geos reef sump

  1. backdraft_reefer

    180 Gallon Mixed Reef Living Room Build

    Hello everyone!! This is my first post as my new profile (side note: I lost the password to my old one and never updated it anyways…plus I lined up my profile name to match my Instagram profile also J). I am finally starting my build profile for my new custom 180 gallon mixed reef. The tank was...
  2. geo

    GEO AFR Sumps - good article

    Learn more about GEO's Automatic Filter Roll Sumps:
  3. geo

    GEO Roller Mat Sumps

    Come see the NEW GEO Roller Mat Sump line at MACNA Las Vegas booth 517.
  4. LDH

    Shoutout to Geo's sumps

    Hey guys, I will be doing a build thread when I have a bit more to show but I wanted to give a shout out to Geo's Reef sumps while I am slooooowly building my dream tank. I laid eyes on a custom Geo sump a while back on this forum and while I was planning out my dream build I knew that I had...
  5. geo

    Red Sea Reefer 250 gets a GEO custom Sump

    Thank you to Jeffery of Midvale, Utah for his business. He needed a custom GEO sump to fit under his Red Sea Reefer 250.
  6. geo

    Red Sea Peninsula 650 gets new custom GEO R SERIES PRO PLUS sump

    Thank you to Helias from New York for ordering this custom GEO R SERIES PRO PLUS sump for his new Red Sea Peninsula 650. I would like to see this tank a year from now.
  7. geo

    Geo's Reef R Series Sump Details

  8. geo

    Geo's Reef Rubbermaid Stock Tank Sock Holders

    Time to upgrade your old sock holders on your Rubbermaid sump and clean up your act :) The GEO's Reef Batwing is here to help you. Designed for Rubbermaid stock tanks 100 & 150 gallons. Starting at $399. This is a built to order item. Please send us an email to [email protected] if you would...