1. TrevorHorn19

    EMERGENCY Nudibranches, who’s got em?

    Everywhere I’m looking is sold out. Anyone know how to get ahold of some?
  2. J

    Help ID something on fish and glass.

    Hi - I noticed these the other day but thought they were just little snail eggs or something maybe. Didn’t give it much thought but now I have way more on my glass (20+) and saw one moving around on my frog fish today so I got worried. This is the best pic I can get. They are much bigger than...
  3. N

    EMERGENCY Weird algae growing, wanted to get someone else’s opinion

    It started on one of these rocks I got from my local fish store, spread to my other rocks so I took them out and scrubbed them down and I’m letting them sit in cold water so the algae will die off. I have had this tank for about 3 weeks now. I just want to make sure it isn’t a slime algae or...
  4. M

    Eggs... what the heck are they?!

    Hey guys, pretty new to reefing but I have an Semi established tank, I think it’s been like 4-5 months since I started with Tampa Bay live rock. But I looked at the glass today and saw something hatching? I didn’t see these eggs yesterday or last night but there seems to be little “sprouts”...
  5. Sablah

    Tang in QT breathing fast, not eating, has mouth damage?

    I got a Whitetail Bristletooth Tang from LA's Diver's Den. It arrived yesterday and I put him in QT tank. It swam around for a few minutes and then has been hiding in the PVC ever since. I kept the lights out and so I didn't get to observe it all that well, but I didn't notice it breathing...
  6. A

    Help - Torch Not Doing Well

    Wanted to reach out to get some help for my torch. I have had this for well over a year and it was growing great, always fluffed up and happy. Fast forward to a few months ago I added a percula clown that decided to aggressively host the torch and it started looking very beat up. The clown as...
  7. taylorn13

    How to get rid of spaghetti worms

    Hey yall. Wasn’t quite sure where to post this thread, but I need some help. About a month or so ago, I got a spaghetti worm as a hitchhiker on a frag. I knew they were good guys so I let him stay. Flash foward to now, they’re all over my tank probably about 10 of them. I want them GONE...
  8. Noob_Sam

    Clownfish done with QT??????????????

    Hello, I got this clownfish last Sunday. My lfs already had him in step 1 and 2 medication ( the green and blue one). Also when I got him I did a FW dip and he had no flukes. He is in copper for the last 9 days ( @2.0ppm - Copper Power). He had some white spots the second day and after that he...
  9. NanoRookie

    Help with nutrients, how did yo do it?

    Hi guys. I have a 4 month old 40b tank. Amonia 0 nitrite 0 alk 10.3 constant with dosing pump and calcium 475. My nitrates went up after removing a biopellet reactor (they said is better to have a fuge) So my nitrates are constant 40 and phosphates are .90. All my corals and fish are healthy...
  10. Kaboobie

    Duncan's puffed up like a balloon

    So I've been struggling with an algae issue slow steady progress now a bit if cyano issue but my question is this. Has anyone seen a duncan behave like this? It's been this way for a month or so now. I left it alone to see if it would settle down but no dice? Any ideas why it would balloon like...
  11. michaelabellz

    Astraea Snails hard inside??

    My astraea snails have not been doing well at all, they haven’t been moving really and at first I thought maybe they just have to get used to my tank as I just got them last week but my other snails are doing very well. For the past day or 2 they’ve been in the same spot but I do catch them...
  12. michaelabellz

    High nitrate after water change?

    So just 2 days ago i preformed a water change as my nitrate levels read at a high 25. I’d say I did about a 45% water change with r.o water. But when I checked again today my nitrate readings are exactly the same? The only thing I can think of is doing another water change, but i don’t want to...
  13. C

    ICP Test results - What do I need to do?

    Hi Everyone, just got my test results in for the ICP. Need your help identifying what is out of whack in my tank so I can get it fixed. Looks like I should dose some trace elements? Aluminum at 41.26? dealing with STN for a while on Acro, so would be great to nail it down
  14. Not an IT guy

    Blue Spotted jawfish diagnosis

    Hi all first post on R2R. I recently got a blue potted jawfish. Was QT prior to me purchasing it. Copper treatment. It’s in my DT. Brought it home over a week ago. It has ate somewhat. I have seen my salfin nip at its tail fin which then prompt me to put it in a container away from the...
  15. saltlife97


    Hello, I’ve just had my long nose butterfly pass the other night and and then my mole tang the next night. I had no idea these fish were sick at the beginning. My Kole tang started showing signs when my butterfly passes and now my box fish is covered in white spots. I assume it’s ich but I just...
  16. Clownphish

    Immense Help Needed

    This is going to be a lot to read: My aquarium is suffering horrendously and I'm embarrassed to call it my own. It's probably the ugliest saltwater aquarium I've ever seen and probably one of the worst ones you've seen. I've been holding off on posting but finally thought it was time to share...
  17. josh6surfer

    Large Build Help!!!!! looking for 180 peninsula

    Any help i can get!!! lol So I'm looking to build a 180g peninsula mix reef and can't find anything besides Redsea and Waterbox aquariums. Any suggestions where i could find some like this online? I already looked into reef savvy. I'm not looking to buy an all in one and i'd also prefer low...
  18. D. Torres

    Clownfish won't eat after tank transfer

    As the tittle says, one of my clownfish won't eat after a transfered them from my 75g to my 175g. I've had both clownfish for about 2.5 years and the female clownfish is going on day two since I transfer her over to the bigger tank. The 2 clowsn are the only 2 fish I've transferred so far and...
  19. Courtney & David

    Snail ID

    There are about 6 of these snails in the bag with our new Toadstool Leather. They look like mini turbo snails, but we aren’t sure...anyone know? Should I put them in the tank or no?
  20. michaelabellz

    In serious need of some advice regards to cycling!!

    I have been cycling my tank for 2 and a half months now and have seen no spike of ammonia (steady .25 for pretty much the entire cycle), just last week my nitrite tested at .25ppm but has stayed steady ever since which is odd as I read nitrites double every 12 hours. I have two black mollies...
  21. larsccameron

    Yellow Tang laying against back of glass and on Sand

    So my yellow tang has been eating fine for a while now and all of a sudden last night he was in between the rock hiding and now today he has been laying down against the back of the tank and in the sand and will swim straight against the glass. He has been eating green algae brine shrimp and has...
  22. Jeremy K.A.

    Dosing pump questions

    Hey R2R members, I'm going to be buying and setting up a dosing pump soon and was wondering something. When I run the tubing into dosing container/ 2 part bottle etc. won't the bottom of the bottle have all the condensed elements? As in, on the bottle it says shake before use, but if it's...
  23. Breebree293

    What are these things!! Please help!

    I need help! I just found these things in my tank tonight. I tried to look up what they were but all it said was cephalopods and I am not convinced that’s what they are. They are swimming and kind of hoping around the bottom of the tank, just above or on the sand. I just would like to know if...
  24. K

    Serious tank issue. Please help

    Hello everyone, I’m pretty much at my wits end with my tank and I would really appreciate any help I can get. I'll start with some info about my tank: Started tank on August 10th 2020. 20gal long. Bare bottom. I put a wave maker pump, ai prime light, heater (78°), dry rock, and some nitrifying...
  25. V

    HELP! Program and Install Apex with ATK and Icecap Kalk stirrer.

    Hello all, and thanks for stopping in to read and help if possible. Just installed my first apex and I have most of it figured out, but The Kalk stirrer and solenoid valve programming is starting to scare me. I had to run my top off line through a couple of walls, so adding a second line and...
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