1. Jeff@CoralVue

    [ new & in stock ] The IceCap Battery Backup v2.0 ⚡

    [ new & in stock ] The IceCap Battery Backup v2.0 ⚡ Keep Your Aquarium Safe When Disaster Strikes!
  2. Reefer5640

    Utah WTB/WTT Maxspect XF250

    Looking for an XF250 pump only preferably but will consider buying pump and controller if that’s all that’s available. I have tons of reef gear and coral to trade if someone wants to go that route too; Apex gear, EcoTech (5 or 6 Radion gen 1’s & 2 MP40WQD’s & 1 MP40 wireless white controller)...
  3. Jeff@CoralVue

    Q&A with Timothy Herman about the HYDROS WaveEngine

    Q&A with Timothy Herman about the HYDROS WaveEngine Customer Profile: @therman's 1100-Gallon Multi-Tank SPS Propagation System
  4. SVP

    Florida WAV pumps BNIB,Nero 5 BNIB,Gyre XF250 bundle, Neptune BOB, APEX EL head unit plus more

    I have for sale the following items. All prices include shipping. PM is Key. NO Lowballers please. Thanks for looking 2 Neptune WAV pumps both unused and brand new. One has the plastic shrink wrap the other does not. $140 each 1 Nero 5 pump BNiB $210 SOLD 2 Gyre XF250 pumps...
  5. Jeff@CoralVue

    Win a Gyre 2K pump from Premium Aquatics!

    I saw in @premiumaquatics / @Premiumaq latest email newsletter that they're giving away an IceCap 2K Gyre pump! There is no purchase necessary to enter or win. Just do the following: Watch the video below Subscribe to their YouTube channel Comment on the video on YouTube That's it! Good luck!
  6. Rams

    New Jersey Maxspect XF250 gyre with controller and brand new blades

    Selling maxspect gyre XF250 with controller and extra brand new blades never used.local pickup 07080 or PayPal shipped.Asking 250$.
  7. T

    Maxspect XF350's vs Icecap 4k's

    Previously the Icecap was just the more affordable, fewer featured clone, which was great, but with the sale on the Maxspect's at $279 for 1, it seems the likely choice, but then needs the wifi controller to truly take advantage of all features. The cheaper Icecap has wifi built in.... Someone...
  8. Jeff@CoralVue

    Unboxing the IceCap 2K Gyre!

    The new IceCap 2K and 4K Gyres are out now! ;Woot Announcement:
  9. A

    Pennsylvania TWO BNIB ECOTECH MP40WQD

    I purchased two MP40 WQD two years ago for a tank I never built. Just trying to recoup some of my loss. $315 each shipped.
  10. Jeff@CoralVue

    IceCap All-Stars - Our Top Picks

    IceCap All-Stars - Our Top Picks The Best of IceCap's Innovative & Affordable Aquarium Lineup
  11. Jeff@CoralVue

    3 New WaveEngine Videos!

    3 New WaveEngine Videos! How to Connect Your Pumps to the HYDROS WaveEngine #Hydros #WaveEngine
  12. Jeff@CoralVue

    READY TO GO: IceCap Gyre Dual Pump WiFi Controller

    Getting ready to ship these bad boys to retailers! ;Woot Learn More At This Link ;Bookworm
  13. AquariumSpecialty

    20% savings on Maxspect Gyre Pumps with Controllers

    Click the ad for details.
  14. tyler1993

    Tennessee Salwater Equipment

    I am having to move and have just decided to break down and sell most of my equipment. I will get pictures posted this afternoon. * Apex Classic part out priced shipped in US - 2 x Eb8: $130 each - Apex Classic Brain (Orange Label) w/ Temp and pH probe: $130 * Apex Dos: $260 Shipped in US - Ran...
  15. SeanD

    Georgia Maxspect Gyres 2-XF250

    I have a complete gyre setup I took off my 525XL 2- XF250 gyre pumps 1- XF250 advanced controller 2- Maxspect power supply’s 2- IceCap gyre controller modules 1-10v Apex Y-connection cable I have the original boxes with the extra blade sets etc all new and included These are all...
  16. Jeff@CoralVue

    10% off IceCap Gyre 1K Flow Pumps WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

    10% off IceCap Gyre 1K Flow Pumps WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! PLUS: K1 Skimmers — High Performance, Low Prices! #IceCap
  17. c147258

    Review of the NemProtect Maxspect Gyre XF350 Wavemaker/Anemone Guard

    The following is my review of the XF350 anemone guards. If it matters to you, I got lucky and received the very first pair (prototype) for free and I am planning to purchase another pair from NemProtect. Excuse me for my dirty Gyres :) These guards are work of quality. I've previously bought...
  18. Jeff@CoralVue

    "I am running 5 pumps off the WaveEngine."

    Check out this testimonial from R2R user @shred5 about the HYDROS WaveEngine! "On my WaveEngine right now I am running one IceCap 3K, two XF-250 Maxspect Gyres, and a VarioS-2 directly. So I eliminated 3...
  19. P

    Maxspect gyre Syna G xf330 Just discovered something

    I’ve had pump running for a month and wasn’t that impressed with flow. Loved all the features. I called premium aquatics and spoke with a lady (forgot her name) after having pumps running in tank for 3 weeks. She said she’s happily exchange them for me, but encouraged me to give them more...
  20. CK NG

    Powerhead flow setting discussion

    Hi all. Good day to you. Would like to seek advice on power head setting. I have a 3 side view tank that is 220gallon tank with dimension 7x2x2 and currently running on 2 Neptune WAV + 2 Nero 5. Previously i was running 2WAV + 1Nero 5 and it seems that my tank does not have enough flow. The...
  21. Jeff@CoralVue

    And the winner is...

    We've got a winner! Congrats, Carol! Many thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! We just kicked off a new contest for August for a Reef Octopus Light Reactor! Check it out:
  22. Reefltx

    North Carolina Maxspect xf230 (Pump Only)

    New/Never used Maxspect xf230 gyre for sale, asking price is $120 shipped.
  23. Jeff@CoralVue

    Win an IceCap 1K Gyre Pump!

    The 1K Gyre Pump from IceCap is the smallest gyre-generating pump on the planet. It's perfect for aquariums from 20-50+ gallons and comes with an easy-to-use controller so you can set up pulsing, random, and other awesome flow modes to get rid of all the dead spots in your tank. Sign up for...
  24. Deaf clown

    Iowa Gyre xf 250 pair

    $300 shipped. No extra parts. Cleaned. Selling because I downsized and no longer need. Selling as a whole set; no parting out.
  25. SeanD

    Georgia Maxspect Gyre XF250 package

    I decided to change up my equipment and these work too good to be laying around as a backup pump. These ran for 6 months and really move a lot of water. I’m also including the apex interface modules and extra power supply. $425 shipped to lower 48