1. headonkey

    North Carolina Skimmers IceCap k1 Nano Protein Skimmer

    Name says it all. Looking for $60 plus shipping. Works great.
  2. carpetlover

    What are these guys that came in?

    So I can ID one is a hermit crab, but not sure what type it is. Second snail looks like a small whelk but I’m not sure. Are they both ok? Nanotank.
  3. cmschmitz24

    5 Gallon Nano Start Up Questions

    Thinking of converting my 5 gallon aquatop into a saltwater tank. Pros and cons? I’ve never kept corals before and have a small pair of clowns that I’m thinking of moving to this tank. Any suggestions on filters (there’s a 3 stage filter currently with the tank), atos, skimmers? Tips for...
  4. M

    Nano Build Gunnar’s IM 25 Reef

    Introduction: Hi and thanks for checking out this thread. I just joined reef2reef and this is my first post. I got into reefing while serving in the military in San Diego California from 2013-2017. I moved back home to Washington state and have always wanted to get back into the hobby. We have...
  5. chrisgold

    Fluval evo sea new setup

    Hello friends Just set this fluval evo up 2 months ago. I have made a few upgrades i will list Ehiem 1000 pump Ai prime hd in post Jecod SOW-4 Custom made media basket( will put a picture of it on here not sure weather to upgrade) Fluval PS2 mini skimmer ( not sure if its needed in this tank...
  6. Jay00498

    Massachusetts WTB WTB Icecap K1 nano skimmer

    Looking for a good deal on a icecap K1 nano skimmer . Thanks
  7. SurgeonFish

    CVUE 40 AIO: What you do with this tank?

    In the process of handling a 125 and I ended up with this CVUE 40 all in one. I thew together a quick aquascape, filled it, added some seeded rock and macro algae to the refugium and started the cycle. what would you do with this tank? I’m genuinely interested in some unique ideas, here are...
  8. S

    AIO Build Fluval 13.5 Reef tank build! / Suggestions?

    Hi Everyone! So I decided to post my first build thread to R2R! I currently have an SCA 80 gallon FOWLR that has been running for over 1 year and after finding a good petco sale on the Fluval 13.5 / redoing my office I decided I wanted to start a nano reef for the office(thinking this would be...
  9. Sandroni

    Build Thread Sandroni's Fluval 5 Gallon!

    Hello everyone!! I hope your holidays were very merry and bright. I have made my return some of you may remember me as "AndysReef" I joined back in 2016 and took a break in 2018. I am now a sophomore and college and during this pandemic and my winter break, I decided to come back tp the hobby...
  10. Jonify

    Unrefrigerated Red Sea Reef Energy AB+ with a Nano Doser--It's Possible!

    I contacted Red Sea this week (screenshot below), asking if I could put a week's worth of AB+ in a jar or something, and then dose through my BRS 1.1ml per minute doser to my SPS-dominant 20G nano. Specifically, I asked if I would need to flush the lines in between (given the slow doser and the...
  11. shaz14

    Build Thread Shaz’s Evo 13.5

    We bought this tank a year ago. We had had small freshwater tanks before and my daughter had a betta tank. We were interested in getting a new tank and my husband was interested in saltwater but I was scared of them. The guy at the lfs convinced me that it wasn’t any harder than maintaining a...
  12. J

    Nano Build 25g SPS

    Start of my first full SPS aquarium located bedside, built my own stand for the first time. The stand still needs covers I plan on just painting some high end plywood adding trimming and holding it on with magnets. My sump won’t be fitting under my stand (bad craftsmanship on my behalf) so it...
  13. D

    Build Thread My mom's 13 gallon bubble algae Christmas present tank build!

    Some of you may have seen my post about a month ago on wanting to grow bubble algae as my moms Christmas present. Well I did it, and this is the build thread for that tank...
  14. Ging&Ging

    Hello from Austria

    Hello, I'm Christian from Austria, Tirol, mountain side. I startet 30 years ago. I run now a 90l tank and had a brake from 5 years and feel like a beginner again. The biggest fail, thinking all the pumps are still running after 5 years storage. i'm here to learn and improve my knowledge about...
  15. EverAquarium

    Build Thread Innovative Marine Encore 20 - Saltwater and Freshwater Side-by-Side Build

    When I saw this tank, I knew I had to have it. I had never bought an aquarium brand new - I have always bought used but this one deserved to be my first brand new purchase. I started piecing it together a little before Black Friday and used the deals available on Black Friday to get the parts I...
  16. graffitireef

    Build Thread Graffiti Reef Fluval Evo 13.5 Build

    Hello all, wanted to post some progress photos. Finally got everything so I could start building. This is my first time doing a nano and so far its alot of fun. I used Marco Rocks because I wanted to try something different and plan on making this a no hitchiker/no ich tank. Say what you will...
  17. J

    Nano Build Waterbox Marine X 35.1 build

    Hello fellow reefers from Michigan, A little background on myself. I am new to reef 2 reef but have been in the hobby since 2004. Over the years I have had several systems with my last 2 being mostly sps with a few of my lps favorites. Both torn down and sold off around moving. My last system...
  18. burakko

    Nano Build 4 gal nano tank

    Hi just started a nano tank for like 6 months now. The cycle took me like 1 month. It's around 4gal 15liter tank running without a skimmer. Tech: For filtration, I use an HoB with some filter floss and Chemi pure blue. Lights are Jeabo ak70 running around 40% Slice nano wavemaker pointed at...
  19. E_Galicia

    What are thooooose?

    I’ve recently had an outburst of critters in the return section of my nano aquarium. My water parameter haven’t changed, livestock is happy, so I’m left wonder what these are and if I should remove them by cleaning out the return chamber. Any and all insight and suggestions are much appreciated.
  20. RedFrog211

    EMERGENCY How contagious is Zoa Pox?

    I have a frag of zoas that was growing really well. Today one was closed up, and I noticed what I’ve identified as zoa pox. I’ve read a lot of speculation online, but haven’t found a direct answer. Is zoa pox contagious through the water, or is does it have to be touching another colony? I did...
  21. eamm97


    Hello everyone! I’m happy to show you my progress so far. This my new nano setup, it’s coming up to 4 weeks now. Let me know what you think! Also, what fish do you recommend I add next and how long should I wait to do so?
  22. eamm97


    Hey guys, here is my very first saltwater tank. I’m very excited!!! I’ve wanted to start one for years now and I finally did. Any advice for a new reefer? Especially on how to deal with diatoms? I’m on week 4 now and it’s starting to explode!
  23. Steve089

    Build Thread Steve’s IM 30L upgrade!

    going to be upgrading an IM20 to an IM30...since im currently documenting the IM20 progress in my waterbox20 build thread, I thought the new tank deserved it’s own thread!! IM20 is about 18 months old, I got it used off of CL as a full setup. goals of upgrade: more horizontal space for various...
  24. RedFrog211

    Blenny ID?

    Didn’t know if this belonged in critter ID or fish discussion, so here I am. I had my first reef tank about 4 years ago (has been broken down since) and found this photo of a blenny I had, and wasn’t able to identify it. Any thoughts? It was sold as a rhino blenny, but was obviously not that. Is...
  25. Jax352

    Nano Build 10g Nano Tank

    Got a couple questions about this 10g aquarium I just set up. I have experience without larger 50g + aquariums. The light I’m running on it is a current orbit marine pro led 24”. I know the light is to powerful for the tank so I turned it down to 30% white and 60% blue. I have no experience with...