1. Chipper1978

    Is Shadowing An Exaggerated Concern?

    After 18 months, I think my 4' SPS dominated mixed reef is finally coming into it's own. Frags are all encrusting and beginning to grow and it's been months since I have seen any RTN or STN. Lighting is 3 Kessil A360x and I was considering adding a 4th Kessil down the road, but was told I would...
  2. Breakdown and clean out

    For sale Breakdown and clean out

    Hey R2R, things have changed and my 7ft 265 build is no more. My 180 is still up but I'm thinning out my gear and coral collection. (See livestock post I'll be posting next) much of this was back ups or planned for the 265 but it sold and have plenty of new gear. Everything is priced for...
    $1.00 to $400.00
  3. A

    Kessil Moonlight Question (Specifically the AP9X)

    Hi all, I have a Kessil AP9X on my mixed reef. So far very happy with it. However, I have a moonlight question. Kessil built in options are red and blue; I’ve been using the red just to have a different, cool visual difference at night vs the more bluish look during the daytime. But health of...
  4. christopher wainright

    North Carolina 2 turn key systems, 180 gallon and 75 gallon

    $4000 for everything. Local is 28560. Moving to Texas and decided not to put up with the headache of moving these two tanks so selling them both as a package deal. 180 is a marineland with a marineland stand for the lifetime warranty. Tank was bought in June 2020 and is in excellent condition...
  5. christopher wainright

    North Carolina Full 75 gallon setup $1000

    Moving to Texas soon and I have decided to only keep one tank so I'm selling this one. Tank is an aqueon 75 gallon with megaflow, sitting on an aqueon stand. Comes with 2 kessil a360x lights with 90° tube mounts and spectral x controller, trigger systems ruby sump( bought blemished from trigger...
  6. A

    Should I add supplemental T5’s to my Kessil AP9X setup?

    Hi, I’m hoping for some opinions on whether or not I should add supplemental T5’s to my 2’x2’x2’ (approximately) cube mixed reef. Total volume of around 202 L. I’m currently using a single Kessil AP9X mounted about 10” above the water. Light program is based on BRS suggestions for an AP9X on...
  7. Andy Wenzel

    48" x 22" Mixed Reef Lighting Questions

    Starting a new 48" X 22" tank with a target of keeping a mixed reef. I already have an APEX and would like to use that for controlling the lights versus another application. Hoping I can get some expert advice/opinions on good options. My current thought is 2x A360X Tuna Blue with a 48"...
  8. S

    Looking for kessil a160 tuna blue, who sell?

    I want to buy kessil a160 tuna blue, who sell?
  9. HurricaneSystems

    Tennessee Kessil A500X LNIB For Sale

    Hey All, I have a like brand new Kessil A500X that I don't need. I mounted this on my small 40 cube and ran it for about 2 weeks and took PAR readings from it. It was mounted on a Kessil Mounting Arm and has never had anything on it as far as salt, dust, etc. It is in 10/10 shape. It has a...
  10. F

    Kessil wifi connection issue

    I’ve had this a360x for a while and recently we changed internet providers and our wifi changed and now I can’t reconnect to the app and the light on my dongle is orange.
  11. Frostynipps

    FrostyNipps Biocube 32 nano build

    I want to document my time I spend with my Biocube 32 at my home. I have very little time for my self as I take care of my dad at his place, He has alztimers and can't walk on his own. I got the biocube the end of April. I set it up a week later when I ordered some clown fish and an LTA 10...
  12. tornowe

    Kessil A360x lighting schedule

    I have a 14 gallon rimless mixed reef aquarium. I have been running the Kessil A360x tuna blue with manual adjustments throughout the day. Today I received a wifi dongle and am looking for some direction with programming the lighting schedule as well as some general questions about the light...
  13. AlgaeBarn


    2 weeks left to enter in the Christmas in July giveaway! Click on the link below to register and earn entries today! So many awesome extras included like a Kessil AP9X, Tunze skimmer, Bulk Reef Supply Gift Card, Fritz salt and...
  14. Dripdroppin

