first reef tank

  1. S

    AIO Build Fluval 13.5 Reef tank build! / Suggestions?

    Hi Everyone! So I decided to post my first build thread to R2R! I currently have an SCA 80 gallon FOWLR that has been running for over 1 year and after finding a good petco sale on the Fluval 13.5 / redoing my office I decided I wanted to start a nano reef for the office(thinking this would be...
  2. MadsDK

    Build Thread 300 liter mixed reef build - start Sep. 2020.

    Hello I just started cycling a new 300-liter reef system this September 2020. The rocks have been cycling a bit longer though (start august). The plan for the system is to become a bare bottom mixed reef system, with emphasis on stony corals (there is a small container with sand for wrasses -...
  3. saltcats

    AIO Build Saltcat's first reef! IM Nuvo Fusion Pro 14

    Hi all! I'm so excited to start my build thread for this tank. A little background about me first - I've been keeping freshwater fish for the past 12 years, planted tanks for the last 6 or so. I started planning a nano reef last spring but ended up travelling out of the country suddenly; now...
  4. W

    First saltwater reef tank

    This is my first saltwater reef tank that I’ve ever done I would like some opinions on it or some suggestions and tips
  5. Rudzbrewski

    Build Thread Rudzbrewski's Journey to the Reef-er xl425 (V3 sump, Clarisea, plumbing w/ manifold)

    Build Thread Index 1. Initial thoughts and plans 2. Start of 10 gallon saltwater tank build 3. Upgraded mixing station 4. Start of Red Sea Reefer xl425 build, projected equipment list, and preliminary steps 5. Initial list of plumbing supplies (with links) 6. Filter sock holder modification for...
  6. L

    30g First Tank

    Hey reefers! This is my first saltwater aquarium; well any aquarium really. I’ve had it up and running for about a month and just recently added some clowns, more rock, and my first corals (zoas) and some sort of “palm” tree coral my LFS had for super cheap. It’s an AIO tank with an overflow...
  7. Leto87

    Finally getting started

    After years of looking at all your tanks with awe and a bit of jealousy, I finally started setting up my first reef tank. I'm using an Aquion 45g tank that I got as a gift, and a DIY sump using a 10g Petco tank (the only thing I could fit in the stand) I'm thinking of putting a Reef Octopus...
  8. midlife-reefer

    Build Thread First Reef Tank - IM NUVO SR-60

    A couple of weekends ago, I almost bought a brand new Innovative Marine Fusion Nano 20. It was on sale for $240 and came with lights. I debated and when I finally decided to pull the trigger on it, it was gone. It just disappeared from my shopping cart. POOF!! It was no longer available on...
  9. Don Lidtke

    Large Build My first reef tank is a Crystal Dynamics 250 gallon build.

    The time has come for me to venture into the realm of a build thread, so, here goes. A little history about how I got here. My Love and I decided that if we were to get involved with our only grandsons life that we needed to be closer to him. This lead to the decision that we needed to move...