1. sharkbait-uhaha

    California Live Goods looking for ..

    Looking for some GREAT DEALS on mid to high end zoas, acans, and sps. other frags are welcome as well . located in socal, but dont mind paying for shipping. DM or replies are welcome .
  2. Robbiesamp1

    Florida Live Goods Mixed easy corals and frags

    Just looking to put this out there if anyone is in the Tampa area and looking for some cheaper frags. Shipping is available.
  3. Ghostbuster

    Florida Live Goods SOLD Acro Colonies & Frags

    I’m emptying my main display of acropora. Have some colonies and many frags; too many to list. I’m located in Gainesville FL. Will have to be a local pickup. But I’m offering these for practically free… only two somewhat tentative conditions are: You have a reef system which supports acro...
  4. clownfish.mike

    Illinois Live Goods Toadstools, giant palys, photosynthetic gorgonian, sympodium, leather, and neon green carpet anemone

    These are pick up only in Central, IL. Large Neon Green Carpet around 12+”across when fully open, has been in my care since January of this year. $200 Giant cinnamon palythoa colony, around 12 polyps, $80 Giant green palythoa colony, around 40 polyps, $100 Rock with large neon toadstool...
  5. Pieces of the Ocean

    Live Goods SPONSOR Livestock Build your own high-end SPS frag pack and save!

    Mix and Match 3-Frag Pack and Save 25% OR Mix and Match 5-Frag Pack and Save 35%
  6. SomeHappyFish

    How many coral frags can I add at once ?

    Most post seems to be dated from 2007-2010 and I would like to updated the search results based on the current trends of 2024. My 45G lagoon is 6 Months old and the ICP test will be sent tomorrow so in about 1 or 2 week I will get the results and move forward if everything is good. How many...
  7. R

    New York Live Goods Cheap Corals, Softies and LPS

    A few cheap frags for sale in NYC area. Not consider shipping atm. Package deal welcome. Pickup Brooklyn or can meet in midtown Manhattan during the week. Happy to answer all questions. 1. Splatter hammer: $35/two heads 2. Blue raven blasto: $15 3. Purple with green blasto: $15 for small, $20...
  8. LiveAquaria

    Earth Day Week

    Earth Day Week Celebrate Earth Day with Certified Captive Grown Corals from LiveAquaria® Propagated and raised in our Wisconsin facility, these frags are colorful, and bring motion and intrigue to your reef aquarium. See which species are on sale.
  9. Nutramar Foods

    The Love of Zoanthids Never Fades

    Zoanthids. Love them or love them, these stunning little colonial polyps are often the first “coral” any of us keep and for good reason. They come in a dazzling variety of colors and patterns, many if not most of them are quite hardy and some are even spread quickly. They can be propagated...
  10. Nutramar Foods

    Aquacultured Master Scoly Frag

    The Master Scolymia Coral is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral prized by reef aquarium enthusiasts for its stunning appearance and relatively easy care requirements. Place Scolymia Coral in the lower to middle part of the aquarium, preferably on a sandy substrate or securely attached to rock...
  11. J


    Trying to make room in my personal tank. Many corals available including some colonies. I know the pictures are not the greatest, color enhanced, typical photos you see but I just have a iPhone. My lights are also set to a white light as that’s what I prefer for most of the daytime. No super...
  12. M

    Mh, T5, or LEDs for LPs frag tank?

    I’m setting up a 28 gallon lowboy frag tank right now and am trying to decide which lights I should use. I’m using viparspectra 165 watts on my DT and seem to be getting decent growth out of them, but am not sure if a mixture of metal halides and t5’s or just the viparspectra will create the...
  13. R

    Cheap LPS/SPS frags for sale

    Various frags for sale, pick up in Brooklyn or can meet in NYC. Package deal welcome. Sps from left to right: Purple Stylo, Pink Stylo, Green Goblin Anacrapora, Forestfire Digi, Green Pocillopora, Tricolor Pocillopora, Teal birdneast, Red Setosa.
  14. SomeHappyFish

    Almost time to add my first Corals, which one should I choose?:)

    At the 3-month mark, I will be adding 3 small frags to my tank, which is currently 2 months and 8 days old. What would be a good addition to a shallow reef tank? Make me 3 frag list!
  15. LetUsSeeYourLettuceSea

    Zoanthid frags- sought after varieties with low prices!!

