1. LxHowler

    Temporary anemone guard second opinion

    I am picking up an anemone tomorrow for my newest tank and my anemone guard hasnt arrived yet for my mp10. This is my solution that I have come up with and want a second opinion, should this be enough to keep an anemone out of the power head. It's made out of an old filter bag and some cable...
  2. D

    Nuvo 20 from the dead

    Hey reef2reef, a lot has happened since I was last active 3 months, but imma take it back about 3 years. About three years ago I got into the idea of having a saltwater tank and after saving all my money for about 6 months and I purchased a tank, rock, sand, heater, and quarantine tank set up as...
  3. HawaiiTanks808

    Powerhead and protein skimmer question/issue pls help

    I'm quite new to saltwater and tanks in general my family has always had tanks off and on and we live in hawaii so I know a lot but there's some technical issues that im having since this is my first personal saltwater aquarium. I'm on month 2 or 3 of cycling I have a 75 gallon FOWLR tank...
  4. Nate_Krohn

    Too much flow for lps?

    I just upgraded power heads and got a Nero 5. I set it on pulse mode and was wondering if it’s too much flow for my elegance coral on the sand bed? I have a video attached. Thanks!
  5. wsoldier

    California Powerheads Neptune WAV pumps

    I have 2 Neptune Systems wav pumps. Used for less than 2 years. Still work well but I went with a gyre. Not pictured are the magnet mounts, but they're included and have both rings. Can take photos of them if requested. Let me know if there are any questions. Thanks! $140/each shipped...
  6. M

    Better a smaller pump run at 40% - or a larger pump run at 20%?

    I have a tank similar to a 2ft cube. I wanna buy a couple of Maxspect gyres. Either the 330s or 350s. At first glance, the 350 gyres would seem the more attractive option: The 350s are longer than the 330s - which means the flow is distributed over a wider area. The 350s offer the same flow...
  7. A

    Wave Maker is dirty / Something Growing on it

    Hey guys, Ive started to notice these last few days some stuff on my wave maker only at the bottom and the front of it. I guess it looks likes hair or a spiders web, but I can only see it on the wave maker. Any ideas what it is or if I should be worried?
  8. DrewFish

    Neptune WAV running in reverse - No idea why

    It does not happen all of the time, but every once in a while my WAV runs in reverse. It makes a buzzing sound when it does so. Here is a video and a screenshot of my settings. Any ideas why and how to stop it?
  9. Mfield16

    Maryland Powerheads Aqamai KPS Powerhead

    Aqamai KPS purchased new 5 months ago. Cleaned and ready to go. $90 shipped.
  10. Sleeping Giant

    Fluval products

    Just wondering if anyone uses Fluval products in their reef tank(s). I currently use: CP1, CP2, CP4 powerheads Fx4 canister filter (used a 306 canister filter prior, but wanted more water volume) Fluval LED marine 3.0 Bluetooth (48-60") Fluval LED marine 1.0 white/blue switch (48-60"), will...
  11. Reefer37

    Will this Leach into My Tank?

    Hey guys, so I was doing my monthly maintenance cleaning out my powerheads and return pumps and such. Recently, I changed out the propellers in one of my Accela return pumps because the rod holding the propeller broke. So I ordered a replacement one through Premium Aquatics...
  12. Reefer37

    Are Jebao Powerhead Magnets Submersible?

    I'm upgrading to a Gyre and wanted to set up the powerheads on each side of my rock work along the back wall of my tank. The magnets would have to be submerged as it is an AIO with the sump on the back. Are they okay to be submerged or will they rust and possibly leach?
  13. LxHowler

    New Powerhead advice

    Hi. I am still relatively new to saltwater so apologies if I sound stupid. I have a Kent marine biocube and I have notice that the Powerhead that came with it seems incredibly weak. I dropped some pellet food about 2 inches Infront of it and it just sank straight past it, didn't get blown...
  14. Jordan Stone