    Mp40’s, kessil 360we’s, dry rock…

    recently broke my tank down. Here is a list of equipment for sale. Price doesn’t include shipping. Buyer is responsible for shipping. I’m not looking to separate grouped items at this time. Location is northeast Arkansas 2 X MP40 quiet drives - 275$(One is 2016, one is 2019) ecotech battery...
  15. B

    California Lighting LED Used Kessil Lights and Equipment for Sale

    Recently upgraded my lights and am selling 3 Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue lights, 1 Kessil A-Series Spectral Controller, 1 Kessil Gooseneck and 2 Anker 8ft Auxiliary Cables. All equipment works, is clean and in good condition with original packaging. Equipment was run at 50% for 1.5 years and at...
  16. Blueringed_Octo

    Maryland Red Sea Reefer 750 XXL complete setup with tons of extras

    Build Thread - BluOcto's Red Sea Reefer 750 XXL Hey everyone! Been a bit but now I have some really great progression pics to share with you all and anyone looking to get an idea of how much growth you can expect after 4 months of running the new upgrades I added to my tank. I will try to...
  17. P

    Arizona Used Equipment for sale

    Kessil A80 Tuna Blue with gooseneck $100 Vortech MP10QD $140 Kessil H380 refugium light $160 All work fine just no longer needed. Will ship at buyers expense
  18. A

    KessilKessil A160WE Schedule Suggestions

    I have a 32 gallon Biocube with a Kessil A160WE about 4in above the waterline. Things have been going pretty well but wanted to see if anyone had suggestions or tweaks for my schedule. 0900: B100/C0 INT 1 1000: B90/C10 INT 20 1130: B80/C20 INT 40 1230: B60/C40 INT 70 1730: Ramp down B= Blue...
  19. thereefingguy

    California 2 Kessil A360x w/ 55 degree reflectors and controller

    Purchased used a couple months ago but decided to stick with radions. Willing to separate the lights only if the controller is sold first. I can include a universal hanging kit and the kessil arms with my DIY mount as shown in the photos. $850 shipped for everything.
  20. A

    Kessil Spectral X w/ A160WE Schedule

    Hey everyone, Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a schedule for the Kessil A160WE on a Spectral X controller. I've been looking on other forums and most seem to be geared towards the Spectral, which only has 6 entry points, I'd like to use all 8 on the Spectral X (if it will benefit...
  21. cpachris

    PSA: Kessil Narrow Reflector and Par

    Some of my corals have been struggling and I finally decided to get one of the Apogee 510 PAR meters from BRS and see if lighting might be my issue. I have two Kessil A360X's on a fairly small tank so I've always assumed that I probably had plenty of PAR. Turns out, I had way too much, and...
  22. Mester320

    Pennsylvania Dry Good Trade Orphek atlantik compact V4 trade

    I am looking to trade my Orphek Atlantik Compact V4 (gen 2) LED lights for either a like new Radion G5 Blue, new in box trident, or a large uv sterilizer but let me know what else you have, may entertain to larger pax bellum reactor too. I have 3 available and I will sell for $600 shipped. Also...
  23. Mester320

    Pennsylvania Lighting LED Orphek Atlantik Compact V4 multiples

    I am the second owner of these lights, I ended up with Radion G5 blues instead and just need to sell these or trade. I have 3 of them and a gateway. They all come in the original packaging and are in great condition. I am looking to get $600 shipped and will include the gateway for $50 if you...
  24. jtonephilthy

    Finally got my hands on one of these!

    I know it’s not much but I love these IM frag tanks! The long stretched out nano looks so good with the smoke tinted back glass. I have a lot of extra frags in my main tank my tank upstairs and now I will have a little more space to place some smaller pieces. Just a fun little set up and it...
  25. Eight

    California FS: Bubble King Mini 180 (Needs new pump), Skimz sv203, Bubble Magus NAC6, Vortech MP40wQD, Kessil A360N

    Hi, I'm looking to purge some equipment now that I have downsized to a smaller tank. I would much rather sell this locally, but would consider shipping the Vortech at your expense. Pickup in Pacific Palisades (Los Angeles), CA. SOLD Bubble King Mini 180 Skimmer: $250 Skimmer body/housing/cup...
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