1. J

    Protein skimmer for 20g Nano.

    Curious about if I need my protein skimmer for my 20g IM Nano. I have a media filter and a filter sock on the tank, wondering if having a skimmer also is overkill? Would it make my tank too clean? Would I be better just running my media and sock?
  2. marcosnano

    Few questions before doing an upgrade

    Hello reefers, After 1 year in hobby I finally spent some money for a minor upgrade, from 12G nano to 25G shallow nano. I have a few questions. 1. I want to change scape, I never liked scape in my tank. I will be getting some new ceramic rocks with different shape. How do I make sure I don't...
  3. corinateut

    Nano Build Selling Red sea max nano

    Hello everyone, I’m living in London, UK. And I am currently considering selling my tank. I will attach all the details, if anyone is interested, let me know. Red Sea Max Nano with black stand Red Sea ReefLED 50 lights Red Sea Max Nano skimmer (original with kit). H2Ocean Compact ATO Auto...
  4. S

    Nano Build Rock source and aquascape suggestions for 7g invert tank

    We're setting up a lifegard aquatics 7.4g to feature a pom pom crab. Soft corals and other crabs, shrimp, snails and one small fish (TBD). Relatively inexperienced at sourcing rock, as everything I've had has come from previously-owned nanos (running a 20g mixed reef). DT dimensions are...
  5. Sailaway

    One year of reefing

    Feel like I’ve learned a lot this year. Tank is stable and all the inhabitants are happy. Only fish in the tank is a spotted watchman shrimpgoby. Clownfish killed every single fish I put in there so I gave her up. Neomeris (green algae) has overtaken one side but I usually keep it trimmed back...
  6. 19Mateo83

    North Carolina Skimmers SOLD Mag Tool DC-SQ50 skimmer for sale w/ spare pump. $50 + shipping

    Mag Tool DC Protein skimmer (DC-SQ50) For sale. It was used for about 4 months in one of the rear compartments on a 14g AIO. It runs silent and does a great job for a small skimmer. The acrylic is still in perfect condition. No cracks or crazing. I will also include a brand new extra needle...
  7. Gk5321

    pH day to night swings in Nano - Refugium

    I have a small ~8 gal water volume sps tank that i recently installed a controller on. I’ve been monitoring pH and noticed significant swings between day and night. I know swings are expect but the range is pretty significant - approximately 1 ph or more over the course of a day. I think it...
  8. #15

    Leather coral

    Hows my toadstool dosent open much just symi extend in direct flow should be good lighting i only ha e the liquid test kits no hanna
  9. Gk5321

    Build Thread Fluval Flex 9 Build

    I set up this tank as a bit of a gesture to myself for doing well on the LSAT a few years ago. Since then, it’s survived 3 moves, many crashes, and a switch out of law school and back to my old career. To say the least, it’s kept my mind straight through some rough times. It’s just a bit over...
  10. SquidySpecs

    Nano Build Finally starting up a ten gallon reef!

    Its been a while since I've had a saltwater aquarium, but I'm finally ready to jump back in. My previous tank was successful for the most part but I now know that I should do a few things differently. Mainly, not placing it by a window!!! As well as taking things slower and not messing with the...
  11. K

    Help pick a Nano tank

    1) Fiji Cube 20 Peninsula Pro 2) Innovative Marine Fusion Pro 2 20 gal 3) Innovative Marine Fusion Pro 2 Lagoon - 25 gal Peninsula was the preference, but I like the build and look of the IM and the extra width of the IM lagoon.
  12. fotuskyt

    Build Thread T’s 29 gal AIO budget softy tank

    Hi everyone. I’ve been in the reefing hobby since July of this year. It all started this summer when my adhd brain said “let’s get a fish.” Growing up I had a betta fish here and there but if my memory serves me right I was not the caretaker of the tanks but rather my wonderful parents because...
  13. Wieldy

    Best Light for Waterbox Peninsula 25

    Hello! I'm purchasing a Waterbox Peninsula 25 and I'm a little conflicted on what light to use. I have a poll up with some options. Tank Size: 24"x15"x15" (With the AIO I think the display is really 21"x15"x15") Coral: Mixed reef but mostly LPS and softies. I'll experiment with SPS but it will...
  14. ocncheffy

    Nano Build Reef Casa Flat 6 Build

    Hey Reefers, Just started up a new pico build with the Reef Casa Flat 6 that was designed up in Canada by Fragbox! The ultra shallow lagoon style should make for a nice unique desktop tank. Equipment List: Tank - Flat 6 from Lighting - AI Prime HD16 Return - Reef Casa Pump...
  15. ReefingGinger

    Decided to build my first DIY Nano system!

