1. joaocdestro

    Destro's Mixed Reef - Wall Office/Dinner - No Water changes - Brazil

    I started to cycle this 230g tank on 01/03/2019 No Water changes since new, and no water changes planed... Tests weekly: Red Sea - Ca, Kh, Mg, No3 and Po4 1 Triton ICP test each 6 months - just to make sure everything is on check. Water Parameters: Salinity 33ppt, MG 1400, Alk 8, CA 400, No3...
  2. T

    Bio Cube Cycle

    Hello everyone, So on Sunday March 22 2020 I turned on the pump to my brand new bio cube 32. I have live sand and live rock in there. My lfs told me to also ghost feed every other day. I still have not seen any spike in ammonia. How long does it take usually for the cycle to start?
  3. Teddy Marshall

    75G Build Thread

    Hi Guys, With all the spare time I have during the Corona pandemic, I've decided it is finally time to create a build thread for my 75G. Please comment with suggestions! This tank was setup in February of 2017, so it is now well established and has gone through numerous changes since its...
  4. BabyShark

    Anemones and coral

    Any feedback is welcome! I’ve had a Condy anemone for a few months and he’s been doing great, but every now and again he’ll relocate. Once I woke up and he was on top of a colony so I’m wondering how long does it typically take for anemone to harm a coral? What’s the proper way to separate the...
  5. C

    New 10 gal reef is coming together! 8 weeks in

    New tank is coming together!! Just added the nem, zoa and hammer. All are doing great, cant believe my luck so far in keeping everything stable. Started with the duncan and hairy mush the week before as testers. ATO to get the 10 gallon balanced and checking levels daily for now. Very...
  6. Reefer37

    I need some help...

    Alright guys, I'm getting a little frustrated over dosing and what is going on in my tank. I'm still pretty new to this as this is my first saltwater tank so bear with me. So I'll give you all the info I can: JBJ 45 Lighting: Hydra 52 HD (ran around 30%) Filtration: Stock media baskets...
  7. P

    AIO Cube Return pump keeps running dry

    Hello all! My Waterbox cube 20 return pump keeps running dry. Causing it to grind and spit sand all over my tank. I have initially thought that it was just the media in the back causing the pump to eventually dry out because not enough water would flow into the far right chamber. However, the...
  8. Reefman603

    Indo Gold torch

    Picked up this single head Indo gold torch yesterday at a local reef shop! Can’t wait to see it hopefully grow into a nice show piece!
  9. reefs4less

    Livestock All of the gold without the pesky leprechauns. Gold nugget maroon clowns on sale now! Care Level: Easy Temperament: Moderate Reef Safe: Yes Diet: Pellet, Flake Origin: Aquacultured Acclimation Time: 2+ hours Coral Safe: Yes Invertebrate Safe: Yes Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons Approximate purchase size: 1.5-2.5...
  10. Carebearsss.x


    Hello! My names Caroline, I’m 19 years old and have been in the aquarium hobby for about 2 years (freshwater only). My boyfriend knows SO much about reef tanks! Me, on the other hand, I’ve recently became more interested in reef tanks & was wondering if anybody has some helpful advice?
  11. TomSerious

    Fresh into Reef

    Hello! I'm Thomas from Vienna in Austria and I currently have 5 Freshwater tanks (2 x 180 gal., 1 x 125, 1 x 65 gal., 1x 50gal.)! They are mostly Amazon "biotopes" with wild Angelfish, Geophagus, Heros, Tetras and "fancy" plecos (L14, L24, L25, L46, L95 and much, much more) In the next few days...
  12. D

    What do you add to your tank?

    For example I add Zooplankton Dose nitrate and phosphate Vibrant Microbactor7 Frozen food Pellets Seaweed Reef roids Amino acids When needed: Red Sea traces Nopox Red Sea A,B,C GFO
  13. Foxchase

    New to saltwater. Tips to preventing nasties?

    Hello, I have kept freshwater tanks for a while and decided to try my luck in salt. i have been cycling my 20g long nano tank for a few weeks now. I put a 20lb bag of Caribsea live sand with about 30 lbs of live rock. 2 480gph pumps. I have an RODI unit. My only stocking ideas right now are a...
  14. TCK Corals

    LPS Update Just Posted - 135 New WYSIWYG - New Subscribers Save Up To 30%

    Check out our website for the latest wysiwyg frags just posted!
  15. D

    How often do you clean your glass?

    How often does your glass get dirty
  16. BabyShark

    Dead rock flower anemone

    I’ve had a few rock flower anemones for a while and they’ve been doing great in my tank. I recently got a new one from a company that’s been giving me trouble last week and it appears to not be doing so good. What are signs that a rock flower anemone is dead? Also what steps should I take if it...
  17. D

    Alkalinity high!

    Adding marine buffer has sky rocketed Dkh to near 14! I was wondering if the Dkh will drop naturally with around 10 lps corals in a 250 litre or won't there demand be high enough to make much difference?
  18. BabyShark

    Show me your aquascape

    I’ve rearranged my aquascape a few times already. I never seem to be happy with the way it looks. Now I’m curious to see how anyone else’s may look! Please share how yours looks and the inspiration behind it!
  19. BabyShark

    What kind of algae is this?

    Anyone know? Is it bad?
  20. BabyShark

    What’s taking over my tank?

    So I’ve noticed for a while I had some brown stringy stuff in my sand bed, but it never became a nuisance. Recently I’ve noticed it becoming more active and on the rocks. I’m leaving a link to the video I took: Anyone know what this is?
  21. Dierker2003

    Hammer Coral seems weird?

    Hi so basically I got a new hammer coral yesterday and it’s opened up but seems stretched or something. Was just wondering if this is normal or what it may be a sign of. Thanks!
  22. FoFrog

    Biocube 32 month 4 .

  23. BabyShark

    Bubble coral dead?

    So I just got my bubble coral shipped to me along with other corals. All my other corals are doing fine, but I’ve never experienced a bubble coral before. I know they are very fragile and can pop easy. Mine has yet to open up and doesn’t look very happy. Is this how they normally look or should...
  24. J

    Can AWC be adequate for my situation so that I don't need to do 2-part?

    Hello! So I have a 75 gallon aquarium set up. It has a few soft coral and a few LPS atm. My goal for my tank is for it to be a soft coral dominated with a hand full of lps here and there tank. I don't like the fact that If I want to start doing two part, that I will need to to do mandatory...
  25. C

    10 gallon cube stocking help

    Hey hey! So I'm 2 weeks into my cycle. Things are looking good, 0 ammonia 0.5 nitrite and nitrates are high. The cycle is getting their. I have reserved 2 clows already, as a fresh shipment came in at the LFS, and i have them put aside. A bullethole and a davinci both super nice. My...