1. R

    Light settings: Fluval Nano 3.0.

    Hello everyone, I bought my first saltwater aquarium 1 month ago. It is 30 gallons and is 12 inches deep. It is fitted with 2 Fluval nano marine 3.0 (20Watt). I am at the end of the cycle period and want to start with the first corals (Softies). Does anyone know the best light settings in...
  2. zatch

    Nano Build Zatch's Custom 18G Zoa Garden/Growout Station

    So this build will be showcasing my new project, a small Zoa DT with mini frag growout table that will go next to my desk. My goal is to have a small ~very low maintenance~ system that will be setup on an AWC (auto water change) system hidden in my utility room. Tank is a cat tested & approved...
  3. Lineatus

    No Water Change nano build

    After finally deciding to shut down my rejected TMC signature due to a move, I felt it was finally time to downgrade. I’ve moved all surviving inhabitants from my old system to my new one and am using as little equipment as possible, mainly made up of random things I’ve collected over the years...
  4. CoreyT355

    Tank in a downward spiral, need some help

    Hi all, I'll try to not ramble on, but my tank has been in a downward spiral for 3 or 4 weeks now, and I am really struggling to find out what to do here. Tank is a Fluval Evo 13.5, running since 7-25-2021. Light is a Fluval Marine LED 3.0, Sicce Syncra Silent 1.0, AI Nero 3, InTank Chamber 1...
  5. OrchidMiss

    Build Thread Used 10g upgrade

    Hi guys! Here's my first build post! This used 10g tank started out as a QT tank for my 55g a year and a half ago. 11 months ago I decided to move it upstairs as a little nano tank! Fast forward to last weekend, I bought my first brand new IM 20g AIO and upgraded the nano tank. Innovative...
  6. A

    Newbie Help

    Hi everyone I hope I can get some help, I am completely new to reef keeping after keeping fresh water for quite a while. I now have had my nano reef set up for around 6 months and started 1 month ago adding my 1st soft corals (some mushrooms, Xenia and GSP). My mushrooms where doing really well...
  7. chipchipmofo

    Cleaning a used Nano tank (Red Sea Max Nano)

    Hello everyone Today I will pick up a used Red Sea Max Nano from a guy in my community. He just moved all fish and corals into his second (and bigger) tank. Now as the tank was running until yesterday it will come pretty "dirty". Now I wanted to ask you guys, how would you properly clean the...
  8. I

    USA WTB Eshopps Nano Overflow

    Looking for a Nano Eshopps Overflow for my 10g project, lmk what you have, thanks!
  9. Uzidaisies

    Invert Suggestions Please

    I have a 14 gallon cube and I’m interested it broadening my biodiversity. I have two clowns that I intend to move when they get a little bigger. Currently there are also three emerald crabs, that I will also move or get rid of, five hermits, five Astraea snails, one Cerith snail and some corals...
  10. Waterbox Aquariums

    VIDEO GUIDE: How to Set Up a Waterbox Aquariums CUBE 20 Nano Reef

    Hello R2R, We have created a quick and concise video guide series on setting up our CUBE 20, from unboxing to adding fish and coral. Follow along step-by-step with us as Waterbox MVP Jess sets up our newest aquarium in the Waterbox Studio. This is a great walkthrough for anyone who is new...
  11. TroutWithLegs

    Nano Build New City, New Tank

    Finally settled down in Charleston SC, and decided it was time to set up a new tank. Breaking away from my lagoon/frag reef I had in St. Louis, and going to try to build a floating peninsula style, with KISS as the design intent. Was able to find this IM Nuvo 14 from a local and started it...
  12. W

    Nano Build Weston's - Innovative Marine Nuvo 14 Peninsula Build

    Finally back in the hobby after about 6 years... I have a Nuvo 14 Peninsula currently in transit that I plan to make into an LPS/euphyllia dominant reef tank. The tank will be to my house on Wednesday, in the meantime, I am working on building a custom stand that will house the eventual auto...
  13. rhpmiller

