1. mike_mania

    Here we GO!

    40 gallon breeder Seachem Tidal 75 Aquamaxx protein skimmer coming Monday 40 pounds of live rock. Got 20 gal from my LFS out of his tank water change and 20 gal of clean water Let’s see what happens in a few weeks!
  2. R

    Something is growing on my live rock

    I am a new reefer and have had my tank for 6 days. I started cycling it with half live rock half dry rock, after two days I added a clown per my local fish store, he is doing great. About 4 days in I noticed this growing on my live rock but none of the pictures I see look like it. Over the last...
  3. H

    Undulated Moray and Miniatus Grouper Pairing

    I have a 125 reef tank with 35 gallon sump with an undulated moray, miniatus grouper, and picasso triggerfish. My cleanup crew consists of a handful of turbo snails (was around 20 now much less because of the triggerfish) and a horshoe crab and chocolate starfish. I have had much luck with many...
  4. Jukesyy

    Waterbox 10 Nano First Saltwater tank!

    Hey guys, so I’ve loved fish tanks since I was a little guy. I finally just took the dive into my first saltwater tank. I have a 10 Gal Waterbox AIO tank. I have live rock, live sand, I have a few zoanthids, and some GSP’s. I just added two snails and a firefish. I was curious what else I could...
  5. ScottishJamie

    2 weeks into Nano reef, Opinions?

    Hi all, I have broken down all my large tanks and started a nano reef build with the Fluval marine nano tank, I've changed a few things and I was wondering your opinions on how things are going and what I could do to improve bearing in mind this tank was setup on the 04/02/24, I will let you...
  6. L

    Salt recommendations

    Hey guys, I know this is already been talked about a bunch but just looking for new recommendations or new advice. I am building a 40 gallon breeder and planning to have mostly softies and maybe some LPS so I’m wondering what the best salt is the most available around me is definitely instant...
  7. kanders87

    14G Bowfront Nano Reef

    Well, I’ve been out of reefing for a few years. After moving 3 years ago, I just never re-set up any of my tanks…but now it’s time! I had this bowfront tank and aio filter that I bought pre-move, so I already had the beginnings of a cool little tank. Tank: Aquatop Eurobow 14 Filter: FijiCube...
  8. T

    2 Ecotech Radion XR15 Gen. 4

    Cleaning out the closet. Two xr 15 gen 4 that were used for about eight months at forty percent and then put in a closet. I fired them up and they still work. $180 each or best offer.
  9. K

    210g stocking list!

    Hi everyone, another stocking list! Just looking to narrow down my stocking list (and change things if you have interesting recommendations! (I love wrasses) Tank is around 210-218g plus sump, likely total water around 270-300g. I will be doing them in batches based on aggression for...
  10. W

    Duncan coral closed or dead?

    Got given a Duncan coral today for free from my local fish store because it has been closed for a week and hasn’t opened, I’m just wondering if anyone has run into this before, it’s been in my tank for 8 hours now and still no changes. I tried putting in some amino acids and still nothing All...
  11. Sherwood

    WTB 150W Metal Halide Pendant

    WTB metal halide pendant. My AquaMedic pendant just died and I'm looking to replace it. Will consider ANY metal halide pendant or fixture, with or without ballast. Would love to find another AquaMedic pendant or other small, double ended, metal halide pendant--but will consider any metal...

    Top Down Coral Viewer- Will Ship- $25

    I would like to share these floating coral viewers. They are great for getting a cool look from the top down on your reef. They are available in 2 sizes. 4” and 6”. 4” is perfect for a nano and 6” is a great size for anything larger. I can make them in any color combo and am willing to ship.
  13. P

    Evo 13.5 Mixed Reef - My first saltwater experience

    Evo 13.5 Mixed Reef - My first saltwater experience Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and wanted to share my first saltwater aquarium. I will try to make this detailed so other beginners can follow along on the journey. The first 5 photos are of the aquarium as it stands in Feb 2024...
  14. MikeyD1182

    **SOLD** 25 Watt Aqua UV Sterilizer With 4 Month Old Bulb & Quartz Sleeve & An Extra Brand New Quartz Sleeve.

    Hey everyone, im selling my 25 Watt Aqua UV Sterilizer because I downsized tanks. Current bulb & quartz sleeve inside are only 4 months old and I have an extra brand new unused quartz sleeve to go with this as well. I’m asking $200 cash or best reasonable cash offer. Local pickup in Bradenton...
  15. J

    Best lighting for King Midas Coloration

    Hello! im new to keeping coral and picked up the King MIdas Zoas. I have noticed in my tank that the zoas look more of a green instead of the gold/yellow they are known for. Is it my light intensity? need to feed food/nutrients? My light: Red Sea 50 LED My tank: Fluval 13.5g
  16. F

    Large indoor pond

    Just upgraded to a Red Sea 3XL 900 G2+, and I realized that it’s not gonna be big enough for my hi-fin snapper long term… I have room in my basement for any size pool pond, I was thinking something around 8-10’ diameter , 3’ high, so around 1k gallons. 1. Is there really any fish that I can’t...
  17. MB_Corals


    What is wrong with my perimeters and how do I fix it? Alc: 13dkh Calcium:440ppm Phosphate: 0.15 Nitrate: 0ppm Nitrite:0ppm ph: 7.8 Salinity: 1.023
  18. Northwest_Scapes_

    Northwest's UNS 60U Mangrove Lagoon Build

    I've always been into the niche areas of the hobby (You might recognize me from my Non-Photosynthetic Build ) and a Mangrove Lagoon build is something I've wanted to do for a while. Now that were building a big Mangrove Lagoon as apart of the new 'Ocean Pavilion' expansion at the Seattle...
  19. Macsreefs

    What is in my sump?

    Recently I bought a new tank from someone at my LFS (they are very trusted there). I kept everything in it water sand everything it was a short drive home and later that night after setting it up I saw a sexy shrimp in there on top of the carbon bags. So when I got home from work I went looking...
  20. KristianS

    Waterbox marine x 90.3 $1800 with hybrid t5 and led with everything

    Waterbox marine x 90.3 with stand and sump with ato resevoir bought in March of 2022 (10 months old) 2 socks and 3d printed floss cups Aquaticlife Hybrid T5 with wall mount and 2 noopsyche k7 pro III 2 hygger programmable wavemakers and heater Jabeo intake pump Rodi system with trash can...
  21. S

    Bristle worm CAUGHT eating green mandarin's tail

    I picked up a mandarin last Sunday. On Tuesday I noticed some notches in its tail. On Wednesday it was worse, so I started searching for ideas. I came across a single thread that mentioned someone seeing a bristle worm eating their mandarin's tail fin and the mandarin just kind of chillin...
  22. M

    75 gallon saltwater reef tank suggestions

    Hello all I currently am looking into any new additions to my 75 gallon reef tank Tank is about 5.5 months old currently housing: 2 black and white ocellaris clowns 1 purple fire fish 1 yellow watchmen goby 1 male lyretail anthias 1 scooter blenny 1 long nose hawk fish For inverts...
  23. Danyole


  24. AquaHaven


    Currently setting up a nano reef and have a bunch of holestone laying around (never used). Is this stuff usable in a reef tank? Anyone has any experiences with this stone?
  25. Gabbone

    Red Sea Mature Starter Kit issue with water values

    Hi guys, This is my first post ever :oops: sorry for any dumb questions! I am new to Reef World and I've started my first cycle in a blue marine 30g tank with a back AIO sump. I've bought the Red Sea Mature Starter Kit and I've been following the day-by-day guide. Right now I am on Day 10...