1. M

    Large Build Marks_Reef SPS dominant tank (hopefully)

    Tank Specifications Fish Tank Fabrications Tank - Steel Stand. Tank Dimensions: 72" (L) X 26" (W) X 26" (H) Sump Dimensions: 48" (L) X 20" (W) X 18" (H) Tank Volume: 800L Sump Volume: 150L Return Pumps: Ecotech Vectra M1, Jebao DCP10000 Skimmer: Reef Octopus Regal 200s Pumps: Tunze 6105 x 4...
  2. Nagra92

    EMERGENCY Amonia , Phosphate , Nitrate , Nitirte results ?

    Hello guys , my tank is 5 months old i am having hair alagae in , Green algae & Slime algae in my tank i have installed Phosphate reactor , in my tank My tank is 45 gallon I added 50g of ROWAPHOS in PHOSBAN 150 Reactor also tell me the result of Ammonia , Nitrate , Nitrite , Ph levels all is...
  3. SplishySplashy

    California Package Deal Getting out of the hobby sale

    Hello everyone, I might be getting out of the hobby for a little while. Working full time all while raising an 8 month old and tending to 2 puppers has made me neglect my tank. I am looking to sell everything as a package including livestock. I will list most of the equipment below. The tank +...
  4. trist79

    Build Thread A new reefer's deep dive into the hobby

    Hi everyone! I'm a new reef tank owner living in Southeastern Pennsylvania. After years of daydreaming and months of planning, I've recently purchased a Waterbox Marine X 90.3 tank (~60g display with 26g sump) along with what seemed like a truckload of equipment for an essentially first-time...
  5. taymarie


    Hi! so I am currently deployed for the next week and my boyfriend is taking care of my fish. He did a water change this morning and then said the lights I had on were flickering then heard them spark. I’m not sure if I believe him but he’s saying to buy a new light. So I was wondering what...
  6. MileHighSeaLevel

    Nano fish for more diversity in mid-size tanks

    As I'm currently cycling my Reefer 250, I've been debating a stocking list consisting entirely of nano fish to provide more interest and diversity. My thinking is smaller fish=more fish=more interest and interaction. Who is running a setup like this, and what are your thoughts and lessons...
  7. Oscar’s25Gal

    Finally getting into corals!....

    Hey guys, i’m finally getting into corals! I’ve got some credit from the LFS aswell (about 275$ ) and i wanted to get into reefing anyways. I currently have 4 BTA’s and 4 clowns, 1 blue tang, 1 six line wrasse, 1 coral beauty, green damsel, fox face rabbit fish and a “rock dweller” i think...
  8. R

    Florida Aquariums Red Sea Reefer 200xl

    Red Sea Reefer 200xl roughly 4 months old. Like new condition, no scratches, setup empty and ready to go. Includes tank, sump, stand, screen top, 2 jebao wave makers, and custom plumbing. Also have roughly 40#’s of live rock that can be included in the sale. $1,000
  9. Nagra92

    Which coral ? And where to place ? Can they live on rock ?

    Which coral is this ? And where to be placed in tank ?
  10. M

    FS: SnowFlake Clownfish - Single Fish - Captive-Bred - 40$

    Located in Castro Valley and selling my single Snowflake Clownfish. Message me if you have any questions.
  11. AlexChef

    Slow to No LPS Growth

    I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on why my LPS and zoas are showing very slow growth. I have a Fluval Evo with an AI prime light. I just got Seifert tests in the mail today to test all my levels. I am currently dosing 2 part 1.25ml of B Ionic 2 part. This tank has been running...
  12. Socal-Reefer-60

    Build Thread 60 Gallon Mixed Reef Tank

    MarineLand 60 gallon rimless Mixed Reef. I've been reefing since 2009; started with a 24 gallon nano. Moved up to this 60 in 2014. Did a full tank/stand/sump/equipment overhaul during the pandemic. Circulating Pumps: Ecotech MP10QD; and Hydor 850 and 400 w/ variable controller Heater: 300W...
  13. UnderseaOddities

