kessil 360x

  1. F

    Kessil wifi connection issue

    I’ve had this a360x for a while and recently we changed internet providers and our wifi changed and now I can’t reconnect to the app and the light on my dongle is orange.
  2. tornowe

    Kessil A360x lighting schedule

    I have a 14 gallon rimless mixed reef aquarium. I have been running the Kessil A360x tuna blue with manual adjustments throughout the day. Today I received a wifi dongle and am looking for some direction with programming the lighting schedule as well as some general questions about the light...
  3. bdare

    How fast do you increase PAR?

    Hello all, I finally got around to renting a BRS par meter. I have several SPS in my tank and I wanted to be double sure about the amount of light I was giving my corals. I'm currently running 4 Kessil 360x and 2 80W T5's over a 72" 220. At the peak of the lighting schedule, the Kessils are...
  4. CameronAmonroe

    Prostar 150 new build

    Will post pics as arrives and I build. Right now gonna have 2x kessil a360x 2x vortech mp40 Regal 150sss (WOULD LOVE A SUGGESTION ON A BETTER OR EASIER CHOICE) Apex controller
  5. Shrooms

    California WTB Kessil A360x With Controller

    Hi looking for a A360x with controller, let me know what you got.
  6. Awallisk

    How many kessil a360x or one AP9X for reefer 350

    Hi there I am setting up a new reefer 350 and I am not sure how many would I need if I go with a360x or one is enough for AP9X. I saw some in the forum running 2 , 3 or 4 A360x . If running a360x , tuna blue or tuna sun? What would be the best light setting for either one.
  7. J

    FS -Kessil A360X Tuna Blue - 2x qty

    2x - Used A360X Tuna Blue's with power cables. (No Boxes) - Purchased Marine Depot 12/9/20 (can issue receipt if needed) In perfect condition, ran as supplemental LED's for about 5 hrs a day. Asking $600 + shipping for both or $325 + shipping for ea.
  8. F

    Is a single a360x enough for a 50 gallon aquarium

    I have a tank that’s around 34 inches long 20 wide and about 1.5 feet tall, would a single Kessil A360X be enough to cover the whole tank? I have a mixed reef with my sps right at the center. Right now I am using and aquamai lrm as my only source of lighting.
  9. adumb112

    Radion Tank Mount Question

    Thinking about switching over to a Radion XR15 from my Kessil A360x. The one thing I dislike about the Radion is the bulky mounting hardware. Any other options or DYI's hacks for a more sleek tank mounting system? Thanks.
  10. Jay00498

    Massachusetts Powerheads LED Miscellaneous Waterbox 25 breakdown

    Waterbox 25 peninsula w/ heater $150 Nero 3 $120 Kessil A360WE $250 Kessil spectral controller $50 Kessil gooseneck mount $20 Filter floss cup $5 Krakenreef screen top $80 Livestock - 6 rainbow bubble tip $40 each 2 Percula clowns $10 each 1 Micronesian wall hammer $25 1 six line wrasse $20...
  11. M

    How I hung Kessil 360X LED lights over my tank with 8020 slotted rail…

    I have small tank from Planet Aquarium (18” wide by 21” tall by 30” long) which I am setting up in a peninsula style using a Modular Marine external overflow. I decided to mount an adjustable height 8020 slotted rail on the wall to go over the tank for my Kessil lights. This is the hardware...
  12. cesar6261

    California LED New Kessil 360x Lights

    Selling 3 new sealed kessil 360x Tuna blue lights $950 for all 3 prefer local buyer but can ship as well
  13. SPS_ONLY

    Washington Lighting Kessil A360X + Wifi Module $260

    Good afternoon all. I have a Kessil A360X with a wifi dongle included. I purchased earlier this year but do not have original box, it will be shipped carefully and wrapped with bubble wrap. The wifi dongle has the QR code which is required to pair your phone and light together. Asking for $260...
  14. D

    Build Thread Innovative INT 75

    Finally back. Hello all. I have been out of the hobby since 2007. In these 13 years a lot has changed. Back then I had a 72 bowfront and I was rocking two 250 Metal Halides and fighting the heat associated with those lights all the time. I had a wet/dry filter and I didn't even have a...
  15. A13X

    North Carolina WTB WTB Broken or Not Working Kessil A350/360/360x

    I’m looking for broken Or not working Kessil a350/360 or 360x. I’m looking to keep some on hand for parts. Let me know what you have, thanks!
  16. B

    Build Thread Brandon's Quarantine edition 80 gallon SCA upgrade.

    Hey, long time member but I never felt I hand anything that I was particularly proud of. I've kept the same Biocube 32 for 9 years with success, but I never was able to do more with it due to the size limitations of the tank. Back in late Jan, I got the go-ahead to upgrade the tank, I still...
  17. Andrew_NYC_Reef

    Build Thread Andrew’s 100g Build - Max automation, Min space

    I have been wavering for months on whether this build warrants a R2R build thread but after pulling the trigger over the weekend on a pneumatically actuated salt doser setup for my mixing station, I knew that exchanging ideas and advice related to this project would be highly valuable for myself...
  18. Z

    Kessil A360X Tuna Blue Lighting ☀️

    Hi everyone ☀️ I am installing a Kessil A360X onto a tank that is only 12” deep, 4ft long. Approximately where should the intensity be set (1%-100%)for LPS, if the light is sitting 8” above the water line? The spread is phenomenal and does a good job of lighting the entire tank. I can...
  19. salem_clemens

    first post + indo gold torch coloration

    Hello everyone! Two questions - first, how to boost the gold coloration in my torches. Second, an ID for one of my torches. I'll dive into specs before pics etc: --hardware-- Tank: Nuvo 40 Light: Kessil A360X (mounted 4 inches above water) (current scheduled peaks at 50% intensity, most...
  20. T

    Kessil wifi dongle replace the Controller?

    Helllo I have a stupid question. i will buy the kessil 360x, but i have to buy both so i can buy ecotec directly Who I buy the wifi dongle for $100 can replace my controller? Make the same settings or i need both for controll full LED? Why doesn't it make sense that I have to buy both for make...
  21. mtallen07

    Kessil A360x Lighting Schedule

    Hi Reefers! I just got the new dongle for the Kessil A360x and am trying to find the best lighting schedule for optimal growth primarily for a zoa/lps dominated frag tank. The tank is 6 inches deep and contains two large frag racks. The light is mounted 13 inches above the water. I’m getting...
  22. SaltyGroves

    Florida Kessil a360x, mount, controller and reflector

    I've decided to go with a different lighting solution. So up for sale is my a360x set up. a360x sn: L4IQGA2408 I have boxes for the light, controller and Reflector but not the mount. Patch of rust on hanging bracket pictured. New Prices: Kessil a360x light- $450 Mount- $65 Controller- $99...
  23. bar|none

    Build Thread SPS Dominant Reefer 170 Full Triton Kessil/T5 Hybrid

    (NEW SPS!!) My goal is to build out a Red Sea Reefer 170 with modifications to run a Mixed LPS/SPS tank on the Full Triton method. Refugium as primary nutrient export with Hybrid LED/T5 lighting. Small skimmer rather than full sized, to guard real estate for refugium. VIDEO TOUR of Sump Mods...