    Super healthy zoanthid varieties growing at a very fast rate. See list below for pricing. Overnight shipping is $45, or I can meet locally in Louisiana. Thank you all! 1. Rainbow Infusion 40 2. Campfire sold 3. Campfire 25 4. Campfire 10 5. Bonsai Digi sold 6. Blanka Colony 100 7. Zombie Eye...
  16. K

    Help ID these zoas

    Can you guys help me identify these zoas? Thanks
  17. coral reeftank

    Illinois Live Goods Thanksgiving Acro Pack!

    Hey Everyone! Hope everyone is having a great Holiday season. I have an amazing pack available and it includes the following 10 WYSIWYG pieces. This pack is $OLD for the holidays! CRT Toxic Lemonade JF Sunday Driver TGC Galactic Gabagool CRT Gold Meister TGC Bugatti CRT Hang...
  18. C

    California Livestock Trade WTT My Corals for your Lights/Powerheads

    Looking for lights (xr15/xr30/prime/hydra/kessil360x) or powerheads (mp10/nero 3 or 5) for a couple setups. If you got any laying around you’d like to sell or trade for coral, please shoot me a message!
  19. P

    Hello Looking for Local Reefers in Sumter SC

    Hello! I'm looking for any local refers around sumter SC who would be Interested in selling some coral frags. I have a 6 month old tank and am looking for some corals. Hoping to get better deals than ordering online or driving to lfs in Columbia. Anyone around Interested?
  20. Surf985

    Uncommon Advice

    What advice have you picked up along the way that doesn't seem to be common knowledge, but may be worth sharing? It could be random theories or something you know actually works. I stopped by the local coral shop late yesterday and got some interesting insight on coral keeping that I hadn't...
  21. Snowxcross

    New Jersey Live Goods Avatar Chalice Frags

    YES I have read the terms and agree to them Hi there - I have (12) recently fragged pieces of my Avatar Chalice. The flesh has grown nicely around the cuts and growing fast. $20 a frag (roughly 1" in diameter +/-) Located on the Colonia/Rahway border, local pickup only. Picture of the...
  22. CoralNerd

    SPS FS, Smooth Skin, Battle Corals

    Smooth skin, Lokani frags for sale. The color is a baby blue to turquoise, and the polyps reddish to sometimes colony color. Colony shot below. Hit me up if you need another picture blue isn't always the easiest for me to photograph. Pick up in Anaheim/Fullerton no5 far from RAP Frag A $80 Frag...
  23. 3

    Florida Live Goods Acropora frags $40-$150

    Trying to clear out some frags. All 100% aquaculture, pest free. Shipping $25 for FL residents. $45 out of state. Standard DOA policy. Will discount prices with multiple items purchased. Thanks for looking RRA Orange Passion #1 $60 #2 $75 #3 $125 RMF Psychoberry $40 ARC Fireworks $40...
  24. nycfreshreef

    Expensive $500 Holy Grail Torch Arrived from Vendor Covered in Glue (& worms) What are your thoughts?

    I received a $500 holy grail coral in the mail yesterday. The skeleton was almost completely covered in glue (about 70% of it) from the bottom all the way up to the top on 2/3 of the skeleton/stalk is covered in a thick layer of frag glue , the 1/3 exposed skeleton that I can see is COMPLETELY...
  25. B

    Rock flower Anemone tank

    Who all here has a lot of rock flower anemones in one tank? I currently have 3 in one tank but want maybe 20 by the end of it since they come in so many colors. My question is how have you done your scape for this style tank as well as other corals in the tank with them. Have you ever had any...