    Mushrooms,does anyone have a mushroom only tank

    Hello R2R... im new to the community and was looking into see if there are any dedicated mushroom farmers out there .id love to see your collection, mother tanks or mushy only racks or prop tanks) what i wanna do is collect cultures of mushrooms from lfs,forums,insta,frag swaps and dark web...
  14. Matt elvira

    Build Thread Matt's 120 mixed reef (picture heavy)

    New to R2R. Been reefing for about 5 years. I Wanted to show off my upgrade from my 75g tank and 2-10g nanos to this bad boy. Transfered everything over back in Feb 2020. I did this upgrade while extending my patio 40ft lol to many projects at the same time. Everything is growing well. Started...
  15. livie508

    Build Thread My first marine tank!

    Hey, Liv here! This is my build thread for my first ever marine tank :) Parts list: nano 25 litre (5.5gal) tank Seachem 55 HOB filter (little overkill ik) Aqua Nano 10w LED light a standard 25w heater 500l/hr powerhead if the filter doesnt create enough flow (its 1000l/hr on its own) In the...
  16. T

    HELP!! It looks like my Xenia is dying and idk what to do

    So yesterday, I get home from work. I work at a rehab hospital as a nurse aide taking care of brain damaged patients and the hours are long (12 hours) so at the end of the day I come home looking forward to seeing my reef. I had recently (about 2 weeks ago) bought heteroxenia off live aquaria’s...
  17. C

    USA 3D Printed Mini Frag Racks

    These 3D printed Frag Racks are made using PETG and are reef safe. they hold 3 large frag plugs or 4 small plugs...
  18. hannernanner

    Stock List Feedback

    New to the hobby, but I've done some research and I'm finally planning my first tank. I'm hoping to go 90 gal minimum, hopefully closer to 110/120, reef tank plus a sump with refugium and skimmer. Corals will be mostly soft ones (not jumping right into SPS or anything). I've gathered a potential...
  19. morgan_jAq

    Bacterial Infection: Empty tank: When is it safe?

    Somehow idek how I got a bacterial infection in my reef tank. It knocked out my tomini tang, saddle back clownfish, melenarous wrasse, and diamond back goby. It was very disappointing. Tried to treat, but alas I was too late. Corals, sea hare, and cleaner shrimp are of course healthy and happy...
  20. gareefer1029

    Is this an anemone? A worm?

    This just showed up recently attached to the back wall of my QT tank. It is about the size of a dime. Any idea what this is? The arms move around a bit (front and side shots included).
  21. TheReefDude

    Skimmer Vs. Chemi-Clean

    Hey guys! So, in my previous post I talked about a red slime issue that was literally taking over my tank. A fellow reefer referred me Chemi-Clean. So I went on Amazon, bought it, read the directions (which included turning off my skimmer) dosed my tank, 2 days later did a 20% water change like...
  22. UnderseaOddities

    A Moderm Marvel

    Watch here EdgeGBR ROV Dive 401 Schmidt Ocean Streamed live on Oct 25, 2020 Join RV Falkor as it conducts ROV SuBastian’s 401st dive on a newly discovered 500 m tall reef. This is the ninth dive of the ‘Northern Depths of the Great Barrier Reef’ expedition. Today we are exploring this 500...
  23. Biota_Marine

    What is your dream captive-bred fish?

    So here at Biota we've had success in every major family of marine ornamental fishes and I was wondering what species you want to see captive-bred next? Maybe we can make that dream a reality! For attention, below is a video of our first ever captive-bred red coris wrasse at 49dph which was a...
  24. Oscar’s25Gal

    A huge update on my fish journey...

    Hello guys! It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted on here :) Last time I was on here, I had a 25 gallon fish tank (hence the name haha) however in July i got my dream tank. A 450 litre / 120 gallon fish tank! It’s been running very smoothly, and I cycled it for 5 weeks before buying fish...
  25. E_Galicia

    Build Thread Nano Reef Build - 1 Year Update

    Decided to do a tank update - my nano reef has been running roughly a year, a little bit longer since I had to tear it down when I moved. Overall, it’s been fun still have a long ways to go before getting something bigger. I’ll update fish/coral stocking on a later post. In the meantime see...