1. WWC

    WWC Employee Epic Tank Battle!

    It's time to announce something cool happening here at WWC! The WWC Employee EPIC TANK BATTLE! This year-long contest is comprised of 2 different divisions - 10 Gallon & 20 Gallon. Each reef tank is made up of a team of individuals and the upkeep duties are split between them. Each team has...
  2. psumms

    Flipper Max dry-side pad problem

    Anyone else have problems with the felt pad on the Flipper Max 'peeling' up and the corners making it difficult to use? I've only had it six months and it's not really been worked too hard.
  3. Alex C

    Idaho Flipper Max 2 in 1 Glass/Acrylic Scraper

    Selling used Flipper Max 2 In 1 Magnetic Glass & Acrylic Aquarium Algae Cleaner. Comes in original packaging and has been disinfected via overnight vinegar bath. Asking $50 shipped.
  4. JaaxReef

    Minnesota Red Sea E170 for Sale (no light) local pickup in MN

    I’m moving soon and need to shut down my tank as we are building a house and will need to rent for a few months. Trying to sell everything locally only, so if you’re interested and in the Minneapolis, MN area, feel free to PM. I’m in Savage, MN for you locals. The tank is in great shape and...
  5. flex13

    Florida Flipper Magnetic Cleaner NEW

    Flipper Magnetic Cleaner, Brand new, never used. $35 Shipped.
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