1. Adamc13o3

    Florida Drygoods GEO AR618 ALGAE REACTOR -NEW 2024 MODEL 4 weeks old

    Received this a month ago. It’s amazing and like all GEO products is built for life. I am selling it because it’s probably just too big for my system and is working way too well. I can also use the space under my stand as things are pretty packed. These go for $550.00 new I am looking to get...
  2. D

    California Drygoods GEO KR618 Kalkwasser Reactor GEN3- SOLD

    Lightly used and in mint condition. This model comes with the blue and white accent and as well as the PH probe. For more information, please text me at (818)703-3993. I have the Kamoer X1 PRO T stepper pump that can be include for an additional fee. $465 shipped.
  3. T

    Georgia USA WTB Geo AR418 algae reactor

    Looking for geo ar418. Will to trade or pay. I have a lot of equipment including other algae reactor and would consider trading a ar618 in like new condition. Thanks
  4. A

    GEO calcium reactor and second chamber

    WYSIWYG Im upgrading so im selling my current reactor GEO 624 with a second chamber also made by GEO Im the original owner on the reactor. Works like it should. But i would change the uniseals. Main O-ring brand new just installed today No media $400. Pick up/meet up only. Wysiwyg
  5. m.kristoff

    Ohio Dry Good Trade GEO AR618 Algae Reactor

    Brand new Geo Algae reactor / Turf scrubber. Has a calcium Reactor connection. Unused Have original box for shipping. Paid $789 Looking for Radion G5 pro with mount. Hydra 32hd New Mobius ready MP10 also looking for SPS
  6. m.kristoff

    Ohio Refugiums Drygoods SOLD GEO AR618 Algae Reactor

    New Geo Algae reactor / Turf scrubber. Has a calcium Reactor connection Unused Have original box for shipping. $500 can also include a new AI Axis 90 pump $100 I consistently Have a low nutrient problem. Decided a smaller clear water scrubber is a better fit
  7. T

    Filters Drygoods SOLD Geo cryptic reactor orange with black acrylic NEW 220 shipped

    Bought it when I first came out and upgraded to the black acrylic and never hooked it up to aquarium and never used it. Comes with everything. Had a close friend get into a car wreck last night and I gotta get some money quick. PayPal services and goods only
  8. Rookie2reef

    New York Misc. Pumps Drygoods Geo reef calcium reactor

    Geo reef calcium reactor full set up with 10lb co2 tank and regulator ph probe if you want Believe its the 6x12
  9. T

    USA WTB Geo AR 418

    Looking to get a smaller algae reactor. I also have a pax bellum n24, Geo AR618, Reef octopus LR 150 (New), or Pacific Sun pro M all in great condition I'd be willing to put on the table for trade
  10. T

    USA Dry Good Trade Looking to to pax bellum n24, Geo AR618, Reef octopus LR 150, or Pacific Sun pro M for GEO AR418

    Looking to get a smaller algae reactor. I have a pax bellum n24, Geo 618, Reef octopus LR 150, or Pacific Sun pro M all in great condition I'd be willing to put on the table.
  11. R

    Ohio Skimmers SOLD geo custom skimmer

    here i have for sale geo custom skimmer. these are built to last. never had an issue out of it, just too big for my system now. the skimmer pump is a reeflo orca. has a skim mate locker to collect skim and a carbon filter on top to prevent any odors. the skim locker has float switch built in to...
  12. GoVols

    2 Stage Geo Calcium Reactor / GLA Dual Stage Regulator / For Sale

    Bought and setup this cal reactor in fall of 2017 Plenty of ro/di tubing and two needle valves. Been running the constant streaming method with a small .5 Sicce and have the hardness that fits those pumps for the reactor’s feed pump. First stage Geo CR612 Calcium Reactor Second stage Geo...
  13. TeotheCoral

    California WTB WTB Geo CR510 Calcium Reactor

    Hi, I’m looking to Geo’s Calcium Reactor 510 either reactor along or entire set up. Location Southern California. Thank you
  14. Biglex

    Build Thread Thebiglex Redsea 45O build

    Hi all here's my little journey in reefing. I'm located here in Houston Tx and with a lot of great local reef groups and stores. My main place to go is ocean life aquariums. Store owner Nick and all the employees are great people, very negligible, and super helpful. always has awesome coral and...
  15. vangvace

    Build Thread Vangvace's Red Sea Max S 650

    In the beginning... there was a betta fish. It was quickly followed up with small freshwater tank and a Via Aqua 18g saltwater tank. At that point I was hooked, but because of work I would stick to nano and pico tanks for the next 15 years, when not living overseas anyways. Last year I...
  16. M

    Ohio Large Reactors - Bashsea and GEO

    Hello, Couple large reactors for sale: Bashsea Bio Reactor that measures 8x24 - $275 + shipping GEO 612 Calcium Reactor (with pump) - $200 + shipping Also have CO2 tank, regulator, and solenid valve - $100 (pickup) Thanks
  17. M

    Ohio #2 Large Tank (300g) and high end equipment (ATI, Ghost, Apex, More)

    Revised List Update - Tank - $1,750 (pickup) Shadow Overflows - $125 shipped (1 available) Ghost Overflows - $225 each shipped Emperor Aquatics UV - $400 24"ATI +10 new bulbs- $400 plus shipping AL T5 - $125 1 Display - $50 shipped 1 Orange Box Brain - $125 shipped 1 Classic Black Box Brain -...
  18. red02

    Michigan clean out the closet

    2 tunze full size wave boxes $200.00 each comes with everything see pic 1 geo reactor don’t know the model # it’s 19 tall x3.25 inside dia $75.00 1 Kent aqua dose $10.00 1 precision marine kalk reactor don’t know model # 20 tall x 5 inch inside dia of tube $150.00 1 #5 co2 tank has some...
  19. geo

    GEO's Auto Filter Roll Sumps aka Roller Mat eye candy

    Some of our recent GEO Automatic Filter Roll Sumps
  20. geo

    GEO's Reef Calcium Reactors Black Friday DEALS!
  21. geo

    GEO AFR Sumps - good article

    Learn more about GEO's Automatic Filter Roll Sumps:
  22. dangros

    Where to get unions on the Geo 612 calcium reactor

    Can anyone point me to where I can purchase the o-rings needed for the unions on a Geo 612 calcium reactor????? I would even get the union just to pull the o-ring out of it. Getting them from the orig manufacturer seems to take too long.
  23. geo

    GEO Roller Mat Sumps

    Come see the NEW GEO Roller Mat Sump line at MACNA Las Vegas booth 517.
  24. geo

    GEO reactors 15% off at MACNA Vegas pre-order.

    We are offering 15% off on our calcium reactor displays at MACNA Vegas on a pre-order basis. Please email us at [email protected] if you want to purchase one. Conditions: 1. Pick up on Sunday at our booth. 2. Pay now 3. no cancelations GEO CR510 MAP $299 15% off YOUR PRICE $254.15 GEO...
  25. Wrasse-cal

    Geo Calcium Reactor with Pax Bellum Algae Reactor

    I am having some concerns that I may not be installing the CA reactor assembly properly. Presently, I have the Pax Bellum N18 algae reactor hooked up to a Geo 618 calcium reactor with a 415 secondary media chamber. I have the output of my secondary media chamber feeding into the low...