1. F

    California Drygoods Gyres / Powerheads

    Everything works as far as I know, but I encourage you to test it before buying. Text Derek at six19-253-381six. Pickup 92102. Cash only please. Open to offers, especially if buying multiple things. Icecap Dual Gyre Pump WiFi Controller with TWO of the 2k pumps. Single pumps sell for $120...
  2. M

    Maryland Drygoods Sale pending 2- Ecotech MP 40 QD with add-on protector

    Hi. Selling my 2 MP 40’s purchased in August of 2023 and not installed until thanksgiving 2023. Both have the add-on fish protection cages. They have the spacer for 3/4” glass. Asking $275 + shipping each, or $500 + shipping for both. I am unable to check my account during the work day but...
  3. SCH14

    Lighting Return Pumps Powerheads Skimmers Drygoods High end tank break down sale

    Breaking down my 310g planet. For sale Apex A3 Pro Controller System (With probes), no trident or energy bar just the Apex—- $600 MP60QD- less than 6 months old $650 4x Brand New in box Radion XR30 G6 Blues $725 per ----- (2 LEFT) Reef Octopus 300 INT Skimmer used for 6 months- $750 Gyre XF350...
  4. GothFishKeeper

    Wavemaker suggestions for nano

    I have a fluval evo 13.5g and I’m in desperate need of a wavemaker because no matter how much I wipe it off, algae keeps building up on my rock and bubbles keep getting trapped under it which is super ugly. It also keeps building on my sand to the point that it looks like ugly dark green...
  5. jschultzbass

    Minnesota Powerheads Drygoods Reef Octopus Octo Pulse 4

    For sale is my Reef Octopus Octo Pulse 4. Shut down all my aquariums. I love this pump, my favorite powerhead by far. Comes with a few spare parts, including impeller. $250 Shipped
  6. fredward

    Powerheads SOLD 2 Ecotech Mp-10s, $300 shipped OBO

    Hi all. I have two ecotech mp-10s in great condition with extra wet sides and k.clevin’s 3d printed turbulent flow frames for sale. With WiFi. Looking for $300 OBO for everything, including shipping. Condition notes 1. one has original box, manufactured late 2020, one I can’t find the box. 2...
  7. gspeed124

    Georgia Drygoods SOLD ReefWave 45

    Red Sea ReefWave 45in great condition. Comes with box and original accessories just no lid to the box. Controller Included just not shown Cleaned and ready to go-200 Shipped SOLD
  8. Dfost

    Nebraska Powerheads Drygoods Ecotech MP40QD $275 light use

    Good condition mp40qd with mobius send me message with any questions. 275 shipped
  9. kdtorgy

    Powerheads Misc. Pumps Drygoods SOLD Maxspect Gyre 350 Pump Only

    I have two Maxspect 350 gyre pumps with about a year's use on each. Regularly cleaned and in perfect working order. I have an odd-shaped tank and couldn't get the flow I wanted with them so I replaced with MP40s. I used the Hydros Wave Engine V2 to control them and have the adapter cables...
  10. Hurricane Aquatics

    Powerheads Drygoods SOLD 1 left - AI Nero 7 - Like new in box

    1 left! Nero 7 powerheads that are like new in the box. I bought 4 of these for my SPS tank and it was overkill. I am currently using the other 2 and have had zero issues from them. I had these in my tank for about a week, then removed them and they are cleaned, lubed, and ready to go...
  11. Ev8siveaz

    Aquarium Controller Powerheads Hydros wave engine le and icecap 2k gyre

    I have a used Hydros wave engine le and Icecap 2k gyre for sale. Decided to go with more traditional powerheads for my new setup. The controller and gyre were used for 1.5 years and are in perfect working order. Will ship at buyer expense. Asking 160 obo for the pair. Please send me a message if...
  12. hsp

    Maintenance on Red Sea ReefWave 25 Gyre Powerhead

    I have been operating two Red Sea ReefWave 25 Gyre Powerheads since February 1, 2024. I read somewhere that you can toss the parts overnight in vinegar to remove all coraline, organics, etc. However, after reading the Red Sea manual, I am not sure anymore. It states that, "Make sure that the...
  13. roberthu526

