1. Jon F

    Nano Build Flow advice

    Hi, I have a 35ltr tank, a little under 10 us gallons. I'm trying to get the flow right, but power heads seem to powerful. I've used the Tunze 6015 nano, too big and huge flow, too much. I currently have the return pump sicce micra+ and an ehiem CompactOn 600 as the only flow. The ehiem is too...
  2. A

    Nano Refugium

    After searching for refugiums for my 20 gallon salt tank i found little to nothing that would work or was sold to fit that product need. I was wondering if anyone else has found a company that makes this, or has any experience making their own? I made my own using a breeder box then adding a...
  3. J

    Build Thread Fluval nano mixed reef

    New nano reef tank I’ve been working on. Just got a lot of great deals on a nice selection of frags. I’m excited to see this start to fill out. I’m going a make a few adjustments but this is the setup at the moment
  4. C

    Build Thread New Build Red Sea Max C-130

    Hey Everyone, now that I've settled into my new place and finally found the tank I was looking for I'm ready to get back into it. My tank crashed during the move and lost all my coral and was only able to save a single clownfish and a yellow tail damsel. Picked up a used Red Sea Max C-130, the...
  5. obligatoryreefpun

    Build Thread 17g Nano Tank

    Hello everyone. I've been waiting to start this build for quite a while. For some background, this tank was originally my first successful reef tank. While it only ran for just over a year, it was quite a rewarding experience. Learning the ropes, doing the research, and of course, the payoff...
  6. Schraufabagel

    Best Nano protein skimmer?

    Anyone have any advice for filtering 25 gallons on eventual heavy bio load? I have a Waterbox peninsula mini 25 which has a protein skimmer chamber that is 6.8” by 3.1”. This rules out the Tunze 9004 and the IceCap K1-50. Would a regular media setup (GFO, carbon) combined with a Tunze 9001 be...
  7. C

    Macroalgae Nano-Tank Stocking Advice

    Hi everyone! I’m setting up a 9 gallon nano tank next month that I want to make into a macroalgae dominated tank. My idea is to be able to stock things in this tank that I’m not able to put in a reef tank but will still be safe with macros if that makes sense. I’m open to any types of fish and...
  8. C

    $20 budget LED bar looks better than my $70 aquaknight :(

    So I just went to a frag swap ran by local businesses and got a bunch of frags (as is tradition). Put them into my 10 gallon and was disappointed because the colors were not matching up to what I saw at the swap. They were under my budget aquaknight v1 light ($70) The hammers looked dull and a...
  9. Schraufabagel

    Nano Build Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25 - Build Thread

    Hey, I'm new here. I have some freshwater tanks (and purchased a couple more on the way) that range from betta fish, planted, and eventually a shrimp tank. I decided to take the plunge into saltwater since I think reef tanks look awesome! I'm in Wisconsin, so much of what I order will probably...
  10. R

    Background Dilemma

    Hello all. I just recently joined but I have come across an issue with the design for a tank I am making. I want to have a black background, but I can't paint the outside becuase of its design. The black divider pictured will be made of glass, but that is what I want to be black. But how can I...
  11. BubbleFullOfStars

    Bubble Tip Anemone video

    Hope you night is going well! Check out my Anemone and clowns. Any Nano Anemone tanks out there?
  12. Zhill731

    Stocking Advice: 24g Cube AIO

    Hi All, I have a 24 cal cube, looking to keep LPS ands softies along with fish. I currently have 2 Ocellaris clownfish and would like to add in the future (in order of preference) helfrichi firefish Diamond Goby Pistol Shirmp Bangii Cardinal (2?) Would this be okay in regards to compatibly...
  13. J

    Water changes with Dos

    Hey everyone, I just recently got an apex and am looking to set up some auto water changes with the dos system and have a couple questions: -If I have a 20g tank, is it hurtful to do a 1 gallon a day water change? I currently do a manual water change about once a week with 4 gallons or so...
  14. chris_pull

