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  1. S

    Nutrition during cycling

    Hi all! Im just cycling a new tank with complete dry rock. I had no lights on for the first 3 month and threw a shrimp into the tank and added some bacteria. The bacteria broke down the shrimp and i had some nutrients in the tank all the time. After 3 months ive added some fish and switched...
  2. Z

    Cycling thoughts

    So it’s been a week since I started cycling my tank with Dr. Tim’s and the nitrite levels have been off the charts since the second day (meaning that the levels were unreadable on the chart since they were so high) two days ago I raised the ammonia to 1 ppm just to feed the bacteria and left it...
  3. Z

    Nitrites high after one day of Dr. Tim’s One and Only

    Hello, I started my first saltwater aquarium tank (29g) yesterday and added Dr. Tim’s One And Only. Before that my ammonia was at .25 ppm and nitrites were at zero. I used dr Tim’s ammonia and raised the ammonia to 2 ppm. 24 hours later, the ammonia read 1 ppm and nitrites read I believe 3 ppm...
  4. Roberth101

    Fish for cycling

    I am sure this has been asked and answered but i cant seem to find it so here goes. I have a 75 gallon aquarium with a 20 gallon sump that water level is approximately 7 gallons. The aquarium is going to be a fowlr display. About 30 pounds of dry live rock, and 5 pounds of established rock in...
  5. R

    Tank Upgrade Cycle - Please Help!! Need Advice!

    Hi guys. 4 days ago I upgraded from a 50 litre tank to a 96 litre. New sand bed, old rock + a new piece of live rock, 25 L of old water and the rest new water. I transferred my clownfish and coral over. I have lost a xenia and possibly losing my GSP frag. My clownfish are acting normal and...
  6. BitFix

    Help with cycling

    I've been trying to cycle my quarantine tank, but I think something is wrong. I've been dosing ammonia in my reef tank for about 1 week, the ammonia is about 5% and the quarantine is about 5 gallons (will only house small fish like clownfish and cardinal bangai). I've been dosing about 1,2ml of...
  7. Cycling a Brand New Reef Aquarium

    Beginner Topic Cycling a Brand New Reef Aquarium

    Macroalgae in a refugium Photo from the Reef2Reef archives courtesy of AlexG, © 2018, All Rights Reserved In the beginner section of our forum, there is a sticky on top, written by David Hammontree, that's very very good. The article is called, The Supreme Guide to Setting up a Saltwater Reef...
  8. Lylelovett

    Cycling tank & skimmer start up...

    Happy Sunday everyone! I've got my tank/stand up. Rock and sand is in. Plumbing is done water flowing beautifully. I'm now ready to cycle my tank. I will be using Dr Tim's. When do I start my Bubble Magus A8 skimmer and get it broken in? Do I need to have it broken in BEFORE cycling, or...
  9. shawnriv

    New Cycled Tank - Dead Fish Help!

    Hey Everyone, I recently began cycling my new Red Sea Reefer 350 with live sand, dry rock, bio spira, and did a fishless cycle using Dr. Tim's ammonia. After cycling for about a week and half, my ammonia and nitrite went to zero. I dosed the appropriate amount of ammonia nightly and the after...
  10. ileas12:

    Can I add more fish?

    I added a pair of clownfish to my new 30 gallon tank last week. Ammonia and Nitrite have stayed at 0 and nitrate has remained under 40. Can I add another fish? If yes it would be a watchman goby and shrimp.
  11. Jeremy Lain

    Waiting on reef tank to cycle

    It is day four, I have a piece of a shrimp in there. Its is soooo boring to look at! I'm seeing a little bit of green algae on rocks, does this mean its starting to cycle?
  12. LanM

    New Tank Parameters question. pH on the rise, Ammonia on the rise, only CUC?

    Hello fellas, I'm trying to get a handle on reef chemistry in this 8 gallon system, 7.5lbs of live rock, only half of hwich had considerable coralline algae. I was past the point where ammonia was up, nirtrites were up, then nitrates rose, then 3 days ago everything was testing beautifully...
  13. spyder813

    Cycling test question.

