1. KMCA

    Needing cycle advice

    I bought a live rock for a tank I was starting and have discovered 4 tiny feather dusters living on it (about 1cm across when feathers are extended on the largest) This is my first tank so aside from the live sand and rock it hasn't had a chance to establish itself, I'd rather not lose them but...
  2. rhpmiller

    Nano Tank Start - Step by Step Journey

    Hey all, I just started a 20g nano tank and figured i'd post my steps along the way to see how it goes, as well as field feedback and advice from more-experienced reefers. Start - Day 1 (9/19) Tank: Red Sea Max Nano 20g Sand: Caribsea Arag-Alive Fiji Pink Skimmer: Yes Media: Yes (Carbon/rock)...
  3. FindingCoral


    I spent an hour today picking out Live Rock to get my 2.0 tank started again. I’m so Excited!! Cycling starts tonight! Can I see everyone’s Aquascapes??
  4. Johnb65

    Beginners New Build - Fluval Evo 13.5G

    Hi All, Yesterday was day 1 of my reefing journey! Im pretty excited already and looking forward to seeing how my reef progresses over the next year. I’m already wanting to upgrade! So day 1: Had all of my equipment ready or so I thought to get my tank up and running! Of course I would forget...
  5. bert236

    Looking for advice

    Hello everyone, looking to start my first tank. After some research and a bit of discussion on here I’m leaning towards a 40 gallon breeder. Through a couple local stores I should be able to get the cost to start the tank minus the lights for around $800-900CAD. I don’t want to waste money on...
  6. S

    Nitrobac bottle dosing.

    Hello. I’m currently at the end of the cycle for my tank. Ammonia is trace and nitrites have risen and are now nearing 0. Nitrates were at 25 ppm so I’ve done a 25/30% water change today to lower it somewhat. from advice on here I have added my first fish today and all appears to be healthy...
  7. S

    Cycling tank with "Red Sea Pro Reef Mature Kit"

    Hello. I am currently in the process of cycling my Red Sea Max Nano reef tank. I've added 20lbs of Carib-sea special grade live sand and about 15-20lbs of Carib-sea Life rock shapes (spored with bacteria). I've also added a mesh bag worth of Fluval bio tubes (for surface area for bacteria)...
  8. J

    Please Help Cycling 55 Gallon Tank

    Hey guys I'm cycling a 55 gallon with a small amount of live rock and live sand, bio spira, and pure ammonia. I'm at a point where my bacteria can take out 1.0 ppm ammonia in 24 hours but here's the part where I'm confused. For about 3 days in a row now, my nitrite and nitrate levels are...
  9. VentingFish


    I started my cycle about 2-4 weeks ago my ammonia levels at sitting at 0 but my nitrite levels are 5ppm and have been for the passed couple days. Should i do a water change should i leave it am I ready to add fish, should i just leave it ? I used dry rock and added turbo start 900 on day 2
  10. MarineDepot

    Cycle Your Saltwater Aquarium FAST (or Slow) | Week 17 of The Beginners Series with MyFirstFishTank

    Join Matthew from My First Fish Tank to discuss the process of cycling your saltwater aquarium. At Marine Depot we have all the tools you need to get your aquarium cycled and ready for a wide variety of livestock. Check out our YouTube Channel and please like, comment, and subscribe to learn...
  11. ChandlerTingle

    Ammonia Rose to 0.25 on Day 18 of the Cycle

    My ammonia has risen to 0.25 after being 0 since Day 13, Nitrite has gone down to 2.0 from 5.0, Nitrate is 40 ppm. Am I doing something wrong or is this suppose to happen?
  12. N

    Pre-cycle water change (W/ fish) ?

    Hi all just a quick one currently coming to end of week 1, no sign of cycling yet (two clownfish) - planning on doing a water change at 2 weeks, should I still do this change if there is no sign of cycle beginning? Or should I wait until ammonia and nitrites have both risen and fallen before...
  13. ChandlerTingle

    Topping off with RODI Water during Cycling

    My Question is it ok to top off with RODI Water during Cycling since I’ve noticed some evaporation? I just want to make sure so I don’t ruin or mess the progress of the cycle with my Ammonia dropping to 0.25 and the cycling is coming along the Nitrites up to 5.0 and Nitrates starting to build...
  14. M

    Re-Recycling my tank?

