1. R

    Florida WTB Kessil H80 Flora & mini gooseneck

    Looking for both of these products: Zip code 33426 Thanks guys!
  2. ReefNerd

    Switching to Kessil - 3 Month Review of the A360X

    Hey Everyone! Today's video has been 3 months in the making! I changed lights to Kessil! So here at the 90 day point its time to drop my first review, impressions, most importantly the results I've seen through the transition! Please like and subscribe if you like my content and I will keep...
  3. Tyler Caviness

    Tennessee 2 Kessil A360we Tuna Blue with goosenecks and 90 degree adapters - $275 each shipped

    I have for sale 2 Kessil A360we tuna blue lights with goosenecks and 90 degree adapters. Both used about two years and each works great. Used around 60-70% intensity. Each light with the gooseneck and adapter is $275 shipped. Thanks!
  4. prfishgirl

    Pennsylvania A80 tuna blue

    looking for a kessil a80 blue for my daughters nano
  5. M

    Ohio Vortech MP40s x6 and Kessil 360we

    Going a different direction with my build and have the following for sale: NEW EcoTech Vortech MP40WQD x2 - $330 each USED EcoTech Vortech MP40WQD x2 - $275 each (used about 15 months) USED EcoTech Vortech MP40W x2 - $120 each (older white box model, need wet sides) USED Kessil A360W-E Tuna x2...
  6. T

    Kessil Lighting

    I'm starting this thread for everyone who has questions on kessil lighting. I am currently running 5 kessil A160 tuna blue's over my 6' L x 2'W x 3' D aquarium. I running them from 7 AM to 11 PM the blue line is the a mount of white light vs blue. What I am looking for is what other peoples...
  7. deaniscool

    Michigan Red Sea Reefer 250 W/ TOP OF THE LINE ACCESSORIES

    I am selling my Red Sea Reefer 250 with all accessories in an attempt to do a bulk sale. This setup is absolutely perfect for somebody looking to get back into the reefing game or for somebody looking to start a new tank but doesn't want to pay full price for all accessories. Some of the items...
  8. Irishman

    180 Lighting Options, I have 3

    Long story short is that I have roughly three options to illuminate my 180. I’m kinda leaning towards a mixed Reef, but if the equipment doesn’t allow it then at least be able to put a few of my favorite pieces and an anemones or two in it. First Option - 1 Kessil AP700. I would love to get a...
  9. AiKkz

    Florida Kessil H380 Fuge Light

    Kessil H380 Halo 2 LED Fuge Light A Series Gooseneck A Series Gooseneck Adapter (90 degree) Brand new in the box never been used asking $300 + shipping. Valued at $355
  10. TaylorJames

    California 2 Kessil AP700 w/ Mounts

    Two brand new Kessil AP700 lights, open box but never used. - $675/ea Each light will come with mounts. The mounts are used but still work great. Also open to trade for Radion XR30/XR15 G4 Pro or a nice DSLR Camera Willing to ship but I would like to deal locally if possible. Let me know if...
  11. Beepinheimer

    How many lights do I need? Kessil's over 120 Gallon.

    The tank is a 120 (tall) 60x18x26 LxDxT. Unfortunately it has a blacked out center brace which complicates things. My current setup (at least in terms of lighting) is 4 black box lights and 2 ATI Blue Plus bulbs. My existing setup already grows Acropora, Miliporas, LPS, pretty much anything...
  12. Irishman

    Irishman 180 Build

    This would be my third tank overall. I started with a 60 cube, upgraded to a 120 and got a 180 on a killer deal. I just recently moved out of state and brought the 120 and 180 with dual overflow. Going to sell my 120 and get a different tank, hopefully the red sea peninsula tank. But for...
  13. damselindistress

    Best time of year to buy lighting?