    This is my first API test after a week of cycling the DT 40g. Using Dr. Tim bacteria and ammonia. Do I need to add more ammonia or just leave it like that?
  14. GenericReefer

    What in the heck is happening?! Where is my ammonia going?!

    My cycle completed, and I did a complete water change, the nitrates having skyrocketed. Everything (but the pH..) showed up at zero. Nothing at all. So I added a few drops of ammonia. Ammonia began to read, then faded. But nothing else changed. I've noticed this yellow/peach layer developing on...
  15. Ryan Rioux

    BIO SPIRA experiences ?

    Wondering about other people’s experiences with bio spira!! Do other people have success with it ? How long does it take for them to cycle a tank with it ? What method do you use ? Fish less or dosing ammonia ? Etc
  16. GenericReefer

    Clean Up Crew vs. Clownfish (plus tank update :D)

    Hey Guys! First, there has been a major change in my tank! When my 10 gallon finished it's cycle, I did a complete water change, and transfered everything inside into a 5 gallon aquarium, and everything fits quite snugly. I overall like the look of it, and don't mind the disadvantages of...
  17. S

    Imbalances in 60 gallon

    I have a 60 gallon aquarium with a corner overflow that falls into a 55 gallon sump. It goes through a felt filter sock and I have a protein skimmer in the large chamber. I have about 75 lbs of live rock in the display tank with a less than one inch deep sand bed.i have two suspended...
  18. F

    Question about my cycling tank (ammonia 0, nitrate 0 and nitrite 0)

    Hi to every reef tank lovers. I have a problem with my cycling. Maybe it’s not a problem, but I’ve always been at 0 nitrates, 0 nitrites and 0 ammonia. Don’t worry about the nitrates testing, I shaked the bottle really well. Here is my setup : - 80 gallons tank - 20 gallons sump - My...
  19. GenericReefer

    How a noob is cycling tank

    Hey guys! I set up my saltwater 10g tank, using live sand, Bio Spira, and Dr. Tim's Ammonium Chloride to start. I put a way too much of ammonia, but it's hard to tell the exact ppm. My question is, will I need to do a partial water change after cycling? All of this excess ammonia will be...
  20. Giraffe0621

    Mid-Way through Red Sea Mature Kit, but now adding TBS Live Rock -- do I now stop adding RedSea Kit?

    I just started a brand new tank (Red Sea Reefer 250). I originally was going to use all Marco Rocks & started using the Red Sea Reef Mature Kit (nitrifying/denitrifying bacteria, No3-PO4-X & KH-Coralline Gro) to help start the tank. I'm now on day 8 out of 21. Plans changed slightly & I ordered...
  21. G

    How to set up a Refugium

    I am new to the hobby and have a few questions with regards to the setup. I am setting up a reef aquarium (220 gallons) from scratch. It is set up as an island where you see three sides. The reef aquarium is on the first floor of my house. The basement houses the Sump (150 gallons) which is...
  22. Curryb15

    Let's see those cycling tanks

    Far to often you get to see these beautiful tanks showcased (As they should be ) , this might give the false impression that anyone can have a reef like that in just a few months. The purpose of this thread is to highlight the tank uglies and to show what it really takes to achieve a beautiful reef
  23. S

    Cycle question

    i set up a nuvo 10 about 2 weeks ago, I now have lots of brown algae everywhere, I tested the nitrate nitrite and ammonia and all are saying 0. Does this mean I'm done my cycle? Or has it yet to start? I'm unfamiliar with cycling because on my last tank I used bio spira and didn't have a cycle...
  24. Holy_makerel

    LaCl cycling of rock. WC questions.

    I've been soaking some rock in freshwater for 3 weeks or so and finally got some LaCl to help get phosphate out. Rock is soaking with a powerhead for circulation. I added the first dose of the LaCl. As expected the water clouded up and within about 24 hours it cleared up. My question is should...
  25. Steven91

    Filling and cycling

    Hey fellow reefers, I am about to start filling my 120 gallon tank and 30 gal sump, I am going to be using sugar grain size sand as I want to have a sand shifter eventually. What is the best way to fill the tank: Filling the sump and then tank or Filling tank and letting it overflow to sump...
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