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  1. E

    Torch ID

    Hi all reefers, please help to ID this torch frag? It was sold to me as a dragon soul torch but another seller told me it looks like a normal gold torch
  2. Joe Knows Reefs

    Rainbow Acans, Crazy Bowerbankis, Hot Shrooms - What else could ya ask for? at

    Happy Friday eve to all you cool cats and kittens out there! We've been hoarding some nice corals and have finally set them free! First off, we would like to introduce Joe's Night Stalker Bowerbanki! This thing is LEGIT! Golden orange rim, sparkly body, multicolor mouths. There just aren't...
  3. Joe Knows Reefs

    New Auctions Just Posted!!! by Joe Knows Reefs

    We are back at it with weekly auctions again! Come over and join us for some fun and NICE corals. Right now we will start out with around 25 pieces per week, although that is likely to increase as we begin to reestablish our presence following a yearlong hiatus. That means there are plenty of...
  4. Joe Knows Reefs

    30% OFF Back to School Sale at !!!

    We have uploaded HUNDREDS of new corals with a GREAT SELECTION including very hard to find gonis, favias, SPS and MORE!! Use coupon code 30SCHOOL to receive your discount.
  5. james-vader

    Arizona Supreme Gold Torch RLUSA

    I have a Jumbo splitting head of Supreme Gold Into Torch that I got from reeflounge USA. Torch is about 1.5 heads and about to take off. They sell these for $550 per head. Looking to get $450 shipped for the big splitting torch. Overnight FedEx shipping. Pictures must be taken and sent within 2...
  6. Joe Knows Reefs

    JOE'S CHRISTMAS in JULY LIVE SALE - July 31, 2021 - Official Thread!!!

    It's time for another HOT Live Sale here on R2R with our fellow reefing family! We invite you to JOIN US RIGHT HERE on JULY 31st FROM 6pm - MIDNIGHT (Eastern) for our "CHRISTMAS in JULY LIVE SALE" Here are a few teasers of actual corals that will be in the sale...
  7. theocorals537

    Massachusetts Indo hellfire torch ,Ny knicks torch

    Indo hellfire 2 heads splitting to 5 Heads $560 Ny knicks 2 large solid heads $540 Todd’s torches $190 each Tri color fade/ reaper torc frags single head splitting to 3-4 $125 Local pickup available , shipping $30-46$. Standard DOA rules apply , picture and video of coral inside unopened bag.
  8. Danny's Aquariums

    EMERGENCY What Can I Do To Save My Golden Torch?

    Thanks for the help, I found an answer.
  9. hds4216

    How much would you pay for these torches?

    I've really been wanting a nice torch as a showstopper piece, since my tank is rapidly running out of room. I'm just looking to get a good market price on these torches: Torch 1: Looks like a "Hellfire" torch. On offer for $200. Seems a little steep to me, especially since it's small. Very...
  10. Joe Knows Reefs

    CrAzY WYSIWYG Colony Update Just Posted at

    Happy Tuesday all you coral heads! We've been stockpiling some nice new Indo corals and have just posted several to the website. A nice variety of stuff not seen everyday as well as some common entry level LPS and softy corals. Head on over and take a look! CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEW ARRIVALS
  11. Cyclone-G

    Minnesota Aussie Gold Torches

    I have 2 double headed Aussie Gold Torch colonies. I can ship but the buyer will have to pay for shipping. $600 each for the ones in back. (The front one is a single head that is NFS. ) Here is a video under a few light modes: And here is a video I made on the day I cut it up:
  12. uniquecorals

    Back To School R2R UC LiveSale! Aug 22 & 23, both days 10am-6pm PST - Huge Prizes!

    The long awaited for LiveSale is here! This LiveSale will be fully stocked with 2 days of fire! Great assortment of different types of euphyllias, ultra Maricultured SPS colonies, Signature corals, new releases, and specialty collector's items, all the great finds...
  13. Joe Knows Reefs

    Tuesday Teasers - 50+ New WYSIWYG at

    Terrific Tuesday to all you totally terrific reefers out there! We just made another nice update of over 50 WYSIWYG corals. Nearly all of these are Indo colonies. We are excited to see some of these nice beauties showing up again after a nearly 2 year long hiatus. CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEW...
  14. Joe Knows Reefs

    Welsos, Orange Hammers, Blastos and MORE at

    We just posted up another neat update to our website. We were able to land a nice Indo shipment a few weeks ago and some of the pieces are finally making their way on to the sale platform after some dips and stabilization. CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEW ARRIVALS A few teasers.... As...
  15. Joe Knows Reefs

    InSaNe EUPHYLLIA Update and MORE at

    Happy humpday to all you happy people out there! We just loaded up a wonderful selection of euphyllia and other LPS to our website. We were lucky enough to be able to offer up a few varieties of euphyllia that we haven't seen in years. Head on over and take a look! CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEW...
  16. ACF930

    Pennsylvania 4 Headed Indo Gold Torch SOLD

    Indo Gold Torch with 4 heads. This variant can develop long skinny tentacles and is very pretty. Not the typical Indo Golds you normally see. Great mini colony. $900 Shipped Reviews of my previous sales: 4 Headed Indo...
  17. Thakki

    Virginia FS - Dragon soul torches

    I have 4 frags for sale. Two head frag (#1 in pic) - $350 Single head frags (#3 and #4 in pic) - $200 each #2 in pic is single head but bigger...probably about to split. I can do $275 if interested...if not I will keep it. All pics taken using 20k orphek lens and galaxy phone. Local pickup...
  18. aquariumwonder

    California New York knick gold torch green mouth

    2 head Indo gold new York knick torch with green Mouth original colony purchase from Cali kid $450 shipped or best offer
  19. IMG_2545.MP4


    Happy Torches
  20. FarmerTy

    Texas Holy Grail and Hellfire Torches

    Hello everyone, Looking to move some torches. I have: Holy Grail Torch (single head) - all sold!!! Hellfire Torch (single head) $400 shipped I have two of each available. Thank you. -Ty
  21. SR Reefing

    New York Aussie Gold Torch 3 Head $650 Local Pick Up NY

    Have this in my tank for almost 1 Year, very hardy. It has 3 split head and 1 almost split. Skeleton is around 3.5" fully open 6" across. $650 pick up cash. Meet up on front of NY Reef Aquatic in Flushing Queens. Any Question Let me know.
  22. Joe Knows Reefs


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!!!! WOW, time sure does fly! Thank you to our many customers as well as our friends and family like @revhtree here at R2R! In order to celebrate, we are hosting another great LIVE SALE! Join us RIGHT HERE on November 9th FROM 6pm - MIDNIGHT EST Want to win a $200...
  23. ACF930

    Pennsylvania Indo Gold Torch

    Single head $350 shipped. Standard 2hr DOA applies.
  24. Yuri Prigodich

    Livestock Gold Tipped Torch

    Large Gold Tipped Torch For Sale! Free Shipping Nationwide!
  25. Yuri Prigodich

    Livestock Awesome Frags At Sea City Corals!

    Spend $200 or more at and be automatically entered to win a large Gold Tipped Torch and a 10 Ultra Frag Pack!! $525 value! First 50 orders of $200 or more starting at 7am on 7/11/19 will be automatically entered! Winner will be randomly picked on 7/14/19. Results will be...
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