1. Reefer37

    Livestock for a 45G First Timer to Saltwater

    Hi everyone! New to saltwater here and kinda learning along the way! I recently got a JBJ 45G Saltwater tank I'm setting up for the first time and wanted some help on deciding a stock list. I also could really use some advice on the order of adding once I have the tank fully cycled and ready. I...
  2. Antics

    Florida Red Sea Reefer 525 XL Glass, JBJ 1/10 Chiller

    Thanks for checking out my thread! Recently moved and got around to cleaning out the garage. Need to try and get rid of some of this stuff that has been sitting around. If its still listed below it is still available! Pick up items are located in SWFL Due to their size I am not interested in...
  3. A

    New York SOLD. JBJ Arctica Chiller 1/3 hp for sale. Shipping or free local pick up at Queens.

    I have two unit chillers for sale. One newer and the other older. Both are same capacity 1/3 hp. Standard shipping would be $75 or free local pick up at Queens, New York. 1) Newer unit, Sold - Used for freshwater fish tank and was broke down 2 years ago and sitting in the garage until today...
  4. Iona Skye

    California Long Beach - JBJ 1/3hp Chiller

    Chiller for sale, asking $450. Prefer pickup or local delivery. Located in downtown Long Beach (near the Aquarium of the Pacific).
  5. Lylelovett

    Chiller selection - what size do you use? 150g

    Hi all, I live in Arizona and it's already getting hot, so it looks like I'm going to need a chiller for the spring/summer... I have a 150g/40g tank/sump, but of course with rock and gear and such, it's probably more like 130g/30g... My house runs 80-85 and my tank at 78-79... no chiller...
  6. neoGeorge

    Anyone Have a JBJ Rimless 65 Gallon AIO?

    I just purchased a JBJ 65 gallon rimless aquarium with stand through Liveaquaria.com - they had a sale plus a promo code, so the deal was hard to pass up! Purchasing this tank is part of my cross-country move strategy; I had the tanks shipped to my destination so I could get it set up and...
  7. Acameron2

    North Carolina JBJ RL 20g

    For sale is my JBJ RL 20g frag/shallow tank Dimensions are 24” x 20” x 9” I bought the tank new 4 years ago. Glass viewing panels are in good condition. Back black divider has scratches and super glue residue from coral. Tank has original pump. Reason for selling is I upgraded to a new larger...

    Nevada Jbj ato auto top off

    Jbj auto top off for sale. Comes with one float switch. No pump is included $45 shipped! Works like new!
  9. mahindra.dev

    Shutting it down

    Im shutting down my JBJ 45. Moving from US to India. Its been a good run with this tank. Learnt a lot of thing and lost a lot of things. Thank you everyone for pointing me in the right direction and making this 1 year of reefing journey a success. My 2.0 JBJ journey will be better and more...
  10. c0mfylove

    Help! Can't find part!

    I'm hoping someone will have what I'm looking for although it's unlikely. I have a 12g nano cube & the feeder lid is missing. I contacted JBJ and they said they don't make that style of lid anymore, and I can't find one online to buy that I've seen. If anyone for some reason has one, or can...
  11. Mariners

    Canopy or lid suggestions for jbj 28g

    Hi Everyone, Im hoping someone has experience or knowledge regarding the jbj 28 g nano. Currently i have the stick canopy w leds 26 w 14k and 1 w blue actinics. I wanted to switch my lighting to the aqualife halo for the following reasons: 1) color pop 2) create more distance between corals (i...
  12. Keaton

    Keatos Reef

  13. H

    JBJ 30 Gallon Rimless Lighting?

    So as the title states I am looking for suggestions for lighting. I currently own an AI Prime HD for my IM Nuvo Fusion 10 gallon so an AI would be preferred but I have heard some not so good things about the Hydra HD's on this tank. I like the Kessil lights but have also heard those create too...
  14. H

    HeulittSalmi's JBJ 30r Tank

    Latest Update: 9/19/2017 JBJ 30 gallon Rimless ($270) Radion Xr15 Gen 4 Pro + RMS Mount ($385 + $95) 2 x Rossmont 1900 gph Movers ($129) Rossmont Waver ($199) Eshopps PSK-75 H Protein Skimmer ($160) Flipper Cleaner ($30) 2x Stock Media Baskets. Fish: 1 Ocellaris ($20) 1 Diamond Goby ($22) (One...
  15. Alex23

    JBJ cube filter?

    Does anyone know where I can find replacements for each section in this filter? I have had a 28gal JBJ tank for a long time now and have never replaced the stuff in the filter.
  16. MarineDepot

    Shop by Tank: Select Your Tank. See Compatible Accessories!

    Shop by Tank: Select Your Tank. See Compatible Accessories! Find upgrades for your all-in-one aquarium quickly and easily!
  17. NanoKaren

    JBJ 28g Nanocube - 1 year old

    Hey guys. My tank is turning a year old this week. My maintenance routine is 15% weekly water changes with sand "vacuuming" and glass cleaning. I run an Eshopps nano skimmer for additional filtration and just recently began running Chemipure Blue and GFO to help with water quality. I'm running...
  18. ytro82@gmail

    Need a stand mount for Hydra 26- Help!!

    So today I was ready to purchase my... Hydra 26HD 48" EXT mount 12" Extension Rail HMS 26 Bracket (off Bulk Reef Supply) for my 28g JBJ nano cube. I ask the BRS rep if there is anyway to mount the pucks side by side and he says no, you have to go with the HMS tank mount. Thing is - My...
  19. FLSharkvictim

    Any Recommendations on a 500 watt heater?

    The coldest weekend of the year and both of my heaters have crashed sometime earlier in the day... I'm glad I took a peak over at my temp that sitting at 76 and dropping, or I possibly could of lost some sps, lps and some fish especially my Powder Blue...Thank god i have a small 200 watt one to...
  20. cmcimino

    Hinged AI Prime Mount

    I have a JBJ 28 Nano Cube, with an AI Prime and found the tank mount to be a total pain with the filter section on the nano cube. The plastic screw for the mount had to be screwed out every time I wanted to get in the media basket. I upgraded to an inTank media basket and want to grow chaeto...
  21. Simply__J

    JBJ Nano-Cube 28 Gallon

    Selling a JBJ Nano Cube 28-gallon that has been up and running for about 4 months in perfect condition with 15+ lbs. of cycled Pucani rock and 20lbs of Nature's Ocean Bio-Activ Live Aragonite Reef Sand (if you choose to take it) holds water perfectly fine no leaks. Comes with JBJ cabinet stand...
  22. Christopher Davis

    Welcome to start of my 25 gallon rimless cube build!

    Well ladies and gents here it is!!! the start of my 25 gallon rimless cube build! Equipped with a 16 gallon rimless glass refugium, Kessil A16o Tuna blue, and PF nano overflow-box (NOT ATTACHED YET) . Welcome to the bare bones stage, really excited to build this and announce this tank!
  23. Qh2214

    LED replacements?

    My JBJ is going through a bit of a rough patch... I've got 2 LED strips out on my intermediate 28g JBJ trying to figure out where to buy replacements? My pumps also just went out.. I guess I'd rather knock it all out now and replace it all at once! Any help would be much appreciated Thanks!
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