    After collectively spending hundreds on cheap light set ups I'm finally ready to buy my first "real" set of lights. Is there a time of year the manufacturers or vendors clear out old inventory and have a sale?? I've been lurking in the dry goods marketplace but cannot seem to be quick enough on...
  14. B

    Maxspect Ethereal vs. Kessil A360X

    So I had a tank leak on Tuesday, and unfortunately the water got all over the power supply and controller for my DIY light... so I'm in the market for a new light for the left half of my 55g tank. It's a standard 48" x 13" 55g, 21" deep, so the space I need to light is 24" x 13"With what I'm...
  15. smartwater101

    Has Kessil spoken of plans to make the a360x Apex compatible?

    I know its not currently available, but I can't find any official response from Kessil. Is it even in the works?
  16. Ditto

    ProfiLux Controller (4/4e) – Install/Config a Kessil Light with the use of a GHL 1-10V Breakout Box

    It that time of the week again :) In this Video I am showing how to connect and configure a 1-10V Kessil controlled light with the use of a GHL Breakout box to your #GHL ProfiLux controller. Enjoy :)
  17. Boltline

    California Fire Sale Part II- Equipment- LOTS OF STUFF(Costa Mesa)

    Not gonna lie, I'm a little depressed posting all this right now. Here's the rest of my equipment. Please text me if you are interested 909-772-5802. Will ship as long as you pay for shipping and packaging. 50g SCA Tank & Stand w/ lights, sump, plumbing $300 Apex Classic Gold w/ PM2 $300...
  18. thenissantech

    Tennessee Reef Octopus, Kessil, Aquatic Life, Tunze, BRS, Ecotech garage sale!!!!!!

    Hello and thanks for checking out my online sale! I have so much equipment that I have to part with some of it. Everything is listed in as is condition. Prices include both shipping and PayPal fees. thank you and let me know if you have any questions! 1. Ecotech MP10 WES. the first one is...
  19. F

    Radions or Kessils? And cords for multiples and apex

    Hello everyone! In the process of starting my new tank build (finally!) The drmensions of the tank are: 48x18x30 So it’s fairly deep... it will be a mixed tank and I’d like some corals on/near sand bed. I’m contemplating between the radions or the kessilA306 N E’s.... I am leaning towards the N...
  20. Highgrade

    Highgrade's IM INT112

    Here's the rundown on my new build. This will be mainly a SPS dominant tank. Innovative Marine INT 112gal 36 x 36 x 20 with APS stand Giesemann Stellar 36" Hybrid T5 with 2 Kessil A360x and Spectral X controller. Bashsea Smart Series Sump 30 x 18 x 16 Eshopps Gen 4 S-200 Skimmer Ecotech M1...
  21. Ceciliaz

    Texas Mp10, Apex Gold,Apex Dosing pump, WXM and Kessil 360

    MP10 is about 18 months old but only used for about 5 months. Like new. 185 Classic apex gold with all the probes and holder for 350 Apex WXM 75 Apex Dosing Pump 200 Kessil 360WE with canopy mount. 240 I will clean the equipment and post a better picture
  22. MarineDepot

    ☀ Daylight Savings Special: 0% APR Financing on Lighting ☀

    ☀ Daylight Savings Special: 0% APR Financing on Lighting ☀ Pay over 3, 6, or 12 months with Affirm
  23. crashegordon

    Kentucky 2 Kessil A160 Tuna Blue LED's, 3 Philzon Black Box LED's, 3 90 gooseneck adaptors

    So I have went a different route with my lighting and have some items for sale. 2 Kessil A160 Tuna Blue LED's new in the box, never used just plugged in to make sure they work. $200.00 each or both for $375.00 3 Philzon Black Box LED's. Work great been used about 8 months with no issues. These...
  24. Ceciliaz

    DIY Kessil Mount

  25. Just_me_Dupree

    Maryland Kessil 360 tuna blue with goose neck

    Have a practically new kessil 360 tuna blue. this light was only used for frag shows a few times and has less the 35 hours of use on it. comes with goose neck Will ship at buyers expense. $250 buyer covers fees