gulf live rock

  1. OldRed1

    Low profile black urchin

    This small urchin, a little larger than a quarter in diameter, came as a hitchhiker attached to live rock from the Gulf of Mexico. I wish I could get a better photo, but it’s perched upside down on a rock I can see only from this angle. Could it be some form of pencil urchin? h
  2. K

    Fallowing Live Rock

    In our previous tank we picked up Ich and Velvet from not quarantining our fish. After losing half of the fish and having to rush together 3 proper hospital tanks for corals/fish/inverts we vowed to do anything we can to avoid that in the future! Now 9mo into the current tank setup (90gal) and...
  3. WheatToast

    Has anyone bought Live Sand from Gulf Live Rock?

    Has anyone bought live sand from Gulf Live Rock? What are your experiences with the sand?,l:0%25,w:100%25,h:100%25/rs=w:1280,h:939
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