1. Surskit

    Build Thread Surskit's Second Reef!

    Hello hello! I'm back! After a feud with my landlord, I was able to set up a reef once again! It's smaller than my last, at only 10 gallons, but I have a really pretty rimless tank and I'm excited to get to do this again! In addition, I got a job at my LFS, so I've been able to learn things...
  2. S

    How to to raise calcium without affecting alkalinity?

    So for a few weeks now my calcium has tested at 280-310 which I obviously would like to get up to closer to the 400-450 range. The only thing is my alkalinity has been fine at a steady 8.2. Is there a good way I can raise my calcium without it affecting my alkalinity?
  3. G

    Build Thread Gavin's IM 25

    Hey all! Been meaning to start a thread on here but got busy with life. Anyway, I had an IM10 SPS tank in highschool and sold everything (idiot move) when I moved to Colorado for college, thinking that I wouldn't set up another tank until I had my own House. That lasted for about 3 years and...
  4. ETH2ETH

    Ideas for my 3 gallon nano?

    Looking for ideas to improve my nano
  5. alishasreef

    Midas Blenny and Goby comparability? 31G

    I’ve read in the past that blenny and goby shouldn’t be together, however recently I have read that as they occupy different space they get along fine? Any experiences/suggestions? I have plenty of live rock, caves, holes, ledges and areas that break apart the whole tank. If this could work...
  6. Zazvor92

    DIy Biocube 14 to LED Conversion

    Wanted to share my experience upgrading the lighting on my Biocube 14 to LED. I like the look of the top lid so i didn't want to remove the lid and have an open top. My solution was pretty simple. and keeps the clean look. I purchased a Fuval Marine Nano light from amazon $90 (Make sure to...
  7. M

    Tanks size and cooler

    I am new and researching tanks. I’m looking at a 8-20G. what size tank do you need to not need a cooler? I understand there are many variables, but in general. thanks
  8. E

    Giant turbo snail

    I have 5 giant turbo snail in a 135 gallon aquarium but need to medicate the tank with copper, will the snail eat my coral in a 20 gallon reef tank ?
  9. R

    Stocking on a 12 gallon cube

    I am considering stocking a 12 gallon tank with a Goby and Pistol Shrimp pair, (Wheeler's Shrimp Goby or a similar Goby and Randall's Pistol Shrimp), Tail Spot Blenny, and a Clown Gobby. Is this overstocking? If so, what should I remove? Some people say on other threads that this is good, but...
  10. Gk5321

    Nano Tank Struggles

    I have a 9 gallon reef tank that I obsess over a bit too much. I have dumped way too much money into the thing (although I know I could do more if I had the space). I’ll try and keep this brief but basically I need some pointers getting to the next level with sps. Personally, I think my numbers...
  11. brookesrook

    Help with Nitrates

    Hello Everyone, Backstory: A friend of mine had this tank for about 2 years and couldn't take care of it anymore so she gave it to me. It came with a clownfish, coral banded shrimp, a couple snails, conch, and the damsel. When I got the tank it was in rough shape so the day I got it I did a 50%...
  12. S

    mystery algae identification

    So ive noticed this algae popping up in my tank over the past few weeks. It is on the sandbed and rocks and I have looked it up and have not been able to identify it. It is almost fuzzy little balls that coat the surface of my sand and rocks. It definitely doesn’t appear to be one of the...
  13. johntdaballa

    Texas Aquariums Lighting Dosing Redsea Nano Max (white) skimmer & light + misc.

    I am upgrading to redsea 250 breaking redsea nano max down . Need to declutter a bit with a few others. I have hoarded over the years :downcast-face-with-sweat: No shipping pick up in Katy, TX Livestock and corals not for sale Sale: Red sea nano max ( tank & stand) white $650 RS skimmer (...
  14. W

    Nano Build A week and a half in after adding fish

    Hey all, just wanted to document my journey with my 13.5 gallon reef tank. Had the tank up and running since august 20th. Added fish on the 13th of September along with some cleanup crew containing one peppermint shrimp and 3 snails. So far I’ve been feeding pretty heavy and haven’t had any...
  15. mtraylor

    Return Pumps Powerheads Drygoods Turbelle Nanostream 6055 Controllable pumps

    I have 2 Turbelle NanoStream 6055's for sale. These are the controllable ones. I will post pictures tomorrow.
  16. G

    Large tanks with a focus on small inhabitants?

    I suppose "large" depends on what you're use to. I'm just wondering if anyone has specific examples of or experience with tanks dedicated to tiny creatures? Rather than being stocked around minimum sizes, or a mixture of large and small. The closest I've seen are clownfish harems. Half a dozen...
  17. dmbohn468

    Just showing off my tank. Month 2 - Fluval Evo 13.5

    Just showing off my tank. Hope this could belong here... if not let me know. My friend wanted a video to show his kid so figured why not post it here, too? Here's what I have running: -Fluval 13.5, stock filtration, stock lighting -Have a laser cut media basket, haven't used it yet. waiting...
  18. Sailaway

    Nano Build My nano clown tank!

    Still a work in progress, planning to eventually add corals, but no more fish. - evo 13.5 - two mocha clowns (paired) - live rock from Florida - a bunch of hitchhikers not much right now, but eventually I hope it is full of corals!!
  19. Stang351w

    Nano Build First SW Fluval Evo 13.5 Build

    First dive in to saltwater, going slow since I'm still wrapping up summer projects. I just want it up before Christmas! Here goes nothing! What I have or ordered so far: Tank - Fluval Evo 13g, dang Petco sales make it too easy. Sand - Carib Sea Special Grade - waiting Rock - Carib Sea South...
  20. N1tew0lf1212

    Noopsyche K7 mini 60w wifi

    I have the opportunity and pleasure of working with @noopsyche on being a tester for the new and thus far amazing Noopsyche K7 mini 60w wifi led light. This light was worth the wait and did take some time to ship but arrived and was immediately unboxed. Check out the unboxing video. I really...
  21. wwarby

    Build Thread Oatmeal the Mantis Shrimp - RedSea Max Nano Peninsula Tank

    Background I started in the hobby a little over two months ago with a Juwel Rio 240 litre (65 US gallons) tank and a female peacock mantis shrimp named Oatmeal (after the author of this comic). I put two small clownfish in there with her and she didn't treat them with the love and kindness I'd...
  22. C

    Nano Refugium? Need to lower nitrates (25pmm)

    Hey, wanted to ask what everyone's thoughts were on nano refugiums, and if it would be any use for nitrate reduction in my scenario. I have the 20 gallon JBJ nano cube AIO that you can see here and it's been doing...
  23. OldRed1

    Build Thread Macro Algae & Corals 25 Gallon Peninsula

    Hey everyone! My name is Galen. Thanks for stopping by my build thread. First time Reefer here, so please feel free to offer your thoughts, comments, critiques, etc. **Current Tank & Critter Shots** This is my first reef tank, a 25g Waterbox Peninsula AIO. A complete build list can...
  24. discovermarine

    Hello Hi! Downsized from 1400litres to 75!!

    Hi all! My names Alex and thanks for having me. I’ve just dipped my toes in to the YouTubing world as a way of documenting my journey… After years of keeping sharks and fish only systems I decided I’d like a mixed reef! So here we go! The journey starts here. If anyone is happy to take the time...
  25. a_reefer11

    Massachusetts Skimmers Drygoods SOLD Eshopps Nano Skimmer $85 shipped

    Eshopps Nano Skimmer $85 Shipped