1. K

    Goniopora White fungus?

    I have had this coral for a few months now and recently it started to have this white fungus looking thing growing on it. At first I thought the white bulbs were new heads but as it started to take over more of the coral I realized it wasn’t. Anyone able to id what this is or what I should do? I...
  2. J

    Is this a sponge or fungus??

    Just moved a rock with some zoas from my older tank recently, into my newer tank where it would be seen more. But anyway noticed today some the heads not opening all the way and noticed a whitish mound at the base, not sure if it's a type of sponge or fungus?? Thank you
  3. tailoftwogobies

    please help ID

    hi everyone! any ideas as to what this may be at the bottom of this frag? noticed it today and want to make sure it’s not detrimental to our tank. thank you all!!
  4. N

    White blotches dottyback

    My fish suddenly developed white blotches on one of it’s fins an side of it’s face so I have a couple questions. One, what is it? Ich? Lympho? Fungus? I tried to research but a lot of them look the same to me. And two should I treat it immediately or wait? She has a good appetite and I feed a...
  5. CodeReef

    Weird fungus on base of toadstool.

    Hi guys! I have a gorgeous big neon green leather toadstool, It opens beautifully throughout the day, however tonight when looking at it while it closed, I noticed a weird kind of fungus looking thing on its base. Thought maybe its been fragged poorly, but wanted to post to see if its something...
  6. Byrd's Reef

    I wanna identify whatever this is so i can treat it appropriately

    I've treated with copper for 2 weeks, malachite green and ruby Can someone please identify this
  7. DanishReefer

    Fungus on clowntail??

    I have this clown who has, what i think, is some kind of fungus on its tail fin. At first i thought it was the other fish nipping on its tail, but it looks too wierd. Can anyone help me to identify and figure out how to cure my little friend here, thx :) First picture is from about a month... shop rare & farmed corls