herbie convert

  1. Forsaken77

    Herbie Syphon Question

    So I've decided to hard plumb my tank instead of vinyl, which I may use a 1.25" piece out of the return pumps to eliminate noise. I have a reef ready 180, with a Trigger Sapphire 39 sump. This sump is cutting it close for backflow reasons alone. So I wanted to keep the main syphon pipe in the...
  2. BrandonP

    Plumbing Question

    I have been running a 120 gallon reef-ready reef tank for the past 6 years. For all of this time I have been running with the drain kit that can be bought in addition to the tank. I have switched up the plumbing underneath the tank multiple times but it has always been one durso in each...
  3. C

    Herbie Conversion

    I have a RR125 with 2 overflows. The overflows have a 1" drain and a 1/2" return. I am looking to convert to Herbie since the tank is now in my office. Any suggestions, pictures or videos would be helpful. I was thinking of going with option 3 on http://gmacreef.com/herbie-dual-overflows/ but...