1. G

    Two Brand New in box MP40QDs $350 each and one spare wet side $75

    Selling two brand new in box MP40QDs $350 each and one spare wet side $75. Decided to go another way with my tank. Prefer local Connecticut pickup. Located in Litchfield county.
  2. pgooden

    Texas MP10QD Mobius Ready very gently used

    I am selling MP10QD, Mobius Ready with a Sept 2020 Mfg. Date. asking $235/shipped. as you can see from the pictures it is in like new condition. I purchased from another reefer here for my Reefer 250 but couldn’t get the magnets to hold when mounted on the sides so I upgraded to MP40. Had in...
  3. 7

    Florida VorTech MP10QD - Mobius Ready w/ additional wet side

    Selling my MP10 w/ additional wet side (I used it when I was cleaning the other). Local to 32801 (Downtown Orlando). $250 shipped top CONUS w/ PayPal G&S.
  4. coralfishreef

    Massachusetts Misc. Pumps Dosing Ecotech Versa, nearly new, 1 day old

    This was delivered to me today. Tested for less than 10 minutes. Nearly brand new. Title is incorrect. This is less than a day old. I bought this to try dosing liquid gold pods, but the pods are too large and get stuck. Purchased brand new for $165. Selling for $160. Local only. Can meet...
  5. twhit030

    Florida Ecotech radion xr15 blue gen 5

    I have a brand new radion xr15 gen 5 was going to use it for a tank but decided to upgrade to a bigger tank and now I need xr30 light has never been plugged in it was never opened until I asked my wife to “send me a pic of the light” and she opened it to send pictures oops my fault haha. $420...
  6. C

    Florida Ecotech, Tunze, IM 20g, ATO Reservoirs

    Selling the following items Ecotech Radion XR15 Pro (November 2019 build) with an RMS mount for $300. Light was only used 1-2 months, been stored every since. (2) MP40’s (January 2020 build), used on my tank for a year. In excellent condition. Selling for $300 each or $250 each if you buy...
  7. Dripdroppin

    Mp40’s, kessil 360we’s, dry rock…

    recently broke my tank down. Here is a list of equipment for sale. Price doesn’t include shipping. Buyer is responsible for shipping. I’m not looking to separate grouped items at this time. Location is northeast Arkansas 2 X MP40 quiet drives - 275$(One is 2016, one is 2019) ecotech battery...
  8. sonubhai

    California Ecotech Radion XR-30 pro 2nd gen 250$

    Used light for 5 years for sale. Buyer pays shipping. Comes with metal mounting arm. Won’t ship the wood arm if shipped.
  9. Waterbender

    New MP60 with with 2015 manufacture date

    I got a new mp60 QD from LFS today only to find out that the manufacture is 29 December 2015 when I reached home. Should I return it? The box is still sealed. I know that its been sitting on the shelf for almost 6 years. Not an expert but electrical components do age right?
  10. isaiahwittingslow

    Build Thread Isaiah's ADA 60P

    Hello everyone, This is my second aquarium this year... Just last weekend I transfered all the stock from my exisiting 60cm system to this new one. A custom AIO ADA 60P that I designed. Everyone made the transfer with no losses! I look forward to sharing the progression of this tank. System...
  11. primoleo

    New York EcoTech ReefLink

    EcoTech ReefLink with USB and AC cable. $60 shipped Available for local pick up in Manhattan 10016. c
  12. Mester320

    Pennsylvania Dry Good Trade Orphek atlantik compact V4 trade

    I am looking to trade my Orphek Atlantik Compact V4 (gen 2) LED lights for either a like new Radion G5 Blue, new in box trident, or a large uv sterilizer but let me know what else you have, may entertain to larger pax bellum reactor too. I have 3 available and I will sell for $600 shipped. Also...
  13. Mester320

    Pennsylvania Lighting LED Orphek Atlantik Compact V4 multiples

    I am the second owner of these lights, I ended up with Radion G5 blues instead and just need to sell these or trade. I have 3 of them and a gateway. They all come in the original packaging and are in great condition. I am looking to get $600 shipped and will include the gateway for $50 if you...
  14. tech4x4

    Fish Room Cleanup Sale

    Got too much stuff and need to make room so I'm going to try and sell some. Seneye reef (with 1 unused slide if I can find it) $130 Ecotech MP10WQD $150 - needs wetside Ecotech MP60W $375 Bubble Magus BM-T01 - NIB $210 Neptune Systems FMK - NIB $170 Neptune Systems 2" flow sensor - NIB $85...

