1. reptireef

    Build Thread Waterbox 180.5 Dream Reef Build

    Hey all, this is my first time joining/posting on a forum of any kind so I'm excited to share my progression. (unfortunately not too many 180.5 threads) I started reefing about 8 months ago with a 29g Aqueon and canister, which was a freshwater setup prior. That lasted a couple weeks due to not...
  2. R

    Ion Director - Presentation

    Hi guys, my name's Marco, I manage all the Royaltanks Pages. I am writing this first post to tell you about my experience as a Beta-tester with the ion director. For many months I've had the opportunity to be a Beta-tester of this product, interacting with a very professional team that, based on...
  3. Mester320

    Pennsylvania Aquariums Waterbox Aquriums Platinum Pro 170.4/5

    I am selling my two year old Waterbox Saltwater Aquarium. I am selling the tank, custom made screen top (over $350 new), stand, and sump only. Everything else in the pictures are not included. The tank dimensions are 54” Long by 25” wide by 24” tall. It is a very rare size. Waterbox only made...
  4. R

    Euphilia Issues

    I’ve Had the Red Sea Max170e up for around 6months and have a 6 euphilias (1 torch, 3 frogspawn, 2 hammers one walling one branching) among a handful of other corals. most of these have been in the tank for 2 months or more and yesterday I noticed all the euphilia were irritated and slightly...
  5. R

    Australia and Nudibranchs/Sea Slugs.

    Hypothetically if you were Australian and you were struggling for months to find a distributor in your country to purchase a specific Nudibranch you have researched in depth, and it is illegal to import pretty much all marine animals in Australia without a license. And you didn't want a license...
  6. Beaker1811

    40 Gallon Breeder Stocking Suggestions

    I have decided to convert my 20 Gallon tank into a much-needed quarantine tank and shift the current inhabitants to a new 40 gallon breeder once it cycles. I'm looking for suggestions for compatible tank mates. This will be a soft coral reef tank, so I don't need anything that will munch on my...
  7. ReapersReef

    what the heck is going on??

    Hello, about a month ago, I set up my first sump ever. I received this macroalgae from a friend in the hobby (i know this is not recommended, but it was full of pods, and healthy when I received it with no pests). he told me it was "dragons breath" however upon googling and searching, I am not...
  8. R

    Florida Aquariums Waterbox 5526 Peninsula Aquarium

    Waterbox 5526 peninsula aquarium, purchased directly from waterbox roughly 6 months ago, has been setup as a fish only tank since then. Aquarium is in perfect condition no scratches or imperfections. I moved and aquarium will not fit comfortably in new place. Retails for $3,500, selling for...
  9. B

    Impact livestock on pH

    Hey All, I had an interesting experience following the Texas winters storms and it has raised a question for which I can’t find any clear answers. I have been fighting low-ish pH in my tank for a while, and had worked through a number of steps to try to get my ph up: I invested in a indoor...
  10. Insanereefs

    Lookie look at my zoas!

    Hey there r2r community, I've only been doing this for about 3 months now and thanks to my friend I am hooked! I was able to snag a few cool zoas and I'd like to share them with you: Stiggy marley White Zombie Orange bam bam Kung-fu fighter Scrambled egg Aoi Utter Chaos Bowser Eagle eye Candy...
  11. B

    Nudibranches...please help!

    I discovered nudibranches eating my zoa colonies. First instinct was to purchase a large Melanurus wrasse, but a week in and he still has shown no interest in the nudibranches or in any food yet. I am hoping this will change soon. I removed all the large colonies and did a freshwater dip for...
  12. A

    Ohio Ecotech Radion XR15 Gen 4 Pro bundles

    Aquarium Equipment for sale 2x Ecotech Radion XR15 Gen 4 Pro Build date 2018 mobius controlled Comes with RMS Arms and diffusers Asking 300 ea or obo Located Alliance Ohio Local pick up or buyer pays shipping
  13. Subnautica

    What's your Favorite Snail?