    Hey everyone so I set up two tanks around 2 months ago my main reef tank and a bio cube to do dwarf sea horses for my mom. I set them up without RODI water initially and have since done large changes in the reef tank but the small tank has been empty and cycling for over 2 months with this...
  15. ChandlerTingle


    So Here’s my results so far. Is the cycling still going or is does it look like it has stalled? Still trying to see if Ammonia is on 1.0 or 2.0, It looks like 1.0 but looks like 2.0 at some points
  16. Leon Gorani

    Looking for help on my new tank cycle and what to do next. Not sure if I should dose more ammonia or not.

    So I am cycling my new tank and I have some nitrites, no ammonia and a lot of nitrates. but I need help on what to do next to make sure it is actually cycled or not. I am listing my levels for the past 10 days: I am using the Red Sea marine test kit for reference to numbers/colors. Day2 May 21...
  17. ChandlerTingle

    Cycling Process

    So I’m on the 3rd day of cycling for my 38 gallon tank with the products Dr. Tim’s Ammonia Chloride and API QuickStart. First Day the Ammonia was on 2.0 ppm and has been for the 3 days but Nitrites have not gone up. Should I be worried or is this normal, Which day is usually when you see the...
  18. ChandlerTingle

    Cycling a Saltwater Tank

    So I'm about to cycle my tank, it’s 38 gallon tank and I was curious what’s the best way to go about cycling? I have API Quickstart and Dr. Tim’s Ammonia chloride along with the API Saltwater test kit and tropical flakes that came with the tank from Aqueon Do you turn your Hang on the Back...
  19. Uzair Aiman

    Salinity and Bacterial growth

    Hi, my water now has a salinity around 1.020 - 1.023 ( I usually keep the salinity between these numbers). And Ive used MB7 and MBStartXLM, with a dead shrimp to start the cycling process. Its been around a week now and Im having an ammonia of 1.5. I use saliferts ammonia tester. My nitrites...
  20. Uzair Aiman

    Bacterial Blooms

    Hi, Im currently going through my cycling process (on a 30L tank). I just added a dead shrimp to it a few hours ago to promote the cycling process by adding ammonia. I realized that my tank has gone abit cloudy and Ive read online that when theres presence of ammonia in the tank, bacterial...
  21. D

    Finally Getting It Up And Running...

    It's been a month or two refurbishing the tank and the stand and we're finally at a place where we're finally getting started...what, in your opinions, are the best way to get the tank up and cycled? The water in there is RODI with the correct amount of salt and it's still settling, but we're...

    Diatoms on dry rock? Cyclying

    This is my first saltwater tank and my dry rock is getting a orangish hue. Doing some of my own research I think these are diatoms, I wanted a second opinion and what to know my best course of action. I have just a turbo snail and a emerald crab in here so far. There is a window that lets...
  23. S

    Tank not cycling using Dr Tims the One and Only

    I am pretty new to saltwater tanks and I seek your advice. About a week and a half ago I started the cycling proces for my newly set up tank by dosing a bottle of Dr Tims the One and Only Nitrifying bacteria. I followed all the steps and I am a bit worried about the results. Day 1: I added the...
  24. adamlodge14

    Finished cycling?

    Hi, my 15 gallon saltwater tank has been cycling for 6 weeks now. I have been adding special blend bacteria and have been ghost feeding. I have tested my water parameters but am not sure if the tank is safe for a Yasha goby/ pistol shrimp pair. My parameters are: Ammonia= 0.1 Nitrite= 0 Nitrate=...

    Hello all, I'm new! My name is Darin and this is my 3rd tank, but its saltwater :)

    Greetings! Hope everyone is doing well in this crazy world we live in right now. This will be my 3rd tank in the hobby, but it's the first try at a reef saltwater build. Ever since I started (5yrs ago w/10gal betta) I've been wanting Clownfish a few corals and a thriving ecosystem in my home...
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