gyre pump

  1. Jeff@CoralVue

    Q&A with Timothy Herman about the HYDROS WaveEngine

    Q&A with Timothy Herman about the HYDROS WaveEngine Customer Profile: @therman's 1100-Gallon Multi-Tank SPS Propagation System
  2. Jeff@CoralVue

    Win a Gyre 2K pump from Premium Aquatics!

    I saw in @premiumaquatics / @Premiumaq latest email newsletter that they're giving away an IceCap 2K Gyre pump! There is no purchase necessary to enter or win. Just do the following: Watch the video below Subscribe to their YouTube channel Comment on the video on YouTube That's it! Good luck!
  3. Jeff@CoralVue

    20% Off Maxspect Gyre XF330 & XF350 Pumps: LIMITED-TIME OFFER!

    Maxspect Gyre XF330 & XF350 Pumps w/ Controllers are 20% off through 12/31/19 (or while supplies last) at participating retailers! See Maxspect Products: Find a Store:
  4. J.durk

    Nevada Almost new Gyre xf350’s (2) and controller $400

    Hey guys, Just checking to see if anyone is interested in a set of gyre 350’s. Package includes two xf350's with controller and power supply w/Y adaptor (one PS powers both pumps). They are on my tank right now but I will clean them tomorrow and put some clearer pics up. Love them and they...
  5. Jeff@CoralVue

    IceCap 1K Gyre Giveaway - ENDS @ MIDNIGHT!

    Our IceCap 1K Gyre Pump giveaway ends tonight at midnight! We're drawing our winner tomorrow so be sure to get your entry in before it's tooooooooooooooooo laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate! Here's the entry form: Good luck! We'll announce the...
  6. nautical_nathaniel

    Florida Icecap Gyre 1K (barely used)

    I have for sale a slightly used Icecap 1K Gyre Pump. I used it for less than 2 months on my Nuvo 20 in single side configuration at 10% and felt like it was still too strong for my tank. I have cleaned it in vinegar it looks basically brand new aside from some water spots and a few tiny spots of...
  7. AiKkz

    Large Build 300 Gallon In-Wall + Fish Room / 115 Gallon Frag Tank

    Been in the hobby for a little while and looking to upgrade to a large tank that will be SPS dominant. Several years ago I started with a 40g breeder, then went to a 90 bow front, and recently tore down my 220 because I had to move so now i'm taking advantage of the new house and the wife let...
  8. pelphrey

    FLOW | Maxspect Gyre Advanced Controller - Standing Wave Programming

    Big shout out to @CJs Aquariums for spending the time to come up with the settings for the standing wave using the gyre pumps. CJ and I are both running 230's on our tanks, his is a 120 gallon 4x2x2 and I have the Reefer 250 36x20x21. Our schedule's are a little different and I obviously use...
  9. Bulk Reef Supply

    A Gyre pump your budget can get along with? YES, PLEASE.

    Look what we just got in: the new IceCap 3k Gyre Pump!! Yes, that's right, IceCap Gyre. You can pick up this pump and controller combo for only $150. Here are the details: Compatible with aquariums up to 1/2" Max Flow 3000 GPH Recommended for aquariums up to 100+ gallons Magnetic Mount 5...
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