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  1. AbjectMaelstroM

    3D Printed Test Kit Organizers (Hanna, Salifert, Red Sea)

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad 3D Printed Test Kit Organizers (Hanna, Salifert, Red Sea). For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. MacdaRippa

    Florida Perfect Package for a New or Beginner Reefer-All equipment for sale!! Local Pickup Preferred but will ship at buyers expense

    Selling it all!!! Complete plug and play setup. I would like to sell it all together $1600 OBO, but will part out for the right price. Make an offer on the item you would like. Text me at the number posted below. Complete Plug and Play Setup!!! Nuvo 30l - $250 *LPU Preferred Pro Clear 3...
  3. Muffin87

    Hanna Nitrate Low Range w/ dilution VS High Range: 28% difference!

    I made a large water change today, and thought'd it be "fun" to compare results between the new Hanna Nitrate High Range 782, and the old Low Range 781 using the dilution step. 781 Low Range diluted 782 High Range Percentual Difference Before Water Change 24,9 33 27,9% After Water Change...
  4. Difrano

    Florida Testing Hanna Nitrate Low Range new in box never used

    Selling a Hanna Nitrate Low Range never used, I am too lazy for that many steps plus my tank runs always 10+ nitrates. $35 shipped. Thanks
  5. BostonReefer300

    Massachusetts Hanna Phosphate and Phosphate ULR Checkers for Sale

    One never used Hanna Phosphate Checker (HI713) and 50 tests. $25 plus whatever shipping method you prefer unless Boston area handoff. One barely used Hanna ULR Phosphate Checker (HI774) and 50 tests. $40 plus whatever shipping method you prefer unless Boston area handoff. Payment by Venmo...
  6. sujcab111

    Hanna low range ammonia checker

    I recently bought a Hanna low range ammonia checker. In the description on how to use, it only references freshwater. Did I buy the wrong one? I have a reef tank. Picture attached
  7. W

    DIY 3D printed Digital Color Analysis for Aquarium test tubes under $15 and no soldering required.

    I'm been working on this for while and i feel that it looks good enough to show.... i hope it helps others analysis digital color representation for people who are color blind like me, parts are pretty cheap possibly under $15 and no soldering required. DIY Digital 3D Color Analysis for...
  8. B

    New York Hanna Alkalinity and Calcium plus Extra

    I have Hanna Alkalinity few tests left(maybe 5 but not sure) plus Brand New alkalinity reagent. Calcium have 24 packets left so its almost brand new. I will include brand new never used Potassium SALIFERT test $19 worth. Asking $95 for everything
  9. MarineDepot

    July 4th sale is on!

    It's happening right now. Look for rare sale products and enjoy the savings. Happy Birthday America.
  10. CHUCKB973

    Build Thread SCA 50GAL SPS BUILD

    Hey everyone I’m new to R2R and I’ve Decided to share the progress of my new build! I bought a used SCA 50 gal cube aquarium with stand and sump for $200. After cleaning it up a bit I decided to remove the black vinyl backing. I went ahead and painted the back as well as the bottom of the tank...
  11. Streetdoc77

    Hanna checktemp mod

    I have grown tired of not having a probe holder for the checktemp .... there is no storage on the device for the probe or the 6 ft cord . I took the spare red cap from a brs super glue bottle and carefully cut out the center sanded it a bit and rubbed with alcohol and lightly sand the check...
  12. BoSalman

    Hanna Instr. in GCC?

    Hello, I've looked online for a retailer here in Kuwait and tried to email/call (Tectron) without any luck. I'm wondering if i do have any option for international shipping/ordering to Kuwait City (44006)? I did purchase Alk checker from a seller on amazon to hopefully get it soon, but any...
  13. Rinks

    125 Echo Tech Teardown. Moving & Getting Out of Hobby. DREAM SALE!!! You Wont Find This One Again!!

    Hello everyone, Im posting today because I am moving and can no longer take my tank and equipment with me. I have been in the hobby for over 5 years now and have put together an amazing tank. I spare no expense when it came to the build. All equipment and tank have been purchased brand new and...
  14. Hanna Instruments

    Hanna Retail Program

    Hello all, Hanna Instruments now sells direct to local fish stores and aquarium retailers in the United States. If you are an aquarium retailer, LFS or maintenance company that resells products you can now purchase Hanna products at a discounted rate. Our retail program has no minimum...
  15. coralfish12g


    In this CoralFish12g video I give you 3 reasons why your reef tank may not look as good as you want it to! Do you guys think I missed anything?
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