1. C

    LED Miscellaneous Drygoods XR15 G6 Pro, Brand New Kamoer X1 Dosers and More

    Will ship at buyers expense. PM if interested 1 x XR15 G6 Pro with X bracket, used 4 months at 35%, well maintained with box like new $450 2x Kamoer X1 Dosers, brand new $60/each If you buy the XR15 and one doser or one powerhead, I’ll throw in the second doser or powerhead (whichever was...
  2. enlighten

    Lighting Drygoods (2) AI HYDRA 32 FLEX MOUNTS

    Not sure the going rate on these, but I have 2 available. Please make an offer. Shipping from California.
  3. Northern Flicker

    Hydra 64 = 4 x Prime 16?

    I found an open box deal on a Hydra 64, and have been thinking about picking it up. However, I am bit confused by the wattage. I've read that the Hydra 64 is basically 4 Prime 16s (the naming suggests the same, 64/4=16). However, the Prime units have a power draw of 59w, while the Hydra is...
  4. YaboiNathan

    Miscellaneous Drygoods Variety of reef equipments for sale

    Radion rms mount for gen 4 come with box: 60 Lifeguard reactor small: 60 Hannah ulr phosphate checker come with 2 checker and reagent: 45 Cyber power backup battery: 100 Maxspect xf250 come with controller and box: 140 Current USA return pump with controller: 75 Shipping included for the...
  5. ReefingwithO

    New York Lighting Drygoods Hydra 32HD Black - Great Condition $200 Shipped

    Hydra 32HD Black Great condition $200 shipping anywhere in the USA
  6. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Drygoods Radion gen 4 pro xr15 with rms mount Mobius ready

    Radion xr14 gen 4 pro come with rms mount mobius ready in new condition: 250 shipped. That s the lowest I will take for the light since rms mount is cost more than 100 already plus shipping cost these days is high. I will reply to pms soon as I see and the light still available
  7. 14 foot reef

    North Carolina Aquarium Controller Lighting Skimmers UV Drygoods Broke Down a120 gallon mixed reef Reef was running for 10 plus years - Many Many Items

    Broke Down a120 gallon mixed reef, reef was running for 10 plus years - Many Many Items All Items were running 7 days ago and supporting a beautiful wall to wall sps tank with huge fish in it. Good Luck everyone - Shipping is paid by buyer per location address RLSS DC Skimmer With Pump and...
  8. YaboiNathan

    Aquarium Controller ATO SOLD Apex A3 and gear

    Selling A3 apex and gear, everything is clean, probe is still in the water Apex a3 without the leak sensor I loss it during the move: 370 shipped Apex atk: 130 shipped Apex Afs: 65 shipped Get everything for 520 shipped come with box and everything
  9. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Drygoods SOLD Radion gen 4 pro xr15 mobius ready

    Radion xr15 gen 4 pro mobius ready: 210 shipped come with box and mounting bracket like new condition
  10. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Drygoods SOLD Ai remote control for ai hydra, ai Vega, ai sol old model

    Ai remote control, discontinued, hard to find: 100 shipped come with charger cable
  11. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Refugiums SOLD Ai prime fuge

    Ai prime fuge light use for couple months: 135 shipped
  12. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Drygoods SOLD 2 hydra 32 hd new condition white body

    2 hydra 32 hd white new condition used for 2 months at 25%: 300 shipped each or 550 both shipped
  13. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Drygoods SOLD 2 radion xr15 gen 6 blue with rms mount

    Light been used for 4 months, selling the set up so selling the light as well come with rms mount. 400 for each shipped or 750 for both shipped
  14. trmiv

    LED SOLD Never used AI Hydra 32HD black

    Selling an AI Hydra 32HD that has never been used. I won this in a raffle awhile ago. I took it out of the box and tested it out for a few minutes, then never got around to switching my nano to it. It’s only been turned on that time and recently to verify it’s still in working order. Otherwise...
  15. YaboiNathan

    UV Drygoods SOLD Aqua uv 15w

    Aqua uv 15 w for sale. Used for a year. 175 shipped
  16. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Drygoods SOLD Redsea reefled 90 with redsea arm

    Used for couple months and upgrade to radion come with redsea mount: 210 shipped
  17. YaboiNathan

    UV Dosing Drygoods Jebao 2 head doser and 25w aqua uv

    Jebao 2 heads dosing pump new condition: 40 shipped Aqua uv 25w need a new bulb: 140 shipped
  18. n8rad

    Return Pumps Powerheads Misc. Pumps Skimmers Testing LED Dosing Drygoods Getting out sale! Bubble king, Deltec, Tunze, Vortech, GHL, Hydra LED's, and more

    6 years ago I built a brand new setup. New tank and all brand spanking new equipment listed below. I only had the system up and running for ~18 month filled with SPS but was forced to shut it down but I kept all my equipment hoping I would get back in someday. Thinking hard about it the other...
  19. YaboiNathan

    Texas Drygoods SOLD Aquamaxx calcium reactor

    I have a aquamaxx calcium reactor set up for sale include calcium reactor, Co2 tank, Co2 regulator,ph meter. Local pick up at 77407 or buyer responsible for shipping I will drop it off at FedEx or UPS if needed. 350 take all
  20. YaboiNathan

    Aquarium Controller SOLD Neptune Apex a3 pro and trident

    Like new apex pro with trident. Apex pro a3 come with all original components plus brain new probe holder and all 3 probes, all probes are still in the water and will be shipped wet, I will throw in breakout box as extra. Already reset and remove owner and ready to set up: 650 shipped Trident...
  21. YaboiNathan

    Lighting SOLD Radion xr15 gen6 blue come with rms

    Radion xr15 gen 6 blue come with rms, I loss the box for both during my move and rms come only with 1 rail that could fit possibly most tank. Light only been use for 1 months at 25% intensity. 400 shipped for both
  22. YaboiNathan

    Miscellaneous SOLD Apex trident for sale

    I got a good condition apex trident, pull out and check the tubing yesterday, been using it for less than 6 months. Work like a charm. Come with: box, all the tubing, power supply and aquabus cable. All you need is a new set of reagent: 400 shipped
  23. C

    2x Kessil 360x + WiFi Dongle

  24. Connorw

    AI Hydra 32HD with HMS mount - SOLD

    Item is sold For sale is my AI Hydra 32HD including the HMS mount. I'm selling because I just upgraded. This has been on my tank for just over two years, and I'd previously purchased it from another member here. The lenses were slightly burnt, but I just changed the lenses this morning, and all...
  25. YaboiNathan

    Brand new seal radion xr15 1 pro and 1 blue gen 6

    I happen buying too many radion gen 6 for my new set up so end up getting rid of 2 of the brand new one. My lost is ur gain. I have 1 brand new radion xr15 gen 6 pro for 400 shipped 1 brand new radion xr15 gen 6 blue for 400 shipped Or buying both for 750 shipped