hydra 26 hd

  1. S

    AI Hydra 26 HD

    I'm looking to find a diagram for the LEDs on the Hydra 26 HD. Specifically which color is where. Then the second part of this is to determine which LEDs would replace the originals on the board if I were to repair them myself. I've seen several old posts with the CREE LEDs on different models...
  2. GoldenStateCorals

    USA International SPONSOR Aqua Illumination - Hydra 32 HD & Hydra 64 HD - 8020 Bracket Mount Set

    Aqua Illumination - Hydra 32 HD & Hydra 64 HD - 8020 Bracket Mount Set High Quality | USA VIRGIN PLASTIC | PETG www.goldenstatecorals.com www.goldenstatecorals.com **FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, PLEASE MESSAGE US OR EMAIL FOR A QUOTE** [email protected]
  3. C

    Lighting LED Drygoods 2 AI Hydra 26 LED Lights with HMS Mounts - SOLD

    I have two AI Hydra 26 lights for sale with HMS Mounts. Lights have brand new fans installed and brand new puck covers included as well (not installed). One cluster has a single white LED that is not working. I purchased the Luxdium replacements that I am selling in another thread but would be...
  4. C

    Florida Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD - 4 Luxdium Cyan LEDs for Hydra 26 or 52 - Brand New Unopened REDUCED

    I have 4 total Luxdium Cyan replacement LEDS for the Hydra 26 or 52. All Unopened brand new in the package. Can upgrade two Hydra 26 or one 52. Cost me $344 selling for $285 shipped. My loss your gain.
  5. dimedup

    2 AI Hydra 26HD

    Selling 2 lightly used ai hydra 26HD’s for $175 a piece. Used for less than 2 months at 40% on a lagoon frag tank. Also looking for a co2 scrubber so if you offer that+cash id be open to it. Local pickup is $155 each or $305 for both. Fort Liberty, NC $175 SHIPPED PRIORITY or $330 for both.
  6. enlighten

    USA WTB Ai Hydra 26 HMS Single Arm Kit

    I have two AI Hydras now, but no mounts. One is broken, going to send into AI for repair unless someone wants to trade. Thank you!
  7. blpavlovich

    South Carolina WTB White AI Hydra 32HD

    Looking to buy 1 reef Hydra 32HD or 64HD preferably white. Thank you. I am upgrading from 26HDs so I’ll have 3 up to be sold soon.
  8. blpavlovich

    I have 3 total AI Hyrda 26HD

    I have 3 total AI Hyrda 26HD (no mounts), 2 are currently ready for sale as I am slowly upgrading to 32HDs. All channels work except the LEDs for the blue channel (see below as not one light blue LEDs are the same). 1st light: has a delay in turning on/off and pairing (so I made it a child)...
  9. chopper320

    Lighting LED Drygoods AI Hydra 26HD and AI Prime HD

    I have a white AI Hydra 26 HD and a black AI Prime HD(this is the older model with 13 leds) that comes with flex arm Both work perfectly. I’ve included pieces of each light with all lights on, blues and uv only, reds and greens only and whites only. Asking $140 shipped for the 26HD and $115...
  10. Thawman

    Hydra 32 upgrade from 26 AIP files?

    Hello! I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't find the posts and of the ones I did there was no useful info about how to fix the problem. Replaced my Hydra 26s HD with Hydra 32s HD. I'm using the Pirates.aip file for the Hydra 26, when I load it up in the Hydra 32s the first 2/3 are...
  11. Elitecorals

    Florida Live Goods Dragon tamer torch

    Dragon tamer 250 pp, located in orlando fl ….pick up only
  12. Ahmed Talib

    EMERGENCY AI Hydra Lights help

    Hello, All I need is help setting up AI Hydra Lights. I have 2 AI Hydra 26 in my 30 gal tank. Length 30.625 IN Height 19 IN Width 13.25 IN And now my HD Hydra settings are this. Please check the attachment. I run it from 10 am to 10 pm, 12 hours daily. I heard people saying. blue light is...
  13. ryan2577p