    Nano Build Canister driven nano tank: how I optimised my system to get the most out of my canister filter

    I want to preface this with a disclaimer that I am a novice reefer, with under a year's worth of experience and learning all the time. That said, I've wanted to post a build thread for a while as I have the impression more and more people are using canister filters on small reef tanks, yet I...
  15. FireHouseReef

    Nano Build Fluval 13.3 Reef Tank Build

    Hey everyone this will be my second tank build. I had a 25 gal bio cube years ago when I was living in Hawaii. I'm excited to venture into more corals since I've moved. Hawaii had very strict regulations on corals you could keep. Follow along as I setup this tank and see if the second time...
  16. JL15219

    Build Thread My 1st Saltwater Journey (29 gallon) Now 40g AIO

    Link to my new AIO thread build: Hello Hello! Finally after months of research and gathering equipment, I was finally able to setup my 29 gallon tank yesterday evening. Please excuse the heater and the huge powerhead...
  17. C

    Nano Build Cam’s Fluval Evo 13.5 Reef Venture

    After having lurked on several forums for over five years I finally got an amazing deal on a tank I should have bit the bullet on a long time ago. The plan is to have a pretty simple fish only tank at first until I upgrade the lights. Eventually I know I’m going to get coral. I’m not expecting a...
  18. Foggy Pirate

    Nano Build Stocking Options For Evo 13.5 Both Fish and Coral

    Hey Everyone I’m fairly new here. I have an EVO 13.5 that cycled a month ago and I’m just taking my time making sure i can do water changes and the chemistry stays well. Which iv been successful in that so now I’m looking at what to put in. As an end gold i would love to have 3-4 fish. Maybe...
  19. adamlodge14

    Which wrasse??

    Hi, I am getting a wrasse for my fluval evo 13.5. I will have it with 1 clownfish and a shrimp goby pair. I am deciding between a pyjama pinstripe wrasse or a tanakas Pygmy possum wrasse. Which would be better or does it not matter?
  20. C

    Additional lighting for Fluval Evo 13.5

    Hi there, I'm looking to add some extra blue lights to my stock Fluval Evo setup. Not looking at expensive lights at the moment as am planning a larger setup in the future. The stock light is capable as so I've read, though there is just too much white light and not enough blue. Not the most...
  21. sotsreef

    Nano Build Natural 25 Gallon Lagoon

    Hey all, If you don’t know me my name is John and this is going to be my build thread for my Innovative Marine 25 Gallon Lagoon Tank. I am going for a more natural reef under white lights, and am going to be adding macroalgae and some other soft corals overtime. Anyways here is the specs on the...
  22. C

    Where to buy larger frags or coral colonies

    Curios where people recommend to buy larger frags or colonies online. I’m about to add to a nano tank for coral only and looking to get some larger softies for instant gratification. Some sites like blue zoo aquatics sell larger sizes. Has anyone had any experiences with them and are the they...
  23. thunderwolf

    Nano 14 gallon worm eater suggestions

    Below is from a slightly older post but everything still applies plus I added a scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp. I have a 14 gallon cube currently with a pair of young percula clownfish (one is probably 2 inches or so and the other might be 1.5ish), as well as several hermit crabs and snails, with...
  24. thunderwolf

    14 gallon nano cube stocking advice

    First off please let me know if this is posted in the wrong place, as it is my first thread on this site. *Coming from freshwater* I have a 14 gallon cube currently with a pair of young percula clownfish (one is probably 2 inches or so and the other might be 1.5ish), as well as several hermit...
  25. jafoca11

    AIO Build AWC (Auto Water Change) for AIO / Nano Tanks

    Hey All- I am just getting back into reefing after being out for the past ~12+ years and have a Biocube 32 set up (again - this is the same tank I had before, but with fancy LEDs now!). Back when I was in reefing before, auto water changes were not really a thing. I definitely see the...