erratic swimming

  1. imanewberry

    Is this normal clownfish behavior?

    When I get home from work at night my clownfish goes nuts. I usually feed during the day and he gets fed plenty. He seems like he is all over the place and bumping into the glass but he may just be precisely swimming to each side. This seems a little erratic. Thoughts?
  2. TheOddestLlama

    Why are my clownfish swimming like this?

    I have had these two fancy white clowns for about 2 weeks. They have been like this pretty much since they arrived in my tank. They have moments where they are calm and hanging out near their corner, but more often than not, they are behaving like this. They still are eating, and have been...
  3. Elgringodiablo

    Help! Golden Rhombiod Wrasse Swimming Upside Down in QT

    Hey Guys- I'm on about day 16 of quarantining my Golden Rhomboid Wrasse from Live Aquaria. I did a second dose of Prazipro yesterday (2ml in 8 gallons of water) and this morning I noticed it swimming very erratically, almost disoriented. The first Prazi treatment didn't really affect it at...
  4. R

    Tomini Tang with Red Face

    Hi all, Unfortunately, I have what appears to be another sick fish. My tomini tang has a red face, stopped eating, and is swimming in a back and forth jerky motion. His breathing also seems to be slightly elevated. Ammonia and nitrite show test 0 ppm and nitrate at 10-20 ppm. Any ideas what it...