1. ryan2577p

    Tennessee Misc. Pumps Drygoods Red Sea Reefwave 45 (Used)

    Used Red Sea Reefwave 45 Good condition $275.00 Shipped
  2. Acrofiend

    California Powerheads Drygoods Sold

  3. Neko

    California Powerheads Drygoods SOLD Jebao SCP-90 Gyre wavemaker $47 shipped

    Jebao SCP-90 Gyre wavemaker $47 shipped. Controrable DC pump. No wifi. Ship shown in picture.
  4. stephanjupillat

    Pennsylvania Powerheads Drygoods SOLD Brand new Maxspect Gyre XF350 with nemguards. ships free

    Bought it for a new tank but decided to change the setup. Never even taken out of the box. $275 shipped. Includes brand new nemguards also
  5. Blue Tang Clan

    Maryland Powerheads Misc. Pumps Drygoods Red Sea ReefWave 45 Gyre - four (4) Reef Wave gyres available - $249 each

    Four units available! $249 each. I used eight of these on my 1000G system and I am downsizing since they put out so much flow (4000GPH). All four of these work perfectly and are clean and ready to give your tank a strong sheet of waves. UPS Ground shipping is $7 for one unit, and a flat $10...
  6. Isaac Alves

    California WTB Gyre XF330 Controller Extension Cable

    Looking to buy a Gyre XF330/XF350 Controller Extension Cable.
  7. sawrip

    Gyre mounted on overflow box

    I was just wondering thoughts on mounting a RS Reefwave 25 on my 200xl cube (24 by 24) I would very much like to mount it a few inches under the overflow for a very clean look but I have heard this can cause issues with detritus in the tank not hitting the overflow, that being said the overflow...
  8. LukeWolf

    Missouri Powerheads Misc. Pumps Drygoods Maxspect gyre XF330 with controller

    Selling my maxspect gyre xf330. It’s in great condition and was only used for about a year. It worked well last time I fired it up. I’m happy to send a video of it working. Hoping to get around $250 shipped but will take best offer
  9. db2022

    Powerheads Misc. Pumps Drygoods SOLD Maxpect 330 gyre with controller

    This gyre pump has an excellent flow. It comes with a controller as shown in the picture. Shipping is included
  10. LukeWolf

    Lighting Return Pumps Powerheads Drygoods Gyre pump, protein skimmer, pumps, ATO, and more!

    Hey all! I’ve decided to sell off some more of my reef equipment since all this stuff will probably be outdated by the time I start my tank up again haha! Gyre XF330- $200 OBO About a year of use Jebao return pump- $50 OBO About a year of use Tunze ATO- $75? OBO Gotta find the...
  11. kdtorgy

    Powerheads Misc. Pumps Drygoods RedSea ReefWave 45 with controller

    I used this for about 2.5 years with no problems. Setup and WiFi control is super easy. I regularly cleaned the pump and just before I took it offline I replaced all of the moving parts. The only reason I’m selling is I’ve added more gyre pumps and integrated them with the CoralVue Hyrdos Wave...
  12. NewCaliCaptives

    Kansas Powerheads Drygoods 4x MP40wQD 4x Maxspec XF250 gyres

    4x MP40wQD Mobius Ready with nem guards $200 each 4x Maxspec Gyre XF250 with controllers and brand new replacement blades $200 each Will trade for GHL Mitras, Profilux or doser
  13. Thizz

    Return Pumps Dosing Drygoods Apex, DOS, Gyre, Tunze ATO, Nyos 120 & 160 skimmer

    Pickup In Anaheim Most Items Used Less Than 1 Year Majority Of The Items Listed Are Cleaned And Were Well Taken Care Of Unless Noted Otherwise. Shipping will be at buyers expense Nyos 120 skimmer NEW NEVER USED - $290 Nyos 160 skimmer NEW NEVER USED - $390 Makers LED DIY kit works great...
  14. C

    Powerheads Drygoods SOLD 2x IceCap Gyre 2k pumps

    I have a pair of Icecap 2k Gyres for sale. They both come with the controllers but these are also Hydros wave engine compatible. Both pumps work great and have just been cleaned up. Asking $175 for the pair shipped to the lower 48. I only accept PayPal.
  15. M

    Gyre xf300 advanced controller

    I’ve watched and read everything I can find about programming this new controller (latest/greatest w lcd screen). Can’t find anything with easy to follow instructions. Is this thing really just that ridiculously un-user friendly?! Hoping to set up 2 opposing xf350s with an alternating gyre that...
  16. Ghidellas

    Aquarium Controller LED Dosing Drygoods 220 Breakdown Sale! Everything in original boxes.

    4- Gyre XF330 pumps $300 per pair w/controller 1- Atlantik V4 Gen2 LED light $400 comes with mounting kit 2- Jaebo dosers $40 each 3- Xport Bio Bricks New In Box $20 each Red Sea Calcium Big jug 5L $60 1- Eb 832 $200 each APEX Stuff: ATK auto top off kit (CAN run without APEX) $120...
  17. flatlander93

    Return Pumps Misc. Pumps Drygoods Two pumps for sale. Jebao Gyre and Sicce 3.0

    I have a couple used pumps to sell. Both have been cleaned in citric acid and work. The Gyre is about 3 months old and is just the wrong flow for my small tank. The sicce return pump was replaced with a dc pump. Both work fine. Not sure the age of the sicce due to buying it used. Sicce is 50$...
  18. Daedalus8311

    Wisconsin Powerheads Drygoods Maxspect XF 330 gyres

    I have a set of Maxspect XF 330 gyres complete with controller. Perfect working order and already all cleaned up ready to ship. $220 shipped
  19. Gobi1canobi

    Ohio WTB Looking for

    Looking for new/ used gyre wavemeker with controller
  20. rrichardsmn

    Minnesota Powerheads Drygoods Red Sea Reef Wave 25 gyre(like new)

    Used for 5 minutes and was providing too much power for the size of the tank. My loss is your gain. $250 shipped.
  21. Baffels

    How do you set up your gyres?

  22. ChiReefGuy3

    Mounting Gyre on Euro Brace

    Has anyone ever mounted a gyre pump to their tank's euro bracing? I have a Maxpect XF330 and would like to mount it on the euro brace but am wondering if it will reach down far enough down into the water. Have you tried extra magnets, a specific mount, ect....?
  23. 4

    Pennsylvania Powerheads Drygoods Maxspect xf330 gyre only.

    Used xf330 pump gyre. Used with hydros controller. ships from 17402
  24. payrawsa

    Texas Powerheads Drygoods Pair of Maxspect gyre xf330

    Pair of maxspect gyre xf330 with original controller and power supply. Works great. $260 shipped. Buyer pays paypal fees.
  25. david_ma

    Michigan Lighting SOLD Local first: 3 radions 15 gen 5 blue, tunze, 2x gyre wifi 4k, dc pump, chiller and more NOVI MI

    Text 313-268-3195 Looking local first: 3 radion xr 15 gen 5 blue with railing mount $900 all 3 Current 1/10 chiller $150 Gyre 4k x2 wifi $200 for both Tunze ato $100 Jebao dc $60