    **Win a RADION G5 XR30 Pro w/ RMS**(GOING ON NOW!!!)

    We're having a huge Memorial Day sale and one of the prizes is a Radion XR30 G5 Pro with RMS bracket. Signing up is quick and easy just click here: [RADION GIVEAWAY] Interested in the other awesome things we're giving away? Checkout our Memorial Day Mega Sale thread RIGHT HERE.
  16. N

    Pennsylvania 3- Gen 2 Radion XR30’s

    I have 3 in total Gen 2 Radion XR30’s; Two are non Pro models and One is a Pro model. Light scratches and super glue is on one of them from previous owner. They all work fine. They do all have the upgraded fans, previous owner did that right before I bought them. Non pro-$200 each Pro...
  17. SecondCityCorals

    Illinois WTB Wanted: Biggest piece of Walt Disney I can get shipped, sealed Versa 4 pack if any are still out there

    Unfortunately overdid the fluconazole treatment a little bit and lost my nice mini colony of WD. Slightly heartbroken. I am also looking for an unopened 4 pack of Versa pumps for a water change project that has been on hold for awhile now. If you have either of these items post pics and let me...
  18. Passedyouby

    Michigan 3 ecotech mp10wqd (wireless quiet drive) great condition

    Hello! I have 3 Ecotech Marine MP10WQD for sale! 1 is mobius ready. I will post pictures of the actual units later, but attached is a Screenshot from an ecotech invoice showing that 2 of the wet sides were purchased in December and they fully inspected the drysides while in house. 1 of the...
  19. Bmartinez76

    Florida Ecotech Vectra L2

    I have 2 Ecotech Vectra return pumps. 1 was used for about 1 year, the other is new in box (spare pump in case main pumped died) 1- Ecotech Vectra L2 (1 years old) - $375 shipped 1- Ecotech Vectra L2 (sealed new in box, Was spare pump in event of failure) - $430 Shipped Located in Orlando...
  20. Bmartinez76

    Florida Ecotech Xr30 Gen 4 Pro

    Broke down tank, going to list several threads with key items for easier tracking/visibility. Selling 4 xr30 Gen 4 Pro lights with diffusers included, but not currently installed. Asking $500 shipped but if you buy multiples I can work on price. Located in Orlando Florida area...
  21. reptireef

    Build Thread Waterbox 180.5 Dream Reef Build

    Hey all, this is my first time joining/posting on a forum of any kind so I'm excited to share my progression. (unfortunately not too many 180.5 threads) I started reefing about 8 months ago with a 29g Aqueon and canister, which was a freshwater setup prior. That lasted a couple weeks due to not...
  22. Mester320

    Pennsylvania Aquariums Waterbox Aquriums Platinum Pro 170.4/5

    I am selling my two year old Waterbox Saltwater Aquarium. I am selling the tank, custom made screen top (over $350 new), stand, and sump only. Everything else in the pictures are not included. The tank dimensions are 54” Long by 25” wide by 24” tall. It is a very rare size. Waterbox only made...
  23. AshwinRavi

    Icecap 4k, Gyre XF350 or MP40 - 200G

    Fellow reefers, The tank is an Innovative Marine 200 INT (70.9"x30"x21.7"), I currently have an MP40, on one side and two jabeo pumps on the other side controlled by apex. What's a better upgrade, another MP40 to be run in sync or IceCap 4k. Tank is mostly lps, zoas and palys with a few sps on top.
  24. BlueDevil

    Radion XR30w G4 Pro and Reef Link FS

    Hello. I am exiting the hobby and selling all my equipment. This listing is for 3 Ecotech Radion XR30w G4 Pro lights along with diffusers. Following are the individual items. If you are interested in a specific light out of the three, please identify the Serial # in your PM to me. Shipping...
  25. Man908

    New Jersey Radion XR15PRO G3 & XR30PRO G3