1. V

    Maryland Drygoods 2x RedSea ReefWave 45 ($250 each shipped)

    I have 2 RedSea reefwave 45s for sale. Used for about a year at approximately 30% power and still in great condition. Does not come with box. Looking for $250 shipped.
  2. leewish

    Pennsylvania Aquarium Controller Powerheads Drygoods Hydros wave engine with gyres

    All cleaned up and ready to go. Video attached running and silent. $300 shipped with payment fees or pickup in 19454.
  3. jschultzbass

    Minnesota Powerheads Drygoods Maxspect Gyre 250s and 350s with ICV6 controller

    I have Maxspect 250 and 350 gyres for sale. 2 250s with controller and have a lot of spare parts supplied as well. Package is $200 shipped. I have a package of 3 gyre 350s with controller for $500 Shipped. The ICV6 controller can be included in either package.
  4. A

    Gyre Cloud XF350 Programming

    Hi, does anyone has a QR with a good pattern programming to share for two opposed Gyres 350? I have an 80 gallon tank. Thanks
  5. A

    Hello Gyre Cloud dual xf350 Setup QR

    Hi, does anyone has a QR that can share with a good programming for two Gyre 350 for the Cloud edition app? Thanks
  6. L

    Ohio Misc. Pumps Drygoods SOLD IceCap 1K Gyre $50

    I have a used IceCap 1k Gyre I am selling for %50. Gyre is in great shape I bought off someone else and don't like all the controls to it so I have only used it myself to try out. Will ship for $10 Paypal G&S I would prefer
  7. Adamc13o3


    This is 3 months old, it's the new style XF350 which has the angled flow cages (I have the box as well). The wave Engine LE can control 2 of these pumps or sync them with others. Price is $200.00 shipped. The best way to reach me is via PM or text (646) 239 - 2887 Thanks, Adam
  8. M

    Tennessee Live Rock Drygoods Cade Tanks for sale in TN

    I have two large aquariums for sale. I have a Cade 1800 ($4000) and Cade 2100 ($5000) for sale in Knoxville, TN. You must pick up. Includes sicce pump, gyre power heads, Red Sea skimmers and nice lights. There is live rock included. Live stock and corals up for negotiation. I also have Neptune...
  9. juarec0201

    Texas Ice cap gyres 2k

    I have 2 ice cap 2k’s in good condition working properly. I used them on my tank for about a year. Just cleaned in citric acid. They come with a cable extension each. I also have the battery back up that I replaced the battery on with a new one. 115$ for each of the pumps and 80$ for the back up...
  10. Ev8siveaz

    Aquarium Controller Powerheads Hydros wave engine le and icecap 2k gyre

    I have a used Hydros wave engine le and Icecap 2k gyre for sale. Decided to go with more traditional powerheads for my new setup. The controller and gyre were used for 1.5 years and are in perfect working order. Will ship at buyer expense. Asking 160 obo for the pair. Please send me a message if...
  11. ze_reef

    Colorado Refugiums Drygoods Red Sea Slide-out Panel 25 • Aquamaxx HOB Refugium • Tunze 3181 Macro Algae Reactor

    I have some stuff for sale that I no longer use as I have upgraded into a bigger tank. Pickup in Longmont, CO or I can ship these items, buyer pays shipping Aquamaxx HOB Refugium with Chaetomax 9w LED light, paid 200$+ tax for this setup, only selling for half the price, no issues, no box 100$...
  12. AquaForge

    Maxspect XF330 Cloud x2 in IM150 Lagoon

    I'm gearing up for the arrival of my new IM 150 EXT Lagoon next week. Right now, I’ve got a 60 gallon custom setup rocking a single MS xf330 powerhead on the back wall, which seems sufficient because my return pump is a tad overpowered and does a solid job creating good water flow on its own...
  13. juarec0201

    Texas Powerheads Icecap gyre 3k

    Great condition Icecap 3k. Had it as a backup and was hardly used. Comes with original style controller. 85 plus shipping
  14. S

    New Jersey WTB Maxspect gyre

    Looking to buy a maxspect jump gyre 4k. Any similar sized gyre will work too.
  15. Carley

    Maxspect gyre 2k

    MJ-GF2K Maxspect jump gyre 2,000 gph Works great! Great condition. Decided to go a different route. $160 shipped or pick up in dfw
  16. Z

    Wisconsin SOLD Two gyres - one almost new, one used but looks new

    $50 - Classic Maxspect Gyre, unknown model other than 'original'. It starts and runs as expected, but I never put in water. $300 - Maxspect Gyre XF330 Cloud Edition - Only used for a few months. It just wasn't strong enough for my tank after I got my rock work in there. Shipping available for...
  17. Kaleb W Bellamy

    Gyre XF330 Cloud Edition - Double Package (2x 2350 GPH)

    I bought 2 of Gyre XF330 Cloud Edition - Double Package (2x 2350 GPH). They do not work on my 900 because the glass is to thick. They are brand new! I would like to get 850 shipped for both or 450 shipping Separate.
  18. vcnt

    Whats the best gyre wave pump?

    I've noticed there are a few different brands of gyre pumps, the saltwater guy at LFS said he prefers red sea over Maxspect. I'm just looking for others' opinions, thanks!
  19. SomeHappyFish

    Should I randomize my flow more ?

    My tank is 36" long and 18" wide my gyre xf130 is set too pulse mode each 0.1 - 0.2 seconds at 40%. Food stay suspended but its always doing a circular motion which doesn't really feel natural. Is it okay? If not what can I do to fix it.
  20. Digitalfirex

    Red sea reefwave45

    Hello For sale is a well taken care off red sea reefwave45. $250 shipped paypal fees included.
  21. Hurricane Aquatics

    IceCap Gyre 2k flow pump with dual WIFI controller NIB

    I have a new IceCap 2k Gyre flow pump with dual WIFI controller. These are retired and you can't get them anymore with the separate wifi controller. I bought this for a small cube build and it was just too much flow. I hooked it up put it in a new tank with no livestock and took it right back...
  22. V

    RedSea Reefwave 45

    Hello Everyone. I have a Redsea ReefWave 45 for sale. It is in great condition and comes with extra seals and snail guard. I am looking to get @250 for it. Located in Roanoke VA but can ship if needed for extra.
  23. Reefer825

    (SOLD) Redsea ReefWave45

    (SOLD) Reefwave 45 Gyre (3960 GPH). It was ran at 20%-40% for six months on a 85g system. It overkill for my tank so downgraded to a smaller gyre. Lightly used, one owner, like new condition. Box with spare parts kit, manual, etc. (SOLD)
  24. ze_reef

    Looking for Red Sea ReefLed 160S

    Hello everyone! I’m looking to buy a used Red Sea ReefLed 160S for a new tank build. I will need for it to get shipped to Colorado. Also looking for a Reefwave 45 and a Red Sea RSK 900. Please DM me what you have. Thank you!
  25. Boonz28

    IceCap Gyres 3K and 1K SOLD

    IceCap gyre wavemakers. Both in used, good working condition. 2 available: 3K w/controller in original packaging- SOLD 1K w/ controller in original packaging- SOLD