1. N

    New Hampshire Live Goods Torches for sale holy grail, tiger, yellow torches

    Hey there, i have a few torches up for sale. Shipping Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays inside the usa. Thanks for looking! Holy grail 650$ shipped Tiger torch 450$ shipped Freezer burn 350$ shipped Dragon soul 250$ shipped Skittles 250$ shipped Holy grail repunzel 350$ shipped hellfire...
  2. jtone_philthy_aquatics

    UV Sumps Plumbing Drygoods 3" High Output Standard Pro-Max UV Sterilizer (25 Watts) - Lifegard

    yes I agree to terms and conditions I have a brand new never used 3" High Output Standard Pro-Max UV Sterilizer (25 Watts) - Lifegard it’s never been wet I have kept it in it’s original box since it arrived in the mail. It was purchased through saltwater I really wish I could...
  3. B

    EMERGENCY Is this either bacterial tufts or mucus plugs and how do I get rid of it?

    These fish have been in QT in Chloroquine at 60mg/gal for 4 weeks now. They have all gone through 2 doses of General Cure as well back to back. I dosed kanaplex and metroplex 24 hrs ago and havent really seen any affect. Ive been looking through a lot of other threads and no one seems to have...
  4. R

    Stocking advise IM fusion 15

    New to the hobby, started a innovative marine fusion 15 nano reef. The tank has been running just over a month now. Since the tank cycled and I added a pair of clown fish which have been doing great and the levels in the tank have been holding great for two weeks now. My plan for this tank is to...
  5. Moontower

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods ***Red Sea Reefer XL425 G2 New***

    Hello! I have a brand new Red Sea Reefer XL425 G2 White for sale. Aquarium / Sump and Cabinet. All brand new in the box and wrapped still on the Pallet. Everything Was delivered to me by Red Sea. local pick up only. I am located in Ft Myers Florida.
  6. F

    Month old tank

    So I started my 55 gal tank up in the beginning of the month, and I’ve been posting updates every now and then. This is my third attempt at starting a saltwater tank, and so far I haven’t had any catastrophes yet. I just did another weekly 4 gallon water change, and all of the brown algae is...
  7. harrysmarinelife

    Live Goods SPONSOR Livestock Sunset Fungia $150, Grafted Digitata $99.99, HUGE Website Drop *NEW*

    50+ CORALS HAVE BEEN UPLOADED TO THE SITE! Here are just some of the fire that dropped this week check out the full drop HERE PRICES 1. HML INSANE RAINBOW GONI $125 2. HML GRAFTED DIGTATA $99.99 3. HML UTTER CHAOS MORPH $35 4. HML ODDBALL BOUNCED RHODACTIS $125 5. HML ULTRA...
  8. reeffreak911

    Florida Live Goods Mardi gra acan

    Mardi gra acan 3 heads local hollywood fl
  9. J

    Plumbing Questions

    Dear all, I am going to be moving my tank in a week and I have a plumbing question. In order to move the tank I am going to have to cut the current plumbing so that I can remove the bulkhead and move the tank. Is there a way to avoid this in the future? I recently moved the tank across my...
  10. A

    Zoa/Paly ID?

    Hi everyone, Any help on IDing these zoas/palys would be greatly appreciated!
  11. jcolliii

    North Dakota Miscellaneous Drygoods Getting out of hobby - IM25 Lagoon stuff: Added Auto Water Changer, Clearview Tsunami

    All sales final - this is used stuff. Shipping is on you, and will vary by item size, mass, and bulk. I will not hold anything, and if you say "PMed!" but don't respond or PP the purchase price within 24 hours, it will go to the next person in line. So doddle at your own risk. Coming up, I will...
  12. X

    white stuff on my pink pincushion urchin help!

