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  1. Kolby_Mitchell

    Indiana Coral for sell!

    Located in columbus Indiana although I can ship -pulsing xenia (price depends on how big of cut you would like) -hydnophora -$30 -cali torte acropora -$30 -pink birdsnest -$20 -blue devils finger leather (price depends on how big of cut you would like)
  2. NewNanoTank

    Safety advice for reef tanks

    So I’ve been reading about the potential dangers to caring for a reef tank and i have read about palytoxins and Mycobacterium marinum. These are things I will worry about because I am OCD and can’t help it. If anyone has advice on how to safely care for a tank without having to worry about these...
  3. miko chang

    Fuge in a 20 Gallon?

    Hey everyone, l’m wondering if anyone has ideas or any experience with building a Fuge for a 20 gal Waterbox. The back section of the waterbox has three sections, one for a filter sock, a middle which is currently empty, and a pump in the third slot. Would it be possible to make a Fuge to...
  4. Reefin87

    My Tank, your thoughts

    Hi, I’ve been in and out of the hobby for years. Recently jumped back in a little over a year ago but keeping it small with a biocube 32. We have had all types of fish and inverts in the past ranging from: blue ring octopus, mimic octopus, cuddle fish, Nautaliss, puffers, Hawaiian eel...
  5. M

    New to brain coral

    This is my first brain coral and first coral ever I had the coral in the tank for three days now and this is the first time that I see their mouths open (see in picture) could someone tell me what this means?
  6. nano_reef_19

    AIO Build Joe's 32 BioCube

    Been out of this game for about 10 years and decided to give it another go as we enjoy having a reef in our house. Bit of an adjustment coming from a 90 gallon reef years ago to a BioCube, figure this was the easiest way to ease back in to the hobby! Working right now with the stock LEDs to see...
  7. NewNanoTank

    Looking for eel-like fish

    So I am going to get a 10-15 gallon tank and plan on stocking it with: 2 clown fish 1 goby 2 shrimp 1 Tuxedo urchin 1 small harlequin serpent sea star And some coral as the tank progresses. I would really like to find a small eel like fish that would be able to live in a tank this small. I’ve...
  8. Ashv5

    Fish for 90 gallon?

    Hi guys! So I was wondering on what I can stock in my 90 gallon. Here is my current stocking: 1- Yellow Tang 1- Jewel damsel 1- Yello tail damsel (small) 2- Clownfish Ocellaris I was looking for vibrant and colorful fish! Also decently active. I saw one of these at my lfs but did not purchase...
  9. W

    First saltwater reef tank

    This is my first saltwater reef tank that I’ve ever done I would like some opinions on it or some suggestions and tips
  10. mkane

    New Inwall aquarium help

    Hey everyone! I'm getting back to reef keeping after gosh 7 or so years. I was big into nano tanks bc I’ve always had small spaces but now with a new house I want to get a somewhat bigger tank. I have a wall where the other side is my back basement which would be great to have access but it’s...
  11. Cfellini91

    Build Thread From where I was to where I am. The adventure of a Nano

    This was the humble start of it all. Little was I aware of how much I would learn, make mistakes and fall in love with this hobby. Started with my purchase of an Aquatop Nano. Wasn't a fan of the black stand so I bought some adhesive vinyl flooring and gave it a more fitting look.
  12. J

    Help! Crack in hammer coral skeleton

    I noticed my hammer not opening up all the way like it used to since a couple weeks ago. Last night, 4 hours after the lights turned off, i went down to look in the tank when the corals have all shrunk to see if i can see anything. And i noticed a a 3-way crack in my hammer.Its all shrivelled in...
  13. Ashv5

    Wavemaker Placement

    Hi Guys! I am pumped about about my new 90 gallok sustem. I had one question. Where should I position the wavemaker? I do have an overflow and sump. Here’s what I was thinking (sorry for the bad diagrams) I was thinking of placing 4 700gph pumps.
  14. V

    Does your aquarium enjoy good music or really bad music?

    Can we get a controlled experiment where we determine if playing music near our aquarium increases or decreases coral growth and overall tank happiness? My tank is next to my shop speakers and I'd like to know what my corals taste in music is so I can evict the ones that listen to mumble rap...
  15. reefmasterdomi

    Best frag tank

    Hi all, just looking for any opinions or experiences on frag tanks. i worked in a reef store recently so i get the jist, but i am about to purchase a low boy style frag tank like this, but i don’t really like the black rim around it. any suggestions for around 50 gallons? thanks all
  16. M

    Build Thread New 65 gallon reef

    Hey everyone. I wanted to start a build thread to show the progression of my 65g reef I just started up. It was an upgrade from my 14 gallon biocube i habe been running for the last 3 years and that tank was an upgrade from a 55 which was an upgrafe from my very first 40 gallon reef tank I...
  17. iProShot

    Will the AquaMaxx NF-1 Nano Protein Skimmer Fit Biocube 32?

    I will need skimmer to fit on chamber 1 because the rest are full with other stuff and prefer skimmer on first one. Or anyone suggest any other good skimmer for Biocube 32 that is not the coralife Biocube one.
  18. BeltedCoyote

    Setting up a reef tank as a stable ecosystem

    Hey all! I’m not normally one to start up a discussion, but due to current events and changes in life I’ve had to place setting up my display on the back burner. It’ll be my first reef tank (typical story, had a small freshwater tank as a child. In my case saw an antennata lion and thus began...
  19. Art Calde

    Florida Zoas for sale

    I have the following zoas for sale (in order of pictures): Eagle eye w a punk rocker $20 Bam Bam colony $60 Punk Rocker colony $80 Nuclear Green colony $60 or $20 for two polyp frag Gobstoppers 6 polyps in front $40 Punk Rockers in back $60 for the colony Rainbow infusion. $20 for 2 polyps...
  20. sick02ss

    Build Thread 32g Octo Getting back in the swing of things

    Hey guys, had this octo 32 up and running for a little over a year now. Nothing too crazy just getting back in the swing of things after being away for a few year, looking to upgrade to possibly a Red Sea 350 or maybe a 425. Also have a 16g bio cube that is the bedroom tank and also the...
  21. Sleeping Giant

    Emerald Crabs breeding last night

    Just saw my Emerald crabs mate and release, what looked like eggs into the water column. Don't mind the cheesy music
  22. Gustavo89

    Best way to Get rid of GHA???

    ive been always beenlow on Nutrients so i feed normally twice a day. Nutrients are not my problem ( i guess) 1 month ago i started to notice some green hair algae on my Tank! The tank is 120 Gallons Im trying with Fluconazole, i started with Fluconazole this past thursday, but i havent seen...
  23. JohnnyTsunami213

    Hello New Reefer [Primetime Reefs]

    Hey everyone my name is Johnny and I am brand new to Reef keeping and saltwater aquariums. I originally joined Reef2Reef to learn from all of the experts here but I am also looking forward to sharing my journey and knowledge with those that come after me. I’ve been doing a lot of research on...
  24. Sleeping Giant


  25. Reefacist

    Build Thread Pharmacist Reefer...First Timer 120gallon build...let’s do this!!! Need your help!!

    Hi y’all, so where do I start. Basically staying home for covid got me restarting my ig and one of the first posts I saw was a friends puffer fish and let me tell you is was love at first sight. After that day no matter how long this lockdown takes I know I won’t be bored. Every day I would...