1. E

    Oregon WTB WTB Ecotech versa

    I am in dire need of a ecotech versa , I need it for my calcium reactor, if you have one to sell just name your price (within reason)
  2. ReefBrite 24” X series quad hybrid led

    For sale ReefBrite 24” X series quad hybrid led

    Everything is there with no issues just don’t plan on using them as I have a 36”x36” tank and just smaller then what I need. $650 shipped to your door buyer pays fees I pay shipping. Reef Brite’s X Series LED Add-On Kits maximize the results from your LED fixture, with more even coverage and...
  3. Peterski

    Illinois WTB M1 Vectra Ecotech - Parts

    I am looking for the coupling kit that goes on top.
  4. Townsaquaria

    USA Dry Good Trade Mobius RF chip module for Mobius app compatible

    Selling a Mobius RF chip module that lets you upgrade your own ecotech radion to Mobius app control. I got it from someone here and I ended up realizing my light was too old for upgrade. $20, free shipping.
  5. J


    Recently, I was given 2 MP10 power heads from a family member that were purchased less than 3 years ago. When cleaning the heads, I noticed the magnet part of the wet side cracked open on both and rust flakes were visible. I called EcoTech and they said they were too old and I needed to buy new...
  6. Mnereefer

    Build Thread Robbo’s Reef

    Hello R2R Family, I will start by introducing myself, I’m Dan and I have been in the Hobby for 5 years now. I have always had a passion for marine life and have always wanted my own Reef but never made the jump to start. My passion started whilst on family holidays either scuba diving or...
  7. shadow1013

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer XXL 625

    So the wife and I got ourselves a Christmas present tank upgrading from the IM 30L! We are getting the Red Sea Reefer XXL 625. In our old house we had a Red Sea 450 before it was retired which happens to be the same length as the new one but not as deep or tall. We are getting it delivered in...
  8. Red Sea Reefer 170

    For sale Red Sea Reefer 170

    Neptune Apex EL $400 shipped Sicce Syncra SDC 6.0 (3 months of use) $220 shipped Ecotech Radion XR15 Pro G5 (with RMS) $400 shipped Hanna Alk Test (Needs Reagent): $30 shipped Hanna Nitrate HR (used twice) $35 shipped Hanna Phosphate ULR (new box of reagent) $35 shipped Redsea...
  9. Radion xr 15 gen 3 pro with mount

    For sale Radion xr 15 gen 3 pro with mount

    Selling a radion xr 15 gen 3 pro with mounting arm. I got it as a package deal and won’t be needing it. I am also willing to ship.
  10. C

    Radion will not show up on Mobius

    Just purchased 2 used xr15 gen 4’s and when I set up the tank on the Mobius app the first light connected first try after updating and when attempting to connect the second light Mobius acts as if it doesn’t it exist I’ve tried every fix power cycling factory resets iOS update location services...
  11. Ecotech Vortec mp40

    For sale Ecotech Vortec mp40

    Selling 2 like new Ecotech MP40's. They are QD and Mobius ready. Recieved these in a tank buyout. To big for my Red Sea reefer 170. Like to sell as a lot. $500+shipping. Thanks
  12. Mulkxican

    EcoTech MP40w power supply replacement? 24v? 32v? 36v?

    Just need some help figuring out the power supplies to some second hand Echotech mp40s I got. But have two different power supplies. Anyone know if these will work on the controllers I have? Ones 36v output. Other is 24v output. One controller says 32v but other dosent say anything but both are...
  13. Ecotech vectra M2

    For sale Ecotech vectra M2

    Hey I have a Ecotech vectra M2 return pump for sale This is only the pump as you see in the picture It is a warranty replacement direct from Ecotech and has not seen water Pump only nothing else Asking 250$ Located in Anaheim 92806 can ship for a small fee
  14. N

    USA WTB 2 Ecotech RF Chips (Green)

    Did you upgrade your Ecotech pump to be compatible with mobius? If you still have the green rf chips I need 2. Please PM me. Thank you!!
  15. Ecotech Radion XR15 pro Gen 5 x 3

    For sale Ecotech Radion XR15 pro Gen 5 x 3

    I have 3 slightly used Ecotech Radion XR15 pro Gen 5 - Multi Light Hanging kit. $400 x 3 - Lights $15 x 3 - Sliding Bracket $80 - Multi-Light RMS Track 60.5 $80 x 2 - Tank Mount Arm (no bracket) I am open to offers. Shipping needs to be figured out, heavy items. total bundle: $1250 +...
    $1.00 to $1,500.00
  16. Ecotech MP40WQD

    For sale Ecotech MP40WQD

    Hello everyone, I unfortunately had to take my tank down due to a crack and won't be setting a new tank up anytime soon. I bought this unit a few months ago and used then for about 2 months. Both are mobius ready and where bought from BRS. I'm asking $625 for both shipped. Will add photos later...
  17. Ecotech Mobius RF Chip Module (Black) / Wireless

    For sale Ecotech Mobius RF Chip Module (Black) / Wireless

    SOLD Brand New Ecotech Mobius RF Chip Module (Black) / Wireless. Was an extra that I didn't end up needing. This will turn your older or non wireless ecotech product into reeflink/mobious compatible (vortech/radions etc). Refer to their site for additional details and product combability...
  18. MP10QD Mobius Ready Brand New in Box

    For sale MP10QD Mobius Ready Brand New in Box

    Brand new never used MP10QD Mobius Ready Manufacturer data Oct 12 2021 I accept Paypal or zelle. Price includes shipping to the lower 48 states
  19. Ecotech Versa 4 doser pack

    For sale Ecotech Versa 4 doser pack

    i have a versa 4 pack in like new condition i only used 1 pump out of the 4 so techically 3 pumps are new $500 shipped thanks
  20. Two MP60 QD VorTechs

    For sale Two MP60 QD VorTechs

    I've got 2 MP60mQD-US for sale. They are mobius ready. Used in my 180 gallon for about month or so until I figured out they didnt interface with hydros the way I wanted and it ate one of my fish. The gyres I've got now are plenty for me. I've included the wall mount brackets for the controllers...
  21. Ecotech Vortech MP40QD

    For sale Ecotech Vortech MP40QD

    Need to clear out my gear a bit. I bought this in June 2021 and it has a build date of May 20th, 2021. This is the 2021 QD Mobius version, the latest and greatest. I had this mounted on my small cube for about 4 days and the wet side kept falling off and coming apart. I called Ecotech and...
  22. K

    Hydra 64 vs RadionG5 XR30 pro

    Hi everyone, I am currently looking for the right lighting for my red sea reefer 300. I would like to keep mainly SPS corals. I am in doubt between 2x hydra 64HD or 2x radion G5 XR30 pro. Can you guys help me further?
  23. jskidds2294

    Will ecotech rail sit right on acrylic?

    Hey like the name of the poll said. I’m looking into buying a ecotech hms rail mount for my lights that I’m planning to put on a 72 inch acrylic tank. I noticed it said on the brs website it’s eurobrace compatible. But dose anyone know if it can grip and sit right on a acrylic tank with a flat...
  24. Reefi Duo Extreme Lights & Ecotech RMS mounts

    For sale Reefi Duo Extreme Lights & Ecotech RMS mounts

    I'm looking to sell a pair of Reefi Duo Extremes with RMS mounts and adapter that I used for my tank. I absolutely love these lights and they're by far my favorite lights and I pretty much tried them all. But the bug bit and I wanna try something new. Pricing below: Reefi duo extreme - $520...
    $70.00 to $520.00
  25. Indo gold torch

    For sale Indo gold torch

    4 single head torch looking for new home, pickup in East Orlando