1. Dylan7huskies

    White fuzz growing all over

    I’ve noticed a white fuzz growing all over my tank, wondering what this is and if there is a way to get rid of it. The tank has been up for 2 years, it’s a 20 gallon. Checked all my parameters and they’re all good (salinity 1.025, temperature 80).
  2. twhit030

    T5 mounting advice

    okay r2r I need some help from the people lol. I have a 75 gallon all sps system going up. I just got my new 48 inch t5 giesmann 8 bulb fixture in and considering I’ve used the el cheapo Amazon version in the past… this things way heavier. I NEED MOUNTING OPTIONS!! I’ve considered rim mount on...
  3. G

    Are my parameters unhealthy for new reef tank? If so how do I lower them?

    Last week I ordered coral frags and decided to start my reef tank in my 29 GAL which was FOWLR before. Now I knew nothing about reefing or the chemistry but taught myself while waiting for my corals. I set my reef tank up and used Kents Nano Reef A&B to start up the tank. However After using Red...

    Strange critter ID please

    Today I found this mushroom moved over and underneath where it used to be was this thing. It is bright orange under the light and theres about 30 legs all appearing to come from the same spot. Definitely moving and looks like the legs are stretching out and grabbing things. Should I remove it...
  5. Herides

    Trachyphillia Dying? Flesh turning brown and white and decaying?

    This is the current state of one side of my poor trachy. I got him about 2 weeks ago and on the day after successfully acclimating, inflated like a balloon, ever since though he's been pretty tight to his skeleton, and now it's gotten so bad I think I can see skeleton and I'm seeking help. I've...
  6. E

    BRS UNIVERSAL co2 scrubber help

    I just received the brs universal co2 scrubber and it has no instructions, it look like it can with three sponges but I don’t know what the third sponge is for I also do know wether to hook the skimmer line to the IN or to the OUT I assume I hook the skimmer up To the OUT, I set it up without...
  7. agame2021

    Which is easier torch or BTA

    I have a 140 gallon tank that has been running for about a month now(no fish or corals only 1 snail and live rock. Will be adding sand shortly) and am planning on a giant cave in the middle with live rock. I want to color coordinate the tank. I want purple-ish blue on one side and a red and blue...
  8. V

    EMERGENCY Pipefish hooked on my filter, doesn't move during feeding time

    So I have 2 pipefish in my tank. They've been in there for about a month now and get along with every single tankmate. The tank is a 55g, that houses 2 pipefish, 1 melanarus wrasse, 1 occelaris clown, 1 firefish, and 1 royal gramma. Today when I woke up, one of the pipefish was hooked onto the...
  9. jaihutcherson

    EMERGENCY Velvet i

    Hey All! FOWLR 230g/60g trigger sump, w wave makers 750gph each, bubble mangus curve 7, GFO and Carbon reactor, 52w UV/600gph, fritz pro salt, tank age 18 months, 4 HO T5 Lights, roughly 175 lbs live rock Fish: Rhinecanthus Trigger Clown Trigger - Maybe Dead by Morning White spotted grouper...
  10. E

    Output nozzle help

    What’s the best size for output nozzle with 1 1/4 inch plumbing? I can’t even find that size output nozzle and I don’t know what size to get either
  11. T

    Slime/ mucus/bacterial?

    Hi I have just noticed some mucus looking stuff hanging off my rocks and clinging to some things. I originally set up a 29 gallon JBJ about 11 months ago and everything was going great and then it sprung a leak. I was able to manage it long enough to get a new tank, a 60 gallon ProStar. So, the...
  12. Cfellini91

    Offically Crashed Tank with NoPoX, almost all fish died...Add new live rock?

    I have had my tank going on 4 years. I almost crashed it a couple months back but brought it back from the dead. This week I accidentally dosed too much NoPoX and yesterday discovered all except one of my clowns died. I killed my green clown goby, platinum clown, hawk fish, and six line wrasse...
  13. T

    Dad's abandoned saltwater tank...

    Hi everyone, Without going into too much detail... myself and my siblings have been in the process of cleaning out and fixing my dad's house in order to sell it for the past year or so. We all knew there was a saltwater tank in one of the bedrooms in the basement but no one has wanted to deal...
  14. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    These may not be diatoms anymore...

    Are these diatoms still or could they be something different, or are diatoms dying and reforming? I'm confused. I'm at about.the 1 month, 1 week mark since putting biospira and first fish in. Some of this algae is Dark brown, some very light brown. Some rust colored (a yellowish rust) like...
  15. leilanastasia

    what the heck is this? Baby Bristle worm or flatworm?

    I have no idea what this is but it looks scary af! It wasn’t in my actual tank, it was with some chaeto in another tank. the picture doesn’t do it any justice- this is when I pulled it out dead. It looks furry on its sides. Also when it was alive, it extended its body to look longer.
  16. HygienicMermaid

    DIY Sump for 150L

    Hi all, I am planning on upgrading my saltwater aquarium to a 150L here in August. I am looking at creating a undertank sump system, as I have a spare 20L that is just sitting around. What all would I need to start the system? Links to everything, please? I have about $400 available for use...
  17. Tomorrow's Waters

    I would like a new utilitarian fish - suggestions?

    Hey everyone! I need a new fish for my 60 gallon for biological purposes. That being said, I would like this fish to be a utilitarian fish to keep alongside my 6 line wrasse. It is likely that this fish will be moved to a 135 gallon in a few months. The tank is bare bottom and has little live...
  18. newreef1

    Red Sea 750xxl Help!!

    Hello I am very new and need your help with my Red Sea 750xxl tank. I just finally filled it and figured out kinda how to fill my sump enough so the water is running to and from tank normally. However now that the tank is on, the return pump flow into the tank itself pushes aside all my sand...
  19. alex__

    Moving help?

    I’m moving my nano saltwater tank to virginia with me, the only things in the tank are a couple corals and cuc. I would really like some tips as i am new to saltwater keeping and i have never attempted to transport a tank :))
  20. Lxnza

    Is this vermetid snail or… what? (I’m new)

    Hello! I’m pretty new in the hobby! Today I just noticed this kind of red worm on my euphyllia glabrescens… Is it vermetid snail? If not what could it be, the bottom seems attached to the body of the coral. Thanks for your time!
  21. Foggy Pirate

    Help.. low food input, great water parameters, and still algea grows. HAIR CYNO BUBBLE

    Help!!!!! So all my livestock has been in this tank for a couple months. I think everything has been in here since March 29th 2021. The 2 Cerith snails I believe i got a little later Maybe early June. So introducing stuff only could have happened awhile which leads me to my first observation. I...
  22. J

    Help me identify 5 Hitchhikers on my Live Rock from LFS

    Hi- I am a new hobbyist and am just cycling my first reef tank! I went to my LFS to purchase my live rock, and noticed some interesting hitchhikers. I have done some research and believe one is an Aiptasia anemone- and have read it is recommended to nip those in the bud. But don’t know what the...
  23. L

    sand or no sand

    i’m getting a 75 gallon custom made. i really like sps tanks but everyone says less sand or no sand because it’s easier to clean. but at the same time i’m considering jawfish which need sand and i really like more "biology" in the tank. the scape will also be quite minimalist. how can i...
  24. alex__

    White stringy thing on rock??? Please help !

    Ive only just noticed it today, the tank is only a couple months old. Please help identify, after browsing the web i still haven’t found anything like it haha, It’s only around an inch big and it looks like it has pores
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