1. Mav88

    EVO 13.5 2 1/2 months

    Hello All, I purchased an EVO 13.5 in October and wanted to show my journey with the tank, and hopefully let others thinking about the hobby see the pros and cons of working with the tank. Originally the wife and I wanted to do a larger tank, but due to the older house, with flooring being...
  2. S

    Saltywaterbox (29g Biocube)

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the fourth installment of my nano tank! I'm new to reef2reef as a member but have been lurking in the shadows since 2009 when I setup my first reef tank. A badly planned 10 gallon mixed reef with lots of lessons to learn and still more to come. I bought a used 29...
  3. lrp693

    Custom Rustic Nano Reef Build

    Howdy there! I’m a little late to the game on getting my tank build posted in this thread considering that it has been up and running for almost 6 months (only two weeks away from the half-year checkpoint!) Anyway, I still wanted to get it posted and show the progress and maybe inspire some...
  4. AquaLocker

    What's In Your Nano Tank??? Post your photos & share recommendations on stocking!

    Nano Tanks are becoming more and more popular! For the sake of this post, let's assume a nano tank is anything 30 gallons or less. Please post your nano tank photos, your recommendations, and warnings here! Looking for the fish in this post, we have a huge selection of awesome nano tank...
  5. Garcia2460

    New 40g breeder build

    Hi Everyone, I’ve been hesitant to post but I finally figured that it could be helpful. I originally was going to build a 20g long but after doing a lot of research I decided to start with a 40 breeder. I have slowly been buying all my equipment and I still have a few things left that I want to...
  6. Angelo Fatica

    My 25 Gallon Build Thread

    Hello all! Recently I've noticed that my current tank has started to get air in the silicone seals and I figured that maybe a tank upgrade would be appropriate. I want to do things right this time. I am going to be upgrading from an IM Nuvo 20 to a Lagoon 25. Since I did not have enough pictures...
  7. Brakaan

    1-day-old Tank and already have a few small worms clinging to my dry rock??

    Greetings everyone! I'm brand new to the hobby (Just set up my first tank yesterday), and I need some help identifying a critter. Here's the setup: I have a Coralife Biocube 16 CaribSea Arag-Alive Fiji Pink sand 3 dry rocks purchased from LFS (I can't remember the name, but I think it was Ocean...
  8. DiverDan509

    Aqueon 20g High Desktop budget build

    I started this build with a 20g high aqueon tank from petco for about $30, Also I bought a 565gph koralia nano powerhead for about $15 on sale from $30. Im using the quietflow 20 from aqueon aswell for filtration $20, running carbon with water changes approx every 14 days 25% water change <5g>...
  9. Angelo Fatica

    20-30 Gallon AIO Upgrade Suggestions

    Hello all, I have a Nuvo Fusion 20 that has started to get air in the silicone seals in various spots around the tank. The tank itself is about 4 years old and has seen many different tank scapes and environment types. I was looking at switching it out with another tank, but I am unsure if I...
  10. Justen

    Hair Algae in 30g AIO Refugium

    I have a lot of hair algae in my chamber which I use as an refugium to grow chaeto. The chaeto grows very nicely but so as hair algae. It becomes very thick in less than a week everytime I clean it. My main display has little to no algae though. Just some on the glass. I run the light for my...
  11. D

    Diy sump for biocube 16

    So, this biocube is an sps tank, it has been running for about a year or more, a few months ago i had to go out of town and other people were caring for my tanks, sadly nobody knew how to dose and stuff so my sps tank crashed, although one large colony actually survived the crash. The tank is...
  12. TLudwig

    10 gallon stocking

    My 10 gallon set up currently has 1 emerald crab, but I’m looking to add a fish (or 2?). If I added a chalk basslet, would a goby be safe as well in a tank this size? I’m new to nano tanks.
  13. TLudwig

    Chalk basslet and...?

