1. 744xLYFE

    Hello Hi! I’m new to R2R!

    Hello. I have been a saltwater aquarium keeper since 2005. I used to use ReefCentral but i cant seem to access my account at the moment. I am starting my 6th Saltwater system, first SPS dominant reef tank. 60”x24”x24” with a 36” tall stand and 52”x18”x18” sump with refugium made all by...
  2. LiveAquaria

    Happy Father’s Day!

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  3. P

    Phosphate / Nitrate fix for newish tank

    Hello all! Tank is roughly 9 months old and my corals are starting to have issues. LFS told me that I would not need to do water changes… Found out that was certainly not the issue. Working on water changes now, it is there anything I should do to get phosphates and nitrates under control...
  4. B

    Can anyone tell me what this thing is?

    Hi, I’m new on reef tanks, I recently started 4 months ago, water already cycled have a little bit of diatom and I have four hermit crabs, however I saw something weird growing from the back of my aquarium can anyone tell me what it is?
  5. rdirtytwo

    Placement of Wavemakers in a Nano Reef 26g AIO

    Hey everyone, I have this Landen 6OP (26g: 20g display, 6.23 AlO sump) that came with a 185gph wave controlled return pump. have the return pump set to 100% on wave mode. I have a Nero 3 on the left glass slightly towards the front of the tank running on Random mode 10%-45% high interval, 2.5"...
  6. LiveAquaria

    Gift the gift he REALLY wants for Father’s Day! Gift cards are 10% off.

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    Need help identifying corals?

    Need help identifying corals? View this helpful guide for some of the most popular corals found in home reef aquariums. #coral #coralidentification #coralguide #reefaquarium
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    Certified Captive Grown Corals

    CCGCs are colorful and add motion and interest to reef aquariums. Certified Captive Grown Corals from LiveAquaria® are aquacultured options that are grown in the U.S. to help preserve the world’s reef environments. You won’t be disappointed when you browse our current inventory...
  10. K

    Nano Build About to start a new tank again. Need help

    My plan is to get a 30-gallon reef started again. Here is the tank I'm thinking of. I wanted something more like 40 gallons that was a long tank that's rimless with low iron glass. I don't plan to have a sump, instead I wanted to have a canister filter with protein skimmer. I wanted to have it...
  11. LiveAquaria

    congratulations! You’re creating your first reef aquarium...

    Read “Popular Reef Corals for Beginners” for help in selecting corals that are great for beginners because of their easier care levels and hardiness. CLICK HERE TO READ #ree#reefawarenessdaye#reefr#coralreefs#fishu#aquariumu#aqualovev#liveaquarial#saltwaterfishs#fishtank
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    Prepare to be amazed by these Top 5 Reef Safe Fish

    We’ve done the research for those special fish to enhance your reef aquarium. One’s sure to catch your eye.
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    Let’s celebrate Reef Awareness Day!

    Let’s celebrate Reef Awareness Day! LiveAquaria® recognizes the importance of maintaining the world’s reef structures now and for future generations. We support conservation efforts, seek out responsibly sourced aquatic life, and offer captive-bred options as well as CCGC corals to minimize...
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    Are you new to reef keeping or a seasoned pro? ***ARTICLE***

    Article Link : Both beginners and experts can create a natural environment at home by implementing tips in our article “A Natural Approach to Reef-Keeping”. CLICK TO READ THE ARTICLE
  15. B

    Can anyone tell me what these are?

    Im new to this website heard a lot good things from it, I recently started a reef tank my cycle has been done, I have gotten some diatom in my tank and I recently started to cycle my salt water to clean it up I have four scarlet hermit crabs and three snails, I recently added some tigger pods...
  16. Djalexchang

    Florida Drygoods SOLD Kessil A360 tuna blue

    Hi everyone only used this kessil for about a year before I changed to Radions. This isn’t the WiFi model, asking $200 local pickup in Orlando or $200 + shipping. Thank you (:
  17. William Chiavetta

    Build Thread 55g reef tank

    I recently had a huge Ich outbreak and had everything die. When I start back up again (July 6th) it will basically be starting over. No survivors. I want to eventually to upgrade to 125 Bank account balance: -$4290 I eventually want to have corals but don't own any yet QT tank: Tank: Topfin...
  18. J

    High electric bill

    hello reefers!! My electricity bill has been a lot higher lately. I live in California with 30 cent per kWh! I added an energy monitor the other day and it cost me $1.5 per day to run my tank! I imagine it would be $2 per day in the winter. It’s only a 90G tank with 3 XR15s and no skimmer...
  19. C

    EMERGENCY Cycling Tank

    Hi, I’m cycling my fish tank and I used Dr Tims one and only on Monday, i unfortunately fell ill and did not have access to my tank until today so there was no ammonium chloride being added to it. How do I go about cycling it now? Can I still start the cycle by adding the ammonium chloride...
  20. J

    Are Butterflyfish in reef tanks misunderstood?

    A few weeks ago I made a post asking if there were any butterflyfish in the genus Chaetodon that were safe with coral. I've read many posts about some of my favorite species like the Klein's, Threadfin, Bluelashed, Latticed and Raccoon, where one was added and soon enough coral was eaten. Now...
  21. J

    Blenny doesn’t seem to be eating! Help!

    As the first fish in my tank I was steered towards getting a lawnmower blenny. I’ve seen online that some people feed them frozen brine shrimp although i understand that they are herbivores. I kept this in mind when buying. Picked him up and the guy at the store told me that they feed him...
  22. mdock

    Should I be concerned? -Trumpet coral

    I have this coral here and I noticed it is starting to get a white layer in the middle. I lost one smaller coral before when my tank was not ready for them. This tank has been up for 1 year. Should I be worried? Not familiar with LPS yet and would really appreciate help learning.
  23. LiveAquaria

    Earth Day Week

    Earth Day Week Celebrate Earth Day with Certified Captive Grown Corals from LiveAquaria® Propagated and raised in our Wisconsin facility, these frags are colorful, and bring motion and intrigue to your reef aquarium. See which species are on sale.
  24. LiveAquaria

    **5 must-know tips to keep your Flashlight Fish thriving!** Flashlight Fish may be shy, but their bioluminescent beauty is worth the extra care. Here are 5 must-know tips to keep your Flashlight Fish thriving in the dark! With the proper care, Flashlight Fish can be a rewarding addition to your tank. Add them to your Aquarium...
  25. cherrmin

    Goby is gone!!

    hello, i am fairly new to reefing and yesterday got a diamond goby. This morning i noticed he is just gone, i’ve heard they’re jumpers and checked the back of my tank and nothing. So far i only have 2 clowns, a few blue legged hermits, 2 conches and bloody mary shrimp. Any ideas where he...