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  1. Danh Ngo

    California Minnesota Wisconsin Out of hobby sales

    Im selling my equipment. I will update more items later Kessil H380 Grow Light (2year - only used about 1 year) - $230 2 of Bubble magus curve 5 skimmer - $150 2 of Radion xr15 - run at 20% about a year and a half - $320ea. Reeflink - $50 or free if get both light Other ATO, Return Pump...
  2. S

    Florida Lighting Used Kessil H380

    I have a used Kessil H380 with goose neck arm and 3D printed light share $280 shipped.
  3. ReefBud508

    Opinion on reef lighting?

    Hey reefers looking for some advice and or opinions.....i currently have a 60 gallon standard size..... reef doing just fine with the cheap china black box lighting but i don't really like them and i know buying a better light will help much more this was the only mistake i rushed into when...
  4. Stu_Tanks

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer 350 Build!!!

    Hey everyone! Finally saved up for my dream aquarium and made the purchase. After anxiously waiting for 3 weeks it finally shipped last Friday. Little bit of background. I broke down my 75 gallon and sold it so I could put the 350 in its place. I set up a 20 long and cycled it before doing...

    Washington Lighting Kessil A360X + Wifi Module $260

    Good afternoon all. I have a Kessil A360X with a wifi dongle included. I purchased earlier this year but do not have original box, it will be shipped carefully and wrapped with bubble wrap. The wifi dongle has the QR code which is required to pair your phone and light together. Asking for $260...
  6. KrustyKrab305

    Reef lighting suggestions

    Hello fellow Reefers. I am looking for some lighting suggestion for a 120gal 48x24x24 mixed reef. I plan on keeping softies and LPS. I might add a few SPS down the road. I currently run 4 T12 VHO super Actinic bulbs but I'm thinking about switching to 4-T5 bulbs. If I go with T5's do I...
  7. H

    T5 hybrid vs Kessil AP9X

    Hi, I am in the process of buying all the gear for my first tank (neptunian m150 so nearly 5 ft long around 130g) and I can’t decide whether to go t5 hybrid or just get enough decent LEDs. The newest Kessils look really good but I don’t know enough yet to decide whether they would do the job as...
  8. Lylelovett

    Kessil owners - how do you do it?

    Hi all, Kessil owners/lovers - help me out! :) I'm considering upgrading my lighting to move from softie success to LPS and eventually SPS. I had another post here recently and got some great info, but now I need to approach it from a different angle. Before I go and replace my 3 Kessil...
  9. Lylelovett

    I need to add more lights... help needed.

    Hi all, My tank is 2 years old - I feel like I'm now moving out of the "novice" phase and am looking to push harder into LPS and then SPS. (As you can see I can grow softies like crazy lol!) Lighting is what I'm focusing on now. I'm looking to get my PAR levels up to ~200 mid-tank; ~100 at...
  10. Reefacist

    Kessil A360x and Apex compatibility

    Hi, I have been doing a lot of research for my build and after all that I have decided to go with the kessil a360x with my aquatic life hybrid. There is one BIG problem now. I have already spent thousands on apex and will not buy a light that can not be controlled with the apex. kessil or...
  11. S

    H380 Acclimation Period?

    Hey all, I am restarting my small fuge (17G in one section of my sump in a 125G system). I have some Chaeto ordered, and I own a Kessil H380, it is 14" above the sump. I'm looking for suggestions wrt what type of acclimation period you would use so I don't burn the Chaeto?
  12. kwirky

    Any examples of LEDs in the front lighting row, facing in?

