1. P

    California Lighting LED Drygoods [Cash or trade] Radion XR15 G6 Blue. Used 2 months. Pickup or buyer pays shipping.

    Bought this XR15 on July 25. It’s not the light for me and it’s also too powerful for my mushrooms. Going back to my old Hydra 32. Will consider trade&cash for high end bounce mushrooms (powerball, OG, Biohazard, etc) Buyer will receive full (unobscured) receipt. Located in Los Angeles, 90035...
  2. bobyboy

    New Jersey Lighting Drygoods unopened Sealed Radion XR30w G5 blue

    As the titles states this is new and unopened, I have decided to continue using my G3/T5 setup and no longer need it. $700 cash picked, anything else is at the buyers expense.
  3. sxyooj

    Minnesota Lighting Drygoods Xr15 g6 RMS mount and diffuser

    All in good working condition. $525 shipped for light, mount and diffuser OBO
  4. Jon's Reef

    Wisconsin Dosing Drygoods LNIB Ecotech Versas (4) and Base Station

    Pumps and base station are LNIB. Everything has been flushed with RODI. was running AWC and 2 part. Build dates are June-Aug 2021.They were sealed until ~4 weeks ago and only used for 2 weeks. All works great (quiet, connected right away, accurate dosing), just decided to go with a different...
  5. MaD_ReefeR

    Florida Lighting Drygoods SOLD *SOLD* Ecotech Radion XR15 Blue G5s

    2 - G5 XR15 Blues with mounts Bought used in July, have run them at under 40%, decided to stick to fish only so these are a bit overkill. Still have the boxes for both the lights and the mounts $350 each with RMS mount.
  6. sxyooj

    Minnesota Powerheads Drygoods Mp10 mobius ready SOLD

    I got 2 mp10 quite drive for sale. No box. I looked up serial numbers with Ecotech customer service and was told both mfg were 7/29/21. Both was used on a 20 gallon so they’ve been used at very minimum speed. $250 shipped each or 225 local pick up.
  7. reef fish

    Florida Return Pumps Drygoods Vectra L2 - Mobius Ready DC Return Pump (3100 GPH) - Ecotech Marine

    Vectra L2 - Mobius Ready DC Return Pump (3100 GPH) - Ecotech Marine Use about 1.5 years no problem comes with Power supply holder controller hold and input strainer guard will get better once taken off line this weekend and pump with ship clean and open box $450 shipped
  8. oceanslide

    Lighting Return Pumps LED Drygoods Tank breakdown!

    Trying to make some room after downgrading to a much smaller tank. Offers welcome, not looking for any trades, also willing to ship for cost of shipping. Radion XR30 G3 Pro x2 $575 Includes Reeflink and rms slides mounted on a piece of 80/20 rail COR20 $250 Wide lens kit for G3/G4 radions...
  9. J

    California Aquarium Controller Dosing Drygoods 2 x Neptune Apex, 2 x Neptune Trident, DOS, 2 x RODI Units, Apogee MQ-510 & AM-320 Quantum Meter & More

    2 x Neptune Apex El, Comes With PH / Temp Probes - $395.00 Each 2 x Neptune Tridents - $395.00 Each Neptune DOS - $195.00 BRS 75gpd RODI 6 Stage, Hardly Used (TDS Reads 0) - $195.00, SpectraPure 6 Stage CR-RODI-90-6STG - Hardly Used (TDS Reads 0) - $275.00 Tunze Care Magnet Strong 0222.020...
  10. C

    USA WTB WTB MP10 wet side

    Hey there I'm looking for a new or used MP10 wet side only. Lmk thanks
  11. SaltwaterandLime

    IDEAS for how to mount my radion lights

    I just picked up two used Ecotech Radion XR15 blues from a friend. They came with the little X shaped slide piece, but no other way of mounting them. This is the tank they are going on, it's a Tideline 62gallon lagoon AIO tank. I would really like to mount these lights without spending an...
  12. nyfishkid87

    New York Powerheads Dosing MP40’s and DOS with DDR for sale.

