1. AceB9908

    Atlantic Sailfin Blenny, Emblemaria pandionis?

    So my LFS got a handful of these guys in, and had them mislabeled as a "Sailfin Goby" (no slight at them, it probably came in the shipment like that, I worked there for 4 years) Looking at the fish I can tell it's a Blenny not a goby, and while looking into trying to figure out what exactly it...
  2. F

    Fish ID please? Yellow Tail Wrasse?

    Hello all. I went to my LFS to get a small/medium LR. As staff was picking it up, I noticed "tentacles" hanging and immediately told him there's a "brittle star". He tried shaking it off but to no avail. Staff: "you didn't see anything right?" Me: "nope" He continued bagging it but for crying...