fair price

  1. N11morales

    Zoanthid Prices

    What are fair prices for these zoanthids? Gatorade wwc aoi white walkers buttkissers petroglyphs hawaiian RR Kraken Psychosis Yodas
  2. PBnJOnWheat

    Holy Grail Pricing

    I’ve got these and I’m asking about pricing on single heads of this Holy Grail Torch. I will be selling at some point in the next couple weeks with a bunch of Knicks, golds, Miami hurricane, souls, green, etc. asking for opinions on pricing (I know what I have paid and current prices on HG’s)...
  3. PBnJOnWheat

    New Paly Pricing!!!

    Hey everyone, I’m not a super zoa grower but I do keep tabs on the latest prices online, eBay, locally, R2R, etc. However sometimes I get behind with more important things so I’d like some second opinions! I recently purchased a wild zoa ‘mini colony’, if you will from a high end zoa guy. He...
  4. N11morales

    Zoanthid rock

    Hello guys I have this zoanthid rock. It’s taking up way to much room in my 32G biocube. I was curious on how much y’all think it’s worth. it has about 50+ polyps total. Cat eyes, utter chaos, Pandora, blondies zoanthids.
  5. N11morales

    Green weeping willow toadstool

    A local reefer is selling frags of this weeping willow toadstool. I was wondering if this is a good price or overpriced. He is selling them for 200$ a frag.
  6. RobertN

    What's a good corner frag rack?

    Hi All-- Well, I'm going to start trying to frag some of my corals and I want to put them on a rack in the corner of my tank. I've seen some reviews of racks where they said the magnets were not sufficient to hold up the rack once a few frag plugs were put in and I've seen some reviews that...
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