    My all time favorite is always Conch, Conch, and Conch. Such a fun, interesting little creature. Those long eyes that react to your action. A powerful leg that moves fast. A cute elephant nose that goes didadidadoo. A heavy body that can't climb glass. A long lived peaceful creature...
  14. CraigB21

    Various Coral for sale - shipping available

    Goniopora Frags 40 each Splitting head indoblue tipped torch 140 3 head aussie torch 100 Blastomussa merletti 20 - 2 plus head frags Teal tip gold tentacle hammer 50 Rainbow Trachyphyllia 200 Lunar eclipse Zoanthids 20- 1+ polyps More available - PM me if interested or have any...
  15. A

    Red Sea Max Nano

    Hi Everyone, I am awaiting my Red Sea Max Nano to arrive in the mail. In the meantime I am starting to debate how to set this up. I currently have a 40g breeder running, but looking to tear that down to use for the Max Nano. First question is, if I use the live rock from that tank and place it...
  16. P

    Two tank and one sump

    I have seen a thread about this before but it didn't really went in depth in it. I am looking to have a 20-30 gal sump into my 60 gallon main tank and 5 gallon nano tank. My 5 gallon tank is a mixed reef with some sps, lps, and some softies and my 60 gallon tank is just a single lionfish just...
  17. Z

    77 gal build; 37g diaplay, 29g lower tank, 10g filter/skimmer tank

    Alright reefers I need opinions on aquascape. I have a mix of tonga, figi and 2 others and 2 tanks to fit it. Only because I plan to set up a big build at the end of summer and want everything cured. So I decided to do my best to keep rock together region wise. I've finished the Indonesian...
  18. Gsotera

    Help me please!

    Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Gerardo and I am from Córdoba, Argentina. I have a small 90 liter aquarium with mixed corals. I hardly have a pair of clowns, a hermit and a Stenopus. Sorry to use this forum without having a real emergency but I really need everyone's help! I have a humble...
  19. P

    Skimmer Help - Inconsistent water level in sump

    Happy Friday all, In need of some help with my Cadlights pls-50 Elite Skimmer. I have it running in the second chamber of my Waterbox AIO Cube 20. Back sump chamber consists of: 1st Chamber - Intank media basket with floss, biomax, then Purigen 2nd chamber - GFO Reactor, Skimmer 3rd Chamber -...
  20. That1guy07

    Hermit Crab Shells and sand

    Hi, So a couple weeks ago I bought some new shells for my marine hermit crabs in my reef tank. They needed new ones and I didn't want them to die because I think they are very pretty. Anyway, I also have a Gold Faced Sleeper Goby who I've had for a least 2 years now. He obviously likes to sift...
  21. G

    California 130 gallon rimless fish tank

    130 gallon rimless 3/4" thick low iron glass all around 5ft x 2ft x 2ft includes 2 overflow boxes and plumbing includes powdered coated metal stand 29" tall in great condition, no scratch $1000 pickup location: orange county, california
  22. theocorals537

    Making room! Frags available soon!

    Been so busy at work lately that my torches are growing on top of one another. fragging my ny knicks, dragon souls , cotton candy and some green indo torches. I’ll post them in the market place once they are all healed up!
  23. J

    AI light on 20 Gallon Long

    Hi! I have a lighting question. I have a 20 gallon AIO mixed reef with one AI Prime 16HD on it in the middle. A worker at my lfs told me I probably needed two lights on it if I plan to have any SPS/high-light corals. My tanks is about 24x14x14. Should I buy a second light?
  24. Kenyon

    Please identify algae!

    I have attached a picture of this unknown algae or diatom growing on a zoa colony. You can see it directly in the center of the zoas where there is a bare spot. Any help would be appreciated!
  25. Jarbour14

    Massachusetts WTB WTB Tank Setup

    Looking to buy a tank setup with at least tank stand sump and plumbing, looking for 65+ gallons and not trying to completely break the bank for something used. Thanks