    Tennessee Lighting Drygoods SOLD 2 AI Hydra 26’s with RMS Rail mount Kit 4’ bar plus mounting arms

    I have 2 AI Hydra 26’s with Luxdium LED pucks installed in them! Plus I have the 4’ RMS mount Kit and Bar. Mount Kit and Bar are Brand New. The Hydra 26’s have been refurbished with new fans, fan guard, lenses and LED pucks! Will take $500 for everything. Only will sell as a set. Will take $500...
  14. A

    Illinois Lighting Drygoods SOLD *SOLD*Ai hydra 26 HD plus parts unit shipping available

    selling a hydra 26 hd comes with flex arm mount. included in the sale is a second hydra 26 hd for parts only, missing reset button. comes with power supply. The working unit is the one with screws on the top. Asking $180 plus shipping for both units. All sales final
  15. Surfpulse

    California SOLD Apex gear, reactors, AI , TRIGGER SUMP and misc

    Some items are new and some are used. Feel free to come by my house for pick up (Vacaville, CA) or I can ship it. If shipping anything, cost of shipping is not included in the prices.. I have more pics available apon request. Please be patient, I normally work 72hrs straight and up to 96hrs- I...
  16. cilyjr

    Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD 2 aqua illumination Hydra 26 HD

    I have two hydra 26 HD available $190 each plus shipping. Bought new in 2018 just before I moved to California. They sat unused until 2020. They now have about two and a half years regular use on them. They are in great shape.
  17. A

    Illinois Lighting LED SOLD AI hydra 26hd led for sale shipping available.

    Hello, I have 2 hydra 26 hd for sale. $200 shipped each. If picking up locally I can include the mount for a small fee. Located in Aurora IL
  18. G’s Reef

    Texas Lighting LED SOLD Ai Hydra 26’sHD, Kessil A360’we,

    My last downsizing items with new born baby on the way. 3 - Hydra 26HDs with Flexmounts. Used about 12 months 55-60%. 200$ Each shipped 1- Kessil A360We (Modified) replaced fan on it it still wouldn’t turn so, so the fan is directly wired to usb works great. 150$ Shipped location is Houston Tx
  19. reefl8r

    South Carolina Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD

    I have a hydra 26hd led only used for about 8 months at less than 60% 200$ shipped OBO No mount Can ship to any of the lower 48 states
  20. YaboiNathan

    Texas Lighting LED Drygoods Hydra 26hd and Hydra 32 hd

    3 hydra 26hd : 180 each shipped 1 hydra 32 hd: 240 shipped Hydra diffuser: 20 (white)
  21. rastafan

    LED Package Deal Drygoods AI Led Lights (SOLD)

    Hi there, Couple of lights for sale. Everything works well and did full test before decided to sell it. Unfortunately, i lost track the age of these lights but they were not used at 100% capacity. All prices has shipping included. 1. one set left of AI Hydra 26hd - comes with brackets and...
  22. Ketan

    Kansas Missouri LED Drygoods Sold

  23. reefdummy

    How safely increase par on Hydra 26 HD

    My PAR is 109 at the pick on SPS level. I want to safely increase it and have a hard time to find the video. I been told that i can use acclimation for it, but it takes the light down. if i need to set the schedule higher and use acclimation right after, what is % i should use on the acclimation...
  24. geckoejon

    Florida Aquariums Lighting Drygoods SOLD! Nuvo 30L, Stand, Acrylic lid, Hydra 26 hd

    SOLD! Hello, I have a Nuvo 30L AIO setup for sale… It includes tank, with good seals & no noticeable scratches. Upgraded aluminum stand, Hydra 26 hd led with mounting arm, and custom acrylic lid. SOLD Sold as package only. Located in Sorrento… If you aren’t sure where that is, please...
  25. H

    Hydra 26 for 15 gallon

    Hello, I have a Hydra 26 light for my 15 gallon rimless and I am looking for advise on settings. The tank is 16” wide, 16” long, and 14” tall and the light sits about 10” above the tank. I am mostly concerned about the UV setting which is currently at 18%. The tank is still cycling with no...