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insurance coverage

  1. C

    Hello Renters Insurance Coverage

    Hi everyone! I have a 75 gallon freshwater tank, and am soon going to be moving into an upstairs apartment unit. I am hoping to take the tank with me, but the owner/property managers are requiring me to have a renters insurance policy that covers the tank if anything were to happen to it, which...
  2. skimjim

    Earthquake insurance questions (like soecial RIDERS)

    I live in Ohio. I'm not effected....heart goes out to reefers in SC if they were effected. So I'm wondering for those who may have lost tanks, reef tanks today after the SC Earthquake.... does your STANDARD home owners insurance cover the cost of any or all damages? Can you get a replacement...
  3. Insurance Implications for Aquarists

    Intermediate Topic Insurance Implications for Aquarists

    A large aquarium Photo from the Reef2Reef archives courtesy of Tusi, ©2018, All Rights Reserved When you’re setting up a new tank, aquarium liability is probably the last thing on your mind. And no one is going to force you to get a specialty policy to cover your aquatic wonderland. But...
  4. Finatik

    Which Homeowners/Rental Policy Covers Aquariums and Damage Done By Aquariums ?

    I'm thinking about switching renters insurance companies, but I want to find out which companies will cover Aquariums and/or damage caused by Aquariums.
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