1. Olemiss

    Georgia Powerheads Skimmers Miscellaneous Tank Tear Down Ecotech mp10, ReefLink, skimz macroalgea reactor, eshopp protein slimmer

    Breaking down my 75 gallon tank. Here are a few things I am selling. - Ecotech MP 10 with extra wet side. It is Mobius ready. - Also selling Ecotech ReefLink. Skimz MBR127 Macroalgea reactor. Eshopp x - 160. Everything except the ReefLink are less than 1 year old. MP 10 with extra wet side...
  2. D

    Radion g4

    hi guys. I try to update my radion light g4 to mobius, first one went through, second one after update light didn't turn on.. at button keep flashing blue and yellow colors. I try power off but nothing happen, button keep flashing, try press and hold the button to reset but didn't do...
  3. L

    Pennsylvania Lighting Radion xr15 g3 pros and more

    Selling a pair of radion xr 15s, gen 3 pros. Also included are diffusers for both, rail mounting kit and extra hanging kits if you want to hang them a separate way. Only selling because I upgraded. Work great. I am the 2nd owner. Bought them from a friend who ran fish only system. Price is...
  4. R

    Nero5 tunze 6105 or mp40

    Hi y’all. I have been doing tons of research and can’t pick between the tunze, vortech or ai for my powerheads. I had decided very early to use the mp40 but now that I can’t find it anywhere along with the g5 lights I have begun to rethink things for my 120(4x2x2). what u know so far: 1. Nero5...
  5. jakesweep

    Ohio Miscellaneous Downsizing - Reef Octopus VarioS-6, 150 INT Skimmer, Noopsyche K7 Pro IIs, MP10QD

    Hey all. Parted ways with my Reefer 250 when we thought we were moving out of state this summer. Things have changed and we're not moving until at least next Spring, so I've decided to set up a nano tank in the meantime (Nuvo 25 Lagoon). I'm selling off some of the equipment for the larger tank...
  6. R

    ECOTECH delays :(

    Hello beautiful people. So since I have started my tank build I have learned A LOT. After much research I finally decided to go with the ecotech line. Of course because of the time I took to decide now I can’t find any of their products. Im assuming the reason there is nothing available is...
  7. C

    Brand New - Starting with Red Sea 170

    Brand new to salt water reef tanks. Just bought a used Red Sea 170. Based on a friend’s recommendation My plan is to go Ecotech everything so that I can synchronize to the new Mobius app. I am in the processing of buying a used Ecotech MP10 and then will need to buy the upgrade chip to make it...
  8. thereefingguy

    California Aquarium Controller Lighting FS: Apex lite, Radion G5 XR30 blue

    Apex lite comes with 2 eb8’s (#1 outlet is stuck on), ph and temp probe. I’ll also include an extra brain that’s locked (needs apex display) and an apex jr that’s broken. Apex lot: $275 shipped. Radion G5 XR30 Blue: $750 shipped. Local pick up in 562, CA.
  9. Wet Sleeve

    Ecotech M1 Question

    Hey Fellas, I’m in the middle of upgrading my display and the display is a Red Sea Reefer 625 which the return takes 1” ID soft plumbing. question is, I see Ecotech now makes a Barb/Screen kit for the Vectra M2..does it fit last generation (M1) I’m not sure if they changed the thread patterns...
  10. Billldg

    Large Build Bills CDA 225 gal 72x30x24 tank upgrade/Dream Tank!!!

    Well, today is the day. I finalized my order and put a down payment on what will be my dream tank. I ordered a Crystal Dynamic Aquariums 225 gal tank along with metal stand. Below is what I plan on installing in the tank. Tank and stand: Crystal Dynamic Aquariums 225 gal 72x30x24 tank with...
  11. Rickyreef

    Ecotech MP40 with integrated Mobius

    Hello guys ! i just got one of the new Ecotech MP40s and was told by my retailer that it comes with the mobius function already built in, meaning i wont need the reeflink to pair it up on my mobius app. my question for any one out there is if im gonna be able to control my other mp10s with the...
  12. Cjshank0

    Build Thread 165 Gallon Mixed Reef Reboot Build from a salvaged display tank

    Hey Everyone! I tried to start a build thread with this as I was working through some things I got caught up in the mix. I wanted to share my build with the community here and also hopefully get some feedback and new ideas as we go. A little background on this tank: I purchased for $50 on FB...
  13. WWC

    WWC Employee Epic Tank Battle!

