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im lagoon 25

  1. MRRBW

    Equipment checklist options review

    So I am slowly working on collecting all the equipment I need for my next build. It's going to be an IM 25 lagoon with the back box filter section removed and an external overflow put in its place and have all the filtration done by a sump in the stand. The goal is to have a couple burmees, ie...
  2. kyleinpdx

    AIO Build IM lagoon 25 mixed reef build

    I've had this system up and running for about a year now, it was an upgrade form a previous 10gal AIO that I had been running for about 2 years. I just never got around to creating a build thread until now. Equipment list: · IM Lagoon 25 · 2x Kessil A80’s w/ controller and goosenecks · DA...
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