1. A

    Red serpent star mutilated on arrival

    Hi, I ordered a red serpent start Ophiderma squamosa and upon arrival it had 3 broken arms with the broken pieces in the bag(see picture below). The transportation was overnight from a reputed seller who has offered to reimburse me. I am not still sure what could have happened any ideas? I...
  2. A

    HELP - Brown spots on live rock

    Hello, I’m newer to saltwater tanks and have absolutely loved everything about it. I’m having trouble, and could really use suggestions. I have a Waterbox Cube 10 that is going on 3 months. The tank currently houses a clown, purple fire fish, shrimp, mini conch, and 2 turbo snails. Levels...
  3. PMReef

    EMERGENCY Aquilles what does it has?

    Hello My aquilles tang got ich bit now it has some white sports on his chest and his lower tail, os it still ich related or something else? Thankyou
  4. Freakmachine01

    Red worm

    Is this a spaghetti worm. If not can someone please identify?? Was found on the glass of my tank last night
  5. S

    Is he gone?

    My Galaxia just recently started looking like this. Is it a definite goner?
  6. N

    Is this Cyano?

    Hey guys, noticed a few dark purple spots on one of my rocks, could somebody help identify if it is Cyano or possibly coraline? thankyou
  7. Zoa_Fanatic

    ID help

    Are these snails and this nem bad? I just got them in a frag swap.
  8. Zoa_Fanatic

    Help ID please

    Is this a “strawberry” anemone? I guess that’s a mojano? That’s what people in my area call them. Should I murder it or is it reef safe?
  9. T

    Favia infection??

    Hi! Advice for what seems to be an infection on my favia? I placed a Duncan coral on a rock and when I returned after being away for a weekend I saw that the Duncan was on top of the favia. Duncan coral was fine with no injuries at all. However, the favia seems to be in bad shape. Has anyone...
  10. CoreyT355

    Tank in a downward spiral, need some help

    Hi all, I'll try to not ramble on, but my tank has been in a downward spiral for 3 or 4 weeks now, and I am really struggling to find out what to do here. Tank is a Fluval Evo 13.5, running since 7-25-2021. Light is a Fluval Marine LED 3.0, Sicce Syncra Silent 1.0, AI Nero 3, InTank Chamber 1...
  11. That1guy07

    Aptasia growing on my fish, someone help.

    Hello, so recent I have had a bit of an aphasia problem. I have tried solving it with aptasia X but to no avail. Recently I saw I white spot on my one spot fox face rabbit fish. It was a spot on the false eye spot of the fish. At first I thought this was ich. However, when I took a closer look...
  12. R

    Will My Stand Hold Up?

    Hi Guys, I had my friend who is a lifelong professional welder by trade weld a stand for me. The stand will be supporting my new 84"x36"x25"tall tank (330g). The stand is sturdy and heavy with 2" tubing. My only question is in regards to no bottom support, will this lead to the stand...
  13. Jack biocube 32

    Help blue hippo tang keeps rubbing itself on the rock

    Well my blue hippo tang keeps rubbing himself on rocks. This is my first tang. I got him from my Lfs 4 days ago. The guy there said that these tangs usually act weird. So is this normal weird blue tang behavior or something else like ich or velvet. He looks fine and eats like a pig on anything...
  14. OrchidMiss

    chaeto aiptasia...

    Hi guys. Not a question as far as ID.... I know aiptasia when I see it. That being said, I've found 3-4 visible aiptasia in my chaeto in my 1g HOB refugium... The chaeto ball has grown from about a baseball size to the size of a softball and running out of room. Question is, can I do a...
  15. J

    EMERGENCY What is growing on my toadstool?

    Im fairly new to saltwater and corals, i believe this is a toadstool leather but can someone tell me what this is growing from it?
  16. Bigrig67

    Ugly water

    I added my first corals ever to my first tank…some soft corals and one sps coral for a test.. and my water can’t get clear… fish are happy, inverts are happy, and corals are growing any suggestions? Everything was coral dipped before adding to tank and washed off.. I’ve added new filter floss...
  17. sideways

    Please Help identifying something in my sand bed

    Hello everyone first time poster here, I just seen this thing in my sand bed and I want to know if I should remove it or im hoping its a beneficial critter and not a pest and it can stay? fingers crossed took two pics one of it closed (spooked) other open and filtering food, at least that’s what...
  18. BaileyB

    What screws to use for custom stand?

    I’m wondering if these screws would be sufficient for building my new aquarium stand for my 25g acrylic corner tank. (Pic of screws below) It also says not to used with untreated cedar on the back because it can cause a chemical reaction with the wood. If these won’t work what’s a type of screw...
  19. miltonkl

    Help picking out my first tank!

    I'm looking to set up my first tank and am trying to decide between a 40 breeder and an Aquatop Recife 40g AIO tank. I just picked up a used Aquatop with stand (included a return pump and the plastic media bucket things but the light it was supposed to have is missing and the skimmer it came...
  20. A

    Anything I can do for him?

    Good evening everyone, my beautiful bird wrasse was hit on the nose buy to dog face puffer. His injury healed and after a while there was some sort of growth on his nose (where he was bit). The growth is out of control now. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  21. agame2021

    Which harem would be coolest?

    I haven’t been able to pic a favorite and stick with it. So these are some of my favorites. What do y’all think? I got a 150 gallon and am looking to get 35-50 clowns depending on size…(lightnings will be less) but what do you think?!
  22. christianscorals

    Dinos, diatoms? microscope pic for help!

    Hello everyone. I have been struggling to i.d this stuff on my sandbed, it looks like some type of dino but can’t pinpoint to any in specific. just want to i.d and start the battle already, thanks for any help
  23. Zoa_Fanatic

    Snail ID

    Is this a sundial? The shell is not flat like pics of sundial snails. It’s shaped like my nerite snails in freshwater.
  24. Bigrig67


    How do I get my water to be that amazing clarity that I see in so many aquariums? My water parameters are on point but at times my water can look murky compared to some of the crystal clear pictures I see from other on this site..
  25. H

    EMERGENCY Parasite help

    I need some help trying to figure out what kind of parasite this is. I introduced an eel and my own fault for not paying enough attention immediately. He is covered in some sort of parasite that is now reproducing. Not sure what it is so not sure how to treat it. They have started to latch on to...