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  1. CoolLibs

    Not sure if these are good or bad

    No clue what these little white worm looking things are and need help knowing if they are good or bad for the tank
  2. JRdgz

    Soft corals losing color

    Softies losing color, why, this gsp was pink lime the one in the back, now it’s white, zoas are doing it to. First started with the mushroom. This one was red but now almost transparent. He keeps moving and leaving babies but no color. What can this be? Please help
  3. Sick_man

    EMERGENCY Phosphates at 10?!

    Hi, i just tested my water with API reef kit yesterday and my phosphates read 10 (not 1.0, I am not mistaken). I've been running some chemipure blue and it looks like that wasn't enough so I added some chemipure elite and the algae growth has slowed down a bit since adding yesterday. Is this the...
  4. Bepis


    So I bought some aragalive sand and it came today. Problem is that the bags broken and i was planning on storing it and using microbacter start xlm+ quikcycle. What do I do... Add it eventhough it might interfere with the microbacters or just wait for a refund..
  5. M

    Need help finding out what this coral is!

    Hey I just got this new coral from my local pet co don’t worry I’m dipping it now but when I got it all it said on the tag was coral frag so if someone could help me out on what this is and what the care is that would be awesome thanks!
  6. Sick_man

    Help with Salt

    Hi, so I'm running low on salt and have been using regular instant ocean. I wanted to try the reef crystals because it is marketed toward corals and it is cheaper on Amazon at the moment. Would it be okay to switch salts? Tank is about 2 months.
  7. J

    What in the world is this creature??

    Anyone can ID this for me? Today one of my hammers died. Last night it wasnt happy and looked extremely stressed. Sucked to see it that way cause it was fine just hours before in the morning. So i dipped it in iodine and put it back thinking its a bacterial infection. At midnight i came down and...
  8. JackerVenom

    Par and LED’s

    Hello everyone I have a question? I did a par reading on my tank for the first time. I noticed that the par is at 30 on the sand bed and 100 at the top. I’m currently running 1 hydra 26HD on a 9 gallon. Yes I know it’s over kill, but was bought for when I upgrade so I don’t have to buy a new...
  9. J

    Help! One of my hammer coral is gaping!

    Is my hammer pooping or what? Its been fine since i got it 2 weeks ago and was fine this morning then i came home to this. Looks like white slime coming out of the centre. The mouth is also open big. Hard to see in the pic but theres a 1 inch string of slime. It also shrivelled up so much. Its...
  10. J

    Help! Is this hammer pooping?

    Is my hammer pooping or what? Its been fine this morning then i came home to this. Looks like white slime coming out of the centre. Hard to see in the pic but theres a 1 inch string of slime. It also shrivelled up so much. Its normally open up to about 3 inches? I used a turkey baster and sucked...
  11. D

    Need skimmer help!

    So my girl just bought a fluval flex marine 32.5 gallon and I wanted to get her a protein skimmer. I have been looking online and calling local stores. I can’t seem to find a fluval PS1 skimmer anywhere. Is there a reason its not out there? If it’s not being made does anybody know another...
  12. M

    What are these things crawling on my media bag?!?!??!

    I have no idea. It could be bristle worms?? Maybe??
  13. M

    My clownfish has been excreting powder?

    I walked up to my tank and was greeted by my clowns as usual but I saw my female was shedding something that looked like white powder. I have been dealing with a small case of ich and it has been dying out (looks like the female is the only one that has spots left, and there are like 3 and there...
  14. lazycouch


    hey guys, here with a quick question today. I was wondering if there was to come a time where one of your parameters were off, lets say cal alk and or mag, by a good amount how would you approach getting the levels back up. to elaborate, if calcium tests at a low 350 or 340ppm perhaps 330...
  15. M

    Anemone closed up for a while

    Ok so my rainbow bubble tip has been closed for weeks now and every now and then he barely opens his mouth. The tentacles have been looking a little small. At first I thought it was my water but everything was normal. Then I found a bunch of tube snails (the ones that cast nets and disturb...
  16. MrDeathKills

    Nano Build 16gal BioCube help

    Alright i will try and get a bunch of questions knocked out here by using a number format. In advance thank you for reading and or helping! 16gallon biocube with LED hood 1. For sand wife wants as white of sand as possible any recommendations? In addition to that how many pounds of sand do I...
  17. taylorn13

    Tank upgrade, when can I add some LPS??

    Hey guys, I just upgraded my 10 gallon to a 20 gallon innovative marine peninsula. Not sure what kind of start you would call this (if there even is any), but I basically used all the same rock in my 10 gallon (i kept them submerged and oxygenated during transfer) as well as filter media. I do...
  18. U

    EMERGENCY Bubble Coral

    Hey all. My bubble coral doesn’t look like it’s doing to well. Any advice would be great.
  19. jaket

    Established Tank Moved

    First post.. so I recently purchased a (what I was told) 2 year established tank with 120 lbs live sand, 100 lbs live rock. fluval 1200mm light bar(replacing as it is junk but it came with it) I’m running fx6 and cascade 1200 canisters being it’s not drilled. And a Sea clone protein skimmer...
  20. FloridaGal762

    URGENT HELP NEEDED- Frog Spawn Coral

    I have had a frog spawn coral for many weeks and it has been thriving. All of the sudden today the "stalk" is getting black and it is closing up. Help! What do I need to do? Posting before and after pictures. (BTW- the coral was moved up from the "before" picture location to it's current...
  21. L

    can it work?

    hi i am new to reefing and i am planning on getting a 55 gallon reef tank. i am wanting to get the smallest option for a blue tang on reef beauties and also a yellow tang but i dont know if it will fit. can somebody help?
  22. Daveouthere

    Hydroid problem

    Hey guys so I’ve noticed some stuff on a zoa frag of mine and determined that they are hydroids, what can I do to fix this problem? Do I dip the frag or something? I kind of isolated the frag tonight on my frag rack because it has started to spread on my rocks any ideas or suggestions are...
  23. M

    Emergency What is this?!?!?!

    My dad just brought this back from fishing. I think it’s macro algae. Can someone tell me what it is. It had some aptasia or something so I hit it with aptasia x
  24. J

    Algae outbreak

    Anyone know what I should do in order to get rid of this algae? i had dino’s at first, did a 3 day blackout and now they’re gone but I have a different algae growing. Any idea of what I should do?
  25. J

    Wall hammer frag. Need some tips

    I went to a not so local lfs today, saw some really bright green almost golden hammer in a frag tank. I only had 5 mins to spend in the shop as i had to go somewhere. So i kinda impulse bought the hammer frag. The price list stated ‘per head’ so it sounds like a branching hammer coral to me. So...