1. iwnltom

    EMERGENCY Fish dying. Unknown. Need HELP

    I don’t know what’s wrong. I lost 2 that’s the other day, and was told it was the newly added unsafe anemone. Now today, my yellow tile fish can’t get off the sand bed, and seems to have a piece of his take missing. This is NOT another fish doing this as I basically have nothing left in my tank...
  2. A

    Is this an aiptasia?

    I am brand new to salt water aquariums. We got some live rocks from a local store shortly after setting them up in our brand new tank I noticed this on one of the rocks. I’m wondering if it is an aiptasia. We also have a few brittle starfish that have come with the rocks. And if it is any advice...
  3. T

    First long tentacle anemone

    hey, this is my first long tentacle anemone. I’ve noticed he keeps moving beside the inlet to my filter. It’s not creating great suction my only concern is if it will get damaged or hurt being near it. Again I’ve moved him twice since getting it 2 days ago to the opposite side of the tank and it...
  4. A

    Finally figured out why my stylophora was dying need help identifying what bug it is

    I’ve been having problems with my stylophora for a while and was blaming myself and checked everything and tried to change the lights/ flow/ nutrients slowly for almost 2 months to see what is was. Now that it is completely gone I can see some bugs on the stylos. Before adding to tank I used...
  5. K

    BTA mouth cut???

    I recently got this BTA anenome and have noticed a white flesh or cut next to its mouth. Any idea what this might be thanks.
  6. Henslay2

    What is this light, and where can I get a new power supply?!

    Hi all! I was given this light with a full set up my boyfriend got for me for my birthday from his father. Unfortunately, he told us after the fact that the power supply for this light was damaged and is long gone. He also can't remember the brand of light ‍♀️ Maybe it's my stubbornness, or...
  7. Artix

    Fixing up an old 180 gallon tank.

    1st post here, sorry if any of this is re-post but I just want to be sure I'm doing things right. I bought a 180ish gallon used from a local store, it’s been dry stored in a garage tell I was able to get to setting up. Well life happened and it got moved 3 times and one of the top braces got...
  8. N

    Help with nero in biocube 32

    I’ve just gotten into saltwater and have a biocube 32, planning to get better lights asap lol. But I have a Nero 3 pump and I’m not too sure where I should be placing it, pls help!!
  9. B

    Help with new zoas

    About a week ago I bought a zoa frag from my LFS and it has yet to open. It was fully opened at the store but for some reason, I cant get it to open in my tank. This isn't my first time with Zoas but my first time having this problem. I've tried moving it to areas with differing amount of light...
  10. K

    Adding live rock to an established tank

    Can I add a leather coral on a live rock to my tank? I’m getting a good deal on a coral but the issue it’s attached to a live rock, not sure if I can add it to my tank with out anything dying?
  11. M

    Help, i think there is something wrong with my cycle..

    Hi, im currently into my 9th day of cycling by marine aquarium, and my parameters has stayed consistent at around 6.0 ammonia (tested using API kit) nitrites at 2.0 and nitrates slowly rising (nitrite and nitrates are tested using the salifert saltwater test kits). My PH has been stable at 8.0...
  12. K

    Dying LPS… hazard to other corals?

    I made a HUGE mistake yesterday when I got my first online order of corals… in the excitement of receiving the shipment, I forgot to temp acclimate and went straight to dipping before putting into the tank… I realized my mistake immediately after but i had already dumped the water the frags...
  13. S

    EMERGENCY Clownfish tail ripped up and has whitish on side fins anyone know what it is or what I should do thanks

    Clownfish tail ripped up and has whitish on side fins anyone know what it is or what I should do thanks
  14. W

    Lean on Red Sea 170 what should I do if anything

    It is the same on both sides a tiny bit more on the back left side. I cannot fix for a day. Do I need to do anything should I be worried?
  15. Linknzelda1

    Hello Tips on lighting

    Hello, I am new to reefing and I’m struggling with exactly how to set up my lights. Some say 8 hours some say 10 but would it hurt to have it on for 12? And if so what kind of damage would it do? Also I have white, blue, and RGB mode what is recommended to have on at what times? Is there a light...
  16. Jaag

    Long term diatom issues

    Hey everyone, I am in need of some help here. I have been battling, what I believe to be, diatoms for close to three months now. I have recently checked my silicate level which was close to zero. I could not say exactly as it was a Salifert color comparing test. You understand these are not...
  17. T

    Wyoming Clownfish hasn’t ate in a week

    Hey guys, I got this clown a little over a week ago. Mind you I already had a clown in my waterbox 20 (smaller than the Wyoming) I brought it home and acclimated and put it in the tank. It was pretty happy, initially when I introduced them they immediately swam to each other swimming happily and...
  18. j.speaks

    Is my pump too fast?

    Hello all, I’m new to reefing and am just in the process of setting up my first tank. I noticed that my pump is pumping out more water than my tank can replace in the chamber. I have a sicce syncra pro 2200 which is rated for 550 gph. Yes, it’s on the lowest setting and I just don’t want the...
  19. marieee

    To reseal or to not reseal?

    I recently bought a used 220 gallon tank, it was up and running when I bought it with NO active leaks. The guy I bought it from said it was about 10 years old and might need to be resealed in the future. I really don't want to completely dismantle the tank when it has no leaks. Should I redo the...
  20. Chela101

    Reading test results

    I used aquaforest testpro magnesium. And I don’t know how to read the end result of my test. Thats the amount left once it changed color that it suppose to be. I also provided the chart that the test came with
  21. TheSheff

    Cannot kill off Ulva, it always grows back.

    Hello, I have been dealing with ulva in my DT for a couple of months now, and I cannot seem to get rid of it. I have a tang, snails, and emerald crabs. None of them seem to want to eat it. Does anyone have any other solutions?
  22. iwnltom

    HELP ASAP.Adding Anemone to tank, Afraid of disease.

    The reason I placed this as an emergency is because I really need answers as soon as possible… my girlfriend ordered me a green king tenticle anemone. Very nice gesture, but the overthinking nut job I am can’t pass the thought that maybe it’s carrying a disease. It is from fragbox, and I really...
  23. iwnltom

    Protein skimmer problems, need suggestions!

    Hi, I’ve been keeping a Red Sea 350 litre G2 for about a year now. I’ve been using the Red Sea skimmer that’s recommended to come with it. I didn’t know very much when I begun this journey or else I wouldn’t have bought it knowing the terrible credibility they have. My skimmed worked fine for...
  24. C

    What is this that keeps showing up near the sand?

    I keep finding these sand covered noodles at random spots in my tank. Are they spunk? Worms? Poop? They don’t move but I have no idea were they come from.
  25. T

    Help a newbie please

    Alright, I hate to be the noob with the issue this time, but I have to admit my lack of knowledge even after research. My tank has been up and running for almost 4 weeks. When I first started cycling, I accidentally dosed too much ammonia from algaebarn and I think it killed off at least half of...