1. Bob Wiley

    Baby Steps into Quarantine

    I'm going to use this thread to lay out how I'm quarantining and to journal this experience as I go through it. In researching all the stuff involved with this, I would find information more helpful knowing it was recent as opposed to, say, 5 years old. For instance, some of the older posts...
  2. Rastareefing

    Nano Build My 13.5 gallon slice of paradise from December until now (sorta)

    Hi ;Doctor, My name is Michael, from the UK and I’ve been in the hobby now for about 8 months. This is my first tank (and entry into fishkeeping in general besides helping with water changes as a kid ) and I’ve not killed anything major yet so thought I’d put a post on here. Attached is a...
  3. Tigweldpro

    Build Thread Canadian 90 Gallon mixed reef tank build (lots of pics)

    Hello, I just joined here and am starting a new thread to document the progress with my new 90 gallon tank build. I also have a tank journal going on a Canadian reefing site but it lacks activity. SPECS DT 48"w 18"d 21"h 3/4" bean animal overflow & diy glass overflow box Sump 30 gallon breeder...
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