1. ReefCub

    Florida EcoTech Radion XR30W Gen 4 pro w/ diffuser

    Used 6 months Comes with diffuser, original box, and manual $500 shipped
  2. D

    Aquarium Conference in the Florida Keys! - Free passes available to Florida Reef Club members

    Join fellow hobbyists in the Florida Keys, February 1st and 2nd, 2020. At the Hawks Cay Resort in Duck Key, Florida. Guest Speakers including: Bob Fenner, Coral Restoration Foundation, ORA, Ecotech Marine, Reefbuilders, ACI Aquaculture, OSA Corals, Reef2Reef and more! This is not a trade...
  3. CreatiVe2

    Pennsylvania Ecotech MP10ES Controllers + Red Sea Pro Nitrate Tests

    As the title says, I have 2 Each of the units listed Ecotech MP10ES Controllers: 25$ Each + Shipping Red Sea Pro Nitrate Tests (No Reagents): $20 Each + Shipping
  4. Camilo Lessa

    Best return Pump for 400 gallons reef tank

    Hello, i ll buy 2 return pumps but i cant dicide which return Pump i ll use. I m thinking to buy Deltec E-Flow (24V) R3 or Reef Octopus Vario S 8. What is the best return pump? Anyone has a review Between deltec X ecotech X Reef Octopus return pump? Regards
  5. MaddyP

    California Apex and other stuff...

    All items are used but work as expected unless noted otherwise. Thanks for looking! Shipping Included: Apex 2016 (Probes have been sitting dry so might need new PH/ORP) - SOLD ALD Module (Old Style with 2 leak detectors) - SOLD Apex Jr with Display (No probes) - $140 shipped Apex DOS...
  6. nanoreefer562

    California X2 MP10QD

    Have these two for sale. One has a wetside that’s been used for about a month(never cleaned in vinegar). The other has a brand new in box wetside. Firm $175 each. That includes PayPal fees and shipping. Pick up in LA/OC area for $150 each.
  7. DougBouma

    California BRAND NEW ECOTECH Radion Gen4 Pro XR30w in Box $750

    BRAND NEW ECOTECH Radion Gen4 Pro XR30w in Box $750 un-opened.
  8. B

    Tennessee Mp40 wqd

    New in box Mp40wqd. Purchased for a large build that wont be happening any time soon so my loss is your gain. Never been in or near water. Only opened and looked at once and then put back in and been in storage since. $335 shipped.
  9. Ignitros

    Washington EcoTech Reeflink

    Asking $50 plus actual shipping. I have a barely used Reeflink that I'm selling. I hooked it up and then decided to go a different direction with my lighting and do not need it.
  10. Shelbytwp123

    Michigan 2 MP40WQD-$275 each

    2 Mp40wqd for sale $275 each.. about year or less old.. never ran more 25-30% on reefcrest..have everything for the pumps but the boxes..pumps are in the great condition... pm for more info
  11. Peter Hand

    New Jersey MP10 QWD (2), Neptune Apex Classic, Neptune COR20 FS100, Magnafuge (2), Skimz DB4, Skimz SM163 Skimmer, Skimz BR83, PP4 Jebao

    -(2) MP10 Wireless Quiet Drive with Extra Wet Side (EACH ONE COMES WITH EXTRA WET SIDE) $190 Shipped -Neptune Apex Classic with (2) Aquabus Cables 1 is brand new, USED ORP and PH Probe still wet, Temp Probe, Display AND EXTRA BRAND NEW ORP AND PH PROBES IN BOX and PH solutions included $350...
  12. KyleC.

