1. jackalexander

    Help with quarantine

    I just treated with focus + kanaplex + metroplex for 14 days then 14 days of copper and now 14 days of observation. During this period, I have been doing frequent water changes bringing copper down to 0.33ppm. I am preparing for 2 melanurus wrasses and I’m wondering how I can get copper to a...
  2. S

    EMERGENCY Bloated Longnose Butterflyfish

    Hi all, very long time reader-first time poster on this new account since I haven’t a clue what i used as a login years ago. Hopefully some of the legends such as @Humblefish may chime in on this one. Purchased a longnose butterfly a month ago from a not so great LFS via a deal I couldn’t pass...
  3. zatch

    My EZ Medicated Frozen Fish Food Recipe

    Wanted to share my simple recipe for medicated frozen food with the community. I feed this to all of my fish through QT, and my DT on occasion, and have been very successful in treating bacterial/fungal/internal parasites/worms with it. Its nothing particularly unique or special, but I have...
  4. D

    Seachem focus alternative?

    So where i live, i can’t find seachem focus for medicating general cure, even online unless i want to ship it overseas. Ive heard plain agar can be used as an alternative. So will it make it reef safe like focus? And how should i prepare it (ratio etc) do i blender the food and make a chunk that...
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