1. I

    32 bio cube established help please

    I have a year old established 32 bio cube I have a neo 3 I have a good blue light I have all the hanna checkers practically my tank seems happy I did a water change yesterday because my nitrates were threw the roof, I've got them under control now. I have a watchman goby, a pistol shrimp, 2...
  2. O

    Build Thread 180G Custom Acrylic, I was out of the hobby 5yrs

    Long story short, I used to have a 265G reef that had a catastrophic ending when a seal failed on the front. I left the hobby heart broken. As my son aged (6yrs old) I began to tell my wife that I might be interested in getting back into the hobby if the right situation presented itself. She...
  3. A

    What return pump brand do you fancy?

    What return pump brand do you use?
  4. A

    Worm ID needed

    Found these worms in high concentrations in my coral tanks - not sure what they could be and need an ID! Thanks! Not sure if it’s a type of flatworm? Finding them on tank sides and other surfaces but they don’t seem to be on the corals. They move quickly as well - hopefully the attached video...
  5. H

    What pest is this

    I’ve got this pest in my tank, at first I thought it was aptasia but now I’m thinking it’s something else. I manage to get it out and and it was moving around. Not sure if this is some type of star fish iv attached a vid
  6. N

    Having fun in the grow flat

    Just messing around with the camera and loving the improvements in my photography!
  7. Neptune LSM Module w/ 5 LEDs strand

    For sale Tennessee Neptune LSM Module w/ 5 LEDs strand

    Neptune LSM Module w/ 5 LEDs strand. New in box. Asking $115.00 plus shipping Will ship if buyer pays for shipping.
  8. Neptune Apex Par Monitoring Kit

    For sale Tennessee Neptune Apex Par Monitoring Kit

    I’ve got a Par Monitoring Kit for Apex for sale. It’s new in box. Will ship if buyer pays for shipping. Asking $280.00 plus shipping
  9. CincyReefer07

    Anybody see any issues with modifying my sump?

    Hey guys.. so I have an IceCap 48xl sump for my 310 gallon display tank that I’m considering to modify to enlarge the return pump section of it. The sump comes with a 15 gallon ATO reservoir but I’m using my 130g total volume saltwater mixing station also for auto-top offs since it’s in the same...
  10. Jakewareham

    Bryopsis, need suggestions on treatment with fluconazole, Help please :)

    So I've been in the hobby for 3 years, I have a 90 gallon mixed reef that has been very successful. I recently started up a 13.5 fluval evo nano, I used all established live rock from my 90 gallon system sump. The tank inhabits 2 clowns, an urchin and a narcissus snail, plus a few zoa frags...
  11. CincyReefer07

    Few Australian Live Rock Questions

    Hey guys, have a few questions on curing and storing Australian Live rock. I know of a guy that’s suppose to be getting a large shipment of Australian live rock in at the end of this month, beginning of next month, downfall is, he’s much more expensive than Unique Corals. I was really wanting to...
  12. Neptune Trident

    For sale Tennessee Neptune Trident

    Neptune Trident. New in box. Never been used. Will throw in an extra box of reagents to go with it. Asking $500 firm Will ship if buyer pays for shipping.
  13. Apex Equipment

    For sale Tennessee Apex Equipment

    I’ve got multiple Apex gear for sale. 1-Par Monitoring Kit (New) $275 2-LSM Module w/ 5 LED strand (New) $125 3-VDM Module (New) $80 4-DDR-DOS combo (New/Used) $350 4 combo Will ship if buyer pays for shipping. Will also cut a deal to someone that buys everything 2gether in a package deal. DM...
  14. E

    CurrentUSA Solana. Should I reseal?

    Hey R2R, I just picked up a used CurrentUSA Solana tank. After doing some research they came out in about 2007 or so. I plan on redoing the stand as it’s quite dated.. but does anybody still have this tank today? I’m curious as to if I should strip down the inner seals and apply new silicone...
  15. D

    Florida WTB Looking to trade my PS5!

    Hey everyone! This is a bit of an outside the box type of trade. I have a PS5 that I am willing to trade for a full complete SW setup. Since this is a very different way to trade, I don't have anything specific in mind. If you're interested in a PS5 (Used for about 3-4 months, with box...
  16. T

    Clownfish Disease.. Please help!

    Hey everyone. Made this account for this post.. My bullet hole clownfish in my nano reef is breathing very heavy, her jaw won't close, and it seems that she has some inflammation around the chin & gills. My tank is about 3 months old, she's been in there for about a month and some days with her...
  17. whitewraith

    Build Thread My 75 gallon starter reef

    The tank itself is a 75 gallon Visio from what I gather. 2x CurrentUsa Orbit IC leds Fluval 407 canister filter RedSea reef wave 25 Instant ocean protein skimmer Livestock: 2x clownfish Tiger Pistol Shrimp Pink spotted watchman goby Lawnmower blenny Coral beauty Eibili angel Fox face...
  18. PilotClownfish

    Large Build 245 Gallon Reef Tank

    Hello! I am fairly experienced in the fish keeping hobby (2 freshwater tanks, 3 saltwater), but am just now biting the bullet on a larger tank. A 245 gallon custom built aquarium. I am getting it used with all filtration, lighting, protein skimmer, and everything else. Great stand and canopy. I...
  19. Ai prime reef 16 hd

    For sale Texas Ai prime reef 16 hd

    Ai prime 16 hd reef come with flex mount in like new condition. 165 shipped.
  20. Innovative Marine Full Size media reactor

    For sale Tennessee Innovative Marine Full Size media reactor

    Innovative Marine Full Size Media Reactor for sale. $90.00 shipped! Just don’t need it. Great for carbon, gfo, and pellets! Compact style, in-sump reactor. Easy change of the media.
  21. Innovative Marine Full Size Reactor

    For sale Tennessee Innovative Marine Full Size Reactor

    Innovative Marine Full Size media reactor for sale. Innovative Marine discontinued this size reactor. It goes in the sump. Too big for AIO tanks. I’ve got 1 I’m trying to sell. I have one that I’m using and it works great!! Great for carbon, GFO, or pellets!! These are getting a little bit hard...
  22. Radion XR-15 Gen 4 Pros w/ new mounts

    For sale Tennessee Radion XR-15 Gen 4 Pros w/ new mounts

    (2) XR-15 Gen 4 Pros w/ new mounts in boxes. Asking $600.00 for both lights and mounts. Will ship if Buyer pays for shipping.
  23. Z

    Cycling 110 Gallon Reef tank - I think I screwed up

    Hi Guys, i started cycling my new aquarium 40 days ago. I first used dr tims one and only but it seems that bottle was dead as i saw no reduction in ammonia 17 days. Went to my LFS and they suggested adding the Red Sea reef Mature kit as they believe the bottle of dr times could have been dead...
  24. A

    Help with ID

    Hi all, I suffered a prorocentrum bout a few months back and it has come and gone in a few patches since, but now I noticed this red stringy stuff that eerily looks like an increase in Dino. I put it under a microscope but I couldn’t really identify anything. I attached a video! #reefsquad
  25. Tunze EcoChic 8831 Refugium light

    For sale Tennessee Tunze EcoChic 8831 Refugium light

    Tunze EcoChic 8831 new in box for sale. It can be used above the water or even completely submerged in the water as well! Will ship if buyer pays for shipping.
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