1. WestCoastCorals

    West Coast Corals MEGA WINTER SALE up to 50% off 12/12 9AM PST!!!! 1, 5 and FREE frags! TORCHES,GONIS, ACANS, and MORE!

    Welcome To WEST COAST CORALS annual MEGA Winter SALE!! Get ready for deals on hundreds of HIGH end Acans, Torches, Hammers, Acros and so much more! 50 percent plus!!! Rules and Guide to the Sale -Highly recommend purchasing a shipping module here for 24.99 once the sale starts shipping is...
  2. damsels are not mean

    KPAquatics and Riptide Aquaculture, nice job guys!

    Sometimes It helps to hear about some happy customers in this forum amid all the negativity. Made my first online orders in like 5 years last week. Bought a gold coral banded shrimp, some snails, and 2 zoas from KPAquatics and 6 zoas and a hammer from riptide (they threw in a free acan as...

    INSANE Blastos, CRAZY Zoas, HOT SPS and 20% OFF Site wide!!!

    Absolutely amazing Black Friday update! All these have 20% off at checkout as well! View here:
  4. L

    Pennsylvania WTB Live Corals in Western Pennsylvania

    Looking for fellow reefers in the Western Pennsylvania / Eastern Ohio area. I'm in Lawrence county, PA and the idea of spending $30-$50 to ship corals is too much for me. If anyone within about a 40 minute radius of Lawrence county has any frags to sell, reply to this thread. Searching for any...
  5. arnab.sengupta

    Getting SPS Frags

    Hi Folks! Just wanted to know if any farms abroad export sps to India or how to get good frags.
  6. ForTheLoveOfCoral21

    USA WTB WTB Some Frags and Scoly

    Looking for a few specific things A nice scoly - not a master A torch - even basic works, need some movement in the Evo Easy to Keep SPS - millie, pocci for example 1-2 nice shrooms Nice chalice looking to add 3-4 frags 4-5 Acan frags Grabe A and higher - No all greens please. Thanks!
  7. shawnriv

    New Frags - How Long Will They Last in Plastic Bags?

    I just picked up some Acropora frags from a local reefer and his alkalinity was 9.0. I just checked my current tank and I’m down to 6.8 dkh. How long is it safe to keep those frags in their bags (floating in my sump) until I raise my tank’s dkh to 9.0? Thank you.
  8. K

    I just learned I’m supposed to use an adherent to attach my frags to my live rock. I’ve been using a different method

    For the entire time I’ve been reefing, I have been setting my frags in the most stable locations on my live rock without using any adherent. I just started two new pico builds, one has a protopalythoa Zooanthid that seems a little stressed sometimes but also seems happy at others and isn’t...
  9. Jon Patrick/jtone

    Missouri Sps lps softies for sale

    Rr tropic thunder frags small or xl- $25/$$45 Jason fox rr red roses monti- 40 Jason fox snow flake monti cap- 35 jf Boston bean digi- 25 jf keylime smooth acro- 45 tsa megachrome monti- 40 small hammer indo- 40 blow pop zoas / eagle eye frag- 25 blow pop zoas 5- 15 Steve...
  10. CrackCorals

    New York Coral for sale

    Coral for sale Holy grail indo hammer (branching) 150 Alien eye torch 2 head pinching 225 5 head pinching 500 Aussie wall hammer super bright green tip with gold stems 250 rainbow acan 150 (estimated 12 polyps) Rainbow Trachy 125 Rainbow bubble tip with white speckled...
  11. ThatPhillyReefer

    New Jersey Pennsylvania More WYSIWYG Frags

    Hello all more frags for sale Sps frag- $15 Hammer Coral 2 1/2 heads- $25 Pocillopora frag- $15 2 Green Ricordia- $20 for 1 $35 for both Anthelia- $5 a frag (cut to order) Pm for better pics Located 19114 meetup available


    Some people were curious and I think it's safe to say that yup, there will be a couple... [VIEW OUR LIVE SALE THEAD HERE] Featuring: BK Chem Fruit Loops SC Orange Passion Reeftide's Yellow Jacket Reeftide's God of War Reeftide's Tequila Sunrise SBB Rainbow Tenuis Reeftide's Venom...
  13. TheFrag

    EMERGENCY Cheap Frags

    I’m moving from Jacksonville to Texas and I cannot bring my coral with me
  14. theocorals537

    Massachusetts High end Zoas

    Hello everyone ! Got some zoa frags to get rid of. 4p Speckled Krak (2 available ) - $285 14p Bowzer - $420 2 p Bowzer -$80 3p Leprechaun -$180 4p Leprechaun -$220 5p Leprechaun -$250 Standard DOA rules apply , overnight shipping normally around $40 pm for pics or questions !
  15. julian23r

    Texas WTB WTB Bounce mushroom

    Looking to buy some small - medium sized bounce mushroom frags , looking for powerball or Neptune, Frankenstein and other bounce shroom frags show me what y’all got. Thanks

    Its REEFTIDE's Zoa Collection!

    I don't know about you guys but we LOVE zoas... feel free to suggest some cool ones :)
  17. JoannaCora

    Frag Build JC's Coral Frag/Daycare Tank

    Hey all, want to show off my frags. These are all originally from a friend who is remodeling and said I could frag whatever I want, luckily he truly meant it, and I took advantage. I still don't know what half of it is. Don't mind the sketchy scolies in the bottom left, it wasn't me! They're...
  18. tailoftwogobies

    please help ID

    hi everyone! any ideas as to what this may be at the bottom of this frag? noticed it today and want to make sure it’s not detrimental to our tank. thank you all!!
  19. theocorals537

    Massachusetts ASD leprechaun frags

    Three frags for sale 1- 3p $170 2- 4p $210 3- 5p $250 9 polyp one in my other post still for sale, accepting offers. Standard doa rules apply, shipping price varies on location. Pm for any questions !
  20. theocorals537

    Massachusetts Indo torches , dragon soul, cotton candy , Todd’s

    Hey reefers! Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. Making some space in my display tank. Here’s some torches , 1- indo dragon soul 2 mouths splitting into 2 heads $225 2- indo dragon soul 3 mouth splitting into three heads fat knuckle $350 3- cotton candy splitting to 3 heads...
  21. theocorals537

    Making room! Frags available soon!

    Been so busy at work lately that my torches are growing on top of one another. fragging my ny knicks, dragon souls , cotton candy and some green indo torches. I’ll post them in the market place once they are all healed up!
  22. AdamMac21

    Ohio Zoas For Sale Northeast Ohio

    Hi everyone! I’m selling a few of my zoas frags. I have 3 illuminati, 1 vampire in drag, 1 radioactive dragon eye and 1 unnamed zoa. I’m located in Hudson. Prices are listed on the pictures, local pickup only. I will consider higher end trades if that suits you. I can also cut some more frags...
  23. Addictedreefer87

    Hello New to reef2reef

    I've been in the hobby for 12+years. One of my favorite things to do is frag and grow out corals. I've accumulated 2 frag tanks plumbed into my display. My question is, what can I do with my frags? I'm not trying to step on toes, I know people do this for a living. Trading into my lfs is cool...
  24. Printed Reef

    Coral Frag Plug Sand Stands

    Hello Reefers, For those who are unfamiliar with what we do, we offer a variety of 3D printed reef accessories ranging from controller brackets, to custom prints. (feel free to check out our website!). With that being said, some of our most popular items are our coral frag plug sand stands and...