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  1. Z

    75 Gallon Reef Stocking

    I know there are several threads out there about stocking a 75 gallon reef. I've tried to read as many of these a possible to developed my stock list. Here are my plans: Currently in tank: 2 Black Ice Clowns 1 Royal Gramma 1 Skunk Cleaner Shrimp 1 Red Fire Shrimp Future plans (In order I plan...
  2. K

    Starting copepod colony

    Hi, I’m having a bot of trouble trying to start a copepod colony inside my reef tank/sump. After about 1/2 days of adding my pods they die off and im struggling as to why they are dying off. my specs and params: 70 gal tank (10gal sump With refugium and cheato) Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm...
  3. TheAngryReefer

    Epoxy resin

    Is epoxy resin safe in our aquariums? Is there a certain brand or type that is safe? I see a lot of cool resin projects done. It would be interesting to know if we could use this inside of our aquariums safely.
  4. Sick_man

    Help with Salt

    Hi, so I'm running low on salt and have been using regular instant ocean. I wanted to try the reef crystals because it is marketed toward corals and it is cheaper on Amazon at the moment. Would it be okay to switch salts? Tank is about 2 months.
  5. Nagra92

    EMERGENCY Red slime algae or Purple Coralline algae

    Can somebody tell me is this Red slime Algae or Purple Coraline alagae please help ! and if it is red slime algae how to get rid of it ? Can i clean the rock inside the tank ? I mean rub it and clean it
  6. R

    ICP test results

    Good afternoon, just got my icp test results back and could do with some help and advise. So many orange readings and I just don't know where to start! I'm not currently dosing anything and doing 20% water change fortnightly. Corals / cuc doing terrible hence the test being done.
  7. Nagra92

    EMERGENCY New tank, brown alage , green hair algae

    I have started reef tank 3 and half months back used Live rock to start a Nitrate cycle Now my results are all ok And many people told me that my cycle is completed I have 2 fish and they are all doing great i introduced 2 corals 4 days back so far they are doing great but i have one...
  8. Mr_Knightley

    Build Thread Mr. Knightley's Planet 125 Shallows tank!

    And a new saga begins... After 2 failed attempts at a 220 gallon tank, I'm going full power towards perfection. This build will be a culmination of 5 years of experience and hardships, hopefully budding into something beautiful. Thank you for following along on my journey. The tank will be...
  9. Scp

    Michigan Teal green hammer

    Have several available ....single double and triple heads Single $25 Double $45 Triple $60 ship to lower 48 minus California. 2 day and overnight shipping options available. Local pickup in Waterford,Mi
  10. smarthawk

    Is this Coralline?

    Hi all! Tank is about 100 days old. Within the past couple days I’ve noticed these little dots on the back of my aquarium. There’s also a couple on the powerhead and a return nozzle. It doesn’t fluoresce but it’s a solid color and looks lightly pink. Can anyone help ID? Thanks!
  11. Art Calde

    Florida Oregon Tort Acro

    Selling Oregon Tort Acro starting at $40. Plenty of frags. Pm me w interest. Thx Jupiter Florida pickup only.
  12. Reef Kinetics

    Q&A Miamireefkepers and Reef Kinetics

    All you need to know about automatic water testing for your aquarium. Q&A with Rabih Krayem Co-Founder of Reef Kinetics will answer questions and share solutions on how the ReefBot can Monitor your aquarium by running tests periodically, analyzing them and sending you real-time updates via...
  13. Carly Knight


    Hey. I've seen a few threads regarding this but was hoping someone may have tried TMC Fine ECO reef sand? I currently have a thicker gravel like sand but I'd like to add a Goby. Therefore considering replacing current sand or mixing in a finer sand. I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me if...
  14. Castaway6

    CUC for nano barebottom (baby clownfish)

    hey all, just wondering what you would suggest for a small crew in my 10 gallon tank. Just rocks and mechanical. No sand. 2 baby/teen clownfish. Thinking maybe just 2 trochus snails.. Any shrimp possibilities? Wouldn't mind another piece to look at but don't want to risk my babies being a nice...
  15. Cfellini91

    Coral Beauty Angel Fish Eye Popping and Cloudy

    Last night I noticed that my Coral Beauty Angel Fish has one eye that is swollen and looks as if it is going to pop out. It is cloudy and looks like a cloudy white slime is over it. I did a 5 gal WC last night. It seems that it wouldn't be Popeye because it is only one eye. I just got home...
  16. david_ma

    Michigan Local pick up, lots of nice corals

    Local pick up only because of their size. Located 48124. Please text 313-268-319five. Priced range from $40-100. The bigger nicer pieces are $100( kryptonite candy cane colonies, grafted monti 7”, brain, favia, torch colony, large colony of sps and blue mushrooms), jackolantern $50, other sps...
  17. Carly Knight

    Adopted a Reef Tank. Before and after pics.

    Hi all. Just thought I'd share some of my before and after pics. Adopted the tank about 9 weeks ago. It had a bad case of aiptasia and build up of dirt. It's took a lot of effort but water quality is back on track and tank looks clean and fresh. Recommendations on easy/hardy corals to add? Or...
  18. R

    Red Sea Reefer 425 XL Customization

    Hey all, I just bought a new red sea reefer 425 xl. I am looking for recommendations for all the equipment I would need with it such as return pump, wave maker, lights, protein skimmer, etc. The model i bought just comes with the tank, stand, and sump only & plumbing of course. I do not have a...
  19. S

    What is this Acan?

    Does anyone know the name of this acan and is it a lord or enchinata
  20. Carly Knight

    Reef tank - replace media in sump/aiptasia

    Hi So I adopted an established reef tank a few months back. I managed to get on top of an aiptasia issue in the display tank... But recently noticed there are a few in the back chamber on one of the filter media bags. I'm worried if I remove it I'm gonna remove the beneficial bacteria. But if...
  21. SkyDoodles

    Reef set up... Any inputs on ours?

    So we've been going for about 5 months...this is my first saltwater/reef tank. I have to many fish number one but two of the dang things were hiding so we'll we thought they died. So I now do water checks every other day to make sure I'm in parameters. We have 2 clowns, one fire, one...
  22. AndrewG99

    Waterbox 100.3 stocking ideas

    I have just placed an order for a waterbox 100.3 that is going to be replacing my Fluval Evo 13.5. this is going to be my second reef tank so I still feel pretty inexperienced, because of this I wouldn't mind your guys help with suggesting what you would stock the tank with if it was yours. it's...
  23. miko chang

    Any more space?

    Hey y’all I have a waterbox 20 cube with 1 fire shrimp, 1 cleaner shrimp, a couple snails and a royal gramma baslett. I was thinking of getting a sand sifting goby in the tank, would it be fine and not jump out since I have a mesh lid with 1/4 inch holes?
  24. Nagra92

    Brown & green & Other algae

    Hello guys, i am new in Reef world , my tank is now 3 months Old , and i have this 3 different alagae in my tank Now it is 80 gallaon tank Now can any body guide me how to get rid of this alage ? Is there any Fish ? Or snails ? Or crab which can clear it or i have to do my self ? Or it will...
  25. KyleJ42

    Nano Build The Seek Discomfort Waterbox

    Hey all, figured i’d start a thread and see where it goes. Been in the hobby as a whole for about 5 years now. Had a 40 breeder for about 2 years when i still lived at home. I still miss that tank. Being my first full reef, it taught me everything i know about this hobby, along with a lot of...
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