    Return Pumps Powerheads Drygoods MP40, MP60, Return Pumps

    2 x MP 40 QD dry sides only not MOBIUS ready, no spacers. 2 for $300 1 x MP 60 QD dry side only not MOBIUS ready, has the thick and thin spacers. $200 2 x APEX COR15. Used and cleaned. $125 each. 1 x APEX COR20. Used and cleaned. $150 Shipping is extra depending on buyer's location. Shipping...
  14. Broadfield

    Illinois Powerheads Drygoods Red Sea ReefWave 25 and 45(2)

    I have three Red Sea ReefWave powerheads for sale. They are roughly 1 year old and in perfect working condition. Prices include shipping to the continental USA. Qty 1 - Red Sea ReefWave 25 - $190 shipped SOLD Qty 2 - Red Sea ReefWave 45 - $225 shipped SOLD **Or $590 shipped for all three...
  15. S

    California WTB MP40Qd x2

    Looking to purchase 2 MP40QD shipping 93960 or if Local can drive out to pick up
  16. djkms

    Florida Powerheads Package Deal Drygoods SOLD VorTech MP40mQD Pair with lots of extras!

    I have 2 Vortech MP40QD powerheads. Both manufactured in late 2020 and I am the original owner. These powerheads were meticulously taken care of. The wetsides were removed, taken apart and brushed clean weekly. Every month they received a citric acid bath. One of the pumps has an...
  17. Adamc13o3

    Florida Powerheads Drygoods 1 week old GYRE XF350

    This is for a Maxspec GYRE XF350 (newest version of the pump). There is nothing wrong with the pump at all and have all the packaging. I ordered it two weeks ago (can provide receipt). This pump is the second one that I added to my tank on my Hydros Wave Engine (as this is pump only but will...
  18. R

    Idaho Powerheads Drygoods VorTech MP10mQD + Extra Wetside, SOLD!

    What you get: VorTech MP10mQD VorTech Mp10 Extra Wetside NemProtect Powerhead GuardItem Info: Used for 6 or so months in my tank. Gear is clean and like new condition. Will not separate. Price: SOLD! Links to product:($455.18 new)...
  19. Blinkdo

    Return Pumps Powerheads Drygoods SOLD EcoTech Marine VorTech QuietDrive MP40QD, Vectra L1 DC Return Pump, Reeflink BR10

    3x EcoTech Marine VorTech QuietDrive MP40QD Propeller Pump SOLD 1x EcoTech Marine Vectra L1 DC Return Pump SOLD 1x ReefLink BR10 Wireless Controller (no original box) SOLD **Reeflink version, not Mobius-ready. Excellent working condition, fully functional and comes with original box (except...
  20. Jake_the_reefer

    Michigan WTB Looking for nano tank powerheads. Cheap

    Hey! Looking to buy a powerhead for an inovative marine nuvo 10g tank. I'm looking for something small for example a jebao ow-10 shipped to michigsn 48708. I'm not looking for high end such as Neptune systems or ecotech.
  21. Reefing_addiction

    Anemone VS Powerhead / wave maker / crossflow

    So. I was having a discussion with another reefer and he said that he believes that the chance of a nem meeting its maker via our tanks flow masters is low. And now I want to know- hopefully we can get enough people to answer this poll! If you have a 3D printed nem guard let us know below make...
  22. Tuan’s Reef

    North Dakota Powerheads Drygoods Hygger Mini Wavemaker $SOLD

  23. pandaparties

    Arizona Drygoods Tank Breakdown lots of High-End equipment

    Willing to ship most things that aren't excessively large (skimmer, etc). Answering PM's in order. Willing to sell whole setup with tank, willing to do packages just PM Apogee MQ-520 w/ wand - 380 (SOLD) Varios s8 pump - 200 (SOLD) 2x santa monica surf 4x algae scrubber - 280ea Reef octopus...
  24. M

    Powerhead output/position’s recommendations

    Hi all I’ve added a jeboa MOW-5 to my fluval evo 13.5 gal/52 liter tank as I’ve recently added gsp/ Kenya tree with a max flow of 500 to 5000L/H just curious on the best settings/flow for this pump it has sine wave mode which can adjust the frequency of the waves and also the correct position of...
  25. glency

    ***SOLD***MP40 QD Ecotech and spare wet side

    Mp40 with spare wet side. Used for a couple of months. Includes shipping USA. $360