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  1. Seahorsekelly69

    Thoughts on dwarf seahorse tanks - Wine Wednesday Live Stream

    Wine Wednesday with the Whisperer is a new live stream every Wednesday at 8pm est on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYuBGdyryDe5iUirUMI47yQ. The idea is to grab a glass of wine and take a little time each week to all come together, share experiences, help each other and...
  2. Seahorsekelly69

    What do you feed seahorses?

    Thanks to captive breeding efforts, hobbyists can keep seahorses in aquariums much more easily these days. We have it so much easier than keepers 10 years ago, who had to struggle through "figuring things out", work with wild caught seahorses and learn mostly through mistakes. Today, we can...
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    Seahorse and clam
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    Seahorse and zoa
  5. Seahorsekelly69

    Top 6 reasons Erectus are the best beginner seahorse!

  6. Seahorsekelly69

    Following the trail of seahorse tails: Why buying from a breeder is so important!

    This write up is about the difference in my experiences buying from a breeder and buying from a vendor. I'll be focusing on documented information in upcoming blogs...