    Nano Tank Start - Step by Step Journey

    Hey all, I just started a 20g nano tank and figured i'd post my steps along the way to see how it goes, as well as field feedback and advice from more-experienced reefers. Start - Day 1 (9/19) Tank: Red Sea Max Nano 20g Sand: Caribsea Arag-Alive Fiji Pink Skimmer: Yes Media: Yes (Carbon/rock)...
  14. R

    Hello Cleaning Red Sea Nano Max Protein Skimmer

    Hi. I have an all in one 20 gallon Red Sea Nano Max. I clean the protein skimmer cup weekly. But there is build up at the bottom of the skimmer. How do I best clean that. Do I need to take the entire assembly out? Thank you!
  15. BanZI29

    Tunze Nano pump with no pressure

    I have the Tunze nano ATO and I have a weird issue with the pump. I have gone thru 3 pumps already and it is always the same issue. New, It will pump water no problem up about 4 ft for a month or 2 then all of a sudden just lose most all pressure. I run the water clean, no kalk, never runs...
  16. Reeffire

    Nano Build Evo - 13.5 Wooded Reef Tank

    Hey Guys I recently revamped my Evo 13.5 and I thought there aren't many wooded saltwater systems so here we are. Equipment Coralife clip-on light (I know that its not great but I plan on getting a better light) Nero-3 Chemi-Pure Blue Livestock 1 Starry Blenny 2 Cleaner Shrimps Assorted...
  17. Drew P. Wiener

    Nano Build Innovative Marine 30L

    Welp… it’s been just about a year since I’ve set up my first reef tank, and like many others, I found myself looking to upsize the tank. Through this past year, I’ve definitely made plenty of mistakes and certainly felt at times that this maybe wasn’t the hobby for me, but I seriously can’t...
  18. B

    California Eshopps Nano Skimmer $100

    Hi, Selling a eshopps nano skimmer for $90. It’s too big for my need and has been in the water for only a week. Location: Torrance, CA thanks for looking!
  19. Waterbox Aquariums

    We are Giving Away a CUBE 10 Today!

    Hello, R2R Family! Join today's livestream at 1 PM EST for your chance to win one of our incredible CUBE 10 aquariums or a $100 Waterbox Aquariums eGiftCard. We'll be selecting two lucky winners from the livestream-- come catch the fun, it may be your lucky day! :D Valid in USA, Canada...
  20. M

    Build Thread Monica's Nano Build: Takashi Amano ADA Freshwater-Inspired

    Hey everyone! I'm just starting to plan my new nano build, but I'm hoping that starting a build thread will help me keep track of my progress better than last time... I currently have a 10g Waterbox AIO that's been up for almost a year, but I have never been satisfied with it aesthetically. I...
  21. rondon

    AIO Build Rondon’s IM 20 Peninsula Reef Build

    Hey Everybody, I just created my account. This is my first time posting on R2R, but I have been reading and lurking for quite a while now. I recently had to move from Utah to Wisconsin for my last year of college. I sold my fish and brought along my live rock/CUC in a decently-sized...
  22. A

    PH drop

    Hi. So to keep the story short I have a nano tank in my apt and I dose Aquavitro Balance to maintain my PH levels. It 100% moves Alkalinity, so i dose each accordingly. I got it to the point everything was happy for a few months and my PH was stable from 7.8 low to an 8.2 high throughout the...
  23. Ozzy

    Jbj nano cube current ramp timer?

    Trying to figure out what this is lol. Been out of the hobby for a while and I'm assuming it is a timer for the lights, but it does not have the adapter. So trying to figure out if it would be worth it to buy a new adapter or not. Also, disregard the circled part, that was just me asking the...
  24. Piova

    AI Nero 3 placement and settings on a Waterbox Cube 10

    Hi! I just bought an AI Nero 3 for my Waterbox Cube 10. I wanted to know what are your settings/schedule and its placement! No corals at the moment, but eventually. Thank you!
  25. O

    This has taken over my tank. Plz help!

    Hi, Ive been out of the hobby since HS (used to be very active on Reef Aquarium Guide) but recently got back into it and got a waterbox Peninsula 25 for Christmas. Everything was going great until I moved house and left by aquarium to be looked after by family for a couple months.... when I...
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