frags for trade

  1. shakacuz

    frags, chaeto, and biomedia for sale/trade.

    i am currently offering the following to any local reefer who may want any of these. it has gotten to the point where i cannot keep up with my ALK/NO3/PO4 consumption by manual dosing, so i have to start fragging things to keep up. prices will be cheap as i have little experience fragging, and...
  2. Bluegrassreefer

    Kentucky WTB frags in louisville, KY

    I am looking for someone local to Louisville, KY with frags of millepora, torch, hammer or digi frags for sale. Looking for stuff unavailable at the lfs.
  3. MissouriReefer31

    Frags for trade/sale

    Looking for frags for trade/sale in the Springfield area can drive but not too far 30 mins max. Green Birdsnest Pink birdsnest Purple Cap Monti Green Cap Monti Pink encrusting Monti Starburst Cap Monti Paly's Zoa's Mushroom's also willing to check anything else out as well.