    Like many other setups, my kessils are on top of the tank, right smack in the middle. This means half the light is at an angle towards the front of the tank and the the acros either need to be in the rear half or their color and growth will be facing away from the display glass panel. Kessil...
  13. ecamden

    Texas Lighting Skimmers Reactors Sumps Everything for a build

    We are selling everything from our build that we are no longer doing. For starters we have (1) Kessil AP700 $600 (6 months of use) (4) AI Hydra 32HD Smartreef LED $399 each (w/mounts) (3 months of use) (1) Trigger Systems Platinum 39 Sump - 39 Inch $800(comes with extra roller mats) NEVER USED...
  14. Marcelo Simon

    Help! Ap700 cord

    Does anyone know what cord I need to update my ap700? I still have a warranty but I need to update my ap700 before we can rule out the software being an issue. I do not have any cords besides the power adapter
  15. S

    Build Thread 155g Build

    Hi! I think everyone can use a diversion now and this is a great hobby for it. Like many others, I’ve been a lurker for years and thought it was time I shared my build experience. I started in this hobby about 20 years ago with a 65g. Over the years I upgraded to various tanks when I could...
  16. Cjshank0

    Build Thread 165 Gallon Mixed Reef Reboot Build from a salvaged display tank

    Hey Everyone! I tried to start a build thread with this as I was working through some things I got caught up in the mix. I wanted to share my build with the community here and also hopefully get some feedback and new ideas as we go. A little background on this tank: I purchased for $50 on FB...
  17. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts WTB Seneye / Kessil A Series Gooseneck / Kessil A Series Controller

    I'm looking for a Seneye Reef Monitor, Kessil A-Series Controller, & (2) Kessil A-Series Gooseneck Mounts. PM pics and prices. TIA.
  18. lazidog

    South Carolina Lighting Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue $200 a piece

    I have 10 Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue LED Pendant lights. Would like to sell in pairs at a minimum. All are in great working order, have original boxes for most. Have replaced fans on 2-3 of them, currently they have no significant fan noise and have been cleaned on a regular basis. Going a...
  19. thereefingguy

    California Lighting LED FS: Kessil AP700 w/ diffusers

    Purchased used. Previous owner said he used it for a little over a year under 50%. $575 shipped. $500 cash meet up in 562 area.
  20. Stu_Tanks


    Hey everyone! Just wanted to see what your DIY light mounts look like. I have two brand new Kessil A360we’s and need to figure out a good way to mount them. I have studs right behind the ends of my 75 gallon and would like to work with those and mount something off the wall. Need some...
  21. Stu_Tanks

    Question about upgrading lights

    Hello all! I finally decided to upgrade from 2 Kessil A160wes to 2 A360wes. I have these on a standard size Marineland 75gallon. My A160s light schedule would only peak to 55% intensity for a 6 hour period then ramp down. I was wondering if I should run my new A360wes on the same schedule or...
  22. Cjshank0

    Maryland Aquarium Controller Lighting Skimmers Miscellaneous Miscellaneous equipment

    Have some miscellaneous equipment for sale. Can ship but shipping is additional and paid by buyer. I will upload some pictures when I get back from work this afternoon. Reef Octopus Classic 110 INT - $150 Reef Octopus MF300B Reactor -$55 SCA 302 Skimmer - $125 Kessil 350W with brand new in box...
  23. First-time Reefer

    Fork in the road - Current USA & new tank

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for some advice and pointers from those who have been down a similar path. I've had a Fluval Evo 13.5 setup for about 10 months and its been a lot of fun (even with the ups and downs). I recently purchased the newest Current USA orbit marine light with the Bluetooth...
  24. C

    Florida Miscellaneous Dry Good Blowout - Everything 50% Off

    I sold off 2 of my RedSea 750's, so I have the following item for sale: White Aqua UV 25/57 Watt - $240.00 - Originally bought as a 25 watt version, planned to upgrade to 57 watt so this will come with the following: 25w Ballast 25w Bulb - Used 6 months 57w Ballast - Brand New 57w Bulb -...
  25. T

    Connecticut Lighting Kessil A360X Setup

    Hi Folks, I'm selling my A360X setup and have listed everything below. It is all in great shape in installed in September 2019. I decided to move to alternative lights after I learned I'll need 10 A360x to do the tank justice. The used lights were run at 50% intensity. Buyer pays shipping...
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