    Hello Everyone! I'm excited to share this build with you:beaming-face-with-smiling-eyes: Since starting up my 15 gallon system I began researching my next tank and quickly realized that what I wanted did not exist so here I am! Given that I'm new and know full well I'll be upgrading and trying...
  16. XxZILLAxX

    How long until nitrites spike? Pico tank cycling

    Hello everybody! I have a 2 gallon jar that I am turning into a reef tank over time, and I just started the nitrogen cycle. I put about 2-3 ppm worth of Dr Tim's ammonia chloride in, and then a bottle of nitrifying bacteria. I did that about two days ago and I have yet to see any nitrite or...
  17. J

    Feeding a Mandarin Dragonet in a Nano Reef

    I threw around this idea way back before I setup my reef. I have a 16-gallon reef 11 months old loaded with coral. I set up some copepod breeding jars to dose the aquarium. I feed the copepods live phyto there are a lot of tutorials online on setting up copepod cultures. I really want a Green...
  18. TheFrag

    Nano Build Pretty good today

    It’s looking like a good start
  19. souciemm

    AIO Build Matt's AIO Clear Mini 6 build

    This is my second saltwater tank and first build on reef2reef (also posting on another forum). I’ve been doing freshwater for 30 years or so (as long as I can remember), and started a 20 gallon nano about a year and a half ago. I used a Waterbox Clear Mini 6 to build a custom AIO using 1/8"...
  20. mangolove

    Nano Build [Diary] Tim's Pico Reef Aquamedic armatus XS

    Hello Reef2Reef community, I'm thrilled to kick off a diary for my Aquamedic Armatus XS aquarium and share my journey with you all. I'm Tim, and my tank was established on July 19, 2023. The aquarium boasts a 7-liter capacity. Inhabitants of my aquarium: I currently have 6 sexy shrimps...
  21. D

    Georgia Skimmers Dry Rock Drygoods Neptune apex, nano skimmer, 2x xr 15, mp10, IM 25 lagoon tank/stand

    Posting up some more items from my tank break down. Priority will go to local pickup or anyone purchasing the tank w/ extras. All prices include shipping except tank/stand. local pickup only on those. Neptune apex w/ eb 832, 2x temp probe (1 unused) and PH (kept wet). Eb832, new temp probe...
  22. Danny's Aquariums

    40oz Saltwater Tank (YES, really.)

    An update on the small PNW Custom nano tank I set up about a month ago. This time I put a $1 bill next to it for size reference as some people thought I made a typo when I said it was just 40oz! Started off with very frequent water changes, now plan on doing just one 50% change every week. It...
  23. XxZILLAxX

    Build Thread Pico 2 Gallon Reef in a Jar Build by XxZILLAxX

    Hello everybody tuning in on my build thread! I am new to the reef2reef forums, and I am going to be building a 2 Gallon pico reef in a Jar. Follow along as I slowly but surely bring this ordinary Jar to life! Why? There are a few reasons on why I am looking to build a reef in a 2 Gallon Jar...
  24. marcosnano

    Are there any gobies that can help me out with amphipods in nano tank?

    Hello, I have a nano tank with pair of clowns but recentyl I had an outbreak of amphipods, which are getting bigger in population and size. I know they are nothing to worry about but there is a lot of them crawling and it is not a nice scene and I'm afraid they are messing with my corals...
  25. J

    A blue nano fish.....

    Hi all, I have a 20 gallon long tank with 2 clowns, firefish, gramma, and yellow goby. I have very strong filtration, tank parameters are great, everyone is peaceful. I just have no blue color in their. I know I am already pushing it with the amount of fish I have, but just feel like I can...