    New Jersey BRAND NEW Ecotech Marine VORTECH MP40W-QD

    Selling a brand new Vortech MP40W-QD, literally 3 days old, and used it for 10 minutes. The pump is way too powerful for my tank. My loss is your gain. I purchased it for $366.50. I think when I was attaching it to the mount, I lightly scratched the controller. Nonetheless, happy to provide...
  15. A

    A few questions about power heads and cycling

    Hello, I’m a somewhat new reefer in the hobby I established a 10 gallon aquarium with 2 clownfish back in may of last year and recently I have gotten a new aquarium for free. It is 20 gallons and I was wondering what would be the best GPH for the aquarium I have yet to buy the power head but I...
  16. A

    Questions on GPH for nano reef aquarium

    Hello I’m somewhat new to the reef keeping hobby. I’ve owned a 10 gallon tank for a while and ive had two percula clownfish I’ve owned them for almost a year. I’ve also recently decided to upgrade to a 20 gallon aquarium because it was given to me for free. Do any of you guys know how much gph I...
  17. prfishgirl

    Pennsylvania Vortech mp10 witless non QD $125

    Have a working mp10 won’t fit new tank.. prefer local to be honest
  18. bckey

    Texas 2 Nero 5's and Kessil Spectral Controller X

    I have for sale 2 Aqua Illumination Nero 5's for $185 each shipped. I just cleaned them in some citric acid and boxed them up. They were purchased from BRS in Feb 2019 and put into service in May 2019. They were used from May 2019 until Jan 2020. So about 8 months. I never had any problems with...
  19. T

    When should the refugium's powerhead (Intake pump) be on?

    Should my refugium's powerhead (pump) only be on when the refugium's lights are on or should it always be on? I figured if the lights are off, the algae is just resting, so no flow is needed? Also, how much nitrate reduction (%'s) can I expect a 5 gallon refugium (chaetomorpha) to have on a 100...
  20. Reefer37

    JBJ 45 Powerhead

    Hey everyone! I'm new to R2R and the saltwater world and recently picked up a JBJ 45. I've been trying to decide on what powerheads to put in it. I know there's a lot of mixed opinions on amount of flow and such, and I'm learning along the way, but wasn't sure what the 'ideal' flow would be...
  21. SeanD

    Georgia Maxspect Gyres 2-XF250

    I have a complete gyre setup I took off my 525XL 2- XF250 gyre pumps 1- XF250 advanced controller 2- Maxspect power supply’s 2- IceCap gyre controller modules 1-10v Apex Y-connection cable I have the original boxes with the extra blade sets etc all new and included These are all...
  22. Trueno22

    Florida 2x Ecotech MP10 WQD

    I just broke down my Nuvo SR-60 and I upgraded to a Reefer 450 so I am unable to use these guys anymore. They are both a year old unfortunately I do not have the boxes. Pictures pending clean up of the wetsides. Asking $200 each or $380 for both. Located in Kissimmee for local pickup. Can...
  23. derekh

    Iowa AI Nero 5 pumps (4 of them)

    Selling 4X Nero 5 pumps. They're all like-new, crazy clean, and very quiet (no one pump is louder than any other). Two of the pumps were purchased new in February (I can provide documentation if requested), whereas the other two were purchased locally (estimated 6-9 months total use to date)...
  24. P

    Maxspect gyre Syna G xf330 Just discovered something

    I’ve had pump running for a month and wasn’t that impressed with flow. Loved all the features. I called premium aquatics and spoke with a lady (forgot her name) after having pumps running in tank for 3 weeks. She said she’s happily exchange them for me, but encouraged me to give them more...
  25. RacinJason

    Texas Vortech, Calcium Reactor, ATO

    Everything is in perfect working condition Korallin Calcium Reactor with Aquamaxx second chamber, 5lb Co2 bottle, Regulator with Solenoid valve. Used for 13 months. $500 shipped Vortech MP60 Quiet Drive with spare wet side and controller mount. Controller used for 8 months and each wetside...
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