    It's time to announce something cool happening here at WWC! The WWC Employee EPIC TANK BATTLE! This year-long contest is comprised of 2 different divisions - 10 Gallon & 20 Gallon. Each reef tank is made up of a team of individuals and the upkeep duties are split between them. Each team has...
  14. thereefingguy

    California Powerheads FS: MP40WQD w/ mobius

    Used for a year at 30% and never cleaned in vinegar. It’s already updated and Mobius ready. $275 shipped.
  15. Firthy13


    hi guys, I was finally able to update my legacy devices this morning. My M2 and one of my VortechMP40s updated fine, but my second VorTech continues to fail updating. I have had it display the Radio firmware version number once but never the Product OS firmware version number and it fails with...
  16. Fishbro

    Utah Lighting Radion G4 Xr-15 Pro and Tank Mount

    Got a Radion G4 Xr-15 pro about 2 years old in really great condition everything works awesome asking $285 shipped. Also have the tank mount for $75 shipped. The mount does not have a spacer it got lost but it comes with both length slides. The light ran at about 60-80 percent for a year then...
  17. thereefingguy

    California Powerheads FS: 2 MP40WQD

    Both have been used for a year at 30-50%. The wetside cage is broken as shown in photo. They cost $10 to replace. $260 + shipping each. $250 picked up in La/Oc area. $525 for both shipped.
  18. Fishbro

    Utah Powerheads EcoTech Mp10 QD

    Decided to go a different route than the mp10wqd. It’s used but in very good condition. You’d probably want to replace the wet side since it rattles a bit but other than that everything works awesome. Asking $200 shipped with usps flat rate mail. Edit: It’s a WQD not just a QD.
  19. Sintralcoast

    Mobius or Apex?

    Recently bought Apex fusion. I have 1 MP10 and 2 Gen5 xr15..My question is should I spend the money on WXM to control EcoTech equipment which would also help with chord management orrrr just simply use the Mobius app for EcoTech since it does all the same things and just manage the chords?
  20. marito09

    Florida LED Ecotech XR15 Pro Gen 3 with Reeflink

    Ecotech Radion XR15 Pro Gen 3 and a Reeflink for sale. I had this set up on my Reefer625 XXL in the middle I will post a pic when set up. Asking $285 shipped for both. I have the original box but not the box for the reeflink. I did my best to take close pics of the lights. Works perfectly. Its...
  21. MyReefRobbedMe

    Delaware Return Pumps Ecotech M1 Pump

    Breaking down my last Tank and will be posting few things from it . first up is a Ecotech M1 -15-18 months old - maintained and cleaned regularly 125.00
  22. N

    Virginia Powerheads Misc. Pumps MP60 for Sale

    Lightly used MP60 for sale (6 months at 20%) $550 OBO + shipping or local pickup in NoVA PM me! Seth
  23. Romeo007

    Ohio Utah Ecotech Vectra L2 return pump

    It was replacement for L1 and used less than 3 months and controller is old to 9 months. $365 shipped and PP. I will add the pics soon.
  24. C

    Florida Miscellaneous Dry Good Blowout - Everything 50% Off

    I sold off 2 of my RedSea 750's, so I have the following item for sale: White Aqua UV 25/57 Watt - $240.00 - Originally bought as a 25 watt version, planned to upgrade to 57 watt so this will come with the following: 25w Ballast 25w Bulb - Used 6 months 57w Ballast - Brand New 57w Bulb -...
  25. Bentonb

    California Return Pumps New Ecotech Vectra M2

    Hi all, I've got a new in box Vectra M2 for sale 360 shipped or 340 local pick up (SoCal (Redlands/San Bernardino/Riverside)). Also if you locally pick up the vectra M2 I'll give you this CAD lights skimmer for free. (Local Pick up Only)