1. B

    Possible leak

    Here's a long one. Please any info helps I'll attach pictures of my setup So I might have a leak. Last night about 4 cups of water went missing in about 4 hours. Before this happened, my last recorded salinity was 1.025. And My tank has glass lids that cover the entire top AND a canopy so...
  2. christianscorals

    Flatworm I.D. please? (Clear pics provided)

    Hello. Like many others, I was looking around my tank walls in search for pods. I found many, along with these flatworms. The flatworms seem to mostly hang out in the front glass and i've seen a couple crawling around rocks. Will they eventually start crawling on my corals and messing with them...
  3. B

    What are these??

    Weird clear tube like things sticking on my rocks, no idea what these could be
  4. TheFishTickler

    Orange Slime. Sponge? Algae?

    Best picture I got for today. What the heck is this orange thing? I have search the forum for hours for an ID, no luck.
  5. S

    EMERGENCY aquatop recife eco 24 gal problem

    Basically my return pump's chamber has water filled to the lowest and my filter section of the tank only covers one media box which I dont think is normal? When I first got this tank my pump was good and the chamber was filled decently making little to no noise. Consequently, one day my sister...
  6. E

    What are these?

    I just got this frag yesterday and I saw these today
  7. I

    EMERGENCY Leaving Fish for Vacation

    This summer I am going on a 2 week vacation. I am wondering what to do with my fish tank. I have to ocellaris clowns, a shrimp, and an astraea snail. To have an automatic fish feeder I would have to take the lid off, which would result in way too much evaporation. My choices are to put them all...
  8. LegalReefer

    Help needed with Birdsnest Coral

    Hello! In need of help, my birdsnest coral has always been relatively hardy and healthy, but lesions appeared on it about two days ago and have grown on the branches. I’d love some advice/help as to what I should do. Pictures attached of the lesions/white area of dieback.
  9. LegalReefer

    Help needed, lesions and white patch/dieback appearing on my Birdsnest

    Hello! In need of help, my birdsnest coral has always been relatively hardy and healthy, but lesions appeared on it about two days ago and have grown on the branches. I’d love some advice/help as to what I should do. Pictures attached of the lesions/white area of dieback.
  10. chemicals

    dKH pretty low, calcium and magnesium normal

    Hi, Today did some testing and I found that my alkalinity is pretty low. dKH: ~6 Ca: 470 Mg: 1440 Salinity: 1.025 pH: ~8 Nitrate: ~6 Ammonia and nitrite: 0 These testing results are 1 week after a water change. I use Tropic Marin Pro salt and a new batch of water has around 7,2 dKH. Should I...
  11. Swayingoceans

    Coral ID help

    Hi, can anyone tell me what this coral is? I only have a bad quality picture. I honestly don't know what it could be since it showed up and now looks like an acropora frag but in the shop picture it has long green polyps? Could it be GSP? ...I honestly have no idea. Help please!
  12. R

    EMERGENCY Melting Zoas?

    Help. I think my Zoas are melting. I’ve been struggling with my phosphate for as long as I’ve had my Zoas (about 30 days)(ultra low was erroring out at around .9) is now at .41. They didn’t seem to have a problem when it was high and up until about 2 days ago they seemed fine. I have other...
  13. H

    Seeking advice for a monitor/controller system

    I have a 13 gallon mixed reef in my office at work. Everything is flourishing and I test the water every 2 days to stay on top of it. But I was wanting to add a monitor system so that I could monitor it on weekends, holidays and vacation days and cut out some of my routine testing. I’m new to...
  14. W

    HOW do I setup my RODI?

    So I have this issue where with both of my faucets I’m not sure they even have a thread I’m capable of accessing? I live in an apartment with a sink bathroom faucet and a kitchen faucet neither which seem like something I’m able to screw into? How would I even go about setting up a reverse...
  15. I

    32 bio cube established help please

    I have a year old established 32 bio cube I have a neo 3 I have a good blue light I have all the hanna checkers practically my tank seems happy I did a water change yesterday because my nitrates were threw the roof, I've got them under control now. I have a watchman goby, a pistol shrimp, 2...
  16. Afarouki

    Utter Chaos expelling it’s guts

    Got it a few days ago. Looked fine first. Pictures attached. Params Alk: 9 Ca: 450 Salinity: 1.025 Nitrate: 4 Phos: 0.05 i have it placed low in tank. Other zoas right next to it are fine. Everything else in tank looks good. What could be the issue and is there anything I can do to fix it?
  17. Phoerut

    What is this sea slug kind of thing?

  18. I

    Mystery Algae Growth

    I’m having a weird thing that may be algae growing on my already diatom covered dry rock. Can anyone please tell me what it is? Thanks!
  19. Lemons


    Hey folks! I got this “little red ferrari” about a week ago, and today i noticed it looks a little lumpy… now im used to the occasional spot that’ll grow into a polyp. But this looks like bubbles????? Params alk: 8.6-8.3dkh Ca: 455 Mg: 1310 Ph: 8.4-8.1 NO3: 2.5ppm Po4: 0 It’s under about...
  20. Alex's Nano Reef

    Lighting Help

    So i have mapped out my PAR in my values are good. But i think my ramp up and ramp down periods are messed up and i cant figure out if I'm giving my corals too much light or too little light. i never used a light controller before so im just used to having the light turn on and off at a set time...
  21. newreef1

    EMERGENCY Ich Again!!!!

    Guys my tank once crashed because of Ich and I lost everything. I cleaned the entire tank out and restarted. I QT my first batch of fish and everything was fine. I got more fish on Thursday and they were put in QT. Someone in my family, put the fish because they looked OK in the main DT today...
  22. Uzair Aiman

    High nitrates and Green Hair Algae

    Hi. i think most of you guys have seen a post like this before. Right now I have a green hair algae outbreak. I’ve been trying to manually remove them while doing water changes weekly. my tank is around one year old, I’ve got a torch coral, a BTA, GSP, Yuma, and a Zoanthid in the tank. A clown...
  23. B

    Am I ready for coralline

    Hello and thanks for looking at my post, I have some nuisance algae in my tank and I wanted to remove it so I contacted brs and asked what they thought they pretty much told me that I don’t need a Uv sterlizer or anything but rather should start trying to grow some coralline in the tank, is this...
  24. wonderphil-reef

    Tank has gone completely cloudy over night

    Hi all, So I added a couple coral frags to my tank yesterday and today I have come out and my tank is Cloudy, so cloudy I can see anything. I had dipped the coral in redsea coral dip first and wasted off, I had also replaced my GFO, and done my daily dosing with CA, MG and Redsea NO3:PO4-x...
  25. MrDeathKills

    Acantho very damaged

    So some background first. I saw this acantho from a local reefer/seller a few months ago. I asked about and he said he isn’t selling right now because it got damaged at a show. Fast forward 3-4 months later he is moving. He posts about it for $150 with the first picture saying its still damaged...