1. I

    Texas Phytoplankton

    I have some fresh phytoplankton it's a mix of nano and tetra. Each bag is 300ml or 10oz can sell each bag $10 shipped.
  2. plankton

    10G Cubey reborn after 5 year hiatus

    Here in CA we are 'shelter in place' and literally are discouraged from leaving our homes or if we do keep social distance (no closer than 6') so on and so forth. Long story short, I cleaned up the nano from the garage, tooth a tooth brush to the LR and setup my beloved nano after more than 5...
  3. C

    New 10 gal reef is coming together! 8 weeks in

    New tank is coming together!! Just added the nem, zoa and hammer. All are doing great, cant believe my luck so far in keeping everything stable. Started with the duncan and hairy mush the week before as testers. ATO to get the 10 gallon balanced and checking levels daily for now. Very...
  4. BenzoBubba

    Hi Guys!

    Hello! New to the forums. Live in Pittsburgh,PA. Off of work now and stuck at home with the state-wide quarantine stuff so I snuck out to my LFS yesterday to fill-up on saltwater and frozen food. Snagged a few fish, too I’ve let my dream reef die off into a nightmare, so no pics until it’s...
  5. TroutWithLegs

    Firefish aggression in a nano frag tank

    Hey all, wanted to see what advice and experiences y'all have had with fish being aggressive in smaller tanks, and how to deal with it. I recently added a pair of firefish to my frag reef and their behavior has changed drastically from the fish store, to QT, to now. I was under the assumption...
  6. T

    20 gallon long Mixed reef Build

    I like my tanks to be fiscally responsible... to save me from my wife ;). Basic 20’long tank from petco sale. One aqueon 30 hob filter with uv sterilizer and stock filter inserts. One aqueon ten hob filter with seachem matrix and Purigen with a surface skimmer hooked to it . One 240 gph hydor...
  7. U

    Rock Anemones and Palythoa Grandis

    I have to part out my nano tank. I have two great rock anemones $30 each, and a live rock piece with multiple heads of palythoa grandis and a boatload of baby rock anemones $30. In South Gilbert. Let me know if interested.
  8. Taysmart

    10g biocube. In need of start up/ tweaking assistance

    I set up my saltwater 10g biocube 2 days ago. I used live sand, and dry rock. I currently have nothing in the first compartment, a Im Ghost skimmer in the second, and then the return pump in the last. I’m having issues with micro bubbles, and cloudy water. I’m cycling the tank using a cycle...
  9. Mosco

    Dream Aquarium Setup Ideas / Inspirations!

    I have had my reef tank (25g nano) for about one year now. I have learned a lot over this past year, so much to the point i’ve realized it is nothing like what I inspire to have. Current list includes: 2 Wyoming White Clownfish, Lawnmower Blenny, Citron Goby, 2 Rainbow BTA’s, 2 Mini Maxi...
  10. Jimmeh lee

    Jimmehlee’s IM14- powerreef!

    Long time lurker, infrequent poster here. May be a bit of a late start here but I’d like to have a journal for this tank now. At least I shouldn’t need to report on the uglies now! Start date was January 2018, and it has survived the move from an apartment to our house in March 2019. It’s had...
  11. C

    Perfect nano aquarium stand

    Hey guys! So I know it can be a pain in the butt to find a stand for our nano tanks. If you dont want to spend a stupid amount on a stand check this one out. Just got it set up for my 10 gall cube. Holding no issues. Has Iron legs and 2 metals tiers to hold it together. Hope it saves you some...
  12. Teemingtank

    Evo 13.5 build

    Inspired by all of the floating reefs I’ve seen on here, I decided to try my hand at one. Here is the beginning of my evo 13.5. I’m going to try and keep it simple. My goal is to get gsp to cover the bottom glass and add a showcase nem with a couple clowns! Couple finishing touches then I’m...
  13. C

    10 gallon IM nano - No filter sock or skimmer

    Is it ok to run a 10 gal with no sock or protein skimmer? Will put carbon and GFO in bags
  14. ahaas248

    Do you consider a tank above 30 gallons to be nano?

    Why are tanks above 30 gallons considered “nano”. I feel like that needs to be changed because calling 30, 35, or 40 gallon tanks nano Just seems very not right. They are not nano at all in my opinion, the cost of setting them up is especially not nano. What do you think?
  15. TDNano

    Center Piece coral

    I have a nano tank build, Lifeguard 7g, which is primarily a softy tank. I have a piece of rock sitting from and center that I’d like to put something eye catching on. Being such a small system I’m weary about doing any SPS or LPS but I’d like something fast growing, hardy, eye catcher, and not...
  16. B

    Aiptasia on my emerald crab?

    So I got home yesterday and noticed a little something extra growing on my emerald crab. Is it aiptasia? Is this normal? Have yall seen this? What should I do? Blake Hamilton
  17. Requiemiero

    Journey to a Reef Wonderland (From Step 0)

    Hi all, Finally putting together a build thread for my first tank! I am starting from Step 0, which is planning and research. So any and all advice on this rough blueprint for my tank is welcome! :) Now is the time for me to be pivoting and flexibly charting my course since I have only made...
  18. ngservet5

    Low ph in cycling tank

    Hello, I started a 20 gallon Waterbox cube approximately 2 weeks ago and I am currently going through the fish less cycle process using Dr Tim’s One and Only along with their Ammonium Chloride. The cycle is still ongoing at this time but I noticed my ph was 7.7. I have read that this shouldn’t...
  19. Reefin87

    Biocube 32 upgrade advice please

    Hi all, I’m new here and want to get some recommendations for upgrading my biocube. currently I have the following: Coralife biocube 32 led Sicce 1.5 return pump with dual return loc line 1 koralia 240gph pump 1 koralia 425gph pump 1 koralia 565gph pump 1 koralia wave maker for two of the...
  20. Kurtz

    Bag/Sock Micron Size to Catch Chaeto Pieces, but not Copepods

    I have a Waterbox 20 Nano running a Tunze Algae reactor. The return for my reactor feeds into the same chamber as my return pump. Loose bits of chaeto are flowing into the chamber and eventually cause my return pump to clog (even with a cover on the intake). I was thinking a simple solution...
  21. Acameron2

    Anthony’s Reefspec nano

    Hey my name is Anthony and I’m..back!! Well I’ve been without a saltwater tank for awhile now. And have to say it was tough and a sad time without one. Seriously boring! After researching and studying different size tanks, and complete packages I choose the little Red Sea max nano. I’ve always...
  22. MontanaReefer406

    New to R2R. Asking for tips?

    Hi! My name is Sam and I have been in the hobby for a year now. I have a low tech nano tank, that started out a little rough but now i would say has been a success. Its a 20 gal hex and custom stand and light mount done myself. Ive successfully kept some easy SPS and am trying out montipora now...
  23. alishahlakhani

    Ai Prime™ 16HD Reef vs Red Sea ReefLed 50 for nano 10g beginner light?

    Hey folks, if given choice which light is better for a 10g nano rimless tank? I'm very new to hobby and have an option to buy one of these lights. My decision is mostly focused on few parameters: 1. How many type of corals an each light grow effectively? 2. Can I reuse this light when I upgrade...
  24. D

    Best nano reef fish for personality?

    From everyone's experience what do you think the best nano reef safe fish, post your opinion with the size tank it lives in.
  25. ozborn99

    Let's see your workstations.

    I know everybody wants to show their sexy reef tank, but what do most of your workstations look like, and where do you keep it located? Mine is a custom stand, to house my ATO and water changes. I like to have an actual bench and keep my stuff accessible since I'm running a nano. Ma
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