1. P

    Fastest dissolving salt?

    I’m new to saltwater and I’m wondering what salt dissolves they fastest.
  2. D

    Hydra 32 AB+ settings

    just got my hydra 32's mounted on a 20g long tank it is mounted 12inches above the tank. not sure what each color should be set to. can anyone shed some light on how to set up this light lol. the tank will house encrusting montiporas and zoas with some rock flowers on the sand bed.
  3. J

    New reef build...Looking for suggestions

    I'm looking to get into the hobby and have been doing a ton of research but also wanted to pick the brains of the experienced members to make sure I do it right. I have my eyes on the Waterbox 100.3 due to size of the area and it's sleek design. I plan on staring with aquascape and soft corals...
  4. B

    Zoa ID

    Hi, I received this zoa a while ago but could not ID it. Does anyone happen to know the name of this Zoa? Thanks!
  5. D


    Is it safe to use rodi water that has 3 tds? My rodi unit needs new filters but i have about 45gallons of rodi water that has 3tds i feel bad dumping it but dont want to use it if it'll cause problems.
  6. O

    Any ideas for an aquascape for a 20 long?

    I just wanted a few ideas for a scape for a 20 long that I will have a lot of LPS, zoas, and mushrooms on. please post a few pictures of you nano tank for some ideas. Thanks!
  7. S

    Saltywaterbox (29g Biocube)

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the fourth installment of my nano tank! I'm new to reef2reef as a member but have been lurking in the shadows since 2009 when I setup my first reef tank. A badly planned 10 gallon mixed reef with lots of lessons to learn and still more to come. I bought a used 29...
  8. reefer_nyc

    NYC Reefer 250 Build

    Sup everyone! Thanks for checking out my build and enjoy the progress of how it became what it is today!
  9. Kolby_Mitchell

    Anyone know what all zoas I have?

    If you could please list them by the color of the circle i drew around them. I also included some more closer pictures of them as well. Thanks! Red= Green= White= Black= Blue=
  10. Angelo Fatica

    My 25 Gallon Build Thread

    Hello all! Recently I've noticed that my current tank has started to get air in the silicone seals and I figured that maybe a tank upgrade would be appropriate. I want to do things right this time. I am going to be upgrading from an IM Nuvo 20 to a Lagoon 25. Since I did not have enough pictures...
  11. Camilo Lessa

    Help with size of the tank

    Hello i asked for an enginier to check if my floor can hold the aquarium that i was designing, and He and He now gave me 2 options. 1: I'd have to make an Aquarium, that the whole system need to have maximum of 1000 kg(2204 lb) ( display tank, water, rock, sand pumps, skimmer, furniture)...
  12. IMG_0062.jpg


    My Skimmer running on the hulk build. The Deltec Sc3070s Internal skimmer
  13. SeaSaltsss

    SeaSaltsss 3.7g pico.

    Just finally decided to become a member on here after plenty of time snooping around, my tank setup is a 3.7 gal aio from petco, 4 pounds of live rock, 6 pounds of live sand, running imaginarium boxed sea water, and running a bag of chemi pure elite. Stock currently is 1 1” yellow watchman goby...
  14. J

    Julian’s Reefbak

    Hi There guys here is my Aquaja Diamond 450 L Reef tank.
  15. J

    Connecticut Fluval Evo 13.5 plus extras

    No chips or crack on glass (holds water), Just comes with aquaknight light, protein skimmer, wavemaker, homemade lid and glass cleaner. It has the original pump, sponge and lid. Looking for $120
  16. S

    Random creature growing

    Can you help me identify this random thing growing in an old shell? I have leathers, zoas, and hammers but this guy doesn't look familiar.
  17. GregDaKeg

    My new reef light is under PAR!

    Found on reddit. I would hate to be his neighbor!
  18. L

    30g First Tank

    Hey reefers! This is my first saltwater aquarium; well any aquarium really. I’ve had it up and running for about a month and just recently added some clowns, more rock, and my first corals (zoas) and some sort of “palm” tree coral my LFS had for super cheap. It’s an AIO tank with an overflow...
  19. Nate_Krohn

    Reef tank dosing?

    I currently have a 60g, 29g and 10 gallon mixed reefs set up and I’ve never dosed anything to the corals. Any opinions on if or what I should dose? I feed them reef rounds twice a week and dose alk and calcium. Thanks.
  20. J

    210 Gal Reef Tank for sale in Lafayette La

    $4500 100% automated and monitored using Apex controller This is NOT a cheap setup. Its state of the art with everything you can possibly need. Only module not included with the system is the new apex Trident. Planning to move and rather not deal with moving tank. Buyer responsible for...
  21. Colenew1

    Lighting Upgrade Questions

    Hi all! I am fairly new to reefing and have a 12.5 gallon Fluval Evo Tank stocked with mostly softies and LPS plus 2 Montis and a BTA! I just upgraded from the stock light to an AI prime and am very curious as to how I should set up my light settings! I was advised to run 35% for blues and...
  22. Cole nelson

    Longnose hawk fish with mandarin

    Hello,I have had successfully owned a green mandarin goby for over a year in my 50 gallon reef tank. However, a buddy of mine offered me one of his fish from his 40 gallon reef.. a longnose hawk fish. I have loved these fish and always seen them to Be an interest, and have considered purchasing...
  23. Mattyice572

    Red sea led?

    Hey guys i am trying to get myself some led lights for black friday and was interested in the red sea leds. I have a 75 gal and plan on doing some sps near the top maybe going as far as half way down the tank and was wondering if anyone had these lights. Theres is a model 50 and model 90 i was...
  24. imanewberry

    MY FIRST REEF TANK Waterbox CUBE 20 Gallon

    Hi all! My name is Cody from Charlotte, NC and I am starting up my very first reef tank. Ever since considering starting up a tank, I have done the vast majority of my reading on reef2reef. I thought it would be a fun adventure to join the community and begin with documenting my first tank...
  25. DQM5

    California SUMPS

    hi guys i'm looking for 30-36 inch sump, something like Trigger sump. let me know what you guys have with pics and prices thanks guy.