kessil 360x

  1. spielco

    Ohio Drygoods Kessil a360x PARTS

    For sale kessil a360x tuna blue light. Purchased a month ago and when I went to set up it doesn’t stay lit. I’m not sure what the issue is. Loses complete power after flickering. Pulling the plug and plugging back in seems to resolve it. May be a power supply may be the light I don’t know. Im...
  2. Spiderguardnano

    Lighting Drygoods X2 Kessil 360x Tuna Blue

    I have x2 Kessil 360x tuna for sale Asking $415 shipped for the pair Or $215 each I don’t have the boxes but lights will be shipped and packaged well
  3. jschultzbass

    Minnesota Lighting Drygoods Kessil A360x tuna blue, goosenecks, dongle

    360Xs and WIFI dongle available. Prices include shipping. 3 kessil 360X tuna blue. I'll throw in the Goosenecks for $10, only 2 of these available though. 2 with box - $300 each 1 without - $285 WIFI Dongle - $70
  4. M

    California Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD! 2 x Kessil A350W Tuna Blue w/ gooseneck

    $120 each shipped (with gooseneck) or $200 shipped for the set. These have the wide angle lens. I liked these for frag swaps because I could easily change the color from blue to white with the dial. They were lightly used. Spent most of their life in the boxes.
  5. Boonsiew830

    New Jersey New York Drygoods Kessil A360X Tuna Blue, Dongle and Reflector 55

    Kessil A360X Tuna Blue - $300 each. Would discount if you purchase multiple Dongle $50 Reflector $15 Lights are in excellent new PM me if you have any questions...917-557-1405
  6. Jmcdaniel0

    Tennessee Lighting Kessil A360X Tuna Blue NIB

    I have a NIB Kessil A360X Tuna Blue. I bought for a tank, and decided to go a different route. Asking 350.00 Shipped.
  7. G

    New York Lighting Drygoods Aquatic life 48" hybrid w/ kessil 360x x3 - spectral controller

    Aquatic Life T5 Hybrid 48" fixture with 3 kessil A360x, mounting brackets and wired with dimmable ballasts controllable with apex. Spectral controller included $850 plus shipping
  8. Djalexchang

    Florida Drygoods SOLD Kessil A360 tuna blue

    Hi everyone only used this kessil for about a year before I changed to Radions. This isn’t the WiFi model, asking $200 local pickup in Orlando or $200 + shipping. Thank you (:
  9. ycnibrc

    California Lighting Drygoods SOLD 3 x kessil 360x with spectral controller

    I have 3x kessil 360x tuna blue with spectral control x. Each is 300$ and spectral control is 50$ Buy all 3 kessil free controller free shipping. Shipping is 20$ each. Each light come with power brick and link cable. Lights are about 1.5 years old. I’m in OC Southern California for local pick up.
  10. J

    Upgrading from 16 to 30 will a single Kessil A160WE tuna blue work?

    I am planning to upgrade my 16 gallon to a 30 gallon and the light I have is the Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue. It's easily able to grow SPS in my 16 and even graduated to my first acropora an Acropora Yongei with success. If I upgrade to the 30 will it be enough or should I buy a second or upgrade to...
  11. ColeTrain

    Build Thread My 40 Gallon custom JBJ

    Hey Everyone. Getting back into the reef game since about 10 years and a relocation... Found a great deal on a custom tank and decided to pull the trigger. Its a Custom JBJ with a Synergy Reef overflow, Reef Octopus 110INT, Kessil A360X, 400Watt Helio Heater, Trigger Sapphire Sump 26, EcoTec...
  12. maceto

    Kessil A360X LED Tuna Blue with WiFi Dongle

    Everything is in the original box, with no scratches, and it has been used for a year and a half.
  13. Mike T IL

    Illinois Lighting SOLD - Apogee MQ210 Par meter

    Apogee MQ210 (includes wand) $200 Shipping available at buyers expense.
  14. P

    SOLD. 2x Kessil A series arm

    Two available with all accessories. $120 shipped for both.
  15. DonTavo27

    Kessil A360X Tuna Blue, arm, kessil x controller package.

    Kessil A360X, Asking $350 if payed via PayPal, Or $325 cash. Comes with Mounting Arm, And Kessil X controller. Used for about 2 years at 60%. Will ship at buyers expense. Light is in great working order. No Guarantee. I can send a video of light doing a Demo light cycle if interested. Thank you.
  16. Cycleguy0623

    Kessil 360x mount and controller

    I have a Kessil a360x with additional lens solid arm mount and controller. I am the second owner but it has only been running for about 18 months total. Works fine I just decided to go with two additional xr15’s as opposed to blending light models. 350 shipped for the whole package or local...
  17. acro-ed

    **SOLD** (2) Kessil A360X

    Less than 1 year old; used/great condition; both work great! I got these recently from another reefer and don’t need them. $540 for the pair, shipped lower-48 ***SOLD*** Thanks, Ed
  18. M

    Selling equipment: Kessil, AI, Vortech, and more

    Markdown of prices: Hob skimmer aquamedic turbofloater new in box $50 2 AI Hydra 26 fixtures. 1 with Violet led out but otherwise perfect working order. $400 obo Kessil A360X $300 with hard mount arm 2 mp40’s QD Mobius ready like new in box. $300 obo Markdown of prices: 2 7” filter...
  19. Gaoweihd

    I regret invest in two Kessil 360X

    I've got two 360X lights for my tanks, and both have the wifi dongle. Yesterday I was setting them up with my Apex controller via IoTa, it was a bit of a hassle and took longer than I expected. Today I found that the connection will drop if the Kessil light power got unplugged and then plugged...
  20. Maddlesrain

    Washington Aquarium Controller Lighting Drygoods Kessil and Neptune Apex equipment $50

    I have a few odds and ends I'd like to clear out of the fish closet. I will ship at buyer's expense. Local pick up in Port Orchard, WA. SOLD $50 Kessil Spectral X Controller $50 VDM module (newer grey / orange version SOLD $50 A360X Kessil Light. No mounts or brackets. I had it hanging and...
  21. J

    Ohio Lighting Drygoods Kessil a360x tuna blue

    Unsure of age, came off a tank I broke down. Works as is should. $275 buyer pays shipping.
  22. yepreef

    Texas Lighting Drygoods Kessil A360X Controllable LED Aquarium Light - Tuna Blue, GHL 2.1 Stand alone 4 heads Doser.

    I broke down the tank so selling these following. +Kessil A 360x Tunablue , used as supplements to my G5 at 40% intensity max for about 1 year, i am a original owner and will ship with original box. The light is in excellent condition as we care for it. $350 shipped. +GHL 2.1stand alone doser...
  23. T

    USA WTB Kessil a360x fuge light....

    I know these really aren't much compared to the h380s but I've really been wanting a huge light with a dimmable feature. If anyone has one that they'd be willing to sell on the cheaper side for any reason I'm interested.
  24. J

    Florida Lighting Drygoods 2 X Kessil A360X + 1 spectral controller + 2 k-link cables

    2 X Kessil A360X + 1 spectral controller + 2 k-link cables $300 each shipped for Kessil A360X, and $50 shipped for spectral controller. $620 shipped for all
  25. JTP424

    Illinois Lighting Skimmers Drygoods Radion X15 light, Hanna checkers, $35^

    *Update 9/5/23 reduced some prices, combined items *Update 9/11/23 shipping is available, in ADDITION to listed prices, will need to be discussed prior. *Update 9/25/23 few items sold *Update 10/12/23 additional items sold *Update 10/27/23 - Final Price drops! Out in the far Chicago suburbs...