1. kramerjusc

    Sicce sdc 7.0 and vortecs

    Hi just started my first tank (75 gallon) and waiting for it to warm up to start the cycle. I got the sicce sdc 7.0 pump just running it off the app at 39%. It comes with all these modes and I was wondering do I use a mode for a return pump? Figured just want it steady returning water. also I...
  2. michaelabellz

    In serious need of some advice regards to cycling!!

    I have been cycling my tank for 2 and a half months now and have seen no spike of ammonia (steady .25 for pretty much the entire cycle), just last week my nitrite tested at .25ppm but has stayed steady ever since which is odd as I read nitrites double every 12 hours. I have two black mollies...
  3. kiddkobireefs

    Cycling High Nitrites While Ammonia Is Lowering

    I’ve been testing my tank everyday to monitor my cycle. Cycle has been going on for over a month now. My nitrites have continually been high right now for the past 3-4 days at 2-5ppm. My ammonia read 2.0ppm for a few days and has gone to 1ppm as of today but my nitrites are still sitting between...
  4. Piscean_Introvert

    Nitrites Rising

    Hi all, So I recently completed the cycling of my first tank and added a couple clownfish and a couple of snails, however it appears my nitrites are climbing back up slowly, any suggestions as to the cause? Other than water changes, is there anything I can do?
  5. yanksfan11

    Adding fish

    Starting up with my first saltwater tank (30 gallon) and I had a couple of questions for you pros out there. Been cycling my tank now for about 3 1/2 weeks and looking to finally introduce a couple of clownfish maybe this weekend and then introduce a couple other fish in a few weeks. I've...
  6. kiddkobireefs

    Cycling Help?

    Went to my LFS about 2 weeks ago. Ammonia read 0 pmm. Nitrites read .50 ppm. Nitrates read 0 ppm. My LFS advised to start dosing Seachem Stability. They advised me to do once dose and . let it go a week and currently my readings are: Ammonia: 1.0 ppm Nitrite: 1.0 ppm Nitrate: 10 ppm Is this...
  7. michaelabellz

    EMERGENCY Changes in salinity.

    So it’s my first time cycling a tank and the first few days my salinity was at .025ppm but then on the fourth day it went down to .022ppm I read about salinity going up but not going down. I checked again today and it’s back up to .026ppm. So my question is if it’s normal for salinity to change...
  8. Bepis


    So I bought some aragalive sand and it came today. Problem is that the bags broken and i was planning on storing it and using microbacter start xlm+ quikcycle. What do I do... Add it eventhough it might interfere with the microbacters or just wait for a refund..
  9. Natedogg1978

    How efficient is your bacteria?

    Specifications: 45 gallon cube/ 14 gallon sump Bare bottom (No sand) Roughly 40 lbs of Caribsea Life Rock Kessil A360x (turned off during this cycling time) Reef Octopus Essence 130 skimmer (also turned off during cycling time) sitting on top of 6x6in acrylic skimmer stand 1 AI Nero 5...
  10. MnFish1

    When can coral be put into a tank - a philosophical / scientific discussion

    So - having read the threads here - for several years - I keep hearing 'you cant keep corals unless the tank is xxx months/years old' - on the other hand - I have also seen examples of people setting up tanks at reef shows, aquarium stores, and hobbyists - who set up their tanks and immediately...
  11. 45bravo

    Dry rock, should I add any bacteria?

    So I've been out of the hobby for a few years, about 6, because I started working out of the country and haven't been home more than about a month every year. That might end within a year or so though well see, I'm a little tired of it. In this time I've had a home built and I'm about to finish...
  12. Cantusaurus

    Too soon to add Rock flower Anemone?

