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A few questions about power heads and cycling


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Apr 12, 2020
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Hello, I’m a somewhat new reefer in the hobby I established a 10 gallon aquarium with 2 clownfish back in may of last year and recently I have gotten a new aquarium for free. It is 20 gallons and I was wondering what would be the best GPH for the aquarium I have yet to buy the power head but I hope that you can help me. I am also eventually planning to buy soft and LPS corals when my tank is completely cycled. I guess a extra thing I have to ask is also since I used my old water that was already cycled would I still have to wait as long or only half the time? I thank you for your time and hopefully I can figure new things out
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Sep 6, 2018
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Since there are so many different scenarios ex. Aquascape, amount of rock, sand or bare bottom, placement of corals, etc. it is easiest to buy a couple of DC pumps so you can control the gph based on your situation. I have a 20 long and bought two cheap jabeo pumps that each can push 1000gph if needed. In regards to cycling, the old water will help a little but but nitrifying bacteria mostly colonize the rocks, sands and biomedia therefore the old water will not really shorten the cycle. I personally do fishless cycles using Dr Tim’s, or Biospira and ammonia chloride to feed. Happy reefing!

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