    I started this 10 gallon nano tank about a week ago and just put in my first invert, an emerald crab. Eventually I am going to add corals and/ or anemones, but first I want to add fish. I’ve spent time researching my options and I want to go with a chalk basslet. Is there any other tank mates I...
  14. J

    Connecticut 15 gallon rimless tank plus extra

    5 Gallon rimless fish tank - Equipment is Ai prime HD+ with goose neck, diy lid, external surface skimmer, homemade stand, aquaclear 70, frag holder, auto top off, some salt, pumps,Automatic food feeder ,nano flipper glass cleaner heaters,jaebo wavemaker ,fish food, magnetic frag rack ,and...
  15. Nate_Krohn

    29 gallon reef tank

    Anyone own a successful 29 or 30 gallon reef tank? If so I’d love to know your secrets! Let me know how you’re running it and what fish/coral you’ve got in it! I was thinking about setting up an 29 gallon anemone tank with a Wyoming white and oceslarrous clowns. I’d love to add a couple more...
  16. L

    30g First Tank

    Hey reefers! This is my first saltwater aquarium; well any aquarium really. I’ve had it up and running for about a month and just recently added some clowns, more rock, and my first corals (zoas) and some sort of “palm” tree coral my LFS had for super cheap. It’s an AIO tank with an overflow...
  17. jRatanak

    Transferring livestock to a new tank

    So I ordered a new nano tank during these weekend sales which I plan on using as a spot to separate out my softies and some LPS from my main system. I've had media sitting in the current system (a Nuvo 40 Fusion) that I plan to use in the new nano, and I'll be transferring the softies I have...
  18. Colenew1

    Lighting Upgrade Questions

    Hi all! I am fairly new to reefing and have a 12.5 gallon Fluval Evo Tank stocked with mostly softies and LPS plus 2 Montis and a BTA! I just upgraded from the stock light to an AI prime and am very curious as to how I should set up my light settings! I was advised to run 35% for blues and...
  19. S

    Baby Tang

    I have a Red Sea Max nano tank with a nice reef and lots of small coral . I have community fish and have enough bioload left for another one. I have a growing issue of hair algae. I know tangs need a larger tank for long term. i want to get a baby tang and swap them out every few months to...
  20. imanewberry

    MY FIRST REEF TANK Waterbox CUBE 20 Gallon

    Hi all! My name is Cody from Charlotte, NC and I am starting up my very first reef tank. Ever since considering starting up a tank, I have done the vast majority of my reading on reef2reef. I thought it would be a fun adventure to join the community and begin with documenting my first tank...
  21. sahilchaddha

    New here and into this lovely hobby.

    Hey Guys, I started into this hobby few months back. I have 25G (96L) nano Salt Water Tank and its a Fish Only Tank. Since i am on strict budget i had few questions. Hope you guys can help me out. Tank Inhabitants : 2 Clown Fish 2 Green Chromis 1 Yellow Tang 1 Blue Regal Tang 1 Turbo Snail 1...
  22. Cque2222

    Looking for lights on my 13.5 nano

    Hey all I’m looking for a led light for my 13.5, right now I’m debating between the ai prime with a gooseneck and the kessil tuna blue, but without buying a controller. Are these my best options? I’m growing pretty easy corals from Duncan favia zoas hammer and may eventually want to grab an...
  23. Sam25

    New to R2R (Philly area)

    Hey there. My name is Sam and new to the R2R community. I have a nano reef in my current setup for about 8 months. Prior I had a HVAC malfunction in my apartment and roasted my 1 year old tank so i had to start over. I have a Fluval Evo 13.5 with the stock lighting
  24. M

    Idaho Innovative marine skimmer

    I have for sale the midsized nuvoskim DC protein skimmer. I used it for two weeks while I wanted for my skimmer to come in that I ordered. Unfortunately it was brand new but didn’t come with the silencer. Msrp is $160 I’ll let it go for $125 shipped.
  25. BloopFish

    Adding Starcki Damsel with Exquisite Firefish in a Nano Tank

    I recently started up a Fluval Evo 13.5g nano tank with my partner. One of the fishes she really wants is a blue damselfish. She seems to like the Starcki damsel the most, but I am a bit wary because even though they are supposedly more peaceful than most damsels, I have heard they tend to get...
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