1. Karen00

    How can I tell if a powerhead is AC or DC?

    Hello fellow saltines, These are my last newb questions for the night. :-) 1. When looking at powerheads, wavemakers, circulation pumps, etc is there a way to know if it's AC or DC? I've been looking at powerheads on Amazon and it doesn't necessarily mention this on the page other than...
  2. Dad2Wyatt

    Is my powerhead placement okay?

    I just installed 2 eflux current 1050 gph powerheads. Currently have them set to gyre mode at 70% My hammer retracted completely after turning the powerheads on so worried it might be getting too much flow. Nothing else seems affected

    Power head turned red

    Hi just cleaned my power head for first time….. when I’ve put it back in tank it’s turned red it places. Any ideas? Just used hot tap water and brush to clean..
  4. A

    Do I need two power heads in a nano?

    I have a Red Sea max nano that’s a very mixed reef. Right now I have the stock pump and one Nero 3 powehead on 20-60% facing different directions. Should I get a second Nero 3? I don’t like the look of so much of the glass being blocked and the cost is a factor. Also worried about too much flow...
  5. TreyC2010

    Powerheads: Ramp Up/Down, Stay constant, or other?

    I know coral enjoy the flow during the day time, but what about night? Do we lower flow for them? Do we lower flow for the fish to sleep? I know reefers didn’t worry about this when controllers weren’t a thing, but I’m curious where it stands and what everyone does.
  6. Two MP60 QD VorTechs

    For sale Two MP60 QD VorTechs

    I've got 2 MP60mQD-US for sale. They are mobius ready. Used in my 180 gallon for about month or so until I figured out they didnt interface with hydros the way I wanted and it ate one of my fish. The gyres I've got now are plenty for me. I've included the wall mount brackets for the controllers...
  7. YaboiNathan

    South Dakota Texas Maxspect xf230

    I have a maxspect xf230 with controller looking for 150 shipped
  8. StealthSolid

    Advice on Peninsula flow

    Hi all, I'm fairly new in the hobby and I would like to ask for some advice regarding flow for a peninsula 527L-140Gallon. As this is probably sth pretty personal regarding aquascape, sandbed and livestock I'd love to hear your opinion looking at my tank photos below. I'm really struggling if...
  9. MrDeathKills

    32 gal biocube

    Currently i have a hydro 240 in my tank and that is it. I feel like this is not good enough for the tank. I want to add a more controllable powerhead and think the AI nero 3 would be a good fit. Is this to much for my tank or should i be fine? Fish list. 2 Clowns, 1 Royal Gramma, 1 Diamondback...
  10. QuirkyReefer

    Florida Dry Good Trade WTT Torches for MP40

    Hey guys, looking for either an MP10 or MP40 in good condition. Would prefer MP40 but a 10 would also work for my lagoon. Will trade some corals for it, mostly Euphyllia like Indo golds, hellfire, Highlighter for example. I’ll take pictures tomorrow once everything is nice an open but here’s...
  11. jdemarco

    USA Dry Good Trade MP40QD FOR SALE (willing to shipping)

    MP40QD for Sale This was my backup MP40 as it was in my tank for about 6mos to 1yr in order to be a slave pump but never got it figured out and frankly my tank couldnt handle 2 mp40s so it wasnt much used or needed. Took it out of tank and cleaned it and it has sat as backup. Ecotech sent this...
  12. gardiendepoisson

    Two Brand New in box MP40QDs $350 each and one spare wet side $75

    Selling two brand new in box MP40QDs $350 each and one spare wet side $75. Decided to go another way with my tank. Prefer local Connecticut pickup. Located in Litchfield county. - SOLD.
  13. jpil

    Michigan Powerheads Reef Breeders RP-M wave maker pumps

    Pair of Reef Breeders RP-M’s, both work great just not working out like I wanted. Bought new through Marine Depot the end of February, put into use in March and taken out a month ago. Like new, just came out of 48 hours of citric acid bath and cleaned spotless. Prefer to sell them as a set...
  14. Schraufabagel

    Gyre vs regular wave maker?

