1. C

    Blue hippo and orange shoulder

    Just looking for some opinions on an orange shoulder going with a blue hippo. The orange shoulder is 6” and the blue hippo is still a little guy and only 2-2.5”. Wondering how some people would recommend introducing the orange shoulder if it’s even recommended to add him. I have a 55 gal I could...
  2. R

    Torch won’t fully open

    I’ve had this torch for over a month and I don’t know why it’s not so long like other torches I see. Parameters: .01 phosphate 440 calcium 8.2 alk 1200ppm magnesium 1.026 salinity 8 ph
  3. ATCReefer

    Help with balance

    Hello, I am curious if there are any tips to what ratios I should look to maintain my parameters at. So far I feel they are in range but I seem to have cyano and a little dinos mixed in. Just trying to find that ideal spot, maybe biodiversity, just not sure why I am having these algae...
  4. W

    Can someone help me identify this hitchhiker.

    Just saw this floating around in the bottom of my bare bottom tank. Took it out for some inspection. Included pictures of what I would along with the rock if that would help identification. Thanks!
  5. Cole_Voeller

    Need Help With Blenny

    Hello all. So I have an incredibly weird question. I just purchased a Flametail Blenny, and I want to begin quarantine with him, specifically tank transfer method. Unfortunately, this Blenny absolutely loves his shell. To catch him, my LFS literally just put their hand in, and grabbed the shell...
  6. mclaurin

    EMERGENCY Sharp nose puffer poop or?

    Is this normal? Has him about 6 mo this and never saw. Having a hard time getting rid of it.
  7. AnnieB

    Hello New & looking to learn

    Hi, I am new here. I am trying to get started with a fresh water tank but only looking to do real plants. I will be getting a 20 or 25 gallon tank. Any help would be appreciated. I am going to have a beta & shrimp I do know that. Need help with also tank mate ideas. Any help anyone could give...
  8. Wrapse

    Micro Crack in Waterbox Peninsula 15

    I got this waterbox 15 used about 3 months ago and the tank is stabilizing really good and coralline is starting to grow and coral are healthy. Last night i noticed this tiny little crack at the very top of the front pane. It only spreads through less than half the thickness of the pane. I have...
  9. Erik the Red

    Macroalgae - EU availability/shops

    Hello, I’m realising a gorgonian tank and macroalgae would suit in just perfect. I haven’t found any EU shop that sells them (excluding UK due to Brexit). Coralaxy currently has only one type of macroalgae, but thats all I could find. Can anyone help me? Cheers
  10. Cole_Voeller

    Dottyback Fins Shredded?

    Hello all! So yesterday I purchased a fish I’ve been wanting for a long time, a baby Springeri Dottyback. I also purchased a Firefish (with the assumption that the Dottyback would be too young to be aggressive to the adult Firefish. Anyway, I put the two into a bucket last night after I got them...
  11. CrazyDuck959

    How do I detach my RFA from my rock work?

    So I have a few rocks that I wanted to place in my tank, and my RFA moved right to the spot I wanted to place those rocks. And I don’t want to damage my RFA in any way. How would I detach my RFA from my rock work? Thanks in advance!
  12. TaylorP78

    Unidentified “tricolor/Read Head Fairy wrasse” Can’t find anything similar

    Hey so at the fish store I work at, we got in this “tricolor fairy wrasse” aka Red head fairy wrasse and I’ve seen a lot of those they all relatively similar. They look like this… But we got one that looked very different from the other. Here’s a couple pics of him. If anyone has any idea of...
  13. Pelagikos

    Aquarium service and setup near Gloucester Virginia.

    Is there anyone here that is familiar with a really good aquarium service in the Gloucester Virginia area? ...or Hampton Roads that won't charge a "king's ransom" for travel? I need some expert advice as far as setting up some frags in the proper places and also making sure that I am dosing...
  14. Matheurisley

    What is it, how do I get rid of it?

    Hello fellow reefers, I was looking at my corals today and I noticed that there was something suspicious living inside one of my corals. I have searched all over the internet trying to figure out what they are and have not had much luck. Based on the pictures that I have attached. You’ll notice...
  15. I

    Anyone know what this is? it came in on my frag of zoas.

    it wasn’t this big when i got it. it just kept growing more and more till it got to this size. and to be completely honest, i kind of like it and would probs prefer it to be on its own with no zoas.
  16. V

    Copper power alternatives for QT (UK)

    Hello there! Starting in the reef world and want to take the safe route, so I'm going to quarantine everything that goes into the main tank, I've been reading this forum for some time and watching plenty of videos (like the BRSTv Series for Qarantine 80/20) and everything seems sound, except...
  17. A


    I went to do my water change today, just like every other weekend, but I only saw one of my clownfish. The female is still in the tank, but I can’t find the male. I checked all around the tank, near the rocks, in the sand, in the filter, but I can’t find it. Is it possible my snails ate it? I...
  18. Cole_Voeller

    Vermitid Snails?

    Hello all! So about half a year ago I purchased some astrea snails, and have never had any issues with them, except for two of them would have some sort of string come off their shell. I’d worry that it was a vermitid snail, so I’d try to cover with with super glue, but they always seemed to...
  19. tech_reefer

    Can I get an ID on thiso?

    Hi, I got these BTA yesterday and I was wondering what kind they were? Thanks
  20. R

    I don’t know what’s happening to my hammer

    It looked beautiful about a month ago when I got it does anyone know what I could be doing wrong ?
  21. J

    EMERGENCY Copperband has something on his fin don't know what it could be

    My copperband has some weird mark on his back fin my thoughts are that that is probably a wound that is in the end stages of healing I would like to know if my guess is right or is it some sort of infection I need to treat
  22. 707Nick

    Nuisance sponge removal id?

    So I believe this is some kind of sponge webbing across my lower base rock work. Any suggestions on how to remove it or animals that will do it naturally without destroying my LPS. I have the sponge underlined with a red arrow. please help and thank you. Happy Reefing. At first I did not mind...
  23. keb10d

    Button Coral White Substance?

    Any idea what’s going on here?! Doughnut button coral.. woke up with a white goo substance on it..
  24. Mnmbrix

    Benny the Starry Blenny. Ich?

    Hi Everyone! We just got this guy a week ago and I love him so much. Worried he may have Ich. Any thoughts? He’s healthy and seems active and happy. Eats well. But he dive bombs and rolls in the sand sometimes. Thought he was playing but not sure.
  25. R

    Found what looks to be a zoanthid eating spider in tank

    I just recieved a zoanthid frag from aquasd 2 days ago which is what im assuming this came from and i just found this today on one of its polyps. I have only seen one so far and i checked the 3 of my zoanthid frags which have been doing fine but what im wondering is if they stay solely near and...