    Pennsylvania All SOLD

    Broke down the tank. Below is a list of the Apex Gear and some other things. I will be adding more things as I can. Please ask for more pictures, and lots of questions IN PM if needed. What you see is what you get. There will be no refunds, so be thorough with your questions. I will not separate...
  13. A

    Florida Neptune Selloff!!! & a little Ecotech

    I have the following Neptune items including a brand new, never used Trident. All other items are near new and in EXCELLENT condition. I also some other awesome items! Take a look and Pm with any questions. 1. Neptune Apex 2016 with probe and probe holder-700 shipped 2. Neptune display-75...
  14. Wrangy

    Wrangy's Reef Dungeon (Waterbox 170)

    Welp, as some may know I've been reefing since about 2012. I started out with a 2ft cube that I loved and then moved out and in with my partner 4 years ago and took the opportunity to upgrade to a larger system. That tank went well for the first couple years but then after several major issues...
  15. AQUAM


    RADION XR30W G4 PRO LED LIGHT FIXTURE Open Box, Like New Condition, Total On Time < 1Hr. NYC Local pick up $650 USPS Priority shipping $699 See pictures for details.
  16. Clintcrabtree

    Indiana BNIB Ecotech Radion XR30w Gen4 Pro

    I hate to let this go, but family duty calls. Just as the title says, it’s brand new, in box, sealed. See pictures for manufacture date etc. $725 obo shipped. Can ship as soon as payment is received. Let me know if you have any questions.
  17. RacinJason

    Texas Vortech, Calcium Reactor, ATO

    Everything is in perfect working condition Korallin Calcium Reactor with Aquamaxx second chamber, 5lb Co2 bottle, Regulator with Solenoid valve. Used for 13 months. $500 shipped Vortech MP60 Quiet Drive with spare wet side and controller mount. Controller used for 8 months and each wetside...
  18. AquaLocker


    WIN an EcoTech Radion XR30W G4 PRO New in Box & Shipped Directly to you! 20 entries at $50 each - Drawing will be held as soon as ALL 20 entries are purchased.* 100% of all profits go to coral restoration, aquatic research for fish breeding and disease prevention! *Learn more here...
  19. ReefLab

    One Man's Trash.. My Reefer 425XL

    So about two weeks ago, I bought a Reefer 425xl pre-owned. The previous owner didn't have the time to take care of it so things got pretty ugly. Tons of salt creep and ALGAE. Here's a not-so-great picture of the tank below. I took the rock and a few fish with the tank. The fish are going...
  20. Scurvy

    Massachusetts Apex, Reef Brite, Ecotech, Hydor & More

    A few items added! Local meet is always prefered. Prices are firm if shipping. Low Ball Offers will be ignored. Two Neptune Apex WAV's - (Used 9 Months) - $135 Each Shipped or $250 for the Pair Neptune Apex - One Link Module (8 Months Old) $115 Shipped Reef Brite - 36" Actinic VHO LED...
  21. F

    California WTB ecotech reeflink

    Hi I'm looking for an ecotech reeflink. Located 91203.
  22. MillsReef

    Waterbox 170.4/5 help!

    Does anyone have any experience with the waterbox 170.4/5 plumbing? I'm wanting to run a Ecotech Vectra M2, but idk what fitting to use to attach it to the supplied return line... I'm sure I'm just an idiot, but any help or advice would be super helpful! Also, if I need to get a different pump...
  23. Shinobireef92

    Mp40 first gen driver

    Any mp40 first gen “not a quiet drive” driver for sale?
  24. TxMex78

    Texas Ecotech Radion XR30w G4 (non-PRO)

    I am selling a used Radion XR30w G4 non-PRO for $425.00 shipped obo. It was purchase off of e-Bay used in April and I have had it close to 6 months. It was calibrated and ran with no issues. Serial# 89501702957056 Ecotech chat couldn't look up the Manufacturer Date off the S/N#. It will...
  25. A

    Florida Radion XR30 G4 Pro w/ tank mount, Apex ATK, Reeflink NIB

    I have the following. All prices include shipping. PM me with any questions! All items in excellent shape Ecotech Radion XR30 G4 Pro with tank mount: $700 Ecotech Reeflink (New In Box): $80 Apex ATK: $130 - does not have float (which clogs constantly)
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