    Hi guys! I was wondering to get some help, yesterday I saw this in my pincushion urchin, at first I thought it was just sand that somehow got on him, but when I watched him today the white thing was still on him. I took several pictures, but the one on the post is the best one I got. It would...
  13. Arronpsw

    EMERGENCY Reefmat issues

    I’ve been using the same Red Sea reefmat for about 2 months and at first it was working totally well. About halfway through the roll u noticed consumption rate went up from about 30inches a day to 180inches. Progressively it kept getting worse till water started spilling over the sides...
  14. F

    New tank for the 3’rd time.

    Hello everyone, I just recently started my 55 saltwater up after having two failed attempts of getting it going. Both times I ended up doing something wrong that causes the tank to go wrong and fail. But, I’m determined to make it work. I recently started it back up, I cleaned out my filter...
  15. joe_sharkk

    EMERGENCY Sick Marine betta

    Hello, I have been searching nonstop for anything regarding sick marine bettas and I just keep finding that they basically just “never get sick.” mine has been doing great for months. Eats great (I feed him live feeder ghost shrimp) and is one of my favorite fish. He’s recently stopped eating...
  16. WetPringleChip

    Coral Cycling A Low Maintenance and Budget Reef Tank

    Hello, Im new to this website but I kept tanks in the past. Ive seen lots of videos and some vague posts by reef builders on a coral cycle. I couldn’t find anyone with experience so I figured Id do a “cheap” basic set up. The tank is currently 2 days old and has some of what I think are basics...
  17. P

    Filtration / Dosing for upgraded 20G Nano?

    Hello! I just upgraded from a 10 Gallon to a 18 Gallon Red Sea Nano desktop and would like to set up a controller and dosing system for the new tank. The Nano is an All in one so it has a built in filter sock, skimmer, charcoal but thats it. Any recommendations on how to augment the existing...
  18. chcgregg

    Bacteria Cultivation - Coral Morphologic

    Has anyone tried or know how to cultivate bacteria to be dosed back into the reef tank? I saw a video by WWC with the owner of Coral Morphologic, he did a tour of his facility and he mentioned that he was going to discuss how he cultivates Dr Tim’s bottled bacteria, but never got to it!
  19. S

    Bubble Coral Death…

    So I have had a small bubble coral colony in my 32 gallon biocube since december. It was doing well in the tank until the past month or so I started to notice a drastic regression in health. In the past few days I think it has officially died and I am at a complete loss. I made no major changes...
  20. DylanE

    Pygmy Roost Waspfish in Reef - How often to spotfeed?

    Hi All, I managed to find 2 pygmy rooster waspfish that were added to my tank about 3 weeks ago. I believe I have a male and a female, and they've set up shop next to each other in a corner of my tank. They sit around sticking out of their little lairs, and once lights are down they are out...
  21. I

    New Tank - Help Needed

    I’m planning to get a new 13 gallon tank and eventually make it into a reef tank. I was hoping to start out by cycling then adding corals and a cleanup crew, and maybe a month or so later, adding an ocellaris clownfish/pair and maybe a bangaii cardinal… I wanted to know if anyone could walk me...
  22. S

    Water Change after fish death?

    So I just got home today to find that my fairy wrasse had died but this isn't what my question is about. Should I now do a water change to avoid an ammonia spike? I removed what was left of the carcass but it looked like my snails and crabs had been eating it for a few hours maybe. I did a water...
  23. S

    Bubble Coral trouble

    So I have had a bubble coral in my biocube 32 since I around January when I first started the tank. It was a small colony that was doing great for a while up until fairly recently. I have noticed it is closed up most of the time and has a brownish algae it seems on part of its skeleton which can...
  24. G

    Hello New member to R2R

    Hello everyone, I'm new to R2R but have been keeping fish for about 2.5 years now. I just started my first saltwater tank and can't wait to share my journey with everyone along the way!
  25. J

    Should I shut off my canister filter when feeding my coral?

    I’m a year into reefing and really want to know if it’s better to shut my whole canister filter completely off when feeding my corals. I just got this canister filter (CF500 UV MKII) for my 55 gallon reef tank, I’ve previously had two tidal 110’s on my tank and then recently transferred all the...