    Hi, I have had my 32 gal. tank up for 2 months, and the parameters and salinity have not been fluctuating, and are not perfect, but are very near perfect. I have 1 fish, CUC inverts, and a serpent star, all of which are doing great. No algae surprisingly. Could I add a rock flower anemone to...
  13. KJones90s

    How’s my cycle going? (Shrimp method)

    Been cycling for 2 weeks, went with the shrimp method. I put one in and left it for 3 days until it began to swell, then I siphoned it out as I didn’t want it to burst and get crap all over the tank (wasn’t aware of the mesh bag method). not seeing much in the way of nitrate but my ammonia...
  14. D

    Ammonia barely going up, cycling

    Hey everyone, so this is not exactly my first time setting up a saltwater tank. But ive never tried cycling with shrimp, so ive decided to do it with my new tank. It is 210 gallons, and ive put in 2 chopped up table shrimp (in a filter bag) in the sump. And ive been letting it rot in there for...
  15. V

    My First Saltwater Tank and First Cycle | Bubbles on the Surface and Bacterial Bloom

    Hello, I'm New into Saltwater Tanks (well, aquariums in general) So, My First Saltwater Aquarium, I've Used the Aquaforest Sea Salt for my 96 Liters Tank and After applying Bio S (The Bacterias) I would say maybe 15 minutes or so, the tank got all cloudy and full of Microbubbles on the surface...
  16. F

    How long does the Ugly Stage Last?

    Hello all, just want to know a couple of things. How long does the ugly stage last? I know there's now miracle product to skip the whole ugly stage but is there something to help speed it up or make it less ugly or troublesome? Should I clean all the algae that my tank is producing during...
  17. Daveouthere

    Need advice on moving aquarium, new to hobby please help!

    Hey guys so I’m new to the hobby just set up my 32gallon biocube with 28 pounds dry rock 30 pounds live sand tank has just finished yesterday cycling had some troubles and confusion with that but I figured it out. Unfortunately I’m moving to a new house in 1 month (just found out) so I need...
  18. B

    Tips For Cycling a Tank Quickly without Fish

    I read all the articles on here and elsewhere about fishless cycling and I'd done it with ammonia before on freshwater tanks. I still had a lot of questions and there were things not explained elsewhere that led my cycle to stall and take a lot longer than it could've. I figured I would share...
  19. A

    A few questions about power heads and cycling

    Hello, I’m a somewhat new reefer in the hobby I established a 10 gallon aquarium with 2 clownfish back in may of last year and recently I have gotten a new aquarium for free. It is 20 gallons and I was wondering what would be the best GPH for the aquarium I have yet to buy the power head but I...
  20. Plecosam

    Cycling RSR 525XL - High Nitrates

    Hi people, I am currently cycling a Redsea Reefer 525XL, I threw a few raw prawns in the tank for a few days until I tested for ammonia and while waiting for Dr Tims ammonia to arrive. I then dosed the tank with ammmonia and Dr Tims Bacteria, I applied three doses of ammonia, dosed to ~4ppm as...
  21. ngservet5

    Nitrite Levels High after Dr. Tim's Fishless Cycle

    Hi Everyone, I have been cycling a 20 gallon Waterbox Cube with marco rock and live sand now for 5 weeks. I started this tank doing a fish less cycle with Dr. Tim's One and Only along with his ammonium chloride. After following his instructions and doing the ammonium chloride dosing, by day 4 I...
  22. alishahlakhani

    Can I put Torch corals in uncycled tank?

    I bought a torch coral few days back and it's gonna arrive on friday. I was expecting my tank to be cycled soon but it doesn't seem the case anymore. I have Zoas and GSP in tank. Do you think my Torch has any chances of survival in this env? I do have bacteria to seed the tank which I've already...
  23. Bennutri

    Clean up crew?

    For my 16 gallon all in one nano tank cube, what and how many clean up crew should i get? Whitch are best or most effective and where is a good recommendation to order online for a good price? Local store has baby hermits only
  24. Bennutri

    Will i survive?

    I put my toddler hippo tank amd 8 gallons of cycled water, live rock, and live sand in my new 16 gallon will it survive the next weeks w thse cinditions? Or should i wait on water change ?
  25. alishahlakhani

    10g Nano - High Nitrites(NO2) ~5ppm+, No ammonia & minimal Nitrates(NO3) ~<6ppm

    Hey fellow reefers, I've very new to aquarium hobby and I have a (maybe stupid) cycling question. I've had my tank cycling for past 3.5 weeks and now my Nitrites(NO2) are extremely high(full purple) for past 1 week. I have very minimal to low algae growth. Equipment used. - Dry rocks and Dry...
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