1. kzenoni

    USA WTB 2 kessil ap9x lights

    Wanting to buy 2 kessil ap9x lights if anyone has any for sale. Or something that would be equivalent for a 200 gallon mixed reef.
  2. Jimmeh lee

    Nano Build Jimmehlee’s pico puddle

    I’d bet that most of us have a shelf, drawer, closet, or garage filled with spare parts. I made the mistake of getting bored and going through mine.... and found I had everything I needed on hand to start up a pico reef on my computer desk. Let this be a cautionary tale to learn some self...
  3. KJones90s

    2 Radion xr15 or 2 Kessil a360x?

    I’m looking at implementing new lighting on my 4x2 120 gallon mixed reef. I’m not sure which way to go. What do you guys think? Does it come down to personal preference? I love the shimmer of the Kessil and have never seen a Radion in person. Any inputs appreciated. Thanks as always guys :)
  4. Reef_a_holiks

    Florida WTB Kessil A360we with controller and mount arm

    What's up Reef2reef, Currently looking to purchase a Kessil A360we with controller and mount arm. Let me know what's available. Thanks all,
  5. NewFish

    Kessil A500X, thoughts? Nearly $800 and no built in WiFi. Can someone help me please justify that?
  6. Chrisss

    New Jersey WTB Looking for 2 Kessil A360X Tuna Blue

    Hello! Looking for 2 Kessil A360X Tuna Blue. Shipping to NJ 08844, or can pick up if close. Thanks!
  7. B

    Everything from my 5 month old 100g listed for sale here!!!!!!! Tank, Skimmer, Kessils, MP40's

    Everything listed is less than 6 months old. Purchased new during my Waterbox 100.3 build. I have now moved all of my livestock to the 220 and am beginning the breakdown of the 100.3. Obviously the aquarium/sump/stand itself will be pick up only. Everything else should be able to be shipped. I...
  8. fmf_21

    Mississippi Tank Breakdown, High end Equipment. SOLD !

    all sold !
  9. fmf_21

    Mississippi Tank Breakdown , high end equipment ( MOVED TO DRY GOODS . )

  10. E

    Kessil ap700

    Looking to buy a kessil ap700 or equivalent light for my reef all I got are cheap black boxes that are bleaching my corals
  11. Pola0502ds

    Ohio (2) Kessil A360W E-Series Tuna Blue W/ Goose Neck & Link Cable - Like new

    I have for sale the following: (2) Kessil A360W E-Series Tuna Blue (2) kessil Goose Necks (1) Link Cable All items are like new, purchased just before covid last year, used for a few months and took my tanks down. Will be posting more items. I have over $850 in all of this which includes...
  12. Ej Chavex

    Texas Kessil AP700

    Have a Kessil AP700 that I don't need anymore since downgrading. Asking 450.00 shipped and including pp fees. I'll do 400 if picked up locally located in Arlington, TX
  13. mackdave

    Kessil customer service

    Kessil is a breath of fresh air when it comes to customer service. You get a real person on the phone, they know about there products, and no call center. Thanks kessil for the nice customer service.
  14. Scubasteve11

    Tennessee Lighting LED Kessil 360we bundle

    (2) Kessil 360WE (2) Gooseneck mounts (1) Kessil Spectral Controller X One of the 360WE's was purchased new and never used. It was opened and turned on to ensure it worked. The other Kessil was purchased through a Reef2Reef partner as an open box return. Full disclosure, the open box item...
  15. J

    Best lighting

    Looking to purchase lighting for my 90 gallon with center brace what would you recommend? I would either get one kessil ap9x Or 2 ai hydra 32hds...
  16. Scp

    Michigan Misc reef equipment for sale

    Waterford, MI LOCAL PICKUP AND SHIPPING AVAILABLE AT BUYERS EXPENSE . Miscellaneous Saltwater equipment JBJ Rimless flat panel 65 gallon aquarium ***8220;mint like new condition***8221; . Less than six months old $800 2 AI Prime 16 HD's less than 6 months old $165 each (one is pending) 3 Ai...
  17. Felipe

    How much better are the known brands of LED compared to the generic ones?

    Anyone looking for a good LED light for a nano tank? I wanted to share this one that I got 3 months ago. I am happy with the results on my LPS and softies, but I wanted opinions. How much better let's say a Kessil or an AI Prime would perform? Is it worth the extra money? Here is the link to...
  18. Fastball16

    Kessil AP700

    Have a unit over my 90 DT (48w,24H,20d) set at 8.5" above water surface (transmitting thru glass canopy) emitters skewed to 7.5" back from front of tank. Mixed reef, leathers high, hammer middle depth; zoa, duncan, favia, hollywood stunner bottom. Have had decent growth over the past 2 years...
  19. B

    Oklahoma Aquarium Controller Kessil Controller, BRS dosers, and more

    I've got an extra Kessil controller I'm no longer using, asking $65. 2 X BRS 1:1 dosers asking $50 each shipped, and a Reef Octopus BH50 skimmer asking $50 shipped.
  20. dumpysauce

    California Lighting Skimmers Euro Reef skimmer. Kessil A series mount

    Selling a Euro Reef Skimmer. Has a seadra pump. $100 Also selling a opened but not used A series mount from kessil. $25 shipping from 93422
  21. Garcia2460

    Kessil lighting intensity

    Hi everyone, I currently have 2 a360we’s over my 40g breeder.. I was only running one up until recently at about 70 intensity, and now that I have a second one I am wondering what I should have my intensity set to so that I don’t fry my corals. my aquarium currently has softies and lps corals...
  22. Martyd

    South Carolina WTB WTB: Two Kessil AP 700 Diffusers

    I need a pair of Kessil AP 700 diffusers. Will purchase outright or I have some equipment to offer in trade. Thanks. Marty
  23. fox0521

    Michigan Lighting 2 Kessil a150w Deep Ocean Blue Lights

    2 Kessil a150w Deep Ocean Blue lights. $150 each, or both for $250. These lights came with my 125 gal setup and I just decided to go with something else. These are great lights and they work perfectly! Picture is of them running on my tank. Open to offers!
  24. M

    Oregon WTB Kessils Spectrul controller x2 goosenecks for 360we

    I have x2 kessil 360we and looking for a Spectrul controller and x2 goosenecks.
  25. ADAM

    North Carolina SOLD SOLD: 3 Kessil 360X, Wifi Dongle, 90• Adapters**

    I have 3- 360X Kessils, a Wifi Dongle, and unused 90• adapters for sale. I didn’t use the adapters because the articulating mounts I had with my old Radions were able to be modified easily for use with Kessils. *I can’t ship the Wifi Dongle until the lights are sold Bought in November and...
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