My 40 Gallon custom JBJ


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Apr 1, 2016
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Hey Everyone. Getting back into the reef game since about 10 years and a relocation... Found a great deal on a custom tank and decided to pull the trigger.

Its a Custom JBJ with a Synergy Reef overflow, Reef Octopus 110INT, Kessil A360X, 400Watt Helio Heater, Trigger Sapphire Sump 26, EcoTec MP10, EcoTec Vectra S2, ReefATO+, JBJ 1/5 HP Chiller

The wife said NO tanks in the house.... Well, its going in the garage. Our garage is fully finished and double insulated, its honestly more efficient than the house. its really clean and finished just like the interior of the house. It will be 15 feet away from any vehicle. The wife occasionally parks her car in there and there is no chemicals or fuels in the garage. I live in central California and it does get hot so fans and the chiller should work. The max temp last summer in the garage was 82, So i should be able to combat that.

I have a few questions, this is my first sump set up and want to make sure its going to be correct. Attached is my diagram of what i am planning on doing a long with some equipment photos.
I am going to cut the 1.5 inch overflow pvc and reduce to 1 inch. will i have a issue with that?
Do i need to put gate valves on the return lines into the tank or will i be able to control the flow from the S2 pump?
Do I need the inkbird for my chiller or will it just automatically chill the water when needed?
and how does the diagram look, its set up for a bean animal right now.

any and all input would be great and i cant wait to get this set up.

IMG_1081.JPG IMG_8632.jpg IMG_8634.jpg IMG_8638 (1).jpg IMG_8636.jpg IMG_8635.jpg
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