1. Jaime909

    New to saltwater this is my first attempt

    What do you guys think? It’s a 9 gallon UNS 45U
  2. Rastareefing

    My 13.5 gallon slice of paradise from December until now (sorta)

    Hi ;Doctor, My name is Michael, from the UK and I’ve been in the hobby now for about 8 months. This is my first tank (and entry into fishkeeping in general besides helping with water changes as a kid ) and I’ve not killed anything major yet so thought I’d put a post on here. Attached is a...
  3. squidisme

    My First Salt Tank - Fusion Nuvo 20g

    Current Hardware: Innovative Marine Fusion Nuvo 20g Aqua Illumination Prime 16HD Innovative Marine NuvoSkim DC inTank Refuge Media Basket inTank Filter Floss Basket Innovative Marine Mighty Jet 8502 - 538gph Hygger Mini Wave Maker Magnetic DC Powerhead Eheim Jager 50w heater Tunze 3152.000 Nano...
  4. R

    College Nano Tank

    I'm a college student in Texas returning to school to finish a my degree after some time off and I'm setting up my first saltwater tank! I'm excited to begin this journey, why don't you come along for the ride with me? I've been eyeballing this project for over a year, but I kept putting it off...
  5. J

    Nano Clown Harem Tank (No water changes)

    I started my 20 gallon (ca. 76 liters) nano tank in March 2020. My goal for this aquarium is ULM and a clown harem tank. Right now I have 3 clownfish and plan to add more soon and real anemone when tank is more stable. I have never done a water change and keep it topped off with an ATO and 5...
  6. Crested

    Macro Evo Build!

    Hey all! Just set up my Fluval Evo last night and I plan on making it a macroalgae tank! For equipment I'm using: -100 Watt Cobalt neotherm heater -Sicce syncra 0.5 pump -stock light For the scape, I figured I would keep the rockwork low and let the algae give it height (let me know what you...
  7. KindaAntisociaL

    A year into Reefing, and finally a hello

    Hey everyone! I'm a bit late on my greeting as I had formally joined R2R last year, but have been a long time lurker prior. I wanted to start becoming more of a presence in the forum and network with other hobbyists as well. I had been a freshwater hobbyist since I was about 11 years old...
  8. bbetta

    8g ULM Nano!

    Hi everyone! Been lurking around for a few months and today I decided to join. I had a 20g LPS/Softie tank a couple years ago that I had to break down not having enough time to maintain and appreciate it. I’m getting back into reefing with a 8g cube (12’*12’*13.8’H) running just a large HOB...
  9. saltysailor

    WantProtein skimmer/ questions

    I have an all in one and was wondering if the proteins skimmer is small enough can I stick the thing in the back of the aquarium. There are also hob protein skimmer and I can’t tell the difference to be honest when looking at them. Submersible vs non? I have no idea. Help would be great. The...
  10. HouseCookie

    Waterbox Cube 20 vs Fiji Cube 22.4

    Hey All! I am looking to get back into the hobby by purchasing ~20 gallon AIO cube. After doing some research, I've found a couple tanks that I really like the looks of, but would love some opinions from those that have experience with either brands from a tank and stand build quality...
  11. thatsruff

    Pandemic Paradise, 7.5 Nano Cube Build

    Hello again, R2R! During quarantine, I have decided to get back into reefing. Digging through R2R again, seeing all the great tanks, and doing tons of research has been a really great way to keep my mind occupied and my stress levels down. ----- UPDATE (2020-06-22): I thought I would do the...
  12. Jeremy K.A.

    Flatworm Predators

    Hey everyone, I have a 5 gallon reef setup and have some small brown flatworms. I don't have a ton so I'm looking for something, preferably an invert, that can live comfortably in the tank and help control or eradicate the flatworms. Any suggestions?
  13. J

    Suggestions for new nuvo 20 pro build!

    Hey everyone! im getting a build set up for a new nuvo 20 pro and I’m trying to see if I have the bestI can get to be as successful as I can be. Here’s the build list I have so far: Tank: nuvo fusion 20 pro Heater: cobalt 75w Light: either 2 ai prime hd or 1 radion xr15 pro g5 (any advice would...
  14. L

    Hello all! About to dive into my first Reef Tank and was looking for some opinions on my equipment before I pull the trigger!

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forum but have been lurking for a while now. I'm about to start my first saltwater reef aquarium and just wanted a quick opinion on the parts before I order them. I know a smaller aquarium isn't recommended for your first aquarium but I don't really have space at this...
  15. Jeremy K.A.

    5 Gallon nano fish

    Hey Everyone I have a 5 gallon mini reef tank and was curious what nano fish would be a good choice for the tank?
  16. Newatthis

    Fluval Spec Marine Filtration Question

    Hi All, Apologies if this is not in the correct topic; I’ve recently purchased the Fluval Spec with Marine Upgrade (literally just the lighting that’s different) and have a question on filtration. The tank has been set up for four days now and all tests look fine...I current have the standard...
  17. M

    Clown finally hosting anemone

    I thought I tried everything to get my clowns to host the rbta I had purchased months ago, I added them by a tube I enclosed them near the nem I put pictures of a clown in a nem on the tank and I would fall asleep with my computer playing an hour long video of a clown hosting a nem. The point to...
  18. Fsh

    Powerheads and flow in a Nano.

    So I’m trying to work out how many powerheads and placement. I have a 20 gallon RedSea Max Nano. I want to keep SPS at the top, and a few LPS and softies at the bottom. I have one small cheap powerhead that I’m going to have at the back behind the rock to keep there from being dead spots...
  19. sahilchaddha

    How to cool new saltwater for WC ?

    Hi All, I have a 96L (25g) Nano AIO Tank with Hailea Chiller HS28A. I keep my tank temperature at 25C (77F). I do bi-weekly 30L (8g) water change mostly for nutrient export. I usually mix salt on Friday Night & change water on Saturday Nights. The new saltwater temperature is around 31C (88F)...
  20. Jonify

    After recovering from my Bobbit worm trauma, here's my new build.

    BUILD INTRO: Day 15 SOOOO I started reefing about 10 years ago .. had good success with a 30G for a couple of years, a 70G for a few years, and most recently, an Innovative Marine 20G when I downsized to an apartment ... tank was stocked with softies/mushrooms/LPS and a couple of fish, doing...
  21. CodyB67

    Protein Skimmer During Cycle

    I have a red sea reefer nano that im setting up, and i was wondering do i need a protein skimmer or should i finish the cycle then put one in?
  22. J

    Need a little help Reef Friends

    Hi there! I hope you’re all keeping safe and well. Okay so I need a little help and advice (sorry for the long post in advance). I’m new to the reefing world and I’m starting to lose my enthusiasm for it as my aquarium isn’t doing so great. Just to be aware I’m in the U.K. which might make a...
  23. S

    Fluval Edge 6g and Spec V with 20g Sump and ADA Imitation Stand

    Ayyy first build thread on R2R! I found a new Fluval Edge 6g on sale and a used Fluval Spec V at a thrift store, so of course I bought them both. The goal is to have a quiet, low maintenance reef tank next to my bed that is plumbed into a 20g sump. I want the Edge to be the main display tank...
  24. Oscar’s25Gal

    Grey film on rocks?

    My 25g has been running for 2 months. It is currently FOWLR. Recently I have noticed two types of white/grey film like things growing on my rock, so could anyone please identify them? Here is a photo :