ingredients do you use and do you see positive effects from feeding your corals with it? Here's my formula created mainly for LPS, but its smaller particles reach some SPS too. What do you think about it, does the ingredients make sense...
  4. sassAwrasse

    CTARS February 2018 Meeting Announcement

    Hey Reefers! February's meeting is going to be a Dual Meeting... In the front of the room, we'll be making fish/coral food. Everyone in attendance will be able to take home a reusable frozen cube tray filled with the food. This was alot of fun when we did it 2 years ago. We WILL need a...