    Equipment for sale: 2 Ecotech Marine MP40’s quiet drives for sale $300 each. Still in the original box. 1 Neptune Apex Dos with DDR container for sale $250 for both. Only selling them due to having too many of the same equipments. Everything is in great shape. Pick up in Downtown New Rochelle...
  13. NaCl H2O

    California Return Pumps Drygoods Ecotech return pump M2 - California - FCFS - Pick Up Only - $350

    Hello, I have a ecotech return pump M2 Used for 8 months Cleaned every 3 months Works great, used for my uv light FCFS Pick Up Only Located in Temecula, Ca due to breaking down tank for moving out of state and selling off livestock, i’am now parting out my equipment See something you like dm...
  14. NaCl H2O

    California Return Pumps Drygoods Ecotech return pump L2 - California - FCFS - Pick Up Only - $450

    Hello, I have a ecotech L2 marine return pump Used for a year Cleaned every 3 months Works great and quiet FCFS Located in Temecula, Ca Pick up only i do not have or use money apps, strictly cash and pick up only.
  15. NaCl H2O

    California Miscellaneous Drygoods Ecotech battery backup - California - FCFS - Pick UP Only - $150

    Hello i have a Ecotech battery back up Plugged in but never had to use. Pick up only FCFS Located in Temecula,ca Broke tank down for a out of state move. Selling off my dry goods now that live stock has been sold off. See something you like dm me. i do not have or use money apps, strictly cash...
  16. NaCl H2O

    California Powerheads Drygoods Ecotech MP40QD - California - FCFS - No Ship - $350

    Hello, I have 2 Ecotech MP40QD wave pumps for sale Used for 1 year and cleaned in citric acid every 3 months. Work great The price is for each $350 Pick Up Only near a Temecula,Ca Broke reef tank due to a move out of state and sold off live stock. Time to part put the dry goods. Any questions...
  17. NaCl H2O

    California Lighting LED Drygoods Radion XR30 G5 Blue - California - FCFS - No Ship - $650

    Hello i have 2 Ecotech Radion XR30 G5 Blue lights. Price is for each. FCFS No Shipping $650 I have the boxes Used for a year Work great due to moving out of state i have sold off livestock and now parting out my dry goods. i will not be using any money apps for sales. Cash only and pick up...
  18. IceRain29

    Build Thread Allan's Red Sea Reefer 750XXL V3 High End Sps Dominant Show Tank

    So after 3 years and 10 month with my Miracle 450 Gallon Peninsula build, wife ordered me to downgrade the tank to a smaller prebuild tank so we can have a better looking cabinet and I can open up the area in the basement. 450 Gallon Thread...
  19. BetURWrasse

    Georgia Dry Good Trade MP40 for MP10

    So I’ll try it this way. Anyone interested in a 1 for 1 trade? I upgraded the MP40 to mobius yesterday. Cleaned and ready to go.
  20. B

    180g Acro dominated tank help!!

    HI, guys need some quick opinions on a new build. I have a 6x2x2 180g tank currently in the process of being an acro dominated tank. I have a 60g 2x2x2 that is pack to the brim with acros that I would like to transfer to the 180g but need some opinions on light. I currently have 3 gen5...
  21. Maximus

    Powerheads Misc. Pumps Miscellaneous Brand new (unopened) MP40QD for sale...

    I have a brand new, unopened MP40QD (latest version) for sale. I am asking $350 firm shipped. Please do not hesitate to do a search under my username, Maximus, here at R2R as I have great seller feedback. Thanks!
  22. kloverguy

    New Mexico Lighting Drygoods Radion RMS Mount

    I have 2 lightly used RMS arms, a new 40.5" RMS rail, and two new Radion XR15 adapters. This works perfect over a 48" wide aquarium. Looking to sell all items together. Buyer pays shipping.
  23. chrises08

    Texas Powerheads Drygoods MP60 QD for sale

    Selling an MP60qd, got it thinking of using it on my tank but just decided to stick with multiple mp40s instead. Impeller is a bit rough (see pics) but does not affect performance at all. Looking to get 500 obo. not mobius compatible. New rf chip to make it mobius compatible can be bought on...
  24. bowiereefer

    Maryland Lighting LED Drygoods Eco tech G5 xr15 pro w/rms mount

    Eco tech G5 xr15 pro for sale. Used for about 8 months on 30 percent includes mount 325 shipped or 300 local pick up.
  25. J

    Florida Return Pumps Drygoods Ecotech L2 return pump

    It’s in great condition use for about 6 months. I only have what’s in the photos. Also the plastic guard is Bend but it’s just cosmetic. Price is $350 I’m located in Kissimmee,Fl but can ship.
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