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  1. Narzyzz_12

    Adding Dry Rock to an established system

    The deal is that I have a piece of live rock with coral encrusted on it but it's also plagued with algae and aiptasia.So what I think ill do is take it out try to frag the encrusters. And replace it with a piece of dry rock.How should I go about doing this?Should I cycle the rock in a separate...
  2. Sammi Mi

    New Tank setup

    Hi! My name is sammi, new to this hobby. I've done a lot of research over the past few months prior to even buying anything. Got the tank started last week, water, live sand, all equipment (canister filter, protein skimmer, power heads, heater, etc...) Finally bought some live rock today and got...
  3. Chase89

    New aquarium guidance

    I have a 72 gallon aquarium and I want make sure that it's done right. I've used reef saver rock and live pink Fiji live sand. I've also put bio-spira in it to make sure I have the right bacteria growing. I've been watching my PH, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, calcium, phosphate and KH...
  4. ScubaSteve4Life

    Anyone used Red Sea's mature pro kit ?

    I just put in all my water for my new tank. Do I run my powerhead even when the sand isn't settled? Also, has anyone used Red Sea mature pro kit? I am using it to cycle my tank. I have a skimmer to use during the cycle but do I use my canister filter too? Or would that be filtering too much of...
  5. Biznizface

    Cycling and Aquascaping fears

    Hi, Have had my upgrade which is a TMC signature 900 cycling for 6 weeks now. 5 of those weeks I was away in Asia but a friend kept eye on the tank. I used some established live rock from a smaller tank which i put in the sump and some new live rock from my LFS which I attempted to putty...
  6. jeff williams

    Qt cycle

    I set up my 10gal qt it's bare bottom has a HOB filter heater and light with two pieces of pvc tubing for the fish to hide in. I'm trying to cycle the tank with dr Tims nitrifying bacteria and ammonia I followed the instructions and ammonia is at 2 ppm. There has been no changes in ammonia for...
  7. Susan Edwards

    Tank Cycle ?

    My tank has been set up since Dec 15. I have 60 lbs carribsea bimini live sand 45-50 lbs dry rock from Marcos, 2 pcs pukani from BRS, 1 Tonga shelf from BRS I also used bio spira in the water after water added. No charcoal I added 1 jumbo shrimp (to my hubby's horror) to the tank around the...
  8. C

    Tank Cycling Help

    I started cycling my tank at the end of November. Here is a chart that shows readings that I took occasionally to track the progress. Can anyone look at this chart at tell me if it is cycling correctly or not? I'm not really sure. From what I have read the Ammonia would go up then back down as...
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