dry good

  1. IndianReefGuy

    Florida Dry Good Trade Reef Mat 500- Brand New - NEVER USED - All parts included -$300

    I'm thinking of not including the roller in a new build, I have thrown out the box, but I have everything that came with it. Is anyone interested @ $300 Trades considered... Need to set aside some $ for Trident system, or UV sterilzer. Located in South Florida, Palm Beach County.
  2. R

    ATO Return Pumps Drygoods Ultimate ATO and MightyJet Desktop AIO for sale!!!

    Very lightly used equipment from a 20 gallon tank break down. All items for priced as shipped. Saltwater Tank Auto Top Off Ultimate ATO - Complete 4-Sensor Aquarium Auto-Top-Off System ($139.99 new) Price - $75.00 Shipped Return Pump MightyJet Desktop AIO DC Return Pump (326 GPH) - Innovative...
  3. Tuan’s Reef

    Apex Jr with EB8

    Year and a half old. Good condition . Comes with Temp and PH probe $200
  4. acro.jordan


    Kessil H380 Refugium light for sale, perhaps one of the best fuge lights EVER made… retail on this bad boy was $299. $160 local pick up or $170 shipped …. First come first serve ! I also have a timer I can throw in for an extra $10
  5. A

    Radion Gen 5 xr15 pro SOLD

    The light is in great condition and will come with the box. It has been used only for 7 months. Feel free to reach out with any questions.
  6. T

    Sell Klir Automatic Filter Roller(like new)’GSP colonies

    Rolling filter just bought it about 2 weeks before, asked for $180, with 2 new rolls. super bright GSP colonies $45 Pick up at Huntington Beach
  7. T

    Sell klir DROP IN AUTOMATIC FLEECE FILTER(Like new),super bright GSP colonies

    Rolling filter just bought it about 2 weeks before, asked for $180, with 2 new rolls. super bright GSP colonies $45 Pick up at Huntington Beach
  8. B

    Connecticut Return Pumps Drygoods 300 gal tank breakdown

    Located in Bethel CT 203 832 2549 300 gal Tank $500 sold Skimmer super reef octopus Xpe-500 external with auto neck cleaner $400 Chiller $300 (2) Reeflo hammerhead gold pump 200$ each (4) Seaswirl Oscillator 3/4" $100 each sold 6 stage brs rodi system $200 (11) vira spectra led lights...
  9. JoJosReef

    California Powerheads Drygoods SOLD Maxspect Jump 2k Gyre $120 shipped

    Gyre has been in use since May and is in excellent condition. Has most of the plastic protective film still on. Was pleased with the performance, but wanted to switch to dual opposing gyres on a single controller. Cleaned with two citric acid baths and scrubbed. Put back together. Has a...
  10. R

    Rhode Island Virginia Dry Rock Drygoods 100 lbs dry reef rock

    Available for pickup in Warwick RI

    Connecticut New Jersey New York Lighting 2 AI Hydra 32Hd white (No Arm Mount)

    Selling My 2 white hydra 32 hd. Both units are in perfect condition and have been on the tank for about a year. These units do not have the arms as I have them mount on a T5 fixture. Selling for $200 each or $400 for the pair. Would take trades for noopsyche K7 v3 pro
  12. P

    Missouri WTB WTB: Neptun AFS

    Looking for Neptune Auto Feed System shipped to Missouri 63385.
  13. SR Reefing

    New York Aquariums Drygoods Selling 100 Gallon Custom Sump + Apex system+ DOS + XR15 Blue + More

    Hi, Pickup Fresh Meadows NY 11365. Everything has been cleaned. No shipping at the moment. Any questions Pm me or leave a common. Most of the stuff you could find on my build post here https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/s-r-reefing-shallow-grow-out-grow-sps-faster-easier.620840/ Sump 72x22x16...
  14. P

    Tennessee Filters Drygoods Paxbellum ARID N18

    I am selling my Paxbellum n18 it to small for my tank. Price includes shipping
  15. bobbykoz

    New York Lighting LED Drygoods Kessil ap9x brand new in box

    I have 3 kessil ap9x brand new in box never opened 650 each non negotiable Shipping available Accept PayPal venmo or cash app Located on Long Island

    North Dakota Miscellaneous Drygoods SOLD PaxBellum ARID n24 Algae Reactor ($700)

    USED for about 1 year. This is the PaxBellum ARID n24 Algae Reactor. This is the best algae reactor money can buy. An absolute beast. Also very visually attractive. I bought this used, but it worked too well! Decided to go a different route as a result. Specifications Recommended Aquarium...
  17. M

    Alabama Kentucky Tennessee Drygoods Custom Glasscages Tank for Sale (70”x30x16.75”)

    Looking to move my glasscages tank. Located in Nashville, TN. $2500 OBO Also, willing to trade for golf clubs, road bikes, mountain bike, or other expensive hobbies Tank Stand 48” Tideline sump
  18. Jenuvio

    Filters RO/DI Drygoods 4 Stage RODI 75GPD System

    Selling as is $100
  19. Naturalreef

    Illinois ATO Dosing Drygoods ice cap ATO (BNIB) Icecap V3 battery backup , Jebao DP-4

    Selling …… Jebao DP-4 Used less than a month. $40 Icecap ATO brand new. $90 ***SOLD****Icecap V3 battery backup used short time. $100. trades for Higher end Sps or Chicago sunburst nem can add cash depending on deal made:) sold many items on here shipping available and will work...
  20. P

    New York Miscellaneous Drygoods Landen Metal Stand - brand new

    Dimensions are 23.62" W x 31.49" H x 11.8" D Fits tank of approximate 20 gallon size. Item is selling for $359 on Amazon. Local pick up only. Long Island, New York.
  21. tang559

    California Lighting Drygoods Reef Equipment Fs

    Hello reefers selling some equipment. All are around year old. Please contact for any questions. Will ship at your expense. (1) AI Nero 5 = 180$ SOLD (2) Multi 2500 Sicce return pump =50$ (1) Green machine uv 24w - = 60$ (1) Green machine uv 9w - 40$ (1) Ato duetto -(80$ )
  22. M

    Florida LED Drygoods 2 white AI Prime 16HD with diffusers for sale. Sold!

    I have two white AI prime 16HD with 3 diffusers up for sale. Both light run as normal. One bought on 6/21 and the other one on 1/22. Both have new lenses and I replace the fan on the older one 3 months ago. Both was in my closet for around 8 months while taking a break from the hobby. Asking...
  23. Efranco

    New Jersey WTB WTB complete tank setup

    Looking to buy a complete tank setup 50g or larger, preferably rimless. Located in NJ willing to travel a bit for pickup. TIA
  24. JGK17

    Michigan UV Drygoods SOLD Aqua Ultraviolet - 8 Watt Classic UV Sterilizer

    Yes I agree to terms & conditions. Recently picked it up off Facebook Marketplace. Do NOT need it anymore as I decided to go a different direction. Needs new transformer. Just picked up 2x brand new bulbs off BRS. -Paid $100 for UV Sterlizer -Paid $120 for 2x Brand New bulbs (Can provide...
  25. itgoeson

    Connecticut Return Pumps Drygoods SOLD SOLD - Sicce Synchra SDC 9.0 return pump

    Sicce SDC 9.0 return pump, works beautifully. Used from April 2022 to January 2023. 2,500 GPH flow, 23 foot head height, 95 watts at full speed. Includes box and fittings that came in the box. $250 pick up in Columbia, CT, add $15 for shipping anywhere in the US. Would consider trades for...