1. dca22anderson

    Monster Build Anderson Family Reef - Concrete 5K All The Way (Page 33)

    ***Skip to page 33 to see the Concrete Tank build - 5000 gal*** The time has come to build out another sweet large reef. Here is my last one: Anderson Family Reef - 1200 Gallon Reef This time I will build out an in wall 720 (8'x3'x4') and a 740 (9'x4'x33") in the fish room.
  2. seitzjh

    Family involvement in the hobby

    Who out here has their household family involved in this hobby? Are your kids involved and are they learning or wanting to learn about the different species and their scientific and common names that live in your tanks? Do you use it as family bonding time? Who has what chores? Let's see what...