holy grail torch

  1. Queenofreef

    Texas Live Goods TSA OG Holy Grail - Will Ship

    TSA OG Holy Grail torch frags available. $750 shipped - solo head Can cut multiple heads upon request :beaming-face-with-smiling-eyes: Pickup 75019
  2. Lutzerman

    Florida Live Goods TSA Holy Grail and Reefdreamz Dragon Tamer torches

    I have several heads of TSA Holy Grail and 3 large Reefdreamz Dragon Tamer torch colonies available. HG was purchased from a trusted source and Tamer directly from Reefdreamz. Prefer not to ship. Pickup in the Tampa area. - 2 Holy Grail fully split doubles. 2 distinct heads but split not...
  3. Meista_Flya

    Florida Live Goods 1 double tsa holy grail torch

    I have 1 double head tsa holy grail for sale. I'm doing $600 a head but since it's a double head total price for the frag is $1200. pickup or meet up locally only. picture below is mother colony with mainly white lights. dm me for more questions. will take updated picture with more blues !
  4. Queenofreef

    Texas Live Goods TSA OG Holy Grail Torch - Will ship

    TSA OG Holy Grail Torch frags. 1 head - 750 shipped 2 head - 1400 shipped Local pickup available in DFW.
  5. Queenofreef

    Texas Live Goods TSA OG Holy Grail Torch - Dallas TX - Will ship

    TSA OG Holy Grail Torch frags. 1 head - 750 shipped 2 head - 1400 shipped Local pickup available in DFW.
  6. PV Reefs

    Holy Grail Torches

    Got a few holy grail torches available https://pvreefs.com/collections/lps/products/indo-hg-torch https://pvreefs.com/collections/lps/products/grail-variant https://pvreefs.com/collections/lps/products/splitting-holy-grail
  7. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Live Goods TSA Holy grail, torches, hammers Sps etc

    Selling a TSA Holly grail torch with proof of lineage. I have a double head that’s splitting into 4 heads for $500 Shipped. -Also have hellfire ($100/head) -New York knicks ($150/head) -Green/purple frogspawns ($20/head) -green/purple frammer ($20/head) -ultra green splatter hammer ($40/head)...
  8. lynn.reef.nerd

    Maryland Live Goods Holy Grail Torch - Splitting Head

    Splitting head HG. No lineage. DOA policy: * UPS overnight. * Live arrival guaranteed if shipment received and opened within 2 hours of first delivery attempt. * Picture and/or video of the dead coral(s) in original bag BEFORE and AFTER opening. *I will refund (minus cost of shipping) in...
  9. W

    Florida Live Goods Blowtorch hg Torch single head

    Blowtorch hg torch single head. Aquacultured and pest free. I have had this torch in my systems for years. $50 for shipping. Local pickup near Tampa Bay Area. 2 hour DOA policy. Must provide photos and videos with coral in original packaging.
  10. LA Reef Addict

    California Live Goods F/S: Torches including Holy Grail and rare elegance corals

    Pickup in El Monte CA 91732 or can meet at RAP on Sunday. No trades. No shipping. FCFS. Prices on pictures.
  11. devs_reefs

    EMERGENCY Torch corals dying?

    Over the last 2 weeks, I have noticed an issue with several of my torch corals. The tentacles near the mouths appear to be shrinking and curling inwards (toward the mouth). I have attached several images with this issue. This issue happened to me once before, and the only issue with my tank at...
  12. Z

    Ohio Live Goods The Holiest of Grails from Malaysia, Indo Tigers, and much more!

    the Holiest of Grails Torch (mal) - $700 for 1 XL head, 2 available Holy-ish Grail Torches, 275 ea, or 3+ polyp colony for 675 Tiger Torch #1 - $750 SOLD Tiger Torch #2 - $500 The tighter indo grails are $375 for a 1 polyp, $600 for a 2 polyp The neon green and the “dark grey” torch are $100...
  13. Djalexchang

    Florida SOLD Tsa Holy Moly Torch

    Selling frags of the Tsa Holy Moly Torch. Single Heads- $600 Double Head- $1100 Pinching Heads- 750 Buyer can pick up locally or I can ship at buyers expense. *Pic of Chopped up Mother colony below*
  14. cheras

    Illinois WTB Holy Grail Torch, Banana, 24K, or blow torch

    I'm looking to buy a high end aquacultured torch. TSA, ASD, CC24K, Banana, or blow torches. Thanks in advance.
  15. J

    Indo Holy grail Wysiwyg

    Hello I'm selling this beautiful indo Holy grail 650 shipped
  16. DCoralJunkee

    California ReefDreamz Dragon Tamer Torch (Double)

    "A true Indo Rainbow torch" This Dragon Tamer I am posting for sale is a double head (completely split). Not the 2GC lineage which is darker in color. Since they go for around $800 a head I'm doing mine for $1500 picked up or $1550 shipped ... I've had this lineage of torch for a little over a...
  17. pokerdobe

    Texas CC24k HG

    I have the following CC24k for sale. Bought directly from CoralCruze back on 10.2018. $1,250 shipped. Frag: One of the mother colonies:
  18. james-vader

    Arizona Big Head Prenup Torch and NY Knicks Torch FS

    Big head of a grail varient, the prenup torch - $900 shipped 3 head splitting Indo NY Knicks - $450 shipped Please reach out if you have any questions
  19. Jersey Corals

    Jersey Corals Anniversary Sale! 25% OFF + HG Raffle FB Group “LPS AND SPS ROOM”!!

    It’s been a great year at Jersey Corals thanks to our customers! To say thank you, we are offering 25% off PLUS five customers will receive a $100 gift card to JerseyCorals.com! All you have to do is make a purchase during the sale to be entered! The fun starts Tuesday at 9AM EST!
  20. Stones-Reef

    New Jersey New York Pennsylvania OG Coral Cruze Holy Grail Torch (Two Heads)

    Considering serious inquiries for this double-head OG Coral Cruze holy grail torch, purchased directly from Ben, with proof of lineage. Located in NJ, pick up only, asking $2,500. Feel free to PM for more info, pics, etc.
  21. PBnJOnWheat

    North Carolina South Carolina THC Holy Grail

    Hey everyone, Ive mentioned these around a bit but I’d officially like to list them on here for you guys! They don’t have any lineage so I just named them after my aspiring coral shop. The pictures after are the colony of the souls/hellfire and following are some flesh pictures of the HG’s. I...
  22. PBnJOnWheat

    Holy Grail Pricing

    I’ve got these and I’m asking about pricing on single heads of this Holy Grail Torch. I will be selling at some point in the next couple weeks with a bunch of Knicks, golds, Miami hurricane, souls, green, etc. asking for opinions on pricing (I know what I have paid and current prices on HG’s)...
  23. PBnJOnWheat

    HG Torch ID

    I need an ID on this HG Torch.
  24. T

    Torch coral ID

    I was sold this as a ‘gold and green’ torch from a local store. The colours were a lot less vibrant since settling in my aquarium. It is definitely more of a yellow than gold... or close to a 24k Aussie? But has a green/turquoise base to it. I have Indo and Aussie HG in the tank but to me feels...
  25. B

    New Jersey 4 Headed Holy Grail and Others

    Hi all, I am looking to get out of the hobby and have a LPS collection I am looking to sell. Among that collection is a 4 headed holy grail torch 4 headed into gold torch 1 headed dragon soul 2 heads holy grail hammer super man acantho OG bounce holy grail micromusa colony A bunch of novelty...
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