1. DQM5

    California SUMPS

    hi guys i'm looking for 30-36 inch sump, something like Trigger sump. let me know what you guys have with pics and prices thanks guy.
  2. Vansaquaescape


    So I have been testing my water Everyday and my parameters are 420 Calcium 8.5 to 9.3 Kh 1200 Magnesium Started adding Kent’s magnesium for 3 days and can not get it to Raise. Any Advice ? Would be much appreciated have a Kung Pow Monti on the way and would like it to be around 1300. Also...
  3. O

    Weird copper test

    I got a new test kit for my reef tank and after testing my water it says my copper is between 30 and 100 I’m not sure what this means as everything I’ve been seeing online is measuring copper in ppb
  4. sahilchaddha

    New here and into this lovely hobby.

    Hey Guys, I started into this hobby few months back. I have 25G (96L) nano Salt Water Tank and its a Fish Only Tank. Since i am on strict budget i had few questions. Hope you guys can help me out. Tank Inhabitants : 2 Clown Fish 2 Green Chromis 1 Yellow Tang 1 Blue Regal Tang 1 Turbo Snail 1...
  5. M

    Reef LED Options

    I have a 5 foot tank and currently have 3 chinese black boxes lighting it. I do not like the look they give and how they look in general so I want to upgrade. The lights I was looking at were 1. ReefBreeders v2+ (50 inch) ---$715 2. 2x Corona...
  6. P

    Setting up a 90 Gallon reef cube! Need stocking ideas!

    Hi all! I am new to the forum and was looking for input/ ideas on stocking... Info on tank: Dimensions 30x30x20 (90 gal) 20 gal sump Right now my list includes: -Royal Gramma -Clown (pair) -Dragononet (green?) -Cardinal fish (3) -Firefish (purple) I'm not sure if everything is compatible and...
  7. SwiftStorm

    Indiana Tunze 9001 DOC Protein Skimmer

    Tunze protein skimmer in great condition. Upgraded to a bigger tank and no longer need. $75 shipped to the 48
  8. Reefer37

    JBJ 45 Powerhead

    Hey everyone! I'm new to R2R and the saltwater world and recently picked up a JBJ 45. I've been trying to decide on what powerheads to put in it. I know there's a lot of mixed opinions on amount of flow and such, and I'm learning along the way, but wasn't sure what the 'ideal' flow would be...
  9. Cole nelson

    Stocking my reef tank

    I have a 50 gallon full reef tank with a LOT of coral I’ve had set up for a few years, currently I have two fish, a green mandarin goby and a zebra barred dartfish as well as a long spine urchin. I am ready to add more fish but do not want to overstock. Here is what I am looking into adding: 1X...
  10. Perpetual Novice

    Is it ever safe to add damsels as a late addition?

    I have a 100 gallon tank with several small tangs, a rabbitfish, a pair of leopard wrasses, two clowns, a canary blenny, and a pearly jawfish. there is a ton of live rock and places to hide. My tank has been stable with these fish for about 3 months now and I am thinking about introducing a...
  11. Jamestown

    Red Sea 170 SPS Cube

    Hello, This is my 45 Gal Red Sea Max E-170 that has been running for about 14 months. Currently SPS dominant with some Euphyllia towards the bottom. Recently added 20lbs of additional rock for more surface area (for corals!). Also currently battling some bubble algae currently - I do weekly 4-5...
  12. Gadamwoll

    Looking for stickers

    I want to collect stickers from different aquariums, fish, and coral companies to decorate my new tank stand. Even if it not a franded sticker but saltwater related I take it. If you have any or now anyone please direct message me and I will send my address.
  13. Zoaologist

    Nevada WTB Designer Macro Algaes

    Let me know what you have. I would need it to be shipped to Las Vegas, NV.
  14. DurbelMcDillett

    Build thread for my 300 gallon mixed reef tank + filtration room

    Hey gang, I had the good fortune of buying a custom built 300 gallon glass aquarium and custom built stand from my dentist a few months back. I've been telling him for a few years that I want to buy the aquarium because he didn't ever have any water in it (the previous dentist in the practice...
  15. Gustavo89

    How to dose baking soda (powder) with doser

    Hello, Normally i use baking soda to raise alkalinity, i use the calculators and i add it manually (mixing some grams with RODI water). What i want to do now, is to create 1 gallon with Baking Soda so i can use it with a Doser, and to know how much ML should i add to raise 0.10dKh for example...
  16. NoLobster

    No Lobster's Allowed 20 Gal Reef

    Build Thread and Journal! Start Date: 7/31/2019 Most Recent FTS: 10/5/2019 Hardware: Tank: Innovative Marine Nuvo 20 AIO Filters: 1 Media caddy (right now only carbon and filter floss in there), 1 200 micron filter sock, 15 lbs dry rock, 18 lbs live sand Heating: 150 W heater Cooling: AC...
  17. Hadders95

    Help with coral!!

    Hello all I am new to the hobby and had the tank from May with fish and coral which went in July into the tank, I am having issue with my Zoa and green star, the last few weeks they have started to look like the image below any help or suggests would be greatly helpful thanks josh
  18. Gustavo89

    Undetectable Phosphates...what to do?

    Hello, ive been dealing with Undetectable Phosphates , normally i test with Hanna Checker. 1 month ago, i move the sand abprutly to test the next day and they were around 0.75 PPM, then checked again after 3 days they were around 0.20 ppm, then again until 0.00 PPM. So i guess they are...
  19. ChronosReef

    Tennessee Kessil 360 N

    Hi guys, selling my last kessil 360 n , works great. comes with unit and power cord as well, used for a year on my frag tank 220 shipped
  20. PlantedReef

    LIVE Rock or DRY Rock WHAT'S BEST? Easy Beginners Guide for Reef Aquarium

    I made this video guide for the differences between live and dry rock for a reef aquarium
  21. smartwater101

    California (5) Kessil a360we tuna blue. Articulating ball mount included. (less than 6 months old) 250 shipped.

    ALL SOLD I originally wanted to sell all 5 as a kit, but so many people asked for shipping, I decided to part it out. These lights were purchases from Amazon in May, so they haven't been used long. No dead pixels or anything like that. I'm including extra cables like the shorter power adapter...
  22. L

    Is this enough filtration for my tank?

    So I have a 29 gallon tank that I want to turn into a reef tank eventually. It doesn’t have a sump, just hang on the back filtration and a lot of live rock. I just finished cycling it but my nitrates are still somewhat high and I am working on keeping them low. For my filtration all I have on it...
  23. Leisher12

    Oklahoma Dry goods from tank upgrade

    I have a few items left over from upgrading my reef tank. I will have more as I get them cleaned up. But here’s what’s cleaned and ready to go. All prices are OBO and does not include shipping. Buyer to pay shipping. Will ship the fastes and cheapest way I can. Can text 405-318-9573 Sunpole...
  24. erk

    Made a coral macro video, let me know what you think

    Made this video recently. LMK what you think.
  25. wgowen13

    Culpera control in a reef tank.

    Culpera (feather-like) is starting to take over my 180 gal tank. It came from a coral that I removed from the frag plug in quarantine. I have yellow tang and a few snails. None are taking interest in the culpera. Are there other reef-safe fish or invertebrates that I should consider? Other...
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