1. J

    White micro bugs on glass and in tank

    Recently added coral to my tank and over night I have noticed some white micro bugs on the glass. I dontknow what they are or what I need to do to get rid of them.
  2. P

    Naoko wrasse issue swimming HELP!

    Hi everyone I just bought this little guy and he’s having issues swimming. He’s been swimming completely upside down has a short bursts where he’s able to swim normal but then falls down keeps curling up in a ball and scooting around upside down. I keep reading forms and I cannot figure out...
  3. F

    Cycling new tank - Nitrite won't go down (week 6.5)

    Hello everyone! I recently bought a 4 feet (100g) tank but we're having problems with our cycle. You can see my pics below! To give context, here is our detailed timeline for your understanding. In blue are the key events that I did. 1. Day 1 - our DT came but there was a scratch on the...
  4. B

    New Anemone! Need Some Help

    Hello all! I just purchased a Green BTA off of LiveAquaria. I was excited to see the nem when it got to me, but it got delayed and the nem spent 48 hours in a bag! When I opened the box I saw that the nem was inside out. There was zooxanthellae all over the bag. I floated the bag in my tank for...
  5. B

    New Anemone. Is it ok?

    Hello! I am new to R2R and relatively new the the saltwater hobby itself. I have had a 29 gallon tank running for about a year in a half with two clowns and a cleanup crew. I recently purchased a Green BTA, Tiger Pistol Shrimp, and Yasha Goby off of LiveAquaria. The shipment got delayed and my...
  6. tailoftwogobies

    please help ID

    hi everyone! any ideas as to what this may be at the bottom of this frag? noticed it today and want to make sure it’s not detrimental to our tank. thank you all!!
  7. Rijodan

    Fish looks like a wrung out towel disease or results of a bully?

    My purple fire fish looks /bad/ and swims like he's just following the current. Last week he was burrowing and before that I thought he was dead cause I hadn't seen either one in a month or 2. Here's some pics and once up loaded to YouTube a video
  8. leilanastasia

    How do you QT Mandarin Dragonet?

    I’m wondering if anyone has tips about how to quarantine dragonets. I am in a fallow period right now and will be for awhile but once I am out of the fallow period, I will be purchasing two dragonets. Ruby red and a Spotted Mandarin. I have a great quarantine system up and running right now, but...
  9. Isaac Swanagan

    Handling fish with your bare hands?

    Hello all, I’m having a debate with my coworkers at a fish store. What is the preferred method of transferring fish? Your bare wet hands or a net? Is difference on the impact of the slime coat for these different methods large? Please give me your opinion and the more sources the better. Thank you
  10. Aquaristexhibit

    Another Stocking list for NSA 75g (comments please)

    Hey Community! about to fire up my new build and I’m trying to get my fish stocking list together and looking for knowledgeable advice for the planned list. here’s my tank And here’s my list.... 2x clown gladiator/mocha Royal Gramma Blue dot Jawfish Yasha white Ray/Dracula goby...
  11. T


    Hi! I have no clue what any of these things are and my internet searches are fruitless. Pic 1: they are like clearish little sac like things sticking off of rock. Pic of frag base, is this aptasia? Blue picture. Is this a ok worm?
  12. chadfish

    Is my RBTA sick? Help

    Not sure what happened. My nem was super happy after I switched to more powerful lights- flow hasn’t changed much. He was in the same spot for almost 6 months and now he’s moved almost to the sand bed and looks… deflated? The only thing that’s really changed is that the clownfish finally found...
  13. Vapor_Tsunami

    Yuma Staying Closed

    My Fire red Yuma that was looking healthy has suddenly been closed up for a few days. Is it possible the algae is bothering it? I tested nitrates and they were 0.2 ppm, my hunch is that the newly introduced peppermint shrimp were harrassing it. (Its a baby so its not even as wide as the plug...
  14. lunarwrasse97

    Anemone looks like it has eggs in tentacles!?

    Hi guys! I have something strange going on. My BTA looks like it has clusters of eggs inside it’s tentacles. I recently got this anemone and and hadn't noticed this at first. This is the only BTA in my tank. I’ve attached pictures of the mystery spheres for reference. The few things I found said...
  15. L

    I think my trachyphyllia brain coral is dying. Please help!!!

    Hi everyone, I've had this brain coral for about two months now and never had an issue with it. This morning I noticed that the top right corner is beginning to die but I'm not sure why? All my other corals in the tank are very happy so this was quite a shock. Water quality is within safe...
  16. E

    Refugium and cheato problems

    So I have no idea why but my cheato keeps turning mushy and it falls apart, it doesn’t look green under refugium light but if I put a normal light on it you can tell it’s green still, this is my first refugium and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong over $80 worth of cheato has melted in my sump...
  17. A

    I need help identifying this item on my live rock

    What is this on my live rock?
  18. R

    Euphilia Issues

    I’ve Had the Red Sea Max170e up for around 6months and have a 6 euphilias (1 torch, 3 frogspawn, 2 hammers one walling one branching) among a handful of other corals. most of these have been in the tank for 2 months or more and yesterday I noticed all the euphilia were irritated and slightly...
  19. L


    Hey guys. I’ve noticed this white splotch on my purple tang recently but did not think much of it. Recently my powder blue tang died, i’m unsure of the cause, but I remembered that the powder blue tang had a similar white splotch a week or two prior to him dying. I’ve attached photos of both...
  20. E

    Zoa/paly identification

    Can you guys I’d these zoa and palys for me please, thank you.
  21. Mwdsonny

    Fluval Flex 32.5gal (123l)

    1st I've ordered media baskets for the tank. Looking at chemipure blue 5.5 Oz is rated for 35 to 50 gal. So using it is a little over powered, but not super over powered. But that will go on the media tray on 1 side. Filter floss will go in top of both, but the basket with the blue will have...
  22. adamlodge14

    Red algae?

    Could anyone help to identify what this is? It’s covering my zoas and I’m scared it’s killing them! -15 gallon -cleaner shrimp, Randall’s pistol shrimp -pink streaked wrasse, Yasha goby -strawberry conch, nassarius, trochus -3 zoas, 1 leather, 1 mushroom, 1 Xenia and 1 Duncan -tank is 3 months...
  23. M

    Hello New Guy! New Tank! Waterbox 130.4

    Hey all, Recently just purchased the above tank. I am a new marine reefer coming from the freshwater world. I have had my tank for a few weeks now. Cabinet built, sump plumbed. Will be taking my time and updating my progress here with pictures. Still looking into options for all equipment...
  24. CharMasta

    Help I have absolutely no idea what this is

    I just woke up to my fish tank and this is sitting in the front. Does anyone know what this is? What should I do? How do I get rid of it? Is it bad? Also don’t mind the algae I’m working on getting rid of it
  25. Gonj

    Hole in Wrasse?!

    I noticed my wrasse had a little hole in hit top fin yesterday, didn’t think much of it dismissed it as probably scuffing himself up while burying himself. Today the hole is considerably larger and he has a white circle in his side. I have 4 other fish none of which show similar symptoms and the...
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