    I currently use an AI Nero 3 for my 25 gallon peninsula AIO. I am seeing some dead spots since my scape is a cove style, and some detritus builds up there. The wavemaker also channels the flow too much and blows the sand out of a corner until it’s bare. I’m wondering, would using a gyre...
  15. Y

    Is a Nero 3 suitable for my 20G tank?

    Hey all, I just purchased a Red Sea Max Nano, it’s a 20g AIO cube. The display is roughly 62L/16.5Gallon. I’ve finally decided on my powerhead, and decided to go a Nero 3. From what I’ve found, most people run a Nero on a tank my size at roughly anywhere from 2%-20% capacity. Just would like...
  16. S

    New Jersey FS - Aqamai KPS WiFi Controllable DC Wavemaker Pump Small - 1050 GPH (up to 50 Gal)

    Hello, I am asking $85 with free shipping. 1 x Pump 1 x Controller 1 x Power Supply
  17. Brentdvizenor

    Xenia Sucked into powerhead :(

    So one of my xenia frags came off and got sucked into powerhead and completly shredded. i removed what was left out of powerhead. Water wasnt cloudy looked ok. Fed fish they fine. Everything else seems ok. Should i be worried about a crash and or a xenia outbreak??? I have a Nano waterbox 10...
  18. Y

    Powerhead recommendations

    Hey all, so I’m slowly in the process of piecing together my nano reef. I’ve got a Red Sea Max nano, it’s about 75L/20G, with 62L in the display, and 13 in the AIO sump. I’m looking to buy a powerhead that’ll provide adequate flow for my tank, but I’m hoping to find something that is wireless...
  19. P

    Water flow question

    I have a 48x12.5x21”T tank, not a ton of room from to back but plenty across the tank would a single mastech gyre 2k be enough for this tank? I’ve seen them used fairly efficiently on bigger tanks but this will become a sps tank over time too (going to take a few months to get there tho) if...
  20. Aquaristexhibit

    Setting up dual Tunze 6055 electronic’s to pump inversely

    I just got 2 new Tunze 6055 electronic powerheads and I’m wondering if anyone has set them up to work inversely to eachother and how to do it? I think eventually I will have them programmed to a profilux when I buy the controller, but for now I plan to set them up connected to eachother. I...
  21. Dawsokj1988

    EcoTech: 2 MP60QD ; 4 MP40QD ; and Battery Backup for sale

    Selling the following: Update: Everything is sold. 2 EchoTech Marine MP60QD's - Mid 2017 MFD (June and July). Work well with no extra noise. Will be shipped in the original boxes with spacers. ---- $350 each plus shipping. 2 Ecotech Marine MP40QD's - Mid 2017 MFD. Work well with no extra...
  22. TMN

    Colorado Two MP10wQD’s for sale - Used - Good Condition

    I have two MP10wQD’s for sale $220 each shipped or $420 for both shipped Both are in good condition. Please read descriptions below. I am the second owner just used them for a week and I want something different. Like some have said these are a little loud and that’s another reason I’m...
  23. Jon F

    Nano Build Flow advice

    Hi, I have a 35ltr tank, a little under 10 us gallons. I'm trying to get the flow right, but power heads seem to powerful. I've used the Tunze 6015 nano, too big and huge flow, too much. I currently have the return pump sicce micra+ and an ehiem CompactOn 600 as the only flow. The ehiem is too...
  24. R

    Powerhead MP10

    Hey guys , I just bought the mp10 for my nuvo fusion 20 , I’m gonna run lps and softies , however, I’m having trouble with the mobius app as far as what I should place the settings on for that style tank , can I see some of you that have that style (lps & softies) tank and what you run it on...
  25. Joel Franco

    USA WTB WTB 2x Tunze 6105 with controller

    Looking for a pair of the newer 6105‘s with controllers. Let me know what you got.
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