1. Schraufabagel

    How much GPH for wavemaker based on number of gallons?

    I’ve been posting so many threads today, but I’m trying to really dial in my settings so my corals are happy. I have an AI Nero 3 in my 25 gallon tank. Currently it’s set to ~1,100 GPH. This is for my mixed reef tank with SPS, LPS, and softies. Would you say this amount of flow is too much...
  2. G

    What type of GPH wave maker do I need for a 29 Gallon (30x19x13)?

    I have 4 zoas, 5 SPS corals, and 2 LPS. Most require moderate currents except for the 2 Birdsnest I have. It use to be a FOWLR. Im more concerned with the fishes as im running a mini protein skimmer and HOB filter with a GPH of 200 and they stay away from that area of the tank. Ive been reading...
  3. J

    UV sterilizer GPH for parasites

    Hello, I have a 100 gallon DT, 34 gallon sump.. about 100 gallons total water volume I think. I am running an AquaUltraviolet UV sterilizer, 15 watts. I know, low side. Does anyone know what the GPH should be for parasites? Measuring with a gallon BRS jug, I was at 64gph, and I just raised it...
  4. shartpants007

    Looking to buy Current USA eFlux 660gph wave pump

    Like the title says, I'm looking to buy a Current USA eFlux 660gph wave pump. I'm not sure if this is posted in the right place or whatever, but I can't find too many for sale on this forum and was hoping someone would see this thread and want to sell. I have all the equipment for the light and...
  5. FangsAndGames

    82gph enough flow for 3g?

    Hello, quick question. Is 82gph enough flow for an entire pico 3g? It would be all from the return pump. I could upgrade down the road if I need to. I plan on just keeping some Zoas and acans. Thank you in advance.
  6. L

    Flow Rate In Display Help

    Hello:) I have a new Red Sea 425xl up and running. Been cycled for a while and already have a decent stock in the tank. Recently added 15 corals and have a question on flow. I really want this to be a mixed reef but I read so many different things about flow. I’ve seen up to x80+ In some...
  7. Tristan

    Small Quiet DC Return Pump?

    Alright, so I got a Innovative Marine Concept Abyss Peninsula tank last year from Reef-a-Palooza and was only able to set it up now. The stock return pump turned out to be pretty noisy no matter how much I fiddled with the impeller. I need a return pump that can fit in a 2.8” by 6” footprint...
  8. A

    A few questions about power heads and cycling

    Hello, I’m a somewhat new reefer in the hobby I established a 10 gallon aquarium with 2 clownfish back in may of last year and recently I have gotten a new aquarium for free. It is 20 gallons and I was wondering what would be the best GPH for the aquarium I have yet to buy the power head but I...
  9. Homebrewer

    Nero 5 - % Settings and Actual Flow

    First, I want to say that I love these pumps. If I were writing a review on a vendor website, it would be "5 stars" and "yes, I would recommend to a friend." These are my first controllable pumps and I find the app to be really easy to use, fun to program, and I think built-in flow meter is...
  10. pelphrey

    FLOW | Maxspect Gyre Advanced Controller - Standing Wave Programming

    Big shout out to @CJs Aquariums for spending the time to come up with the settings for the standing wave using the gyre pumps. CJ and I are both running 230's on our tanks, his is a 120 gallon 4x2x2 and I have the Reefer 250 36x20x21. Our schedule's are a little different and I obviously use...
  11. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    POLL: How Much Return Line Flow Do You Run?

    Just like the title says, how much flow do you run through your return pump and back to the display tank. There are a number of opinions on how much GPH you should (or shouldn’t) run through your filtration systems, but really for this poll, I’m just interested in how much flow, in approx. GPH...
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